Titanfall 2 – Map Hacks & Titan Balancing Coming

For those who are enjoying this stellar of a title called Titanfall 2, you may be happy to hear that Respawn Entertainment plans on releasing a patch that’ll address map hacks, along with some balancing for the Titans.

For those who don’t know what Map Hack is, its a streak reward that players can earn that’ll reveal all the opposing team locations to all other allies, even allowing you see right through walls. Respawn is aware that this is a pretty over-power streak reward and plans on tweaking it in an upcoming patch, along with the Tone and Legion Titans, though nothing is known about their tweaks.

And for you Northstar players out there, you’ll be happy to know that they are working on a tweak that’ll increase the damage and decrease the duration of flight core. This will be a good tweak as often times Northstars are just sitting ducks when they use their flight cores.

For those on the fence, you can expect our review of Titanfall 2 sometimes next week.

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  • PK

    Great news for a GREAT game. Too bad EA sabotaged its own franchise by releasing it between its own product, Battlefield 1, and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

    Heads should roll at EA for this idiotic marketing decision.

    • Just saying

      Hopefully, it will sell a lot when people start to get bored of the same game mechanics BF1 and CoD: IW/MW offer. Titanfall gives me so much fun unlike these big franchises and I feel sad that, even in games, there’s fanboyism and no appreciation of great games regardless of franchise or publisher like it used to be.