Report – EA Cancels Titanfall Pre-Orders in South Africa Due To Poor Network Performance

EA is cancelling pre-orders for Respawn Entertainment’s fast-approaching shooter, Titanfall, in South Africa, according to recent reports.

This image of an Origin notification has recently appeared online, signifying the cancellation of this user’s pre-order copy of Titanfall due to poor network performance in the region.


Currently, Microsoft does not host Azure servers in the region, which is what Titanfall’s online experience will run on. By the sounds of it, current networking capabilities don’t seem to hold up to a standard that would allow EA to launch the game in South Africa.

Earlier, the publishing company told South African gaming site MyGaming that “EA, Respawn and Microsoft have been testing Titanfall all over the world, including South Africa, and we’re confident that players worldwide will have a great experience when the game launches in March. Of course, we’ll always be looking to improve that experience over time – whether that’s through local resources or other enhancements – but we have no other news on that today.

It was also noted earlier that Australian servers would not be available during Titanfall’s launch, though we’ve heard no reports of pre-order cancellations in that region.

We’ve reached out to EA for a statement with regards to the future of Titanfall’s launch in both regions.

  • MegaMan3k

    Given EAs standards that must mean pings measured in units of minutes.

  • TachyonicPack

    There’s like only 40 South Africans playing BF4 on PC.

    • H3adcap

      Actually there are thousands, both on pc and consoles

      • pot51e

        Yeah, they’re always lagging out the European servers.

        • oblivionImperialGuard

          yup, perfect sense there, why play on local servers with 300 ping

          • swipe_06

            Probably cause there aren’t any SA servers. I have one friend from SA and he usually has a decent connection.

  • You are flat out wrong

    The future of gaming.

  • H3adcap

    Gaming is big in South Africa, we just still have the slowest internet in the world, the politicians are more concerned about there smart cars and houses than upgrading the country’s infrastructure, the awesome legacy of Nelson Mandela

    • Tom Miller

      Thanks for killing me behind a wall in BF4.

    • awkenney

      Nelson Mandela violently advanced civil rights in his youth, and it landed him in prison. When he was released from prison, I’m almost certain he threatened violence against the government again in order to obtain equal rights, but also to subsequently get himself elected as head of state. If it weren’t a matter of civil rights, he’d be referred to as a thug anywhere else in the world.

      • Noobslayr

        Nobody cares about your personal views on Mandela, this is a videogame blog, not CNN comments.

        • awkenney

          Has nothing to do with race. Merely making a statement about the character of the man that made South Africa the place that it is today. It should not come as a shock to anyone that the legacy of Nelson Mandela would produce a poor network infrastructure.

    • potatolol

      Cant handle dat AI lol.

  • Jesse

    This is exactly why Titanfall should have had an offline mode with smart AI’s controlling the other pilots so people around the world could experience this game even if they don’t have good internet. Hopefully they will add the offline option in a patch similar to what Treyarch did with the original COD Black Ops (the Combat Training with bots in the original Black Ops game could only be played online until they patched in the offline mode after launch).

    • Brian

      I doubt that would make people buy it.

  • BroJ

    Now if they would do this with bF4 we would have a lag free experience.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Australians should be fine Microsoft is actually building a data center in Australia so they have there on servers soon enough but this sucks for South African hopefully that issues gets sorted out soon

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  • avdw97

    Will the digital copy off the store still work for an imported xbox one in SA?

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  • oofy

    So how does one check if there are Azure servers in their region/area?

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