Titanfall Xbox 360 Will Not Come To Games on Demand

A digital download version of Bluepoint Games’ Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is not in the works, according to EA support.

“After extensive testing, we felt that it simply did not represent the true Titanfall experience and it was decided not to release a Games on Demand version,” reads this support page on EA Help.

“As we never officially announced that Titanfall would be available via Games on Demand and the option to purchase it that way should have never been offered. We hope players understand this decision was all about quality and making sure you get the best Titanfall experience.”

It should be noted that Titanfall on the Xbox 360 requires a 1GB mandatory install from the disc in order to run properly on the older hardware.

The game is also getting a new title update sometime during the day of April 11 that introduces Private Matches and includes a number of additional fixes and tweaks. You can catch the entire list of patch notes here.

  • KillzoneVII

    Weird, I’m guessing it has something to do with streaming the content off the disc instead of running it locally on the console?

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  • ColonelBoston

    How can a digital download not truly represent the game’s experience? Makes no sense. What can the disc have that a download can’t? I mean, I don’t care one way or another b/c this game doesn’t interest me in the least, I’m just confused & curious about that statement.

    • Eric Gulve

      parallell streaming of assets, both from HDD and from Disc at once, maybe

      • ColonelBoston

        Makes no sense though b/c M$ has suggested for years to install all games to your HDD to minimize overheating. So if I buy the retail copy, install it to my HDD, the game is running from the HDD, not the disc — the disc is only used during start up to prevent piracy.

      • Ryan Schulze

        Exactly! I keep seeing these stories and I wonder if any of these editor’s actually read their own stories (Not you David). We have to assume that for Titanfall to run well on the 360, it needs to be able to pull from the HD in parallel with the Disk drive. This is why GTA V runs better when only partially installed.

        This is news, but should be accompanied with the educated speculation on the reason.

      • Playmaker

        Makes sense the 360 version doesn’t compare to X1 really. X1 looks better and plays much smoother. I own both and have been playing the 360 nonstop with friends. But I jumped back on X1 to see and difference is big. I own digital only on X1.

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  • Joel Santana

    Sounds bogus to me, as halo 4 and gta v requires a mandatory install and both are available on games on demand

    • Brian

      Flash devices have much better seek times than a DVD, but the throughput is lower.

      For lot of games, the seek time dominates loading, but on Titanfall 360, they worked really hard to optimise loading for DVD/HDD, and running off flash just didn’t give the same performance.