The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 – Episode 2: “The Hunt” and “Train Yard” Gameplay

Crytek continues to deliver cinematic goodness with producer Albert Hughes in their running video series, The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3.

Meant to introduce gameplay elements of the upcoming sequel releasing this February 19, 2013, The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 demonstrates the beauty this visual powerhouse in the various settings in which the game takes place.

In, last week’s episode, we followed lead protagonist Prophet taking a little stroll through town. Today, he goes hunting in the dangerous fields of the NYC Nanodome.

That grass…

Speaking of which, Crytek’s Technical Director Marco Corbetta recently detailed Crytek’s “grass tech” and explained how Crysis 3 will melt your PC. Check it out here!

Luckily, that’s not all we’ve got for you. Perhaps even more exciting to some is this footage below of strictly gameplay that will simply melt your face. Crysis 3 just keeps getting better and better.

How’s Crysis 3 looking to you guys so far?

You can check out last week’s episode, “Hell of a Town,” here.

  • puntananny

    Can’t wait!

  • Jason

    THAT GRASS!!! O_0

    • i personally don’t like it its too….light green it needs to be a darker green IMPO

      • Jason

        oh lol, i was just reffering to the individual blades and sharp detail of grass and movement is insane! I want to see how they are going to make that work on console!?

        • i don’t even see that being on console! with a usable framerate probably will just be static.

          • Jason

            Yeah I’m not getting my hopes up, but Civat Yerli did mention in a recent interview that they figured out how to re-code some nice DX11 Features to work on DX9 so I’m hoping the grass is one of them!

  • DanDustEmOff

    this game looks awesome and beautiful I will happily ditch cod for this

    • and then you’ll go back to it cause the MP will be dead pretty soon probably

      • If any game is a CoD killer it will be Crysis.

        • …….your joking right?

        • Elisha Bonack

          I think Battlefield 3 is lined up just a wee tad bit before Crysis as a CoD killer. However, the mechanics and gameplay…

      • DanDustEmOff

        you may be right but this is theoonly pc game that is truly pushing the Tech to the limits and beyond I hope that you are wrong and pc gamers embrace this game after all they always claim that console gaming is holding back gaming this is what they have all been asking for so it should be well populated

        • oh it will be alive on PC alot of games are still alive on PC. on consoles though…..

          • DanDustEmOff

            yea agreed dead within a month. I’m looking forward to melting my pc with this game

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Dat grass…….

  • I need to transition to PC gaming ASAP.

    • Kyle Jackson

      We welcome your arrival.

  • roland0811

    Too linear for my liking.
    Gettin’ tired of all of these ‘run down the hallway with crap flying at you’ shooters. I’ve always chosen gameplay over graphics but the selection of good games the last few years has been pretty slim for me.

    • myssternassty

      same here…i love being able to choose which way i want to approach each mission. For example Far Cry 3…You can play most missions like 10 times and every time you could finish it completely different than the last. I wish more devs would take a shot at doing more games like this, they dont have to go as crazy as that, obviously every game is not an open world BUT add some choices for the gamer haha

      • roland0811

        Agreed, man! OFP: Dragon Rising wasn’t the best looking game by any means but it still gave me plenty of room to move around. There’s a DLC mission on there called Uphill Struggle that I’ve played hundreds of different ways and it never gets old for me.

        Game developers seem to be taking gameplay choices away from the players and replacing them with *oooh shiny!*. Haha! I’ll save my money.
        Also, is Far Cry 3 worth it just for the campaign? My friends told the me the multiplayer is almost as bad of GR: Future Soldier’s but I might pick it up if the single-player is worth it.

        • Elisha Bonack

          You do understand that Crysis focuses on exactly what you are complaining about? You can approach every situation a different way, its a key part of the Crysis series that is always emphasized Go loud, go stealth, go whatever you want. I think the pristine grass made by this surreal engine makes you claustrophobic.

          • roland0811

            Whatever floats your boat. I’m not interested in running down a 5 hour long hallway.

  • therapiist

    Grass a bit to light green.. maybe he set up his monitor color too bright or something.. overall it needs to be a bit darker

  • Dirtknap

    I like a solid campaign, but the real value for me is in the multi. I really hope Crytek’s value adds to the multiplayer component will give it the longevity it needs. It’s looking damned good otherwise 🙂

  • DanDustEmOff

    are people really complaining about the colour of the grass when the game looks that sharp clear and smooth the grass can be blue for all I care

  • Crysis 3 looking JUICY

  • Looks very good graphical wise, its disburbing however how linear the train part was. Anyway i am intrested but i will not pre order this until i’ve seen concrete multiplayer footage.