Titanfall Gets an 840MB Day One Patch on Xbox One

Respawn Entertainment has just released the first patch for Titanfall on Xbox One.

The patch weighs in at roughly 840MB, and it is now available to players who have managed to get their hands on the game early. A few days ago, Vincent Zampella did mention that the team behind Titanfall was working a day one patch, however the studio hasn’t published any patch notes for the update as of the time of writing.

TitanFall Patch MP1st

Xbox One users will also have to download a 20GB install, as Respawn confirmed last week.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Titanfall news.

Thanks to Cyren for the image above

  • Christian Phelps

    Can’t wait loved the beta. Bored of Cod and love BF4 this felt somewhere in the middle minus the destruction.

    • Aria68

      Truth is people will always come back to COD and BF. It’s Nature!

      • grunt0311

        I’ll only try treyarch made cod again. I’ll never buy infinity ward products. Will probably pass on sledgehammer. Never again play battlefield. Found titanfall enjoyable.

        • lukazo

          i agree with you! i have been hating cod for a while now but one thing is for certain is treyarch know how to mix it up and try push forward the game, world at war to black ops to black ops2 all 3 are complete different games in terms of weapons, attachments, perks, maps, etc it seems like activsions titles are more like mods, they take there previous title and tweek it a touch then call it a new game

          • xbox rules

            They milked cod to death.they are milking battfield as well. Those games are cash cows for the developers. I have an Xbox 1 and a ps4, most likely they will milked titan fall as well if it does great in sells. I do have a heart and I do real bad for the ps4 owners that they can’t experience titan fall….

        • Brandon Griffin

          I’m giving SH the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll remain optimistic on their COD (still not buying day one though).

          Still like Battlefield, so will probably buy BF5 / BC3 whatever.

          Wishing titanfall was on PS4 😛

          • lukazo

            should get a PC brooooo! experience titanfall in the best way possible! 😀 and yeh i hope SH actually make a good game because i have lost all respect and trust in activision, once the titanfall team left activision after mw2 it just went down hill from there :/

            • Brandon Griffin

              I have a laptop that can play some games, and I’d love to play on PC, but it really just isn’t economically viable for me.

            • lukazo

              shame man! well if you decide you want to save up money and try get one head over to http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcforme/ you will be surprised at how little you can spend and still get a PC that runs all games better than the xb1 and ps4 🙂

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  • MegaMan3k

    I think it’d be great if Microsoft would let me download the game already, to pre-load.

    Shame that they hate their consumers and hate giving them options. Oh well, I guess I won’t pay $60 for a digital copy and I’ll be stuck getting a $30 retail copy that I can play immediately at midnight. Thanks for making Digital competitive, Microsoft.

    • kish1975

      20 gig install on the x1 is like a hour to 2 wait

  • xbox rules

    This is why I love working at gamestop got the shipment of titanfall. Ive played the alpha and the open beta now I’m playing the full game as of march 8th 2014 I don’t have to worry about being banned since they stated they will not ban legit copy owners. The servers suck because they are getting ready for the Tuesday lunch of the game. God this game is amazing.