Titanfall Xbox 360 and Xbox One Screen Comparison, First Look At Titanfall on 360

With Titanfall finally hitting Xbox 360 this Tuesday, a few leaks have emerged.

For a quick comparison between both Xbox versions of Titanfall checkout the images below:

Titanfall 360 Titanfall Xbox One

You can certainly tell which image is from the Xbox 360, but in case you were wondering it’s the first image.

Despite in-game footage of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall not being shown by EA thus far, one Twitch user has managed to bring to the curious gamers the first look of Titanfall running on the Xbox 360 platform. You can catch the footage below:

Watch live video from CityFlex on TwitchTV


Over an hour of gameplay added below.

Additionally, it appears that a few other videos of Titanfall running on the Xbox 360 have found their way to the internet:

Also, here are more screens from the 360 version, courtesy of Javac: (Please keep in mind that these are not of top quality)

TF 360 2 TF 360 3 TF 360 1TF 360 4

Titan 360 5 Titan 360 6

Those thinking about picking up Titanfall for the Xbox 360 will have to free up at least 1GB of space on their hard drive as it requires a mandatory install in order to play it. Also, players will be greeted with a day one patch that will add the option to lock the game at 30 FPS.

What are your thoughts of Titanfall running on the Xbox 360? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • brianc6234

    I don’t see much difference other than the Xbone version has a little more detail. I hope the actual graphics are better on the Xbone version otherwise you might as well but the 360 version.

    • Mike

      U need to think about performance not graphics 360 barely runs 30fps while xbox one runs 60fps. Also judging by the picture 360 version doesnt even run 720p.

      • Spencer

        Xbox One tries to run 60fps, but rarely gets there, and drops frames often.

        • Stereotypical_White_Fella

          not for me, it’s a solid 60fps the whole time

          • Jonah Thrillz

            If you like lying to yourself sure.

            Here’s an analysis from the pros:


            It’s pretty clear XBone drops frames on TitanFall.

            • Raymond Featherston

              To be fair that being an article from Eurogamer does not prove that White_Fella does experience many drops. There are several variables that contribute to frame drops, and just because author’s from Eurogmaer experienced the drops frequently does not mean everybody does.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              So how do you explain the inconsistencies?
              Frame rates drops are just frame rate drops. Everyone has the same console and the same software so how does one not experience the same frame rate drops? Fairy dust of da Cloudz???

            • Playmaker

              60 fps for me as well on the X1. My ping is also very low. Excellent experience so far. Maybe it is da clouddzzzz

            • Brian

              Microsoft drone number #543633

            • Playmaker

              He I’m not a drone. The game runs silky smooth on my X1.

              I’ll never understand why fanboys like Roadshow go nuts. I mean what’s it to him? Attacking profits from a company? How is that relevant to this discussion.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              The drops aren’t a big deal. By the way, the “fairy dust of da cloudz” is real, as Microsoft demonstrated at Build 2014.

            • You are flat out wrong

              LOL, another controlled demo in a closed environment. Xbots and their low-hanging fruit. 🙂

            • XFistsClenchedX

              It’s a proof of concept. It’s a fact that some processes can be offloaded to the cloud, which can allow the console to use resources in other areas.

            • You are flat out wrong

              It also doesn’t take into account variables like player input and latency. It also didn’t say the specs of the “high end PC.”

              It’s a concept alright. It’s also DRM by stealth. No thanks.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Latency isn’t an issue, as nVidia proved with their tests. Player input isn’t either. The specs of the PC is irrelevant.

              DRM by stealth? I bet that tinfoil hat gets your scalp all itchy.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Yes, DRM by stealth. If you need your game to connect to the internet to work, what is it?

              Latency is an issue when most broadband infrastructure outside Japan, Korea and a handful of US cities won’t be able to handle it.

              The specs are very relevant.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              It’s a game that has to connect to the internet. My browser has to have the internet to work. Must be DRM!!!!

              Latency is not an issue because the things that the cloud would be used for are not latency sensitive. There is not an Azure server in the entire world where my ping is so bad that latency would be an issue. Watch this and learn.

              The PC specs are not relevant as the PC is not doing the work, the cloud server is.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Difference being my PC doesn’t become a worthless plastic brick if I don’t hook it up to the internet.

              PC specs are very relevant if I’m comparing local hardware to “da clawd.”

            • XFistsClenchedX

              A PC not hooked up to the internet IS essentially a worthless plastic brick.

              PC specs are irrelevant for the same reason that the specs of your device when using Playstation Now are irrelevant.

            • You are flat out wrong

              And that’s about where your credibility falls away. Congratulations, I haven’t seen Xbot dementia ingrained this much.

              I asked for the specs for the PC running local only. Dunno why you’re bring PS Now into it when that has to do with PC running on “da clawd”

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Because the demonstration Microsoft showed was powered BY THE CLOUD, not by the PC. The power of the PC that was running the demonstration is irrelevant. It’s very simple so I’m not sure why you’re struggling with this.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Yes. And it was being compared to local hardware. A demonstration of “tha powwa of da clowd” is pointless if a good rig can match or surpass it.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              *face palm*

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Build 2014 is a closed demo joke. Let’s see them apply it to games and we’ll really have a good laugh.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Not everybody has the same connection however, that is one big factor of anything like this.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Frame rates and connection quality are mutually exclusive. One does not depend on the other. The frame rates are tied to the system’s performance.

            • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

              who cares? you guys make it seem like the frame rate drops make it unplayable, i don’t even notice it while I’m playing. the only people that complain are the ones that complain about everything else too…and of course the ones that don’t even own the game

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Why would I even want to own an incomplete game with no single player component and play it at 720p?

              I’ll wait for the real version of TitanFall 2 and it’ll be great in 1080p @ 60fps on the PS4.

            • loststar

              Despite the technical details of your post being wrong it’s irrelevant. I’d suggest you’d want to own it because it’s already great and fun! You know, like games are supposed to be. You can have fun with it right now as well as when Titanfall 2 comes out in a year or two. Stop the hate.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              No hate here just being pragmatic.
              Why would I want to own two gaming consoles? The XBone is clearly disadvantaged performance wise and Micro$oft’s track record for having good exclusives is pitiful. Micro$oft is only thinking of new ways to nickel and dime its customers. They’ve made it an art form and you sheep are eating it all up.

            • StormRaging

              PS4 Can’t even run Infamous and Killzone in 1080P 60FPS and you expect it to run Titanfall at those settings?

            • You are flat out wrong

              It’s a cross-gen game running on the Source engine with regular drops to 34FPS. It sure will.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              It’s a cross-gen game that was poorly optimized on all platforms that runs on an engine so heavily modified that it isn’t really Source anymore with infrequent drops into the 30’s. The PS4 wouldn’t run the game much better than the Xbox One. A lot of the framerate drops are random due to poor optimization.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Yeah, probably. It would also likely be 1080p as on PC.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Probably. It would also probably run worse than the Xbox One version at 1080p.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Probably not. But then you need to cling to straws and we’ll never know anyway cos MS was desperate for a game on their system this year so the whole thing is moot. 🙂

            • XFistsClenchedX

              No, it’s virtually guaranteed that it would. You clearly think the PS4 is much more powerful than it actually is.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Certainly more so than the Xdone. Keep making excuses for it, anyway.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              The PS4 isn’t much more powerful than the Xbox One. Once Microsoft gets their dev tools in order, the difference between a multiplatform game on PS4 and Xbox One in a 1080p game should be about 15fps and parity elsewhere.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Doubt it. Considering so far the only stuff at parity or near-parity are last gen ports and the PS4’s vastly better hardware I’m seeing the gap widen actually. Dat ESRAM bottleneck is Cell 2.0.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              The PS4 does not have vastly better hardware. That’s a notion fanboys like you came up with. The Xbox One games currently out were done with really immature developer tools, whereas the PS4 games were developed with much more mature dev tools. Even still, Ryse is the best looking next-gen game so far. The game that shows the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One’s power most accurately is Tomb Raider: Deluxe Edition. The ESRAM bottleneck isn’t nearly as bad as the cell and won’t be a bottleneck for much longer.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Another Xbot with his head in the dirt. It sure is. Much better GPU, more efficient CPY and more appropriate, faster RAM. Only thing that bailed out Ryse was shortcuts, CryEngine 4 and Crytek’s usual trickery.

              Hahaha, a last gen port that had a faster framerate on the PS4? Next you’ll be using Wolfenstein to support your argument. F*cking Xbots.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Note to self: I have to stop arguing with idiots.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Making the CPU more efficient and allowing the system to offload more basic tasks onto it is not going to substantially improve the weak sauce GPU. If it could the PS3 wouldn’t have had such a gimped GPU either (thanks nVidia). The ESRAM is still a bottleneck only first parties will bother with tackling.

              A shortcut is a shortcut. Ryse and Forza had to cut corners a lot to hoodwink Xbots as well as they did. Thankfully sensible people were not conned. And yes, Infamous does have dynamic shadows. Sorry to break your heart and your delusions.

              Next you’ll be saying that last gen ports are proof “the bad SDKs” are being tackled. Laughably wrong on their face but Xbots need to cling to have delusion they have. Wow, so TR’s lowest framerate on the PS4 was better than the Xbone’s highest? What a joke. Then again it’s hardly surprising from the console that gave us Titanfall not looking much better than the 360 version.

            • Xtreme Derp

              PS4’s CPU performs better.

              Wrong infamous has dynamic shadows.

              Tomb Raider is about 50 fps avg on PS4 according to DF, that means 60 most of the time.

              Nothing more hilarious than an imbecile fanboy trying to insult someone while being WRONG.

            • Xtreme Derp

              Infamous is the most technically advanced next gen game, fact.

            • Xtreme Derp

              I think we’ll continue seeing performance differences greater than what the raw GPU specs indicate.

            • Jonah Thrillz

              The PS4 is much more powerful than the XBone and games are the proof:


              Maybe it’s time for you to swallow this whole?

            • Jonah Thrillz

              Infamous is not a game that needs 30fps. TitanFall is 1080p @ 60fps regardless of what you say.

              Check out CoD: Ghosts, Resogun, and Tomb Raider.

              In fact check out this list:


              Now go cry in a corner.

            • Joey Marcelo Asturias

              Too damn lazy to read the article but the one thing that stood out to me was that that analysis was based on Beta only. Respawn tweaked performance since the beta and I haven’t noticed any frame rate drops the last time I played the game.

              Granted I haven’t touched my X1 since 3 days after Titanfalls release and any updates that have been applied or bugs that might have surfaced I have yet to experience, to me it ran pretty smoothly…

            • Brian
            • Bryce Wiseman

              Or maybe people have had different experiences. Yes, i’ve had the occasional frame drop, but its been very rare and not enough to ruin my game.

          • John


            • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

              He is a known troller. Do not give him anytime of the day or even the night. Just ignore that idiot

          • Mitch

            Digital Foundry has tested it, the game runs most of the time under 60FPS, sometimes under 40FPS.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              So it’s like every 60fps game on the PS4 then.

            • Raymond Featherston

              I have not honestly been keeping up, so don’t take this as disfaith but do you have links to support that it is that way with the majority of P4 games like you say?

            • XFistsClenchedX

              I’ll do you one better. Here are videos showing the framerates of a few 60fps PS4 games.




          • Brian

            Quit your fucking lies. Unless you have some special copy then you get framedrops.


          • You are flat out wrong

            Crawl back to your hole, shill.


        • XFistsClenchedX

          It’s not true to say that the Xbox One version rarely gets to 60fps. It’s 60fps with drops. The game is generally smooth.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      The difference between the two versions is pretty significant.The Xbox 360 version is ugly compared to the Xbox One version, is missing effects that the PC/Xbox One has, and it’s doing it with about half the framerate.

      • Guest

        He’s a $0N¥ pauper. That’s why he’s bashing Xbox One. A poor minded N4Gtard NeoFAG he is.

        • Jason Lane

          How did 2 other people find this worthy of a thumbs up?

        • You are flat out wrong

          Please leave, Guy Brohski.

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Um, of course it doesn’t compare to next-gen, it was ported for 10 year old hardware. WTF did you expect? At least it looks better than most games and plays well. The same couldn’t be said about BF4, with all of its pretty graphics.

        If you want better quality, cough up some dough for a next gen console or PC. Quit being so picky, especially with old hardware.

        • XFistsClenchedX

          I think you misunderstand what I’m trying to say. Some people think that the 360 version is graphically close to the Xbox One version. It isn’t.

          • VEX_VEHIX

            Oh ok, my bad. It’s clear in theae photos.

      • Raymond Featherston

        I never thought I would be doing this……….. but I am upvoting some of your comments……

        • Lol I think I remember y’all used to go at it at one point.

          • Raymond Featherston

            Everybody with an ounce of reason got into it with him at one point lol.

    • Bryce Wiseman

      I find the framerate difference to be huge. Just like i noticed a pretty huge difference in my experience when i compared the 360 and One versions of Battlefield 4. To me, a smoother and faster gameplay experience directly affects my ability to enjoy the game, and helps me do well at it when its a shooter that relies on quick reflexes.

    • Well the goal was to get it as close as they can to the one version. Its not the “optimal” experience. Maybe if Xbox 360 had 768mb RAM

  • Katana67

    Would love to play, but, I has PS4. And I cancelled my Live subscription when I purchased a PS4.

    • nando

      cool have fun playing…uhh…umm…ujmmm…so yeah have fun

      • Guest

        He doesn’t have anything to play but indie trash, that’s why he is here trying to validate his PoS4 purchase nobody cares about.

        • HotHam

          Lol indie trash. that must be why Ps4s are out selling Xbones

          • Ryan Schulze

            I love my indie trash like Resogun and Outlast. And I had to pay so much for them too.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              They aren’t as good as the Xbox One’s current AAA exclusives. Sony is using indies as a crutch to hide their failings with releasing AAA games.

            • Raymond Featherston

              To be fair what is better is quite subjective, other than Killer Instinct I don’t find any of the Xbox AAA’s all that appealing at the moment. On the other hand I love Outlast and Infamous, you have to pick out the various genres. MS tends to put out more shooters while Sony pulls out indies and more action-adventure games, so obviously who thinks what is better would vary based on what type of game they prefer. You cannot strut with absolute certainty that MS’s AAA titles are better as a fact when this is something that cannot be absolute by any means.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              It’s the general consensus that the Xbox One has a better lineup right now. The Xbox One has Ryse, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Forza Motorsport 5, and Titanfall. That smokes the PS4’s current lineup.

            • Playmaker

              That does look like a killer lineup. And upcoming exclusives like Quantum Break, Subset Overdrive and of course Halo 5. I’ll keep playing silky smooth titanfall on X1. And still good titanfall on 360.

            • You are flat out wrong

              It’s the general consensus that the Xbox One has a better lineup right now.” According to whom? Only game worth bothering with their is DR3. Ryse? Garden Warfare? Seriously? May as well list Fighter Within too.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              I guess you don’t understand what the concept of a general consensus is. The PS4 AAA exclusives are mediocre. The one good exclusive the PS4 has is Infamous and even that game isn’t that special. DR3, Ryse, and PvZ: Garden Warfare are good games. The PS4 wishes it had exclusives that good right now.

            • You are flat out wrong

              If your only metric is “general consensus” (among Xbox Mafia morons, no doubt) so you can’t have a decent argument to stand on. Ryse is a turd and Garden Warfare is missable.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              No, it’s the general consensus among gamers. Ryse is not a turd. It’s my favorite game of this generation so far. The reason why it was reviewed so poorly is that reviewers rushed through it and never played the game on a higher difficulty, which is where the game shines. The higher difficulty gives the enemies additional, harder to defend attacks and takes away much of your ability to regenerate health. Garden Warfare is a fantastic game and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Nah. Most general consensus I see is that the Xbone’s weak collection of mediocre 360 ports isn’t worth the price of entry. Especially Ryse. That was a disaster. Everyone knew that as soon as the trailer started. It’s a good way to spot someone with poor taste as well, when they say they liked Cevat Yerli’s latest turd.

            • Xtreme Derp

              LOL. The “general consensus” among gamers is PS4 > Xbox, considering it’s selling ~3 million more globally.

            • Raymond Featherston

              “It’s the general consensus that the Xbox One has a better lineup right now” That doesn’t really prove anything as you seem to think. We have been through this in the past, you cannot prove (even through consensus) matters of pure opinion like this. You may think that is the stronger lineup and I can see why, but for me personally the only thing there is KI.

              I personally prefer Infamous to Ryse, I do not care for online shooters so Titanfall and PvZ are irrelevant to me, I hate racing games so Forza is out. That leaves DR3 and KI, and I only found DR3 to be ok (KI is amazing IMO though).

            • Ryan Schulze

              Okay. I’d take Infamous Second Son over either Ryse or the zombie game, but yes, Sony’s 2013 on the PS3 was great, leading to fewer titles in 2014, as far as what has been announced. Still, I didn’t buy the console for the exclusives exclusively, but looking forward to the future. But why is this a platform pissing contest. The OP simply stated that he couldn’t play after letting Gold run out. I’m in the same boat. Loved my 360. Moved on to a new console. The 360 version looks good and fun and I would buy it, if I didn’t have to pay for Gold too, so it’s a no go. No where in his post or mine, did we mention anything anti XB1. Two of my friends have them. I don’t rip on them about their console. I know why they have them. I was free to choose and made a choose I’m happy with. No need to justify it to anyone.
              Still, Titanfall looks fun. I might play it this weekend at a friend’s place.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              I’d take Ryse over Infamous any day of the week. I’m just stating a fact about the PS4’s weak AAA exclusive lineup.

            • You are flat out wrong

              You’d take a QTE sh*tfest over an actual game that looks stunning. Bow to your king.

              I guess I shouldn’t bring up the Xbone’s weak line up so far too.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Ryse is technically graphically superior to Infamous and has great gameplay when played on Legendary difficulty. The QTEs are optional in Ryse. Are they optional in the Order 1886? I’m sure QTEs will be just fine then.

              The Xbox One’s AAA lineup is not nearly as weak as the PS4’s.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Hahaha, nope. Infamous crushes it even though it’s an open world game compared to Ryse’s corridor brawling and button- sorry, color mashing.

              Subjective. As far as I and many others are concerned the $100 markup isn’t worth the Xbone’s only decent game, DR3.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Infamous does not crush Ryse. Ryse has technical effects that Infamous doesn’t have — like dynamic shadows lol.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Keep up, chuck. Infamous does have dynamic shadowing from central lighting sources. All the downgrade crap was laughable post-launch and showed just how desperate you Xbots were.

              Yes, DR3 is the only decent game on the Xbone. General consensus by people who aren’t Sh*tbox shills.

            • Xtreme Derp

              Infamous is technically superior to Ryse in every way. 1080p, 35 fps average (according to DF), open world, next gen visual effects, cutscenes are mostly realtime, etc.

              A 900p, 25 fps average, QTE corridor brawler with copypasted barbarian enemies and pre-rendered CG movie cutscenes isn’t as technically advanced and Ryse would run better on PS4.

          • XFistsClenchedX

            People bought the PS4 because they fall for hype and misinformation. Sony’s AAA exclusives lineup is not strong at all from launch through to the end of the year.

            • You are flat out wrong

              I bought a PS4 because it had games I wanted and it wasn’t a massive piece of sh*t like the Xbone is. 🙂

            • XFistsClenchedX

              The Xbox One is far from a piece of shit. That’s why Boogie2988 said this about the Xbox One — “..the software advantage is absolutely Xbox One’s. You guys have nailed it. Whether it’s the streaming apps or all of the apps..the internal software.. it doesn’t matter. It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and the end user experience is fantastic. Your software engineers have made the Playstation 4 look like an empty carton compared to what you guys have done with the Xbox One. Your software engineers have knocked it out of the park.”

              And that is coming from a guy that has both consoles and has a reputation for being a Sony fanboy.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Oh wow, apps. And here I was buying a console for games. Don’t think I’ve used my PS3’s Youtube app for a year now.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              So you bought a console for games yet you chose the console with the least amount of good AAA games. He was talking about the OS and apps. He mentions the Twitch app (he says streaming app, but it’s Twitch) because it’s better on the Xbox One vs the PS4. Better quality stream and better features. If I had a PS3 again, I wouldn’t use it for a year either… because that’s what happened when I had a PS3. It sat around collecting dust.

            • You are flat out wrong

              “Good.” “AAA.” People are just lining up for Ryse and Crimson Dragon.

              Yeah, 720p, just like the games. Another priority met for the Xbone.

              Nice work twisting my words, by the way. Got daily use for most of last year, as a games console, funnily enough.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Ryse is a better game than Knack or Killzone.

              I’d rather have a 720p game with good gameplay than a 1080p game with mediocre gameplay.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Ryse is a turd. End of story.

              Just as well said turd had rubbish gameplay in the end, didn’t it? So much for the first big next-gen transmedia IP. Sure hope they cancelled their sequel plans.

        • Raymond Featherston

          Way the hell did you have to try to turn this into a console war? He never said anything bad about Xbox, he actually says he wishes he could play it. That being said what on earth is your problem, it is crap like this that gives us gamers a bad image.

    • Ryan Schulze

      Right there with you. I held onto GTA V on my 360, but let Gold expire now that I’m paying for PS Plus for my PS4 & Vita. And no, my time isn’t buried in just Indies on PS4 (though I love Resogun). Outside of the maligned BF4, I’m busy with ACIV, NBA2K14 (Gorgeous game), Rayman Legends, Lego Marvel (playing through to unlock it all for my kids), and I’ll probably get Second Son soon and Watchdogs is just 6 weeks away. Only regret is that all my friends are still on the 360.

  • jj16802

    Looks solid.

  • Jason Lane

    Haha he pronounces video, wideo. Sounds like Balki from Perfect Strangers.

    • Spencer

      You know Germans pronounce Vs as Ws and Ws as Vs right?

      For example, Volkswagen is pronounced as “WolksVagen” by Germans.

      The more you know.

      • Jason Lane

        Nice info drop. The Indiana Jones movies had it right all along then. And here I thought the movies did it for a camp effect.

      • Yanneck Mock

        No we dont pronounce it like that 😀
        More like “FolksVagen”.

        • Ryan Schulze

          As a Dallas Maverick fan, it Drives me nuts when I hear people pronounce Nowitzki’s name. And Wienerschnitzel fast food commercials are just awful (not to mention their food is too).

  • M1ke Daddy

    That video looks like its being recorded with a VHS camcorder in a Cave


    Having fun and don’t care about graphics great job porting the game bluepoint for use 10yr old console owners

    • You need to be featured

      • SubXero

        10 year olds should never be featured! Oh… he meant the console was 10 years old. That’s sarcasm by the way. I got it immediately but it’s still phrased poorly xD Oh and I’m not actually making a fuss over the phrasing. Just having a little fun 😀

        • Don’t worry, I thought the same thing at first lol

    • Samson

      $60 for a crappy port/knockoff and you dont care?

      Knock yourself out

      • Graphics do not define a video game. Titanfall is great but I prefer to play it on PC, that does not mean that the consoles versions are bad but thats my personal preference for FPS games.

        • Ramp Lion

          Real boogie or just troll?

        • Joel Santana

          Is this really Francis/Boogie? :O

          • James Mulhall

            It’s not Boogie. One of his disqus posts are:

            “Boogie2988 should be at least mentioned here in the comments. I love his videos.”

            Although, who knows? Could just be him messing around. Doubt it though.

        • Paul Thomas

          I can understand Samson’s opinion on the port, but I do agree graphics don’t make the game.

        • KillzoneVII


        • RoadShow

          PC is the definitive version of Titanfall

        • jordanxbrookes

          As much as I agree that graphics don’t define a game, tell that to Battlefield players: “Who cares if our gameplay is broken, as long as the graphics look amazing”. Not hating on Battlefield, just the fact that claiming graphics is everything is absolutely ridiculous. Btw, love you Boogie 🙂

      • roland0811

        $60 for MAYBE $30 worth of content. I don’t regret passing this one up.

        • Grumpy_Bob

          My current stats of upwords of 25 hours played say otherwise…

          • roland0811

            That’s fine for you. But I’m not so easily satisfied with a shallow campaign and an even more shallow multiplayer. It’s pretty obvious games don’t give as much bang for their buck and Titanfall is a good example of that.

            Each time I played it felt like little more than an XBLA game.

    • RoadShow

      I don’t only care about graphics either.

      I do care about Microsoft raking in 2.75 BILLION per year off XBL and then not delivering in exclusives for HALF of 360’s life

      I do care about paying $500 for a console that performs worse than a $500 PC.

      I do care about paying $300 every 5 years for a worthless subscription service (XBL)

      I do care about paying more for a console that has fewer exclusives as many are on PC.

      I do care about paying more for a console that has far less free exclusive content.

      I do care about Microsoft making the gaming industry a bunch of greedy bastages via XBL success.

      And I do care about the paywalls of basic features on xbox one.

      Xbox one without xbox live:

      Single player games
      Disk based movies

      PS4 without PS+:

      Single player games
      Disk based movies
      Free to play online games
      Video chat
      Video capture/upload
      Cross game chat
      Friend Spectate/Take over mode
      Access to streaming services
      Internet Browser
      Online movie rental

      Then with PS+ we get huge free games and for less than XBL

      So you can go ahead and pour out your hard earned money on
      worthless xbox junk. Me I’ll be playing superior performing games on my PS4 and
      playing many xbox exclusives on my PC with free online play. Titanfall doesn’t
      interest me. Project Spark certainly does.

      • XFistsClenchedX

        The 360 had exclusives every year it was out. That money they earned from XBL was well spent on OS updates every year and new features and apps all the time.

        The Xbox One is more powerful than a $500 PC. Besides, you act like the Kinect is free for Microsoft to manufacture. That isn’t the case.

        Xbox Live is not a worthless subscription. It pays for yearly or more OS updates and new features, along with paying for the Azure servers and maintenance that are available for all Xbox One games to use for free.

        All the major franchises on Xbox are exclusive. Not that it matters because if wanted to be a PC gamer, I’d be one. Most console gamers are not PC gamers.

        Microsoft is not being greedy by charging for XBL.

        Xboxs are designed from the ground up to be online and multiplayer. If you want to play with yourself, get a Playstation. If you want to play with your friends, get an Xbox. $6 a month is cheap.

        PS+ lets you BORROW old games that you should have already played by the time they show up on PS+.

        The PS4, like all Playstations, just follows the lead that Microsoft and Nintendo set. There is nothing special about a Playstation. Even Boogie 2988 mentions that the Xbox One’s UI craps on the PS4’s UI.

        • Dirtknap

          Good post Fist, until you get to your regularly scheduled flaming toward the end of your comment 😉 Otherwise I agree with your sentiments.

          • Raymond Featherston

            How rare is it that either of us would say that to him?

            • Dirtknap

              Indeed it is good sir. It’s a shame he still undermines his own arguments with a lack of objectivity. It’s been a while, how are you doing btw?

            • Raymond Featherston

              True enough friend, I am good how about you?

            • Dirtknap

              Pretty good thanks, I’ve been keeping a low profile around here in favor of all the new gaming experiences (of course real life factors in there also). It seems we’ve not had a ton of gaming news to discuss, its all about anticipation of new titles.

        • Titto

          Interested to hear what you think MS brought to the table in their 12 years in the gaming business.

          • XFistsClenchedX

            Party chat, achievements, headsets in every box, an OS designed around multiplayer and social interaction, the best controller design, force feedback triggers, full console voice and gesture control, console game demos directly to XBL, creating Kinect and then releasing the SDK so anyone can program for it, console companion app, having the console handle live tv and all your home theater devices, free dedicated servers for all games, friend notifications (when a friend comes online), custom game soundtracks, console background downloads, charging controllers in standby, community challenges, getting items for your avatar by completing in-game achievements/challenges, and a bunch of stuff I can’t think of right now.

            • Abel De Jesus

              Dreamcast did party chat first.
              Achievements your right
              Dreamcast had headsets In every console
              Microsoft has undoubtedly created the best OS for social gaming
              Eye toy for PS2 did gesture controller
              Arguably the best controller in the 360
              Full console voice from Kinect sure
              PS one came with free demo disc and depending on when released had up to date demos of some of the latest games
              Triggers came from Dreamcast and force feedback came from the N64 controller
              No doubt Microsoft came up with Kinect first but Eye toy was the first camera for games
              Live TV goes to Microsoft but home theater devices goes to PS2
              Dedicated servers goes to Dreamcast
              Console companion app is Microsoft
              Custom soundtrack and background downloads is Microsoft
              360 had batteries
              PS3 did stand by charging first
              Community challenges score for Microsoft
              Getting new gear for avatars is from Microsoft
              The avatars themselves are from the Wii
              PS one had dedicated memory first
              New had the analog stick while PS3 had the first Blue -Ray player (some people like to think it doesn’t count from some reason but Nintendo opts to go independent for game disc’s and Microsoft didn’t and Sony was a key developer in blu-ray tech)
              First touch pad on a controller goes to PS4

              Bottom line every one takes ideas from others and tries to improve upon them. Maybe some of those innovations you don’t care for but they are still innovations and we as consumers benefit from it.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              – Dreamcast did not have party chat
              – Dreamcast did not come with headsets
              – The Eye Toy did not allow you to control the PS2’s OS (it was just a webcam anyway)
              – Demos came on discs back then if you were a console gamer
              – Force feedback triggers are all Microsoft
              – The Eye Toy and the games for it were crap
              – PS2 couldn’t turn on your tv, receiver, and cable
              – Dreamcast didn’t have dedicated servers for all games
              – The 360 controller could use batteries or the play-n-charge kit, which could be charged by the console even when the console was off
              – PS3 didn’t do standby charging
              – The PS3 having Blu-Ray was nothing, but a detriment. It made the console more expensive and caused mandatory installs
              – The touchpad on the PS4 controller is nothing but a cheap gimmick. It adds nothing meaningful.

            • You are flat out wrong

              The funny thing about the touchpad is that developers are using it more than the Kinect, and it didn’t hike up the price by $100!

            • XFistsClenchedX

              No, they aren’t. There are 31 games that have either been released now or will be released that use Kinect. You can’t compare the headtracking and leaning abilities using Kinect on the Xbox One version of BF4 to the touch pad being a stupid button on the PS4 version.

            • You are flat out wrong

              lol being super defensive when someone ridicules your sh*tty camera.

              Yeah, KSR was just super great. And then there was leaning in BF4. And then um, err, erm…

            • XFistsClenchedX

              D4 uses Kinect for pretty much everything. Forza 5 uses it for headtracking. Xbox Fitness and Just Dance 2014 are great. Project Spark uses Kinect to create custom gestures and voiceovers for the characters. Most games use it for voice commands. The touchpad is a joke. It adds nothing to games. By the way, the PS Camera is literally only supported by Just Dance 2014.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Just as well no one cares about the camera and I was talking about the touchpad.

              D4 isn’t out even yet and will likely be another Swery turd, head tracking really made F5 fly off the shelves (sarcasm by the way) and the less we mention Xbox Fitness and Just Dance the better. Meaningful? You must be kidding.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Headtracking is absolutely meaningful. Having a touchpad that nobody can think of any good uses for is not.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Worth $100? Nope. No other decent uses for it either.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              It’s absolutely worth $100 more and the Kinect is great at a lot. The problem is that the PS4 isn’t worth $100 less.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Yep, classic Xbot delusion. Either that or you’re a paid shill. The only thing the sh*tty camera belongs is a landfill.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              I’m just someone that knows what he’s talking about. Come chat with me when you do.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Now this is amusing, especially in light of Kinect Sports Rivals being yet another crap Kinect game.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Kinect Sports Rivals isn’t a crap Kinect game because of Kinect. The only problem with KSR is that it needs more content. Anyone with an Xbox One can tell you that the wave races are fun and the Kinect works well for it.

            • You are flat out wrong

              You’re right, it’s a crap game because it’s another uninspired party game made by a developer that used to be relevant. The Kinect is the shit icing on a shit cake.

            • blaine

              so you think if people like xbox their delusional or paid by Microsoft? congrats you just discredited every thing you just wrote no one is that stupid that they actually believe that people are paid by Microsoft to make comments, go play your ps4 im sure its awesome(not being sarcastic I really think ps4s are awesome) and us people with xbox ones will play ours (also an awesome system)

            • You are flat out wrong

              I do, actually. Like the people who got the PS3 in the first year. Why would you do that?

            • blaine

              some people buy systems when they first come out some don’t you may not have but no one cares, and trust me weather you want to admit it or not you like xbox 360 and xbox one or you never would have came on this page and never would have wasted your time, no one wastes their time bashing a console unless a) they live in their parents basement and have neither or b) they live in their parents basement and have neither if you really had a ps4 you would be looking up ps4 things or playing your ps4

            • You are flat out wrong

              Yeah, I’m getting weary of this console war crap. No matter how much I do God’s work it doesn’t get through thick Xbot heads.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Or people who bought the PS3 in any of the following years.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Post-2010 the PS3 was a solid purchase, especially after the 360 went full ret*ard with the Kinect. I bet you bought one of those turds on release.

            • Abel De Jesus

              Dreamcast in fact had party chat In Phantasy Star Online, YouTube it for yourself and see.
              Dreamcast did in fact have headsets and packaged with Dreamcast starting in 2000.
              Eye toy was in fact the first interactive camera for consoles Microsoft made improvements on but Sony did lay the foundation
              I don’t understand how for feedback in triggers is real innovation but a touch pad is a cheap gimmick.
              I could easily throw in the same argument for Kinect which feels more like a glorified remote than something that is meaningful in gaming.
              Speaking of which could easily argue the game about the quality of kinect games you say about eye toy
              Seems like your being arbitrary in your claims, Dreamcast had the first dedicated servers for Quake 3 Arena
              Blue Ray has been great for gamers you really think playing BUT across 4 DADS would be better?

              Like I said, just because you don’t care for the innovations that came before what you have now doesn’t make them any less innovative. Also seems like you’re picking and choosing based on fanboyism than common sense.
              Like PS4 came up with free monthly games first you’d dismiss it as weak but then praise Kinect like it didn’t come from another idea already on the market.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              – Dreamcast didn’t have party chat
              – Dreamcast did not come with headsets
              – Eye Toy was just a glorified webcam and is not comparable in any way to the Kinect. Even the current PS Camera hasn’t been shown to be as competent as the original Kinect
              – Force feedback in the triggers is innovative for the same reason force feedback was once innovative in steering wheel setups. The touchpad is just a gimmick because it performs the same function that you get from the analog sticks and adds nothing meaningful to games
              – No, you couldn’t easily make the argument that Kinect is a glorified remote. Not without being wrong anyway. Kinect performs a lot of functions in games. Functions I want.
              – The Kinect has several great games for it. The Eye Toy does not.
              – I said dedicated servers that are free for developers for ALL games that need them on Xbox One
              – Blu-Ray added nothing to games. Because of the Blu-Ray read speeds being so slow, load times on the PS3 were abysmal, which is why the PS3 has mandatory installs. On top of that, it increased the price of the PS3. Very few games last generation needed more space than a DVD provided since very few games on the 360 had more than one disc. Most games that did require two discs had a singleplayer disc and a multiplayer disc. Hardly an inconvenience.
              – PS+ games are not free. You pay for them and you do not get to keep them. Sony created that program because they needed to give PS3 owners a reason to start paying for PSN since they’ve already been using it for free. Those games aren’t charity.

            • Gonna agreed with fists on a some of these points, but do a better job explaining. I’m about as indifferentbas most of everyone here, these particular comments caught my eye.
              The Dreamcast did not have party chat. There’s no way a game console with only 10Mb of system memory is going to support that function.
              Achievement yes
              The Dreamcast did not include headsets with the console, let alone have a standalone headset. It had a microphone accessory that was bundled with specific games. I would know this because I had Alien Front Online for Dreamcsst which was one of the less than 5 games to even support it. The mic was mainly for long distance communication on the web.
              OS yes.
              Triggers did come from Dreamcast(I would actually say the N64 but in a different, ambidextrous style) and haptic feedback in a general sense for gaming came from Nintendo, but “force feedback” applies specifically to the left and right triggers, independently of the the controllers haptic feedback, that’s all Microsoft.
              Camera gonna give to EyeToy even though Sega Dreamcast had one first, no games supported it. However, eye toy games were simply software overlays you interacted with. Not full 3D rendered game enviornments where you control an actual in game avatar as well as interact with the enviorment with your full body and voice. So the two do fact function entirely differently as(like haptic feed back and pretty much the Sega Dreamcast itself) took something, built on it and improved it.

            • I’m going to have with Fists, just on most of what’s he listed but explain a bit better if you’re willing to read. I’m indifferent to the spat between anyone in particular, these particular comments just caught my eye.
              -Sega Dreamcast did not have party chat. There’s no way a games console with just above 10Mb RAM can support that feature.
              -Dreamcast didn’t have a headset. Sega offered a microphone attachment that came bundled with specific games. I would know this because I had AFO, one of the maybe less than 5 games that supported it(after Sega dropped the console)
              -I would agree
              -Eyetoy did do gesture controls via selection, but limited only to the game. Kinect and Eyetoy are entirely different beasts. PS3 Eye and Eyetoy are entirely different beasts as EyeToy is just a webcam.
              -I would agree
              -PlayStation was the first to do this with its official magazine BUT Xbox took it a step further, and had addition video and music content as well as free DLC and even game saves for some games, which could all be stored on the hard drive.
              -I would agree, triggers came from Dreamcast(I would personally say N64 had an ambidextrous trigger) and haptic feedback for gaming in a general sense came from Nintendo but “Force Feedback”, specially for the left/right triggers independent from the controllers haptic feedback, is all MS.
              -Agreed, but refer back to my earlier point. Regardless, games are games man 🙂
              -Agreed in both counts
              -Only a few games used dedicated servers and can still be played, but fists was specific im stating free dedicated servers for all games
              -Using the charge and play kit, the Xbox 360 controller could be charged during standby and can actually power the controller without a battery. The PS3 is actually and currently unable to charge controllers( among some other things) in standby mode. A yahoo/wiki answer or even Sony forum boards will tell you it can’t.
              -Dedicated memory as in VRAM? I’d say Every console has that. Or were you talking about memory units? I believe the N64 has limited capacity cartridges built into every game cartridge, as the OG Xbox was the first console with internal HDD.
              -The blu ray is pretty much no question. Same for the dual analog sticks. However Microsoft(or rather Bungie) with Halo is the reason the dual stick control became industry standard. Both Sony and MS have brought to the table, just in different ways. Whole Sony seems more likely to introduce something new and call it innovative(touchpad, bluray, ext) Microsoft does an Apple move. ThrTheyy took things that already existed as the foundation, and built on top of that. OG Xbox and Xbox live are prime example, it took what the Dreamcast was, how it approached online and vastly improved(even had a majority of its games) it to where its the father of online console gaming(with Dreamcast being the grandfather)

            • roland0811

              But…..I was playing online with my SNES and Sega Genesis 20 years ago! XD And my buddy was playing Virtua Fighter 2 online with his Sega Saturn waaaaay back in ’96.

            • Abel De Jesus

              Dreamcast did in fact have party chat In Phantasy Star Online it also came with a headset staring in early 2000 (one came in mine) and it doesn’t matter if zero games used it, it was a feature made possible by Sega first
              Games like Antigravity allowed you to control a player in a 3 environment
              Dedicated servers while a great thing is more of a logical next step than innovation
              And Dreamcast had dedicated servers first
              Your right about the PS3 charge I was thinking 360 which I’ve had for years before getting a ps3 in 2012
              No I meant dedicated memory as in the memory cards that are for PS one. If it doesn’t count because it’s detachable then does 360 HDD or DS/3DS not count as having a slot for dedicated memory? Of course not
              The Microsoft taking ideas from Apple and improving upon them is a great analogy. Nintendo gave Sony a lot of ideas and Microsoft got a lot of ideas from Sony/Dreamcast (no doubt Sega partnering up for it’s Windows license helped them learn a lot about the gaming industry).

        • RoadShow

          (1) Xbox had exclusives every year. Just few and far between. Considering xbox stood alone as the only one pay to play and only one with ads on home page you would think that money would go to exclusives and exclusive content.

          Did xbox owners not feel even a little bad all 4 years with having very little or no game of the year? Halo 4 was the only big title in 4 years really. Other than that you had a gears of war flop and a bunch of wanna be GT games. While Sony released top notch exclusives all gen despite free online play. Despite free exclusive content in most AAA multi plat games and despite huge free games via less expensive PS+.

          (2) Xbox one is not more powerful than a $500 PC. Many builds online and youtube videos showing comparison.

          Xbox almost nothing exclusive. Very few and far between. Halo is the biggest and was best on PC with free online play and the PC exclusive map Death Island which is easily the best Halo map ever. Anyone that missed that missed one of the best games ever. Gears of war is a great game but lost it’s way on the last one. Forza is and always will be nothing but a GT wanna be. That’s it. That’s all xbox has as exclusives. Some new ones did come with X1 and I’m happy to see them come up with an innovative title like Project Spark and that Quantum whatever it is looks like a risk but in a good way but really it’s got nothign.

          (3) Yearly updates to OS are needed? BILLIONS are needed to do that?

          You do realize that PS3 had double the cloud storage than 360 right?

          And so you are admitting that M$ took that money to use for the next generation..there for not delivering to the current generation at the time which was funding this.

          (4) PC isn’t so much different than console gaming. Can use console controllers and everything.

          (5) PS4 was built from the ground up as a multiplayer beast. PS4 loads, installs and boots faster. It has a separate processor for all background tasks, uploading and downloading and it has that cross game chat which I like better than I thought I would have.

          (6) Fine, PS+ let’s you rent huge games. IF THAT’S THE CASE then you RENT BASIC FEATURES no one else in the world has to pay extra for.

          So huge games with access to everything


          Just access – your choice

          (7) LOL your last comment shows just how ignorant you are and how invalid anything you say is.

          • XFistsClenchedX

            1. It’s about quality, not quantity. I have zero interest in any Sony exclusives. Even when I had a PS3, I had no interest in any of their exclusives and I had the PS3 for over a year and only played two games on it (even when I downloaded LBP and Infamous for free, neither of which I played).

            2. The Xbox One is more powerful than a $500 PC. You can’t judge by comparisons because the SDK for the Xbox One that the current crop of games have been developed with wasn’t anywhere near mature. Basically, the tools Microsoft gave for the current crop of games sucked, but are improving rapidly. Halo Combat Evolved on PC came out 2 years after it was out on the Xbox. Halo 2 on PC came out 3 months before Halo 3 was released on the Xbox 360. Halo 3 and 4 have never been on PC. The last Gears of War wasn’t developed by Epic and the next Gears of War game is going to be developed by Microsoft with the help of some previous Epic employees. Forza Motorsport is a better series than Gran Turismo. Why? Because the gameplay is better. I’ve heard it a million times by people who play both franchises.

            3. The yearly updates to the OS are awesome. Are they needed? No. Are they wanted? Yes. In 5 years, the Xbox One’s OS might be entirely different and modern while the PS4’s will likely be essentially the same. Double the 360’s cloud storage? Whoopty doo. Maybe Microsoft spent that Xbox Live money on infrastructure and security. That would explain why Microsoft’s network is so much better than Sony’s.

            4. PC gaming is completely different than console gaming. I’ve been a PC gamer and I’ve been a console gamer and they are definitely not the same.

            5. The PS4 was built with the multiplayer features and concepts that the Xbox 360 had years ago (which were also added after the Xbox 360 launched, hence why XBL is worth the money).

            6. The PS4 loads approximately 2 seconds longer in comparisons I’ve seen. Wow. Such speed. Much fast. The PS4 does not install faster than the Xbox One. They simply take different approaches to how a game “installs”. The Xbox One downloads all patches/updates before it even starts installing a game. If you were to time how long a full install takes on the Xbox One and PS4, it would be more ore less the same because it would be limited by the speed of the Blu-Ray drive, which is going to be the same for both consoles.

            7. The difference between PS+ Plus and Microsoft’s Games with Gold program is that if you cancel Xbox Live, you can still play that game. It is yours to keep. If you cancel PS+, you can no longer play those games you downloaded from the PS+ program.

            8. My last comment is truth. Everyone knows Sony takes innovations from Microsoft and Nintendo. I owned a PS3 and it was the worst console I’ve ever owned. As far as Boogie’s comment goes, you can view that for yourself. He starts talking about it at 5:32.

          • BFTitan

            Seriously, you are a moron.

      • Ryan Merrifield

        To start things off, I currently own a PS4. But you´re going on a pointless ramble about how corrupt Microsoft is and how poor their subscription service/console is. What’s wrong with Microsoft making $2.75 billion a year? Stop wasting your time complaining about how greedy corporations are. It’s just how the world works, and I’m glad you wrote that post just to tell us how much better your PS4 is than an Xbox One/360. We all needed to hear it.

        • RoadShow

          People should just know the facts before blindly supporting a POS console and worthless subscription service.

          I care because it’s success hurts the gaming industry. Xbox stands alone as the only one to screw over the consumer.

          Xbox is a fine console. It’s problem is it’s worthless xbox live subscription and stupid paywalls.

          Do you want to start seeing subscriptions required on your phone on top of your data plan just to access netflix, browser or skype?

          NO? Then why support it on a console when all other platforms don’t charge for this stuff. PS4 is already pay to play multiplayer. Further xbox success would just paywall that stuff on Nintendo, PlayStation and PC in the future.

          • Ryan Merrifield

            First, I do already pay for a subscription fee on top of my data plan to watch Netflix, and Skype has a similar premium service. You pay for everything you use, and I think what has happened is that gaming, and subsequent corporations, have evolved. 10 years ago, a gaming subscription would have been absurd because the player base was not there to make it feasible, and would have just turned people away. Now that gaming is the industry that it is with millions of consoles being purchased, Microsoft and now Sony have the ability to charge subscription fees. Microsoft and Sony also need to find a way to cover all the costs of the massive amount of data processing, cloud computing, and all the other factors that go into maintaining a functional interface and experience for their users in the “always online” world that we live in.

            • RoadShow

              PS3 turned a profit despite free online play, despite free exclusive content in AAA multi plats and despite huge free games on their less expensive subscription service.

              The only thing that makes me okay with pay to play on PS4 is that PS+ is so incredibly valuable.

          • Kevin Smith

            You’re a sad, pathetic little man.

          • blaine

            If ps4 had no competition it would suck and if Xbox had more competition it would suck the only thing hurting the game industry are fanboys like you who hate it when people enjoy their systems if its not the one you chose

            • RoadShow

              The one thing I do like about xbox is that it offers good competition for PlayStation. I love Nintendo but Nintendo doesn’t push Sony, Microsoft does.

              All I’m saying is that xbox sales should reflect their poor exclusive line up, high console/accessory price and horrid customer polices.

      • Michael W

        That is a whole lot of butthurt in one post… not even going to waist my time to point out how wrong you are Sony Pony.

      • blaine

        No body cares shut up, your not gonna stop anyone from enjoying their Xbox and your not gonna stop people from buying it if your truly didn’t care you wouldn’t have bothered clicking this article both systems have great games I’ve owned a 360 and I own a Xbox one like them both I’d like a ps4 too but I could only choose one right away and I choose what I felt was a better console.

      • SGUINESS

        don’t care have no interest in ps brand

    • Zac

      It actually looks fantastic on the 360 considering how old it is. There really is no incentive to go out and get an X1 now.

      • XFistsClenchedX

        You mean aside from the X1 version having a higher resolution, higher resolution textures, higher framerate, and animations that the 360 version doesn’t have, the ability to broadcast that gameplay via Twitch or record gameplay clips and upload them to Youtube?.. Yeah, no incentive.

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  • PatcherStation

    Strange how the Xbox One version is selling for the same price as the Xbox 360 version. In fact, a few online stores are selling the Xbox 360 version at a higher price than the Xbox One version. Saying that, the Xbox One version has dropped in price recently. Still, shooters are not worth full price. Best to pick them up used for under £20, more so under £10 when the dogs start barking.

    • Qal

      Absolutely untrue. If you don’t like shooters, then sure, wait til it’s that cheap, but if you enjoy playing them and you wait that long you’re missing out, the only people still playing it will be tryhards/fanboys and good luck having fun/getting into the game then. If you enjoy shooters it is almost always in your best interest to get it in the first 6 months to a year when the community is still thriving and full of people at all skill levels.

      • Call Of Duty 2 4ever <3

        Atleast ive had everytime much more fun to play fps games after months of release than at release because of usually weapon balance aint perfect at launch, glitches, exploits, camping etc. ruins atleast mine gaming experience at launch. So atleast im gonna wait always until game gets fixed enough well until i buy it.

        • Qal

          yeah, waiting a couple months for patches/balance is one thing, but waiting until it’s 10-20 for a shooter is a couple years at least, by which time, like I said, the community suffers, especially when joining as a newcomer.


      What do you mean… You get the Ones version for free if you buy the console….doesn’t get any cheaper than that.

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  • betosobreira

    Nice. But I play on PC and they still didn’t release a fix for multi-GPU !! Crap.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Looks total sh!t on 360 and not much better on xboner.

    • Playmaker

      Silky smooth for me. Mmmm 60 fps all day.

      • You are flat out wrong

        “silky smooth”


        Maybe if you repeat it, it will suddenly become true.

        • XFistsClenchedX

          That’s lag or some sort of optimization issue because when that happens, it happens to EVERYONE.

  • Edwin Finnerty

    I’ll wait for a price drop, but I’m definitely getting it on 360.

  • Stef Man

    I would get Titanfall, but it looks like one of them games that would bore me after a month. This is why I pass on titanfall… Theres always Titanfall 2, right…

    • lester perdomo

      its actually a really good game , it just maks you not want to play the other fps games ….bf4 and cod are crap to me now …

    • Tank Buster

      just be warned the game is addicting

  • JJudas

    I can’t believe people bash xbox 360 like they didn’t spend probably 10yrs playing it.

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  • Zac

    AA is about the same on both, LMAO muahahaha. You XBoners did get some better ground and gun detail, grats on that.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      The Xbox One version runs in a higher resolution with higher resolution textures, additional effects, and a higher framerate.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Not bad…

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  • Atom G2789

    In all honesty there is no reason what so ever to buy a new top notch console with little to no games to play on. Why buy a console where the games are still being made on previous consoles? Don’t give an answer that graphics, speed, and texture blah blah blah crap is better. If you give an answer like that, my answer back will be PC. So if I can buy a game for $50 and save $560. Guess what? I’m going to do it, just like most people with common sense will do. Most people know, why buy a console where I will probably buy 1-2 games for it because that’s all there is so far. Yea no thanks, same goes for ps4 no good games coming out that I can’t buy for my ps3. People go out and buy it because its the next best thing. But how is it the next best thing when developers are still creating games for previous consoles as well? Eventually of course I will be buying my ps4, xboxone, and WiiU all at once just like I did with the ps3, xbox360, and wii.
    But titanfall on xbox 360 is just as good as xbox one, everything is the same, gameplay wise. So you want to save some money and have the 360, buy that version…if not and you want to get next gen that you will more than likely only play that one game, buy the xbox one. Or even smarter buy a gaming PC because most/if not all next gen games will also be out on PC that’s why PC is best of both worlds. But with PC all you have to worry about is paying for your internet to play multiplayer and not a subscription you pay the consoles plus pay your internet provider to play multiplayer.