Titanfall – Respawn CEO on Xbox 360 Version, Recent Leaks, Season Pass, and More

In a recent interview, Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella laid down a lot of info on the studio’s fast-approaching sci-fi shooter, Titanfall, including details on the Xbox 360 version of the game, Titanfall’s season pass, and why there’s no single player.

He also touched on some of the recent leaks that you might have seen right here, including images of the game’s multiplayer maps, and the newly unveiled Pilot Hunter mode, among many other things.

While Zampella says he hasn’t seen many of these leaks, he admits that sometimes you just have to let it go. “I haven’t read it all so I can’t say if some of it’s incorrect or not, but, I mean, at some point you just have to throw up your arms and say, ‘alright, you got us’,” he said. “It is what it is. It’s out there.”

Humerously, when asked what he would do with a Titan if he had one for a day, Zampella answered that he would “step on the guy” that leaked all their info.

Moving on, a small point of controversy surrounding Titanfall is its lack of any single player content. According to Zampella, it’s “about looking at where people spend most of their time.”

“Generally, people burn through a single player campaign as fast as they can, you spend 5-6 hours, and 80% of the work goes into that. And then you go and spend 100 hours in this thing that gets bare bones – it’s the minimum you can get away with,” he continued. “For us, it was about pushing the boundaries of what multiplayer is. So let’s take all that great single player stuff, build up the world – that world that you’re going to spend a hundred hours in should be the most full-featured.”

While it’s confirmed that DLC for the game is indeed in the works, curious fans have long wondered if the studio would offer a season pass as a way to discount the entire bundle.

“We plan to do DLC to support the game,” Zampella explained. “We’re going to do paid DLC. We’re also going to do free updates. We’re going to add in – there’s things that we want in the game that we didn’t get to ship in the final game, so we’ll add private matches and things like that for free. We’re going to do a season pass just because if you buy it up front, you get a deal. We’re not doing micro-transactions. So, you know, a season pass is just, buy it up front and get a better price.”

So, there you have it. Titanfall will have a season pass. Keep your eyes open for more announcements on that later.

Zampella also touched on the highly secretive Xbox 360 version of Titanfall in development at Bluepoint Games.

Though he admitted he wasn’t the best person to speak to this, he stated that their hope is to get both versions as similar as possible when it comes to features.

“That’s the goal,” he said. “I mean the game’s obviously not done yet. [Bluepoint Games is] doing a port of our game. We just started our day on patch, so they now have to take that and integrate it into their game. So, they’re naturally lagging behind us. The goal is to get it as close as possible. Obviously it won’t be exact. It’s on a less powerful system.

When asked if continued support for both titles would be equal, Zampella answered, “we’ll have to sit down with EA and talk about that, but my assumption is yes.”

Lastly, on the topic of a sequel, Zampella couldn’t confirm the studio’s intent on creating a series or franchise out of Titanfall, but he did mention that he “could see a sequel working, absolutely.”

Check out the entire interview over at GameSpot.

Thanks, Aaron Kenney, for the tip!

  • Cameron Purdie

    But where in this hour and a half long video does the interview start?

    • mechcell

      At 33:30.

      • Cameron Purdie


  • zacflame

    Not a single surprise.

    • Steph

      That’s not surprising :/

      • zacflame

        I’m not surprised that you’re not surprised.

        • Steph

          Not surprised ur not surprised that I’m not surprised. Ok lol I’m done 🙂

  • This is definetly something that should’ve been expected. I’m not sure why people assume they are entitled to extra content because they paid $60 for the base game, it’s very obvious by today’s standards that most of it is developed post gold status, so they can’t include it on the disc.

    The real question is, how much will it be, and how many DLC packs are we going to see? The average 4-5, or more? It remains to be seen.

    • Steph

      The more DLC the better imo

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Yeah, because Private Lobbies are totally DLC…

  • dpg70

    They are being a little too tight lipped about the 360 version. I mean, how does Zampella not know the status or have any good info on the 360 version? When EA is tight lipped bad things happen.

    • That guy you might know

      The more people find out that Titanfall is on the 360 the less people to scramble to buy an Xbox One.

      If I were in the same situation, I’d keep quiet about it to. So I can profit from it the best way possible.

      • Herbert

        That made no sense. EA and Respawn are in the business of selling games, not consoles. That’s Microsoft’s problem.

        Price is also the same regardless of platform. Try again.

        • That guy you might know

          Try what again? Speculating?

          It just seems to make sense to me, seeing that MS has a huge deal with EA at the moment.

          What doesn’t make sense is giving Titanfall out for FREE as part of MS considers a “bundle”. If anything, that makes zero sense.

          • Steph

            Lol u really make no sense. But hey keep going, u guys always good for a laugh. Please do continue….

          • No different from any of the launch bundles? No different than the PS4 exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes bundle?

            • That guy you might know

              From the bundles that were being sold before, they ran close to 500 bucks. The ps4 ones at least, I never looked into the launch Xbox One bundles.

              Ground Zeroes could be a different case, like Titanfall. The huge difference is that Ground Zeroes is a seriously short game, which cost around 30 dollars, where there’s a 60 dollar game, with way more content and value.

              A game like this shouldn’t be given out for free.

            • Steph

              U never looked into xbox one bundles but u like to assume all sorts about them eh? Lol

            • That guy you might know

              Xbox One day one bundles genius, why would I look into something if it doesn’t interest me.

              Seems like you’re the one assuming here.

        • Jbenz

          Xbox one titan fall bundles. Titan fall exclusively on xbox systems.. I think in this case both go hand in hand. Microsoft wants xbox ones sold not 360’s.. titan fall is a big push for ppl buying next gens if there unaware it is coming out for 360 or pc. Titan fall commerical r xbox ones. … blue print making 360 verison???. Its a number game from both parties

        • Tony

          But business is business, and when MS went to EA/ Respawn to make Titanfall a game exclusive, you don’t think they also put precautions to ensure their latest console get the lime light of the predecessor? Of course they are keeping air tight about the xbox 360. When it finally drops people will see it’s no different performance wise then the X1. Remember it’s gotta sell on 360 aswell, and their is a huge fanbase for titanfall on xbox 360, (possibly more than the X1). It’s so clear how they are approaching it, I just think it’s funny how companies like MS work with their own consoles.

      • dpg70

        So EA is deliberately trying to bury the game on a platform with 25 times the install base of the X1? Lol!

        • Steph

          Ps4 fanboy logic lol

          • dpg70

            What? No, it’s basic math. 3 million-ish x1’s versus 75 million 360’s. Where did the PS4 come in? Lol

            • Steph

              No lol, I was agreeing with u 🙂 and saying the other guy was using fanboy logic saying that they were deliberately trying to bury the 360 version.

            • That guy you might know

              Implying someone is a fanboy makes you a fanboy -.-

              You’re almost as dense as Fists was.

            • dpg70

              lol! Interweb translation is bad sometimes. No worries.

            • sedii

              -_- The ps4 came based on your logic of distributing Titanfall based on the units of console available, 80 million ps3, 6 million ps4, by your logic EA would go multiform, but as we all know Titanfall is an xbox exclusive, lol. ugh, Obviously Microsoft obtained this exclusive to increase its console sales, I’d imagine Xbox One is a priority. P.s. I love all consoles. <3

            • dpg70

              I never mentioned the Playstation platform.

              I too like them all. I understand the next-gen push, but EA wants to sell games. They’re not in the business of selling X1’s. They stand to sell more copies on the 360 than any platform. This just makes no sense.

            • sedii

              I understand that you didn’t mention PlayStation, your right, EA is in the business of selling copies, so then why will they be giving away a free copy with the XboxOne. Clearly Microsoft and EA have a deal, hence the exclusivity of titanfall to the Xbox brand -_-. I’m sure if we could see the deal Microsoft and EA had, then giving away a free copy of Titanfall would make sense. And the PlayStation comment is based on your logic, your logic being that EA wants to maximize sales, if that was truly the case then EA would release Titanfall on all platforms. My point is that, EA has a contract with Microsoft, clearly Microsoft wants people to by their console, and EA wants to sell copies, I’m sure a large sum of money is accredited to the Titanfall Xbox bundle. This is my last post on this topic, take care, nice talking to you about this topic.

          • sedii

            By that logic wouldn’t EA release Titanfall on all platforms? Seeing how Titanfall fall comes free in the Xbox One bundle I’d assume that Microsoft is using their exclusive to increase Xbox One sales. Its not fanboy logic if your making simple observations. Plus if you’ve played the beta on PC, you would notice how smooth it runs, my shit laptop runs it on medium without a problem, this same laptop has problems running battlefield 3 on low lol. I’d bet that the xbox 360 version of Titanfall will not have problems selling, even if EA did try to deliberately bury the game. That being said, A free copy of Titanfall with the Xbox One makes sense.

            • Steph

              Ugh I was saying fanboy logic in response to the trolls saying ea/respawn was trying to bury the 360 version, which I think is incredible false, hence why I said ps4 fans were using fanboy logic

    • Cameron Purdie

      What the guy below me said. But also games that are ported down from next-gen systems haven’t historically been that brilliant. I’m sure it will be fine though, this is Respawn’s baby.

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  • Steph

    He can say he didn’t see the leaks all he wants be that is no doubt a lie, if I were a dev that’s the first thing I’d look for after hearing about a leak for my game.

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  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    How can they not be done with the game yet? It has to be basically done aside from updates.

    • Cameron Purdie

      The game went gold last week. It is done.

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  • Jesse

    As long as Vince Zampella is telling the truth and they are trying to get the Xbox 360 version as close to the XB1 and PC versions as possible it will still be great regardless of what the PS fanboys and EA haters say. Yea after how BF4 turned out I’m pretty much an EA hater myself but if EA would actually listen for once in its lifetime and fully support the 360 version they have a big chance of getting rid of a lot of the bad rep they have been recieving recently. If they dont than EA can pretty much go to hell !

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