Titanfall – Respawn on Pilot-Only Modes, ‘We’ll See What Happens After Launch’

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment hints at the possibility of a Pilot-only mode post-launch, despite previous statements.

During a special Microsoft Store event in Connecticut, Respawn Entertainment community manager Abbie Heppe mentioned that though a Pilot-only mode will certainly not be in the game on release, “we’ll see what happens after launch.”

Knowing the community’s interest in Titanfall game mode free of AI and Titans, we asked game director Steve Fukuda last month about the idea, despite the possibility of it messing with a number of the game’s built-in mechanics. “We’ve talked about these kinds of things. We haven’t gone forward with any of it,” he said. Without giving a yes or no answer, he added that it’s “something that’s sort of bouncing in our heads and we talk about it and we discuss whether that is the right direction.”

However, during a Titanfall beta developer live stream, the studio rather blatantly said “no” to the idea and that “it’s called Titanfall”.

If Heppe’s words mean anything, it’s that the studio may be open to the idea if it’s something the community really pushes for. For now, it’s all about TITANfall.

What are your thoughts? Does a Pilot-only mode belong in a game like Titanfall? Let’s hear it in the comments!

  • xkingxnitemare

    I think it would be a good idea. especially if it can be a mode with more players. would be good for nights where your sick of fighting titans. and keep people playing the game.


      This! Especially with the cool ass jet-packs. A bunch of pilots jumping around and handing asses. lol

  • zacflame

    Well, well, well.
    Look who came crawling back to me…
    …Wait, still no hardcore mode. Shit.


      Exactly what I mentioned above. They need to give us a “Competitive” or Hardcore mode.

  • M1ke Daddy

    TitanFall is different from what we usually play in today’s FPS games but if it does a Pilot only mode then it just becomes the same thing we’ve already played before a Fast paced FPS all about the K/D,
    I say NO to a Pilot Mode and leave it the way the developers have intended it to be.


      I agree, but I wouldn’t turn down more options.

      It would be ideal if they gave us a “Normal” mode (6v6 – AI assist) for the gamers that want a simpler, yet still action packed experience and a “Competitive” mode (12v12 – No AI) for us hardcore gamers who want a more challenging, balls to the wall, warzone.

      Just my 2 cents.

    • Herbert

      “Choice BAD! Grrrrrrrrrr! HULK Smash!”

    • Daniel

      So wait? The only thing that makes this game stand out is the Titans? Did you play the game.

  • Jesse

    no! No! NO modes without Titans or AI (this has been confirmed by the devs themselves)! The game is called Titanfall for a reason and if the fricken whiners that want it changed can’t handle it than they should just go the **** away and not even bother playing the game unless they want to play it the way it was meant to be played.

    The Titans and AI bots along with everything else is what make the game unique and if those were taken out it would just be another COD clone and then EVERYONE ELSE would complain about that instead (including me). The bots and Titans are here to stay and if you can’t handle it than just don’t even bother buying the game at all.

    • Herbert

      You’re confused. Pilot-only only mode as in NO freaking AI. Titans would stay. That’s all anyone’s asking for, because shooting AI is lame.

      • Jesse

        OK I can maybe see that as its own seperate playlist (by that I mean only one playlist) or just as an option for private matches but that would be it. The devs put the AI in the game for a reason especially in Attrition mode so that those who have a bad time killing enemy human pilots can still contribute a lot to their teams score by killing the bots instead of getting no points at all. So if there is a pilot only playlist it would probably just be a Team Deathmatch mode and that would be it.

        • dj

          If you know your bad a first person shooters why buy the game at all.

          • SivertOlsen

            Wow, really? Thats your response? If you’re a bad gamer why bother buy and play a game at all?
            Why bother play football with your friends if you’re not a professional?

            Do you see my point here?
            I’m not raging or anything, just pointing out that people will do whatever they please, regardless if they are good at it or not. They / we do it for fun, playing with friends or family. Having fun is the #1 reason we play games at all.
            Why deny people the pleasures of playing games.
            Alot of gamers including myself need to get off our high horses and include all gamers, regardless of “ranks” when it comes to gameplay and how we play.
            Yes it is frustrating sometimes because they’re not as good as others, but then again neither were we when we first started playing games. Lets not turn this into a #FPSMasterRace attitude and include _ALL_ players.

            • dj

              I don’t understand how most people who do bad in these games are having fun dying multiple times

            • Jesse

              I never said I was bad at FPS games at all. What I am saying is that the devs added the bots into the games so that those who are bad can still have fun and contribute to their team even if they are not that good fighting other human pilots and Titans and everyone needs to respect that !

            • dj

              My statement wasn’t directed towards you at all.

            • Valient

              That’s like saying the mobs on LoL are just there because players are bad. If you properly farm them, you gain an advantage. If you leave them, your titan gets blown up faster. They add a level of gameplay.

            • Jesse

              Edit: NVM though you were talking about my post for a second. I actually agree with your post.

      • I’m pretty sure people mean pilot only, as in no Titans, hence the comments by respawn saying the game is called Titanfall, implying there shouldn’t be a gamemode without titans.

        • Steph

          I think it’s pretty 50/50 some mean no ai and some mean no titans.

    • Steph

      The devs are the ones who just hinted that a pilot only mode COULD maybe be coming some time after launch. I love the game as is but would love a new mode as well.

  • Im not against including it, but I just wouldn’t play it. There’s Call of Duty if I’m looking for regression.

  • SivertOlsen

    I can see and understand the requests regarding Pilot-Only modes/playlists. But as they and others have already stated, the game is called Titanfall. Though some people mentioned, lets lose the AI.
    I really dont see the problem here, yes the AI help bad players feel good, getting 5-6 AI kills in a row and contribute to the mode and team. The AI does provide a nice immersion of the game and you’re really not running into that many AIs if you’re running around on the rooftops in-game.

    But then again you can use the AI for cover and “stealth” and yes, with Pilot-Only modes we’re back to CoD days again. I won’t rage or quit if it doesnt get here. After reading alot of info about Titanfall and playing the Beta extensively I can honestly say. I can’t really wait for Titanfall now.

    I must have it, NOW. The new direction of gameplay that they’ve brought us is awesome. Why start a big yelling campaign when we haven’t even seen the final product yet. Let us give it 2-3 months after release and see what we want/need. Let us not start the famous cries of the internet and end up with a crappy result. Though some people may prefer Pilot-Only modes, I think that mode or playlist will see very few numbers if it gets released.

    But we’ll see, lets take one day at a time 🙂

  • MegaMan3k

    To everybody saying “why not choice is good:”MORE CHOICE IS NOT A GOOD THING. (inherently)

    More choice means a less coherent game design vision (that’s bad) and a more fragmented online community (that’s bad).

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      It really depends on what they’re claiming as “it’s another choice, it’s good.”. Me personally, I can see this choice really splitting the community, and then you have the problem of balance, it’s like hardcore and normal balance in BF, they balance for one side and the other’s left with whatever it gets for the most part.

  • Lostbytes

    Take away titans , and you have COD with a new mode of movement – verticality. (Something COD SHOULD have done years ago) Cool but not worth 60 bucks. This game is over hyped IMO. I Feels like half a game…. NO single player, on-line only!, and only 13 maps (COD shipped with 10, has SP + Squads + offline + extinction +MP) I also Predict Wepon/titan DLC within 3 months…..

  • Steph

    I absolutely love Titanfall as is but I’d like a mode with pilots only or all pilots and one mech on each team. More options are always nice and with the parkour fluid movements, a pilot only mode would rock especially if they upped players to 10v10.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      The one mech on each team may be in the game, with Capture the Titan.

      • Steph

        Oh nice, I missed that! Here’s hoping it’s true. Many thanks 🙂

  • MattS71

    Why do gamers want more COD clones? try something new

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      Even if it was a Pilot-only mode, this has enough to set it apart from COD, and is most definitely not a COD clone, the only thing it seems to share is gamemodes and somewhat gunplay.

      • SubXero

        The maps are not built for Pilot vs. Pilot combat only. I saw plenty of camping in the beta with Titans and AI… I can’t imagine what it’d be like without the Titans and AI. Oh wait! Yes, I can. It’d be pretty much just like Call of Duty! It’d end up being nothing but cloaked dudes in corners with smart pistols and guys camping on rooftops or in buildings.

        Seriously though, Respawn should not waiver on their creative vision/decision one iota.