The Last of Us Multiplayer: “Best Ever Conceived,” Claims Artist

There’s no denying that Naughty Dog is one of the best (in my opinion at least) developers out there today when it comes to single player games, and to say the least, they have been pretty good with Uncharted Multiplayer. While we know absolutely nothing about how the multiplayer will play for The Last of Us, Nate Wells, an artist at Naughty Dog has come out today bearing some big words.

A pretty bold statement if you ask me, but given their past, they usually don’t disappoint. The Last of Us is set to launch next month, exclusively on the PlayStaion 3.

  • Takura Buysse

    No denying they are one of the best developers? I don’t want to be cynical or anything, but I still think it’s a subjective thing. I definitely think they are a cool studio with great games and I’m looking forward to The Last of Us, which is looking great as well, they are just good at what they do, but quite a few negative things about their games could be pointed out as well. Anyway, that is indeed quite a bold statement and I’m excited to see what they are actually going to bring us.

    • QwietStorm

      You could say that about any and every developer in existence, so what does it matter?

    • dpg70

      Pretty sure he states that as his opinion.

      • OhMyGawd

        Trouble is nobody knows what it is. Saying “Some studios are good, but also, some studios aren’t great, and I like some of their games, my what a bold statement, and also, potato”.

        I swear I lost braincells trying to find a point in there.

    • Dirtknap

      Of course it’s subjective, some folks don’t like 3rd person titles which will be an automatic strike out in their opinions. If you look for objective reasoning, they can probably claim best dev for PS3 in terms of know how to wring the best from its hardware.

  • tanile

    Some sort of survival scavenger mode against other players and the infected would be nice.

  • James K

    If the MP is actually a universal disaster then his words will be engraved forever.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Just a shame it’s restricted to the Playstation, I was hoping to play this on my Sega Saturn.

    • That makes 2 of us. LOL

      • Kyle Jackson

        We’re old enough to remember the Saturn 🙂

        • pfft i wanna run it in my NES :C

          • Kyle Jackson

            As long as you remember to keep blowing on it to make it work…..

            …the game cartridge that is.

            • lol i remember that XD apparently though that doesn’t even work i read it on some article

            • Kyle Jackson

              I think I read the same article, think it was on Kotaku or something.

    • thebulky1cometh

      Wait, serious question…remember Sega CD? Maybe I was too young to remember this accurately, but I remember sitting at toys r us and being completely blown away by graphics that actually looked real. Like a level of realism that I’ve never seen duplicated. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Probably.

      • Kyle Jackson

        It was called the Mega CD also, it fitted underneath your Mega Drive/Genesis console, it looked amazing at the time when they had actual video footage on the games.

  • I cant wait to play The Last of Us!! Naughty Dog is hands down one of my favorite game developers

  • Aria

    Replace “The Last of Us” with “BATTLEFIELD 4”.

    Honestly, anyone who thinks BF4 will be beaten by any MP game this year is a moron.

    • Dirtknap

      Replace curry with potatoes!

      Honestly, anyone who thinks potatoes will be beaten by curry in Ireland is a moron.

  • jonchr2

    I really hope they use the strenghts of the single player in the MP and make players run out of ammo and be really scared. I bet there are people vs people and people vs infected. The infected in this game looks and acts so creepy and what they do all depends on what you do, to bring that into MP would be awesome!! They’ve supported Uncharted 3 since it launched and i hope they do the same with The last of us!! Been waiting for this game since the reveal trailer back in dec.2011 and i’m really excited to play the demo in two weeks, whether it be single player or multiplayer!

  • Saamson

    Man I would love to play some of the these games. But I will never by a console. I like my mouse and keyboard.

    • Yep

      You are missing out on some amazing games man. I feel the same way about PC I do not want one but there is some games i am dying to play like Amnesia, and the new one coming out. Hope they port them over in the future.

  • oofy

    Hopefully The Last of Us brings something refreshing that reinvigorates online multiplayer.

    To the naysayers, what is he supposed to say?

    “Our multiplayer has a few twists, but it’s by and large more of the same. No biggie.”

    • thebulky1cometh

      Ha I agree, but, he’s really putting the company “out there” with these statements. He could’ve went with the ho-hum “We’ve got a great team dedicated to bringing you a vast MP experience. Fans will love it, etc.”

      • oofy

        I really am interested in what they got cooking over there. They may have something big because they don’t have to think strictly in terms of pvp, like CoD or Battlefield.

  • bro

    I do know one thing the graphics I have seen on this game is truly stunning. Who needs Next gen.Cannot wait for the single player.

    • Every console player needs next-gen. Current gen-hardware is awful, and we are just pushing it to its limits.

  • T-51B

    I am gonna go online the second I pop this into my PlayStation… and I will proceed to assault-batter, bludgeon, slash, smash and beat my way to the top!

    • ?

      Do not forget the sure to be a masterpiece single player now.