[Updated] The State of Battlefield 3 – MAV Glitch, Input Lag, Private Servers, PC Glitches and Xbox 360 Patch

So, what’s the state of Battlefield 3 after the recent PS3 and PC patches? Besides many, many good things, PS3 servers are selling like mad, input lag is ‘sort of’ fixed, the MAV is still ridable, a few PC glitches, and the Xbox 360 patch is still nowhere to be found.

Since the recent PS3 patch, the Battlefield community has been hard at work discovering what unadvertised tweaks came along with it. Luckily, with the help of many community members, we’ve been able to compile a list of unannounced PS3 patch notes. Of course, these notes apply to the PC and upcoming Xbox 360 patch as well. Luckily, PC members were also treated to some nice commo rose and mini map changes among many other things. Read here for a full list!

Along with the PS3 patch came the ability for users to rent private servers. You can check out the full list of prices here. Some frequently asked questions surrounding these servers include: Can server owners give admin rights to another user? Are servers region locked? Where are all these servers? To these questions, Global Community Manager Daniel Matros has the answers. Well, sort of. According to Matros, “indeed you can” give admin rights to another user if you are the server owner. Unfortunately, he has “no clue about Sony region locks. You will have to ask Sony as it is their platform.” [We will update when we can.] As for where all the servers are, “PS3 Servers are being rented like this was the last day on earth,” according to Matros. He also added that as of this morning, DICE has “now increased the number of available servers to rent on PS3. Expect more increases to follow shortly.” A few hours later, “another big batch of available PS3 servers to rent now available in addition to this morning’s increase.” That adds up to two increases so far so hopefully PS3 users will be able fo find servers more easily.

For more information regarding how to rent servers, including a FAQ and Xbox 360 pricing, check out the official Battlefield 3 webpage.

What did not make it into the PS3 patch, however, was colorblind mode. “Colorblind mode did not make it in time for this patch,” according to Senior Designer Gustav Halling. Though, many users have been reporting a much more visible user interface after the patch. So while colorblind mode may (or may not) still be on its way, at least DICE has taken steps towards better visibility.

Many know by now that the infamous MAV glitch seems to have not been fixed in the latest patches. At least, not entirely. While players cannot stand on the MAV to raise themselves to higher platforms, it is still possible to lie prone in order to accomplish the same effect. Matros admitted, “yes, Mav fix failed. We will have to make a new fix.” Similarly, Halling mentioned, “we know MAV riding still can be exploited. Admins: I will ban players doing this on servers I admin, suggest the same until fixed.” In fact, he added that “MAV exploiting is against the rules of conduct. You shouldn’t be suprised if your stats are wiped after being found MAV exploiting.” He continued, “using the software in wrong way is baked into the agreement you accept when installing.”

Also still prevalent in the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 is traces of input lag. Though results have been mixed – some reporting improvements, others not so much – DICE claims to still be hard at work looking for solutions. Matros told his followers “we’ve released a fix [the option to turn of AA] that smoothens it for most players. Still working on it though.” Our friend, “TheEnd” was able to povide a quick demonstration of the current state of input lag on the PS3 that you can check out here! Hopefully we’ll hear more of this soon.

Update 1: As ‘Dean’ mentioned in the comments below, Jet heat seekers seem to have been rendered ineffective since the patch. You can check out a video of the PS3 version here.

PC users will also notice a few unadvertised changes to their version of Battlefield 3. One in particular that was revealed by Web Software Engineer Elton Muuga, was the inclusion of a squad privacy function. You can view an image of it here.

Unfortunately, the PC patch did not come without its shortcomings either. Some have been reporting glitches such as the one demonstrated here. Matros assures fans,”we’re reproducing it here in the studio to see how/when and under what circumstances this happens.” Some players have also been reporting no changes made to fall damage, which was originally promised to be tweaked in the upcoming patches. We also hope to hear more on this soon.

Update 2: Gustav Halling has set up a thread on his personal blog where Battlefield 3 players can report post-patch bugs that we highly recommend you utilize if you happen to come across any. You can check out his blog here.

Lastly, we’ve still yet to hear any word of the Xbox 360 patch. Community Manager Ian Tornay has been rather busy on Twitter lately explaining why: “It was broken. We’re fixing it. Date ASAP.” Despite what many seem to suggest – that it is due to platform favoritism – DICE assures that it is simply a technical issue. We’ll be sure to inform our readers of any updates regarding the Xbox 360 patch to make sure to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook!

What are your thoughts on the current state of Battlefield 3 after the PS3 and PC patches? Love it? Hate it? Waiting for the Xbox 360 patch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Vanity

    Well about the patch coming first to ps3 IS platform favoritism, no doubt about it! 
    Why would the ps3 get the patch first? that the platform they have most problems with… 

    • Cyborg6971

      Wrong. The 360 version was broken. That’s why its not out. The patch should have gone to pc before anything else, being there is no certifications to jump through.

      And your statement about the ps version having more problems is based on what exactly? Internet hyperbole?

      Do enlighten me as to how much more superior the 360 version is.

      • Bill Paxton(not the actor)

        Well the ps3 version did have b2k weapon bugs, VoIP was broken, input lag fixes are hit and miss, b2k needed to be redownloaded twice, noticeably more frequent freezes that Xbox version….those are some problems it had to name a few, I don’t hear Xbox players complaining about any of those on battlelog. Pc gamer here

        • Cyborg6971

          The ones you mention like boil voip and the b2k weapon glitch git fixed before this patch dropped. Thus making those arguments null. And the input lag along with the freezing doesn’t happen to everyone so that’s a subjective argument at best.

          • Stimbo Slice

            the fact that the problems existed in the first place is a testament to PLAYSTATION hardware…so your comeback is null… and subjective or not the problem with input lag is still a PLAYSTATION issue. dont just talk to hear yourself bro

          • Cyborg6971

            Slow your roll home slice. I’ve seen your juvenile trolling of ps hardware, and find you laughable, and sad at the same time. But by all means keep defending the honor of your piece of plastic, as if it were your soul mate.

            And for the record unlike you I don’t have to hear myself talk in order to create a sentence. When your parents give you permission to leave the kiddie pool and swim with the sharks you had better brush up on some new material, or I’ll eat you up like the chum that you are.

            This isn’t n4g so bugger off.

          • What

            @ stimbo slice, r u retaded? I hope you’re actually just trolling and don’t really believe that it’s the ps3 hardware. By your logic every game one ps3 should have problems then. Problems like input lag and such all have to do with programming. Morons like u kept saying that the VoIP problem was due to the ps3 hardware and that it couldn’t be fixed. Well guess what, they’ve all been proven wrong. If they don’t fix it it’s simply because it would cost them too much money

    • Jack34534

      no…if the xbox patch wasn’t broken they would have released at the same time you idiot

    • Glock Lover

      Well, if it’s a issue with them giving PS3 player favoritism, you Xbox players have to accept it same way PS3 players have to accept favoritism when Xbox players receive MW3 stuff months before.  Live with this son, you guys have MW3, we have BF3. So who’s the winner?
      jajajajajaja I’m so happy to be an PS3 owner.

  • Dean

    You might want to include the Heat Seeker vs Jet FAIL:
    PS3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlQSUAixnHUPC:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaYQiSG-71c

    • Dean

      Comment system mangled my hyperlinks.  Here’s a clip of PC.


    • sgt_mofo

      It seems the jet inherited some sort of missile immunity property based on the patch changes. I doubt we’ll be seeing a fix on console for this any time soon.

    • Billy_ho

      It was already pointed out that only 4 players were in that game and that when 8 players are n ot in the game then you can run around prior to the game just not be able to kill anything. so not a glitch or a problem. When they got 8 people in the game then it works as usual.


    while im still waiting for the xbox 360 patch im glad to see my friends on pc and ps3 are having a good time thanks to the new patch (not counting the shortcomings) hope the xbox 360 patch will be here soon
    also anyone who buys into this “platform favoritism” nonsense is completely stupid

    • dpg70

      I call BS on you being a 360 player. Way too gracious and made too much sense!

      The patch is great overall. If you enjoy the difficulty of BF3 you will like it. If you want easy mode, not so much. 90% of the patch whining on BL is from a player with the USAS as their top weapon….and that’s not an exaggeration.


      Favoritism No, but the Rights to exclusive content/premieres YES!

      Both platforms have paid to get certain games/content first over the year. Simply put, nothing new.

    • gosmoke

      Talk from a real man, the games a game. Pc is my choice but don’t let it hold any one back from having a great time =).

    • Bing

       wow so i guess their are still some non overly bitching ppl left in this world

    • Billy_ho

      Same here… but with a slightly less noble reason. If the others get the patch first and maybe see some issues then hopefully an issue or two that are spotted can be fixed before my game is actually patched. As long as they get the patch to us prior to the CCQ DLC then I am just fine with it. But really am looking forward to being able to get a private server for our Platoon soon. 

  • Cyborg6971

    It plays way smoother than before. The controls are more crisp without turning off the AA. And that goes for all vehicles as well. the gun play has a learning curve to it as well. The set ups I was used to had me adjust what a half year of playing had ingrained in me. But my muscle memory can change to the patch.

    Over all its a great patch. Still the time it took was a little long. It’s a welcome change to an already great game.

    Now bring on the expansions.

  • 360 user here … It seriously frustrating knowing PC and PS3 have the patch. While players who like to play correctly and fairly are still dealing with USAS/Frag, Famas, and MAV Riding BS that’s just messing up the gameplay. 

    • Cyborg6971

      I don’t care about the mav riding as much as the killing part. That was redonkulous. You can still ride,but gettin caught will be answered with severe punishments. And I’ll be sure to report any and all I see.

  • Anonymous

    Well of course it’s not platform favoritism, if it was PC would be the only ones to get the patch… 😐

    • asgaro


  • sgt_mofo

    As if jets aren’t hard enough to kill, now heat seekers do nothing.

    If ‘hotfixes’ are going to be out of the equation due to console certification processes taking so long, then I think a test server rollout needs to be conducted on PC. Hate to use them as guinea pigs, but it doesn’t cost any money (minus development costs of course) to resubmit a PC patch. Since version parity is a goal for this game across all platforms, it seems working out the quirks on PC and then letting the console players reap the benefits is the most cost efficient option.

    • Arendsb

      Well stated. It would only seem logical that they would use the free means as a test-bed.

      But then again, Dice (or EA) hasn’t exactly been exhibiting intelligent behavior…

      Maybe if we all make new Twotter accounts, they won’t ignore us.. Sigh.

  • Bsk92484

    The stingers with the new patch are just about unusable, the thing won’t even lock on most of the time. Even when air vehicles are fly low.

    • VR Trooper

      Probably because the Below Radar uPgrade got a buffed

      • Dave

         First game after the patch I thought the stinger was unusable but carried on and found with practice its just as effective as before, just with more restrictions on locking on

  • Robenter

    Took a while to adjust but overall, a good job. Wish tanks werent so weak, but am generally satisfied.

    Also, MAV rider = douche. Quit cheating, just play the game, and leave it alone.

    • ipwn

      Yeah I don’t know why they picked on tanks so much they were pretty much fine before.  If they could just restore the speed of the repair tool I think that would help balance things back out.  Who want’s to just run around giant maps more or waste time waiting for another tank or a boring jeep?  Tanks are a giant part of this game and then they ruin them?

  • Guest

    This is a much better video on PS3 input lag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5nFnvNMiB8
    It clearly shows that nothing changes by disabling AA. Again, the only fix is 480p/576p.

    • J_Cob

      They should give an option to turn off V-Sync and AA. Hopefully that will happen next patch.

  • Guest

    I still have input lag as well as experiencing some new bugs. In the menus when customizing weapons, when you back out and go back in, the weapon will default to the last weapon saved instead of the new one. In game, when having the M320 attached to the rail, I’ve had a strange reloading bug that will make the player model disappear leaving just the crosshairs left and you can’t ADS. My friend got out a hummer, died, got revived but was stuck in 3rd person view of his character with the controls of the hummer being used. He was also invincible, or probably inherited the life of the hummer as he did for the controls and view. These bugs were found within a few hours of playing. I feel like DICE doesn’t test anything before they put something out.

  • ME


    new patch = new glitch

    support class menu MP7 attachment change, select & back out defaults to QBB MG

    • Guest

       It’s for all classes. Not just support.

    • Glock Lover

      That’s older that your mama’s underwear son, it’s on all classes.

  • So far… Vehicles are nerfed in general, heat-seekers are unusable now, suppression effect too strong.

    Come DICE, now we’re going to push you for another patch. Lessen suppression overall (maybe less so for stationary enemies),  bring vehicles and their weapons back up to strength (but still susceptible to Stingers/IGLAs).

    You’re making this game arcade-y, just like your main competitor. Not a good thing.

    • BlueSpeed9

      I’m with you on the vehicles thing. I cannot believe how little it takes to bring down a tank and with the repair tool nerf it’s damn near impossible to keep one alive in the field.

    • Ps3patch

      I thought that at first but after playing all day yesterday the patch completely won me over. I started off as a major team player for the first couple of months then gradually became a lone wolf due to the fact that my stats started improving to the point where I was competing with myself. In the last few months my KDR started creeping in as my main concern. I started average 30 to 40 kills a game and started playing the famas cause it was op and It gave me a better chance at going up against USAS users. I always play as assault and would put my team ahead and revive even when it was likely I’d get shot. I stopped doing that as well. After the patch came out I raged for a few hours (not really, lol, but I wasn’t happy) cause I couldn’t go up against multiple people without getting killed from suppression but once u adapt u realize that due to suppression its advantageous to always stay with your squad now. Had some of the funniest team moments I’ve had in months with this new patch and it has also increased the chaos since there r less deaths but more bullets flying. If your hating on it, I recommend giving it a chance. The vehicles r awesome now. Yeah, the tanks r weaker, but that means less domination by people with engineers to repair them. Everyone feels more involved now and it seems u can always contribute. Just my two cents

  • BlueSpeed9

    The updated colors for squad / enemy soldiers are even harder to decipher for a colorblind player than they were before the patch; it’s like Dice actually tried to make it worse.

  • blitz1904

    MF Battle Recorder!

  • Paul williams

    http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/ think Dice need to respond to the 29 pages of players complaining about how H/C players have had their servers changed stupid map rotation/ mode rotation.

  • Tludt888

    Bummer that DICE is so unreasonable about the MAV lifting. Sure, remove it, but don’t ban people that are just using it to add some depth to your maps.

    The advantage gained by MAV lifting isn’t unfair, as you are still just as vulnerable to be killed as any other person. Must be exacerbated however, by health regen on Core… yet another reason never to play Core.

    I’ve stopped MAV lifting at the end of February, since I had heard the MAV lifting was being patched and I’d need to get used to finding sniping hides without it. But it’s really sad how DICE is treating people who MAV lift like common cheaters, rather than saying… “Oh! This building has a great, and fair vantage point when someone MAV lifts up there… let’s add a ladder there for when we patch the MAV!”

    Chill if you decide to respond, I know how the very notion of actually having a reasonable advantage over another player is really infuriating to some. 

    • Lukas

      That is the stupidest attempt at rationalisation I’ve ever heard. It’s cheating. No if’s, no but’s. It’s just common sense.

      • Tludt888

         You’re not using any justification to refute my claim, you’re only countering it with… it’s cheating. Whereas I have laid out several positive implications to MAV lifting, whilst advocating for a more intelligent solution to getting rid of it whilst maintaining the game for people that think it’s outrageous.

        I am very much in favor of removing exploits, what I am not in favor of, is shortchanging snipers… or maps. These maps are great, but are made moreso with vantage points that allow Recon players to be relevant… and not just ineffective snipers, or people running about with PDW’s.

        Cheating, to me, removes risk from the perpetrator. This, does not. The player is just as vulnerable as on the ground, if not moreso when in the act of MAV lifting.

        Once atop the MAV lifted point, the player can be… shot… blown up… mortared… etc… Just like any other player.

        Again, it’s not about MAV lifting… it’s about having a flexible map that is reasonable. Vantage points that aren’t in high-traffic areas provide for the ability to cover troop advances, etc.

        It is, in my mind, much much different than say… someone glitching into a wall making themselves unkillable. That doesn’t add anything to the game, in fact, it detracts from the game.

        Allowing snipers to get to effective vantage points adds something to the game, and is still fair for the people on the ground to counter.

        • Ned Collyer

          As well spoken as you seem, you must realise that a good sniper does not get any benefit from mav lifting.

          So… Who uses it then? When I’m on a team that’s losing with 4-8 snipers effectively not playing the objectives because they are stuck in stupid positions it’s pretty annoying.

          It frustrates the opposition and cripples your own team. This is why it has to go.

          • Tludt888

             That only is a problem when there are multiple people sniping in those spots… which happens regardless of whether MAV lifting is a factor or not.

            If people want to sit back and snipe, adding/removing MAV lifting isn’t going to stop that.

            What those high-vantage points that MAV lifting allows access to -does- however, specifically on Strike at Karkand… is they put those snipers in a much more advantageous location so that they can support team members on the ground.

            Even if those players are just there for kills sometimes, inadvertently, they’re supporting those on the ground trying to advance objectives.

            I have not even spoken about teamwork, the effectiveness of which can be multiplied with a sniper in a high vantage point who’s actually relaying intel and covering his/her squad.

            Point being, it’s not the MAV lifting that sees fewer people advancing on objectives… it’s the people themselves. Those people existed in BC2, they exist in BF3. Nothing can be done to change ineffective teams, other than getting together with friends or finding a clan.

          • Ned Collyer

            [email protected]:disqus I feel like you’re now just grasping at straws for some theoretical positive.

            It doesn’t exist.

            As I said, any good sniper doesn’t use the MAV lift.  Which leaves the question, who does use it?

          • Tludt888

             I’d hardly think that providing sound reasoning, using trends of ineffective snipers that span multiple games as proof, as “grasping at straws”. I guess the “bush-wookiee” phenomenon so commonly relied on by BC2 anti-sniper advocates was just a theory, and those mountains of snipers going 2-0 throughout the course of a match don’t exist in BF3.

            But, they do exist in BC2 and BF3. Thus lending credence to my argument, that the MAV lift isn’t the problem… but the trend of snipers who are in it for the kills, rather than to support the team.

            You’re not presenting an argument justifying why good snipers don’t take advantage of MAV lift-ed spots.

            However, I just did, several times. I’ve listed the capabilities,
            positives, and fair negative aspects of the spots that MAV lifting
            provides for and how they are used by poor/skilled snipers alike. I have also delved into aspects such as teamwork, which
            are normally considered separately. However, for the purposes of my
            argument, it is complimentary.

            I am a good sniper, I used MAV lifted spots. I would direct you to my Battlelog page to verify my SPM, Objective points, etc, however, with the recent talk of reporting MAV lifters… I will refrain, even though I have stopped in preparation for 1.04.

          • Ned Collyer

             What’s your battlelog soldier info.  I’d love to check out your sniper stats.

          • Tludt888

             As I stated previously, I won’t be giving out my actual battlelog page and gamertag… given the recent upheaval regarding the reporting of MAV lifters. Even though I’ve stated that I had stopped come February.

            I will say however, that my SPM is 465, and I mainly play Conquest … which is predisposed to have lower SPM’s but higher scores overall. K/D is 2.68, Average Sniper Rifle accuracy is somewhere around 30-40%. I mainly use the Mk 11, so my accuracy numbers will be skewed due to it being a DMR.

            Longest headshot’s sitting at 1141m, point of personal pride. Was really fun getting it.

            Almost done with 4th Recon star, 103k Squad Score Bonus. W/L is 1.5, but I mostly play with a few friends or with randoms… so obviously, someone who’s got a clan’s W/L will be higher.

            Skill level is 702, whatever the hell that means??

        • chris

          I love glitching in to wall because i think its funny how stupid the other team is by surrounding you even though they cant kill you but kill them
          i only glitch on servers made for glotching tho

    • QwietStorm

      lol add some depth to the maps. Why not just turn a blind eye to wide receivers catching passes out of bounds too. They’re just being creative with the playing field.

      • Tludt888

         If it’s about “map boundaries”, those all exist. What is in those boundaries however, is what I’m concerned with.

        Everything within those boundaries, is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

        For instance, on Gulf of Oman… what is the difference from someone who MAV lifts to the top of the construction building versus someone who dumps out of a perfectly good F-35 to get to the same exact spot?

        The difference is, the former player isn’t wasting team resources. The latter, is.

        MAV lifting can lead to some irritating prospects, on maps like Tehran Highway and Seine Crossing. However, those should be remedied specifically… Not through a sweeping game change, that adds many more decent spots to other maps that are useful and balanced.

        I would much rather a Recon MAV lift up to a building, than dump team resources to get there.

        If MAV’s aren’t supposed to act as an elevator, then so be it. That’s fine, but I’m saying… we can take away some very important lessons from what MAV lifting allows.

        – There needs to be more verticality, to provide for more effective sniping as it relates to team play.
        — As of now, sans MAV lifting… long-medium range sniping is limited to ineffective mountains and vulnerable buildings that offer little tactical advantages, or that are in high-traffic areas or outright on top of MCOM’s/Flags.

        – Ladders need to be more prevalent in order to provide for the above if MAV lifting is to be removed.

        Look at the positive things that getting to high vantage points can bring to sniping, before condemning it because of MAV lifting.

        • QwietStorm

          Point understood, but it’s my belief that it certainly has nothing to do with team play. It’s similar to glitching in other games from behind walls where you can’t be touched. Verticality is one thing, but if it wasn’t meant to do, then it wasn’t meant to do. Snipers across all games get a bad rep, not because they are all non team players, but because enough of them just want to sit back and get easy long distance kills from “safe” zones. This is the clearest example of it. The fact that one would ride a MAV to reach an unreachable area says it all, especially in Rush mode. Maybe not enough of the map is used, but one can’t deny that it’s an exploit reaching these areas. If a player is good, he will adapt and make use of the field given to him.

          • Tludt888

            I have no contest to your last point, as I have done so in preparation for when MAV lifting is patched. But, I still don’t think it could be considered an exploit.

            It doesn’t offer an -un- fair advantage, as I kill people who are in MAV lifted spots quite frequently… it’s like fish in a barrel.

            It offers an advantage, yes, but not one that is unfair… thus in my mind, making it not an exploit. 

          • Billy_ho

            Totally agree… the maps are made to be played in specific fashions. Some maps even have it so that you can’t parachute when using the spawn beacon to ensure that the levels are fairly balanced and glitching behind walls is not possible. (i.e. Metro, Tehran, Seine, Bazaar) Being able to MAV to locations that enable you to get behind invisible walls and then even to bring your squad mortar guy with you that can’t be touched behind that invisible wall is wrong. Just because I can MAV on Metro to a point where I can’t be seen or touched and can kill without worry of dieing doesn’t mean I should be able to do so. DICE has tried to prevent this but many people are just working on new ways to exploit the game and still reach these places that they shouldn’t. 

        • QwietStorm

          I guess that’s where we differ then. I don’t look at an exploit as something unfair or not, rather something that uses the mechanics in a way that isn’t meant to be used. It’s from there that you can get an unfair advantage, depending on the game.

          • Tludt888

            A fair assessment, which further speaks to the ethical issue (which I do not want to discuss further and was seeking to avoid) of what defines cheating/exploiting, and whether it’s the player or game developer who’s responsible.

            It’s all relatively subjective, which is where that grey area comes in.


          • Nobody

            What? No grey area… The dev’s didn’t intend it. Initially they didn’t think it would be a big deal when found and so ignored it to work on more pressing issues, they see they were wrong and attempt to fix it (almost… good try I supposed lol) 

            You don’t need to mav up to roof tops to be an effective sniper. The map designers DIDN’T put ladders there ON PURPOSE.

            Yes, on some maps you can WASTE a valuable team resource to get yourself there instead…. a cost of getting deployed there vs no cost by maving. Where you see a reason to leave the mav lift (prevent n00bs from wasting resources) I see an appropriate cost to their action.

            and FWIW, I dunno why snipers feel the need to get on the highest furthest point they can. This does NOT make you more effective, and in fact often restricts you. 

            Learn to be more mobile, moving with a squad as over-watch.

        • QwietStorm

          That’s true, and I’m not even saying DICE is not at fault, but sadly, it’s a reality that there are always going to be people who purposefully look for ways to get an advantage, outside of the “norm.”

          • a psycho clown

            i know this is old but just had a point. isnt that what we all all do. i mean isnt that what you do when you try to get new attachtments and new equipment for your vehicles. i mean thats what the point of the game is to be at an advantage over the other players

    • My RT Button

       You know the reasons ladders aren’t there in the first place is because the vantage point the sniper gains simply isn’t fair (hence why they are called vantage points). Your not meant to go there.

      Your point about bigger maps where you must sacrifice jets to get places is wrong. If you’re playing in a good team you’d get them to drop you in by chopper. If your destroying air vehicles to get to vantage points (when there is plenty others accessible by foot) then your paying the price for that vantage by not being a team player (something I’ve come to expect from snipers). You shouldn’t jsut be automatically granted access to every part of the map (and outside) cause your a sniper.

      My only gripe with these Mav nerfs is that it’s working towards making a snper completely useless. No good at close – medium range. Can’t destroy vehicles. Using a class for full recon is a little silly because all other classes can highlight enemies as well. The worst class for capturing flags as well. Really, they needed the mortar or C4 to be on the recon for them to have a chance at being a game changer (personally would lead towards Mortar, as it’s what they have in most of the older battlefields).

      • Tludt888

        I can’t guarantee that my team will be good, I’m only one man. That is my statement to the teamwork argument, and I’m speaking on -behalf- of people that bail out of vehicles… not as one.

        The advantage gained by reaching higher points, is fair… You can be killed just as readily as you can get kills from that spot, it doesn’t change your vulnerability or health.

        In the interest of saving myself time, I will not be responding to any further responses. I’ve said all that I can, and at this point… there are just two conflicting viewpoints… both with very valid points to be made and considered.

    • Outlawz

       I agree with you. But with the nerf with the mortars. You can’t place it in your spawn base, imagine CQ with the MAV lifters. You can’t place it anywhere. I personally think the mortar nerf was unneccessary. If they change it back then I would accept MAV lifting again. Mortars are useless, take it out or change it back. Nuff said.

    • Xander_B312

      I don’t disagree with the MAV lifting per se – it’s relatively simple to counter; I personally just wait until enough of my team get annoyed enough to take the guy out – until then I stay out of his line of sight – although if I can I will mark him or take him out. It can be hard as I play Support and the spots MAV lifters pick grant them a natural advantage.

      That said, I’m not sure why everyone here seems to be arguing about MAV lifting when it has been confirmed that the patch does not fix this issue – although you can no longer stand on the MAV and have it lift you you can instead prone on it, which I see a lot of lifters doing anyway when I catch them in the act as it offers greater stability and less chance of falling off.

    • andy b

      “The advantage gained by MAV lifting isn’t unfair, as you are still just as vulnerable to be killed as any other person. ”

      Except that YOU’RE NOT. You’re on top of a 20 story building that no one else can get to, and in some cases under an indestructible ceiling.

      • Tludt888

         So shoot me in my face from 800m??? Or blow me away with a tank round??? I do this quite often to people that are in MAV lifted locations under cover.

        One doesn’t need a shotgun and a knife to take out these people.

        • andy b

          On Gulf of Oman, they can back away from the ledge and be almost completely untouchable. And the environment on the building(s) in question are not destructible.

          So no, you are not “just as vulnerable”, at all. That’s the whole reason people go up there in the first place. If it provided no advantage, they wouldn’t do it.

          • Tludt888

             The advantage is being able to look over the entire map. Not become invulnerable. The illusion of advantage certainly is there, and it’s why I laugh at MAV lifters going to the highest point rather than medium height areas that are still only accessible to MAV lifters.

            You are correct, in that if it provided no advantage they wouldn’t do it. But it does provide an advantage, as I’ve said, in that you can see the entire map. What it DOESN’T provide is an unfair capability to survive, in fact, quite the contrary.

            The people who go up to the construction building on Gulf of Oman are IDIOTs. Because the spot is insanely visible, and easy for me to go through and kill each and every one of them from 500m away. The advantage of that spot is there, but it’s also countered by being INSANELY visible.

            They -are- just as vulnerable, they can be shot… they can’t dodge tank rounds…

            It seems to me that, because -you- can’t kill them… you assume them to be unkillable by others.

            I’ve received 1000m headshots on people who’ve MAV lifted to the tower on Gulf of Oman. I’ve shot them with an M4 from the ground, I’ve blown them up with an Abrams. I’ve even taken them out with an F-35.

            In fact, I’ve recieved multiple MVP ribbons simply from counter-sniping people on the tower on Gulf of Oman. It’s insanely easy to kill them, I’ve used the phrase fish in a barrel.

            They are using cover, just like anyone else on the ground. They aren’t doing anything supernatural once they’re up there.

  • Mark Schuh

    for every 10 things the patch did right, i am slowly starting to find bugs here and there. Non deployable motors on some stages(yes i know it cant be deployed in base), stat stars not correct, Heat Seekers not hitting targets at all. Freezes and hit detection problems(yes i fire in burst)  

  • Douglas Amaro

    Heat Seekers are useless now.
    Now jets can crash into Attack Helos without being damaged, but the poor helo gets blown up immediately.
    Flares does not break lock, but distracts missiles even after they dissapear.
    I think that not only DICE hasn’t fixed anything, they made other things worse.

  • Ptp18

    just played an hour on the PC and im loving loving loving it… wow… yes BF3   (310 + hours and i feel like its a new game )

    • asgaro

      Completely agree.
      Some people hate they made changes to all the guns, but like you say, it’s like a new game. I like that I need to experiment again with all the weapons!

  • Jemapelleethan

    I want the patch for my xbox,  but if I can’t have that at least give me some info on why it’s coming out in april when it was slated fro february? We are getting no info or answers from those dicks at dice or microsoft.

  • I’m on PS3 and so far I’m loving it. I’ll update my PC version later today and repost my thoughts on that one. Maybe people claim that Stinger/Iglas are now useless, which isn’t true, you just have to be a bit smarter this time around. Plus now that Choppers are disabled in one shot, it makes them even more eager to break lock and get away, giving your team extra time for the objective. Tanks do seem considerably less useful but it’s a good thing now. I’ve noticed tank drivers engaging from longer distances, make you a smaller target, decreasing the ‘rambo’ tank attitude we’ve seen the last few months.  As far as individual gun and attachment tweaks, there’s too many to list here, but so far each gun and attachment feels clearly different than any other gun. Now it’s much more ‘situation’ specific than anything.

  • Input lag can NEVER be fixed only lessened.  All games have input lag but some have more then others (killzone 2 and 3, BF3,COD mw3) the only thing they can do is lessen the input lag. It will always be there personally my input lag was lowered very much its very playable at 720p FOR ME not for everyone so the AA not the only problem it seems hope they can fix it. maybe decrease the bloom?

  • andy b

    Did they fix the MAV roadkill exploit?

    • Michael Kelley

       The MAV will still be able to roadkill, however it will be destroyed in the process, meaning the MAV will only be able to get 1 kill.  Of course, Recons will now set up camp next to ammo boxes, and they will still get their roadkills

      • andy b

        That’s what I’m referring to. It’s a near perfect solution (few support players are gonna waste time giving them ammo boxes for this), but I’m just asking if they actually got that change in like they said they would.

  • nate

    yo in update 1 its the pc not ps3 (heatseakers video)

  • Looks like I’m going to have to MAV kill another 100 people on xbox in protest. mwhahaha

  • Mr_ivory_xxxxxx

    I sure hope they are working overtime for xbox360 patch the rest of the week.

  • NYMoneyz

    Please DICE PLEASE release the patch for xbox 360. I wanna play the real game.

  • Outlawz

    We need to report this bug! During customization if you click on a gun it will go to accessories for that gun. Post patch; if you try to click on another gun, it will automatically go back to the one you originally had setup. Very annoying and we need them to see this. Post it at their blog. 

  • initialmender4

    i didn’t know that the MAV was glitched

  • Darkcloud2266111

    For all of those that can’t wait for the patch on the 360, wait!  Hopefully they fix all of the crap they messed up on the ps3 with their newest patch.

    • Mark

      Yea if it takes this long, they better fix their shit that isnt fixed. No excuses. DICE is a professional company and they always have a clever excuse for everything and never deliever.

  • Shazer

    IMO the MAV glitch at first i did consider it a glitch/cheating and hated people doing it but after a few weeks of people doing it i dont consider it cheating nor hate it as for one on most maps (execpt for seine and Terrian) iv considered as fair game since you know where most people are going to MAV ride to and thus you check there and 95% of the time its easy to kill them so its not like their “out of bounds” per say and not technically cheating as they are still killable, Personally i dont see a real need to take such drastic measures such as banning as most people would probably agree its technically fair game still and i wouldnt mind if MAV riding stays (and no im not a sniper, as i prefer jets all the time)

  • 8Raintree

     They shouldn’t of messed with the guns, some guns needed a fix others didn’t, the saying goes don’t fix what’s not broken, everything feel a little off now, I loved the M416 I played a recent game where, I had 14% accuracy, it’s what I normally get, but it didn’t feel right at all. Aw well

  • Billy_ho

    Note that your link to the heat seeking problem is NOT actually a problem. They only had 4 people on the map and with the new patch it allows you to move around (just not kill things) until at least 8 people get into the game. So the aircaft not blowing up was intentional because the game did not actually start yet. 8 people join and then GAME IS ON! 

  • Lexxprimr

    The game is called Battle Field 3. Keyword battle… In real combat as the game emulates, do you think if a solider had the ability to get to a location that was safer and more effective that he would reframe because it was unfair?! NO!
    As with gulf of Oman, why have a building which is perfect for sniping and soflam stations and not be able to use it?
    Why have these fancy “backgrounds” that we can’t use? We want realisum but not so much that we have to think three dimensionally?! Grow up
    The shame of it is players had to figure out unorthodox ways to use these resources instead of them being part of the game from the start. Every ledge window and doorway should be in play, it would be in real combat.

    • Erick G. K.

      Yes, that’s partly tru. Although, riding a MAV up there is hardly realistic, MAV’s doesn’t have the capability to lift a soldier. If you want to get up to, for example, the tower on Gulf of Oman, get someone to give you a ride up there. It’s also a half-finnished building, the fact that stairs and ladders aren’t available should be that surprising.

      Nevertheless, I do agree with you on most points

    • andy b

      In real life, there would also be a stairwell to get up there.

    • Tludt888

      I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, however, Battlefield 3 is not a simulator. ARMA and PR, are, and most buildings can be entered in those games.

      But you can’t fault DICE for doing what they did, because it simply was not in their mindset. Plus, it would be near impossible to provide for a balanced or fluid experience if every single building could be entered.

      I would love it if BF3 were like this, but it’s just not the way the game goes.

      The point however, is that DICE doesn’t consider these points… even if they can be reached by legitimate means as viable. They need to start doing this, roofs are viable, well protected roofs are viable for teamplay…

      Did they want to force snipers to be on the street? Or force them to be on irrelevant mountains where they cannot help the team? Or in high-traffic/high visibility areas? (cranes, etc). Hell, it doesn’t even apply to snipers alone… I’d love to post up atop a roof and cover an advance with an M240B… but it doesn’t happen given the little amount of verticality given in BF3.

  • Manc-hater

    Input lag still grossly affects this game.  It is practically unplayable.  The AA option appears to have made no difference.  EA have yet again been reported to BBC Watchdog for their ineptitude in releasing a partly finished product.  They have also been reported for their gross misconduct in responding to customer complaints.

  • MAV glitch continues….

    Go to the mav and prone. 

  • Lee

    I now get random crashes that I never had before the patch out of the 6-7 times I have tried to play at least 5 of them have ended up with the game freezing and the message battlefield has stopped working. It worked perfectly fine post patch but now its screwed

  • Guest101

    Wow, there really are some snobby, egotistical nob-ends making comments here! Using this as a forum for mental masturbation?… so sad, so sad.

  • Gnungo

    Please DONT release the x360 patch with this bugs

  • Guest

    Wow, so the PS3 version still sucks. What else is new? The PS3 is a system plagued with software problems since its inception.

    • andy b

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Cyborg6971

      And what a brave troll, using the guest name to leave a comment. PUSSY.

  • lag was non existent for me before the patch, now its there. Also its happened twice that I have a full health tank and get destroyed by another tank with just one shot, a lot of the guns have been nerfed too much, thus suppressors have been rendered useless after 50 feet or more (I had to start using a whole new set of weapons that actually do damage) Heat seekers in fact have become useless in jets, Ive locked on chopper who had just used their flares, and my missiles still disapper without effect, also the Stinger wont lock on chopper even if they are literally in front of me 🙁 1 last thing either the playlists are screwed up or what, because Ill choose to play conquest, and after the round is over I start a Rush game, making it very annoying, I can no longer just play conquest, it randomizes the game modes round after round, and rounds start off right away now after the screen loads, so you better have your load out set up before a round is over, or youll looses valuable time when you start the new round.

  • oh and seriously Ive never used the MAV lifting bug, but I dont see whats so bad about it, I think its great that  people find new places to snipe from, its also pretty cool to have one of your friends lift you in a MAV and stab snipers from the back. the glitch is available for everyone, so its not really cheating. Concentrate on other things DICE leave the MAV alone, if anything the only thing I hate about the MAV is how players can actually kill you with the damn thing, that shit is annoying, its like a fucking little bee, and they are hard to shoot of, I always have to select a Stinger launcher just to get reed of it. 

    • andy b

      “the glitch is available for everyone, so its not really cheating.”

      It’s cheating because it allows a specific class to access places where they are effectively invulnerable to everyone and everything (including mortars in some cases) aside from others of that same class. This creates an unintended balance problem.

      Also, it’s cheating because DICE says it’s cheating.

      • Eric

        Agreed that it’s an exploit. I never play Recon, so I don’t use it. However, I dislike the expectation that people need to read DICE’s posts on the internet to know what cheating is. If it’s illegal to do, it should be impossible in the game. DICE isn’t justified in punishing people in response to deficiencies in their own code, and saying, “You should have read our Twitter feed and known that it’s illegal.”

  • NextPatchPlease

    so now that this patch is out, when can we expect the next patch that’ll fix some of the problems in this patch? lol. oh, DICE. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back…

  • Eric

    This patch has rendered the tank Guided Shells even more overpowered than they were before. Because of the nerfs to the range of Stingers and Air-to-Air missiles, and the buff to Below Radar, the tank is now the greatest anti-air weapon in the game. It’s the only “anti-air” weapon that is not affected by Below Radar, it does more damage than any other weapon, and it has by far the longest lock range. This can’t be an intended feature…has to be a bug.

  • Dev1lman

    BF3 needs to go back to the pre-patch level. Its that easy

  • To all those that voted CoD9 on the most anticipated poll, you are a bunch of asshats to support a dev that’s bent you over and fucked you with the last few releases. How long will retards realize they’ve been paying for a modded CoD4 for the past half decade.

  • Mental_case92

    i just downloaded the stupid god dam BF3 private servers patch and it fucked my system and now i cant get BF3 to load and it keeps says over and over that the download is complete and it wont fucking stop.