All Titanfall DLC Is Currently Free On Xbox One, Xbox 360, And PC [Updated]

All three multiplayer expansions for Respawn Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter, Titanfall, are currently free on Xbox One and Xbox 360. UPDATE: And now on Origin.

We’re not sure when the promotion ends, so get ’em while it lasts. Tomorrow, March 11, marks the one-year anniversary of the shooter, the first project to come out of the relatively new studio, and is the cause behind the occasion.

“In celebration of our one year anniversary, all Titanfall map packs are now available for free on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC,” wrote studio CEO Vince Zampella in a letter to fans. “You just have to head to the online store on Origin or Xbox and download the Season Pass.”

Each map pack contains three multiplayer maps based on locations in Titanfall’s universe, which subtly continue the story from the game’s campaign mode. You’ll find all three packs on the Xbox One and Xbox 360’s respective stores or on Origin. Links provided below:

Titanfall Expedition DLC

Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC

Titanfall IMC Rising DLC

Titanfall Season Pass

  • steadydecline

    nice hopefully this will help the matchmaking. With already a low player base everyone having the dlc will help.

    • Smigel

      It’ll help for 5 minutes. Then people will realize what everyone else realized a year ago: the game sucks. No depth. It’ll hold your interest as long as a sugar high.

    • blaqkbox

      Are you on PC? I’m in a game within seconds on Xbox One. Still insanely faster than Halo MCC

  • Cameron Purdie

    Too bad they didn’t do this for PC, which has actually had a suffering playerbase for a majority of the time it’s been released.

    • Primey_

      All of the platforms have a suffering playerbase

      • blaqkbox

        I dunno how 7000+ players at 11pm equates to suffering considering you only need 11 people to play.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      They just did.

  • Austin Howell

    The game is nearly dead on XB1(And that’s the MOST active version)

    • blaqkbox

      Nearly dead? Nearly 10,000 people just at 11pm.
      You only need 11 people.

  • MegaMan3k

    I always wanted to play the map based on the VR training. And thanks to this free DLC, now the only thing standing in my way I’d the total lack of players.


    • Johnny Neat

      Plenty play Titanfall still. I think the recent end of the year sales of the game & DLC have given it new blood. Not to mention new XB1 owners ate it up.

      Trust me, you’ll be okay. Can’t say the same for my BF4 : (

      • blaqkbox

        Plenty of people still play Titanfall. At the time of writing, well over 7000 people are spread out over the numerous game modes. Of a few hundred people are playing one particular game mode, I only need 11 more people.

    • blaqkbox

      “…now the only thing standing in my way I’d the total lack of players.”

      Have you played this game recently, or are you one of those who continue to perpetuate the perception of a lack of players just because not enough cool kids talk about it?

  • Primey_
  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Another good reason to skip bf hardline

    • Asylum Saint

      Along with a million other reasons to skip Hardline, like, going number 2 in the woods and using dry leaves to wipe, running naked with only socks on, watching Batman and Robin 2 times in a week, and getting smacked in the privates with a operational weed eater. Sign me up for all of those.

      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        Well, ok. I’m just about reasons related to gaming.

        • Asylum Saint

          Thanks Buzz Killington.

      • Smigel

        Its like you’re trying too hard to be funny. Embarrassing.

        • Asylum Saint

          The fact that im not funny to douchebags is fine with me. Stop hiding on multiple tags or I will hand you your ass like I did before. If your going to come at me with your usual bullshit that you spew on this and other sites then so be it. We all know you’re a Hardline fanboy. Sucks doesn’t it, when someone comes to an article of a game you like and acts like an ass. Deal with it punk.

  • Jesse

    I am still kind of sad as well that there is still no way to play it Singleplayer with AI Pilot bots on any of the platforms the game came out on. I still feel that is the only thing missing from Titanfall and if it was added where we could play with AI Pilot bots in the Campaign and Private Matches than it would be the Best New Feature Ever Added to Titanfall!

    • Timothy David Medric

      Exactly why I stopped playing. A campaign mode that’s not a campaign. It’s a multiplayer fluster cluck.

      • blaqkbox

        The reason you stopped playing a multiplayer game is because you can’t play the multiplayer game alone?

        Maybe in Titanfall 2 now that we know it’s a thing.

  • Leon

    I’ve already had one DLC and downloaded the remaining two. I couldn’t get into it and it didn’t spark my interest event after trying hard for two hours. Can’t wait for BF Hardline!