Titanfall Will Support Tactical, Bumper Jumper, and Other Controller Layouts

As we inch closer to Titanfall‘s official release this Spring, we’re slowly learning more about the game as developers at Respawn Entertainment hand out small tidbits of information.

On the official Respawn Entertainment forums, one member of the studio confirmed that Titanfall will support multiple controller layouts, including known variations like “Tactical” and “Bumper Jumper”, which is a controller scheme many Halo fans should be familiar with.

“There is a layout with melee and crouch swapped, as well as a variant that allows for jumping on a bumper. (my personal favorite, as it allows you to use the ‘look’ stick while jumping),”

More than one controller layout confirmed!”

Here’s a look at the default “Field Controls” on the Xbox 360.


Earlier, we learned that sniping in Titanfall is a “pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter,” according to one studio member, and that techniques like quick scoping and no scoping will be “ineffective”. Respawn head Vince Zampella also confirmed that the team would be looking into mod and mapping tools after release.

Titanfall is only two months away from launch this March 11 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

What controller scheme do you use the most in first-person shooters?

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  • Michael G

    i always used Tactical Layout for dropshotting when necessary.

    • ChrisBChillin

      Same here.

  • meds

    Now if they could just put in completely customisable buttons like people have been wanting for years. Don’t know why we can’t reassign buttons to wherever we want to on consoles even for next – gen yet.

    • James K

      It’s a simple yet commonly overlook feature.

    • T-51B

      I am still pretty annoyed at DICE because neither BF3 or BF4 allows us to swap shoulder buttons with trigger buttons.

    • EndangeredQuake

      Look at it as a developer. It could possibly break a game, especially a fps like titanfall. Reaction times are quicker/swapping weapons faster could make multiplayer really imbalance due to personal choice, forcing everyone to adapt to the “best controller setup,” which is just simply the fastest way to aim and fire, even if it the most annoying setup ever.

      • DanDustEmOff

        For certain disabled people the game will always be broken. Button mapping is vital to the disabled gaming community, and many have beged for button mapping features for many years across many games. It doesn’t matter if someone figures out a more efficient way of using the controller and everyone is forced to adapt the key is accessibility to as many people as possible. It wouldn’t hurt to give the disabled community this one feature that allows them to join the fun.

        • KennyKyle

          +1 i used keyboard converter and worked ok.

      • meds

        PC has had full key remapping in FPS for years though and I’m pretty sure no one would call PC FPS “broken” because of it.

        On a controller all the buttons are all about the same difference from the sticks and triggers so I highly doubt changing the swap weapon button from one of the face buttons to a bumper as an e.g. would break the game.

        This isn’t an issue for me but those who have disabilities. Personally even if I could remap all the buttons I would probably still pick something close to the default setting (maybe moving melee/crouch around) but there are plenty of people who would be able to enjoy the games a lot more if they could just move the buttons wherever they want.

      • Jon Cameron

        PC has had this for years and this has never been an argument

      • Brian Bradley

        Are you serious??? This is a ridiculous comment. Reaction times are going to be fastest for however YOU wish the controller was set up, period end of story. This comment doesn’t make any sense at all. Developers who aren’t implementing fully map-able controllers are just jerk-0ffs.

    • blondbassist

      Even more mbarrasing in most Valve Console games they have fully remappable buttons.


      I agree.

      It’s one of the options I loved in Socom Confrontation.

      All games should allow full controller customization.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Keyboard and mouse for this, even though sometime I’ll probably buy a Steam controller for other sorts of games.

  • Delta8A

    “Respawn head Vince Zampella also confirmed that the team would be looking into mod and mapping tools after release.”

    ^^ I’ve heard this before somewhere… I swear….

    • swipe_06

      Yeah, I think it was a tweet from one of the devs.

      • Leon

        Delta8A means that these are just empty promises. And I agree.

        • swipe_06

          Makes sense. Man, I need to read things twice, happens with me all the time.

        • shodannet

          Damn straight it is. They’ll just say “we looked into it and it wasn’t possible/would break the game/allow things we dont agree with/we could make it ourselves and charge it as a paid DLC/some other BS”…

  • Might be using bumper jumper for this game.

  • leeroy_newman

    The game is interresting, but its published by EA, so there is 75% of chances this game fail or die after 2 years.

    • Ben August

      There’s also a 100% chance that the game will be an incomplete and utter mess for the first 3 months of launch, playing less like a published title, and more like a Beta.

      • Johnny Neat

        I’m hoping Microsoft’s “cloud” hype works as promised on this title cause it doesn’t for BF4. More than likely EA’s fault. I don’t get how such a cut corners kind of company continues doing their own server support when it costs money & they suck at it.?

        Anyhow I like how some, despite historical facts, down voted you. Guess we have some EA fans or employees on MP1st. (Sarcasm)

        • Ben August

          Totally agree.

          I think the proper term for such individuals would be “EA Apologists” -it seems to accurately represent their backward logos, reasoning, and motivation.

          • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

            To be fair, apologetics and a lack of logic aren’t mutually exclusive (I would go as far as to say its the opposite). The definition of apologist is simply “a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial”, so while an apologists stance may be unpopular, it’s aligned with logic and principle, thus highlighting to those with opposing views that their opinion/belief makes sense to them personally and why it does.

            It’s fair to say that some of the MP1st posters are EA/DICE/BF4 apologists while others are simply fanboys, it all depends on the principle that goes into pleading their respective cases.

            We are yet to see how Titanfall will fare at launch and in the succeeding months, while I agree EA’s recent track record suggests it likely won’t be smooth sailing, I’m not quite sure how you and Leeroy can calculate such definitive odds of failure.

            • Ben August

              Hmmm, yes that is the basic and limited definition of the word. Of course, if we all got caught up in semantics and word choice, the whole thing would get bogged down.

              But hey, I’ll jump in to your semantics post.

              The fifth synonym for “apologist” is “Propagandist” as in one who spreads propaganda.

              The definition of propaganda:
              “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause.” Take care to note that synonyms are interchangeable.

              As you can see, the definition of apologist (or any word, really) isn’t derived from one single statement, rather, the true definition is derived from context. It would a mistake, to ignore context, when attempting to understand the use of a word (or the meaning of a statement). And to be honest, you come across as deceitful when you ignore the context.

              Now, as to why I correlate apologists with a lack of logic:

              Perpetuating the lie that EA games are fine at launch, only damages future games. In fact, by spreading the lie, it encourages EA to continue to operate as they currently are, or worse- release even lower quality games in the future.

              Yes- perpetuating that lie damages the person spreading it. Thus, the individual is engaging illogical behavior. For example:

              There is no benefit in pretending that BF4 released with few errors or issues- it is a well documented fact to the contrary (this is just one title example). Yet in every forum, you will find these apologists spreading their propaganda, about how there are “no problems” or it’s “only your crappy PC/console/hardware” (and a host of other lies and false claims).

              In the end, these lies (as well as those spreading them- the apologists), are completely illogical. They’re enabling EA to publish unfinished, untested, and sub-standard games. In fact, they are praising EA and enabling EA to engage in unethical practices, when instead they should be criticizing EA and pressuring EA to change it’s model.

              If you want to live a lie, and want to believe living in fallacy is logical, be my guest. But it’s still a lie, and it’s still illogical (self-harm is illogical).

              Now, as for this game, and how we can calculate such odds…
              It was meant to be a joke, but hey, if you’re so positive I’m wrong:

              I say there will be a patch for Titanfall; care to bet there won’t be one?

              PayPal can handle the payment. LOL

            • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

              Good post, thanks for the reply. I saw where I made a poor
              choice of words when re-reading my reply to you, I should have in fact said “The simple definition of apologist is” rather than “The definition of apologist is simply”, so I must apologize for that and failing to detect the note of humor as you calculated the odds of failure.

              I absolutely agree with you in regards to context versus definition, however, the issue I have with your argument is you have ironically ignored the broader context when choosing
              to focus on a single synonym when building your response. If we look at the list of synonyms we see;

              “defender, supporter, upholder, advocate, proponent, exponent,
              propagandist, apostle, champion, backer, promoter, campaigner, spokesman,spokeswoman, spokesperson, speaker, arguer, enthusiast”

              One of these things is clearly not like the others. Not only
              do a good deal of these words reference each other, but the only word to feature on this list that is inherently negative is propagandist. Let’s measure this against an examination of the Greek (courtesy of Wikipedia, apologies again for the laziness and execution of my original post);

              Apologetics or speaking in defence is the discipline of defending a position through the systematic use of information. The term apologetics is derived from the Classical Greek word apologia, In the Classical Greek legal system two key technical terms were utilized, the prosecution delivered the kategoria,
              and the defendant replied with an apologia. To deliver an apologia meant making a formal speech or giving an explanation to reply and rebut the charges. This is a concept that exists in both the modern legal system and in the pastime of debate.

              The combination of the aforementioned factors leads me to
              believe, that as eloquent and thoughtful as your response was, you have inadvertently employed a false baseline and perhaps your personal skewed impression of the actual meaning of apologetics when constructing your argument?

              My initial reply was not intended to breach the wall of
              semantics, I just wanted to promote fairness to the greater MP1st community, as such I must issue yet another apology for dismally failing at keeping a lid on that can of worms. For the record, I’m pro consumer, so when a company doesn’t conduct itself accordingly I’ll be all over them like a hipster on a fixie. In
              saying that I’m loathe to mark them down in the context of this specific title at this point, though I am realistic, I choose optimism when approaching Titanfall, I have high hopes for this game with ol Vince at the Respawn reigns. I don’t believe a bet is in order, I’m fairly certain a day one (or very soon after) patch will be available, it’s almost par for the course for most MP games these days and I’m not much of a wagering man 😉

            • Ben August

              I think you’re still forgetting that it is context (and paradigm) that defines the meaning of a word. Take your list of synonyms; I could take every-single one of them, and in any given context make them positive or negative (as opposed to your claim, that most were inherently positive, and only propagandist was negative).

              Take for instance “defender;” is the “defender” of racist policies a positive thing?

              How about “spokesman;” is the spokesman for the KKK a positive thing?

              How about “proponent;” is a proponent of sexist policies a positive thing?

              How about “supporter;” is the supporter of the use of depleted uranium shells a positive thing?

              And so on, and so fourth. You’re trying to say that a noun or a verb is inherently positive or negative; but that is not true. Thus, every synonym you listed, fits in line with propagandist (and apologist) very nicely.

              Apologists defend an idea; they can be spokespersons for said idea; they can be proponents of it, and they are definitely supporters of it. That’s also the very definition of a propagandist.

              Keep in mind that propagandist doesn’t have to be negative, as it depends entirely on the context and paradigm from which the propaganda is being viewed from.

              For instance, in the 1940’s (even now), the USA waged a war of propaganda against many foreign states, in order to garner support for democracy and capitalism. Now, if you believed in Marxism, or some other alternative political/market philosophy, this propaganda would be a negative thing. But from side that supports capitalism and democracy, the propaganda was a positive thing.

              Here I have demonstrated that no word can be understood, without first a context, and secondly, that no word is inherently negative or positive (even negative can be a positive word- if the second derivative of a function is a negative value, you have reached a maximum, which is, depending on what you want, a good or bad thing). So it even carries over to math, science, etc…

              The bottom line is that the meaning of every word balances precariously upon it’s context, and upon the observer’s own philosophical paradigm.

              If you doubt, give me a word, without context, and I’ll give you both a positive and negative use for it. With most words, I could even use the same context, but change the paradigm, of which changes the meaning.

              As far as the Greek example you gave me, it only supports the idea that every word requires context, and that no word is inherently “negative” or “positive.”

              The apologist was clearly the defense. But let me ask you, when the defense is lying, and covering up guilt- is that simply a positive thing? In that case- no. In that case, the defense is indeed engaging in propaganda, which in legal terms, is merely perjury.

              In the case of EA, we routinely have apologists that flood the forums with misinformation regarding EA games. They lie about problems, claim there is no issue, insult others, and generally enable EA to continue to produce terrible games (at launch, at least). In this case, they defend EA, they support EA, they are proponents of EA, and yes, they’re also propagandists for EA.

            • Ben August

              I do enjoy this discussion though! Few intellects around here!

  • Johnny Neat

    Still waiting for the surprise announcement letting everyone know Titanfall will arrive on XB1 in native 1080p/60FPS.


      that won’t be a surprise at all

      • Johnny Neat

        You expect it to? I’m hoping it does while knowing it’ll more than likely just make it in 720p/60FPS.

      • Mitch

        That’d be a surprise.

        • JAYZERO

          if games like forza 5 and nba 2k14 can get 1080p native 60 FPS, it won’t surprise me if titanfall is running 1080p native 60 FPS

  • zacflame

    Seems like the kind of game where I would jump around all the control schemes for a few weeks, until I find what best suits me.

  • Devin Jackson

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