The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 – Episode 5: “The Perfect Weapon”

Crytek and Albert Hughes are back with the 5th installment in a series of short films films called The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3, a video series leading up to the release of Crysis 3 this February 19 on all platforms.

Crysis has always been a game about making you feel bad ass – like an unstoppable force equipped with the world’s most advanced technology: The Nanosuit. This week’s film is all about that suit. The the suit that makes the man. Or, the man that makes the suit. Err… or the man who makes the suit that makes… the man. Just watch the film.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Remember, the Crysis 3 beta is currently underway on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so do yourself a favor and try it out! Read here for more details.

Meanwhile, why not catch up on episodes 1 through 4 of the 7 Wonders of Crysis 3?

Any favorites so far?

  • Trailers always look great, but demo on 360 is pretty average at best. I’ll try it on pc, but not impressed on console.

    • were you really expecting it to look good on console? XD

      • Considering how good looking BF3 is on consoles, yeah why not?!

        • BF3 WAS NOT good looking. killzone 3 was good looking. bf3 was ok and when ps3 tried to look better it ruined the game with input lag

          • psychonaut78

            I disagree. For the scale BF does look really nice, with loads of detail. I played the beta all last night and thought this game was loads of fun.

            • Jason

              YES, for the Scale of BF3 it runs as good as it gets on This Gen Consoles!

            • agreed

          • Killzone 3 looks incredible on PS3 (I know it’s the only platform its on) and BF3 still looks above average, for sure.

          • There is no doubt that Killzone 2/3 looks AMAZING but BF3 with that scale + destruction very high resolution objects/textures and lotta players + vehicles …. looks stunning on consoles (not comparing with pc at all) but still looks so sharp, and it is running on native 720p. the input is quite disappointing even though all the problems with input lag and sound were most probably had something to do with the net code. (red it somewhere) but this game, it looks really awful man! i mean there might be technically so much underneath but what you see is very blurry and low res … nothing is sharp! where as on BF3 everything looks so sharp, i mean as far as i concern the only thing that looks better in crysis is it’s water mechanic and tbh i didn’t find it realistic either …

            • Jason

              You forgot Vegetation, and please Aria don’t tell me you think the Vegetation on BF3 is better, lol. DICE needs to work on Water Physics and Vegetation, but besides that they are Pros at making a “Realistic” look to a war game!

            • Dirtknap

              BF3 runs at 702p on console and is then up-scaled to fit, that’s where a little of the visual grain and irregularities come in. That being said, with what DICE had to work with and the product they’ve delivered, it looks stunning despite the slightly lower res.

        • Maybe how bad Crysis’ vegetation looks is why DICE hasn’t given us a BF3 Jungle map. Honestly, Crysis 3 and MOH: Warfighter…pretty much even in the graphics department.

  • The beta on PS3 looks awful !!!

    • MikePembo951

      its a console -> don’t except more than medicore graphics and low resolution.(not hating just the truth).

      Crysis 3 looks amazing on PC

      • yes i know, but BF3 looks amazing on console. It’s so sharp but this game is blur fest.

        • WarHero

          I don’t know might change,I remember the Demo of Crysis 2 and it look TERRIBLE but then at release it was way better even though it’s not good as PC it still looks great hoping Crysis 3 will look better than the Beta

        • Jason

          Crysis 2 Beta looked worse as well, I think the Final Version of the game will be a little more polished, but don’t expect things like Water Ripple Light Reflections, Vegetation Tessellation or Volumetric Cloud and Particle Shadowing and other DX11 Features to make it to the Console Port. Now The Tall Grass Which was originally a DX11 Feature they got to work on console which is remarkable and explosions push it like on the PC Video’s, They Def squeeze as much as they can on all Platforms!

  • DoucheJackson

    Speaking of wonders, I played the MP open beta today, and wondered why I bothered. Its dreadful, and my expectations were already pretty low considering the gameplay trailers I’d already seen.

    The original Crysis is still tops especially the MP aspect, C2 disappointed slightly due to the new “console is king” priority shift at Crytek, and the console crap has been carried forward to C3. It’s essentially C2 with new textures. They should’ve waited for the next gen consoles, oh well, there’s always C4.

    • psychonaut78

      Yeah it may not look super nice but I and my friends thought it played great. Hunter mode is a lot of fun when played with friends. I think ill pick this one up.

  • CaseyFTW

    I bought the frist crysis only a couply of years ago on a steam sale. In comparison it was the same price as buying one beer in a pub. Still after all the time after release the game looked and played amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. So i pre-ordered crysis 2 and although it was very good looking (pc) and it had a good sp experience I found it not worth full price.

    I will wait for it next year on an Origin sale and then be amazed by price / quality and have 2 out of 3 amazing game experiences in this triology.

  • Even though trailers always overhype things, I really want to play this game now.

  • Mr. G

    The 7 wonders of Crysis 3: 1. It blows on consoles.2. Hit detection is shit on consoles 3. Graphics are low-res on consoles 4. frame rate is about 20 on consoles 5. Environment’s colors are off on consoles 6. The shotgun is OP 7. All the above, FAIL, on consoles

    • Cannot be more agree with you.

    • psychonaut78

      I’ve been having plenty of fun and so have my clan 🙂

    • Jason

      20FPS? Over exaggerating I see It may drop to 25 but NOT 20, FAR CRY 3 is an awesome game but yet has one of the lowest Frame Rates of any game on Console and it only Dips to 25FPS the least! 1.48GB for a Beta is a small amount of space to pack in all they have, so the Final Version will be smoother and more Polished. Xbox Live only allows 1.5gb per Demo/Beta, Some Features will be missing from it, Same as BF3 Beta. Oh, and I have not had a problem with Hit Detection yet

  • WarHero

    Not much of a graphics looker but I am happy that this game runs very well and that all it matters to me.

  • Why don’t they use the Pinch rifle sound from this trailer in the game? the one-in game sounds like a paintball gun.