Tom Clancy’s The Division Will Have A “Full-Fledged, Optimized PC Version”

The much anticipated new MMO from Ubisoft, The Division, was recently petitioned to have a version of the game made for PC players, and it looks like they won’t be disappointed – at all.

In a recent Community Q&A with developer Massive, a user asked how the game “is going to look on PC?”

“As you know, Masssive has its roots in PC development,” the studio replied. “We are working hard and we want to make sure that we have a very high quality experience on PC. You can be sure that our PC version won’t be a port, but a full-fledged, optimized version! We want to create the best game possible regardless of what platform you play on.”


This comes as a bit of a surprise, as most games that are developed first for consoles and then ported to the PC aren’t as optimized as players would like. It’s great to hear an ambitious open-world shooter like The Division is looking to make PC gamers happy.

So PC players, how thrilled are you? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    LOL, “our roots are in PC development,” makes a console game and then decides to make a PC version of said game because people demanded it…

    • Stefan Oprisan

      maybe because the market is bigger on the console…and it is ( 4 console types vs the PC which is 1)

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        There are more registered users on Steam than on Xbox Live. PC is a massive segment of the gaming industry and while consoles enjoy a dominant position in popular media, they aren’t the only successful platform out there.

        • Stefan Oprisan

          steam might be big…but the game might not even be released on steam (dont see why not) but Ubisoft have Uplay, their own version, plus the game might require some high specs to play and not every has the money to upgrade

          • BOSS jediZOHAN

            Most Ubisoft titles are released on Steam with a cross-platform tool that allows them to run via steam through Uplay.

            As for specs, basically every modern PC game can be played on any modern computer at some combination of settings and resolution.

            • Stefan Oprisan

              So if the game is gonna have specs like BF4, Crysis 3, you think everyone has an 680 or 7950 +, since the game is gonna be an MMO, its gonna be quite demanding

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              Defiance and WoW are proof that that’s simply not true.
              And both Crysis 3 and BF4 can be run on any mid-level GTX 500+ series card or any Radeon 6000+ series card. Considering there are plenty of sub $200 options in both those catagories of cards, yeah, I think it stands to reason that most people have access to cards capable of running modern games.

            • Derek

              Especially if you want to play them at Xbox or Xbox1 resolutions…What most non PC/techno nerds dont realize is that both the Xbox360 and the XB1 actual game resolution is fairly low. (not 1080p).

              On my PC i have a decent rig and I play at 1080P resolutions. But the consoles while they output the signal to a 1080P TV are actually only processing a much lower resolution. I dont feel like digging up the details on it but its one of the arguments people have brought up for PS4 v XB1.

              You gotta keep in mind to run the visuals you get on the 360 on a PC you don’t need a powerful PC at all. To get XB1 level (which I think for BF4 is somewhere between 720p-1080p) you aren’t even running the game at 1080p in a true graphical sense…

              PS that probably made no sense…im at work and didnt proof it much haha.

            • Stefan Oprisan

              yes but people will want to play the game in 1080p with all ultra and you cant do it with a 560 or 6950/70/90 etc

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              Then why the hell are they buying consoles that can’t do that?

            • merri

              Okay, what argument are you making? If you’re alluding to consoles, they’re also not maxing anything out, and not usually rendering natively at 1080, or getting standard frame rates…

            • merri

              Such games can run on mid-tier and entry level gaming rigs, and quite easily. It’s called “optimization”.

            • Al Simons

              Saying that its going to be demanding on pc because its an mmo is very funny.I just got a r9 270x and it can handle online mutiplayer with ease at max settings with 60+ fps at the highest resolution.

          • merri

            Irrelevant, he was using Steam’s userbase as a source of comparison to make the argument that the PC market is still a massive chunk of the gaming market.

            • Guest

              How is it irrelevant? there are 65 million steam users, imagine if we could pull up all pc accounts relating to blizzard,origin,uplay,steam.

            • merri

              I explained why after the comma that immediately follows the word “irrelevant.”

            • Austin

              Ah, no, you gave your reasoning after the comma that immediately follows the word “irrelevant.” You explained nothing. An explanation looks like this:
              Although merri is a wee bit full of himself, he’s trying to make a valid point. Steam’s userbase isn’t a valid source of comparison because there are innumerable inactive users registered. That would be akin to including Xbox Live members who no longer subscribe.
              I hope that clarifies the difference between reasoning and explanations, merri. Stop being a dick.

            • merri

              Boss responded to Clay by describing Steam as a very large platform, and using a figure of its active userbase to compare to Live’s. This comparison stems from a comment that described the console market as “bigger,” and Boss was trying to convey that Steam alone is just as large/larger than another similar service, likely to point out that the PC games market is just as large an entity as any single console’s amount of users. Boss presented a counter to someone describing a “larger console market,” conveying the idea that the game’s development would be cemented there. Stefan (who I replied to) opened a new line of reasoning that wasn’t related to the original in describing that the game might not even be released on the Steam platform.

              Two people arguing the the size of plantains vs. bananas, while a third comes in and starts describing the banana bread he made last weekend. Just because it’s loosely related doesn’t make it relevant, and you’re own clarification of reasoning and explanation also addresses an entirely separate idea from the my previous comments, Boss’s previous comments, and even deviates completely from your original defense of Stefan’s comment.

              Just to address your last comment there, that’s a very valid argument that measuring inactive users is a rather deceitful way of going about it, much akin to how MS boasted about how many 360 units they sold (what percentage of early users had to buy twice or thrice more after those solder defects?), but Boss was likely making that comparison from recent figures, that showed a jump from 6 million to 7 million *active* users, that were released recently.

              I’m not being a dick, read the whole conversation.

            • Guest


          • Al Simons

            That is a good point, i am not going to buy this game if it requires uplay client.I do have to say that you are wrong with the whole upgrade remark, as long as you have a decent gpu, you will be able to play this, min requirements for these games are always low to begin with,

        • lukazo

          they do make more money on console releases though because on pc we get everything cheaper 😉

          • BOSS jediZOHAN

            Not really. Making a game for consoles involves a lot of additionally licensing and both Sony and Microsoft take a cut of the profit games sold through their services and on their platforms generates.

            • swipe_06

              It seems consoles still make more profit. Probably the higher price of the console releases cover that licensing cost.

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              Yes, but the higher price doesn’t cover the increased percentage MS and Sony take from the profits, having to get physical copies manufactured and distributed, marketing (very expensive in the console world), and a host of other things that make console games less profitable.

              On PC, a dev can release a game directly through their own website and have the file hosted somewhere for free. You can’t do that on console, ever.

            • swipe_06

              Nfs rivals on amazon costs 55$ for the ps4 and for the PC it’s 30$. Don’t tell me $25 does not cover those.

            • merri

              What do you mean, “it seems”? Is this an anecdotal presumption, because 2012 and 2013 market figures suggest that the PC market, with regard to game sales, was larger than both MS and Sony’s combined.

            • swipe_06

              IDK, Im not a market analyst, but money talks, and these days everyone wants to release their games on consoles, so it must be profitable. The expensive, AAA, PC exclusives are rare these days.

            • merri

              Yet, other figures depict 38% market share for PC at $20B, versus PS3 and Xboxes combined 30% at about $7.5B — How many other things are we going to add to the pool before it beats out the PC game software market? Wii, WiiU, DS and variants, Vita, PSP? I’m pretty sure adding all of those platforms would easily do it.

              I’m not market analysis myself, but I wouldn’t go off of your image sourced with “Microsoft estimates.”

              You mention expensive, AAA titles? Okay, we can get all generalized and anecdotal here. You mean big publishers are unwilling to opt for innovative media or produce more creative venues over their pecuniary interests? You mention it likes it’s indicative of something. “These days, everyone wants to release their games on consoles…” – What do you mean by that? The way I see it, a hell of a lot more people want to release their games on PC, as there are dozens of releases every week, and much fewer Draconian policies regarding those that aren’t a megacorp publisher, and I can only imagine the games that you’re talking about are the tired, sequelized to hell, arcade shooter, third-person adventure, annualized sports, and annualized arcade racers that ever see any decent sales on the consoles. Look at all the best selling titles – all sequels with little change. They’re selling full retail expansion packs, not to mention all the season passes, premiums, deluxe editions, pre-order bonuses, etc. No, these days it seems the *big-pubs* want to release their games on consoles, because there’s little else there to compete with. Look at the “arcade/indie” market on a console. Fncking garbage. Meanwhile, the openness of the computer market allows for great indie games. If that wasn’t so appealing, why are MS and Sony so eager to dip their hands in it this time around?

              Expensive PC exclusives are rare these days? Compared to what, annualized sequels? I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have to worry about your publisher calling all the shots and making the schedules based off of investor and shareholder interest. Every KSP and minecraft goes to show that you don’t need a hundred million dollar budget to make a good, long-lasting game. Hell, Minecraft came to the console with nothing but nickel-dime monetization in mind, and has since turned into a pecuniary travesty there. Besides, what do you even think makes most of those console titles exclusive? Money. How much do you think these megacorps pay for their timed exclusivity? That’s indicative of where everyone “wants” to release their games? I’d think that’d be pretty indicative of where MS and Sony want to ensure their platform has its own content.



            • lukazo

              well they do on consoles because theres a larger audience! for example take steam, call of duty ghosts players online are roughly 13,000 compared to console which is about 3 million, sony and microsft can take a big cut as they want they still make more money releasing console games than PC thats why pc games are never polished when released and always bug ridden, but besides that PC games are just funner and moddable to the hearts content 😀

          • Stian Kleppe

            Even if we get games cheaper, the developer still get more money. As Microsoft and Sony won’t take anything.

        • Just Xbox live? PSN isn’t a thing?

          • BOSS jediZOHAN

            If you combine the PSN and XBL, then yeah, there are more registered console players than on steam, but individually, both are smaller than Steam.

            • James Mulhall

              So Steam has more users than PSN? Where is your source exactly?

            • DanDustEmOff

              Steam has 65 million total users.

              XBL has 48 million total users half of which are gold.

              PSN has 110 total registered users however PSN accounts are free and many users have more than one account to take advantage of games and offers from other regions.

              Steam has 6 million active users, neither MS or Sony disclose how many active users they have which would be a better indication to who is performing best.

            • Niosus

              Not to get mixed up in this thing, but Steam has a hell of a lot more than 6 million active users. A little while ago (during Black Friday sales I believe) they breached 7 million CONCURRENT users. 7 million people online at a single point in time. That over 10% of their total user base. Factor in timezones, the fact that not everyone uses Steam every day and not everyone launches Steam with their computer and that number will be a whole lot higher. If you define active as “use Steam at least once a week” the number will be much much higher.

              But you’re right. Valve is not the only player on PC, and none of the parties really give good insight in their stats. I think it’s fair to say that it is close enough to call PC an equally viable (though different) platform as the consoles. Neglecting PC is a dumb decision, neglecting consoles is also a dumb decision. It’s like making an app for just Android or iOS… You gotta do both if you want to get anywhere.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Sorry I mean’t concurrent users, I was attempting to argue that Sony and MS don’t really give out figures that show the true story, in favour of figures that make them look good to the stock holders. Valve however put the info out there for people to see.

              The 6 million was taken from the Valve site today although I did read the article it was stated they breached the 7 million concurrent user mark. Steam is becoming ever increasingly popular and for good reason.

              I fully agree that it is wrong to ignore specific platforms when they have such large communities. I think that behind the smoke and mirrors that the console manufactures put up, that the Active PC community is much larger than all of the console community combined.

              If you were to thow China into the mix where consoles are virtually non existent and the rest of the Asian market, then consoles are dwarfed by PC’s in terms of how large an active community they each have.

              However each community has their own preferances RPG’s RTS’s and MMO’s all tend to do better on the PC. Shooters, racers and Action games tend to sell better on the consoles. So it’s more about understanding your maket rather than ignoring the relevant community in my view.

            • James Mulhall

              Fair enough. But Steam accounts are free too.. :p Although, you have to purchase something I believe to activate the account, so Steams numbers in users is pretty impressive.

            • DanDustEmOff

              You don’t have to buy anything, you could just download TF2 which is free. However because your content is locked to your account it’s pretty pointless having more than one per person, I’m not saying people don’t do it though as I’m sure there are people that do, there is just no real reason to do so.

              Thanks for the concern dude, this is my busy time of year. Getting ready for christmas at work and home, and having tons of great games to play doesn’t leave much time for leaving comments here I still read all the articles and most of the comments though when I get chance.

              I also only recently discovered that Just Cause 2 is one of the greatest games ever made, and it’s kinda taken over my life a bit.

            • James Mulhall

              Oh lawdy.. Just Cause 2, have you tried that game proves how fun a grapple can be in games.. LOL. Grappling an enemy car to a tree has to be one of the funniest things ever.. never gets old. The map is gorgeous too.

            • Umair Khan

              PC have other distribution platforms other than steam too , you know .

            • James Mulhall

              I only asked for Steam and he was only comparing Steam, don’t ask me if I ‘know’ when he didn’t mention any other distribution platforms to begin with.

            • awkenney

              Yeah, but how much of each registered user base is playing games like Peggle?

        • Dirtknap

          There are also a ton if inactive registered users, I’m on of them at the moment.

      • James

        Yes let’s combine 4 different consoles with different communities and sales to 1 platform. Very fair! Because you know if you get a game working on Xbox One it will work on PS4. Oh wait…what was that? They have to make it for PS4 as well? Hmm you don’t say.

        • Manuel Ligo

          Stop it with the fallacy arguments already. When you compare the PC industry with the console industry you take both as a whole. Sales in consoles regard every console, Wii/PS3/PS4/Xb360/Xb1 and whatever else is selling. If they didn’t say “console” and mention specifically “xbox/ps” then your argument would be valid.

    • Katana67

      I’m enjoying my consoles and gaming PC just fine without making distinctions! I like games. 😀

      • Dane Curbow

        Another one? Thank god I’m not alone. Games are fun!

        Right now I have a high end PC, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PSP, and DSi… and this is leaving off my older generation consoles I either don’t have or are at my parents house *cough* genesis *cough*. Oh and I want a WiiU.

      • Aaron Mcroodle

        Me too? I guess its just us 3 that doesn’t care about PC only gaming. I want xbox one, and ps4. I currently have a high end pc, xbox 360, and ps3. When I play gta 5 I do notice the frame rate issues but it plays good enough for me. Im not one of those master race guys that refuse to even consider playing gta 5 until it hits PC. I actually think its better to play certain games on a console if it is poorly optimized on pc. There is something to be said for the simplicity of console gaming. You just pop the disc in and maybe install something then off you go. I do like the cheaper games and sales on pc though. I treat my pc as a console anyway, I am always plugging in my xbox controller. I am not really a fan of mouse and keyboard controls.

    • Dirtknap

      Either way, isn’t it promising there will be a PC optimized version and not just a cut rate port that the PC community usually gets lumped with when it comes to these big cross platform titles?

    • James Mulhall

      Just because they’re roots are in PC development doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed make a games for consoles..

    • xthorgoldx

      Or, maybe, just maybe, they got paid by Sony to announce it for consoles first (specifically at *PS4’s* showing) before announcing it officially for PC, and they went with the “Let’s play the nice-devs-who-listen-to-gamers” card?

    • merri

      It was intended to be PC MMO from the start.

  • TheGamerBeast

    just take my fucking money loool

  • Dakan45

    Thought id say this.

    This game is made by ubisoft massive, the “World in conflict” developers.

    This is NOT a cosnole game. it was originally a pc mmo made for pc, then the next gen consoles appeared and they changed the game to play like a shooter, originally this was a pc mmo.

    According to them, the only reason they didnt intially anounced the pc version was that they changed the control scheme to be more like a shooter rather the traditional pc mmo style they were developing the game on.

    Long story short, division= pc game ported to consoles made by non ubisoft studio that was bought by ubisoft.

    • Derek

      World in conflict…really under appreciated game I thought. I loved that game.

      • Umair Khan

        I want sequel .

    • born2expire

      Massive has always been a incredible developer.

  • IcyGuy

    I normally refuse to buy Ubisoft games on PC out of principle – to them, every potential customer is actually a potential pirate in disguise, the PC version of Assassin’s Creed MP gets very little support, it’s my understanding that their PC games are typically “meh” ports at best – but this looks promising enough that I just might change my mind. For this game (and maybe Watch Dogs), at least.

    Then I’ll go back to not buying Ubisoft games on PC out of principle. 😉

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      I’ve had no problems with PC ports of Ubisoft games to date, my only complaint seems to be their lack of online/MP support, prime example being GR:FS didn’t do very well for a while and it’s MP is practically dead. I can’t speak for the AC games’ MP on PC because I’ve never played it MP on PC, though I really like AC’s MP. Far Cry 3 was beautiful on PC, and I’ve yet to really run into issues with Blacklist either, but their main problem seems to be the multiplayer on PC doesn’t live very long.

      • Niosus

        Seems to be a general issue with their games, not just PC related. Good luck finding a GR:FS MP game on consoles either. I’d say don’t expect anything from the MP and you’ll be fine.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          It died on consoles too? That sucks, I didn’t know since a few months after GR:FS came out I switched back to PC, though I had a ton of fun with it on console.

          • Niosus

            Well I don’t have it on console so I don’t know for sure, but I heard someone on the MP1st staff complaining about it being dead a while ago.

    • Niosus

      For me they’ve been mostly good from a technical perspective. Ubisoft games have been above average quality ports for me. You wont get half a million options but they definitely know what they need to do to make a good PC version. Haven’t had experience With AC4 though, I don’t really care about the franchise anymore. AC3 I had some performance issues with on my AMD card but sadly that seems to be more a rule than an exception with Nvidia sponsored games. Don’t get me wrong, it was playable, the performance was just a little all over the place from time to time.

      Far Cry 3 looked and ran amazing and they actually have quite a few PC exclusives with the Maniaplanet (Trackmania, Shootmania, etc) games and the Anno series. They have dialed back their DRM to allow for offline play after activation as well. Other than the fact that Uplay has to launch I’m pretty cool with Ubisoft games. They listened to complaints about DRM and the games run pretty good. They’re not saints by any means, but I see them as one of the good guys considering what Activision and EA are pulling lately.

  • john


    • Oblivion_Lost667

      I’ve heard both sides of this, I’ve seen people say it’s optimized well and plays fine on their hardware, while others no. A lot of the time it appears as if the people complaining about optimization have bad hardware to begin with. Though, I haven’t played it myself yet, so I can’t really comment on my experience.

      • Derek

        I also have friends with monster rigs and games run like crap on them. Mostly because my friends are retards though ;). What you mean having 44 applications running in my taskbar is a bad thing…….omg go back to your console ;).

        • Dirtknap

          You had me laughing with this comment, until you lost me with your last sentence. Flaming for flamings sake huh? *shakes head in disappointment*

          • Derek

            Only flaming my friends hah. It was part joke part reality. I have a buddy who is a software engineer.super smart guy.. Awesome rig…but he somehow manages to ruin that rig with the way he manages it. Consoles take part out of the equation. They are managed by a 3rd party Alla Sony/ms.

            • Dirtknap

              Its all in good fun dude 😉 I work in IT, these sorts of occurances and jokes are flying around the office all the time.

        • Mike

          YOur a fucking douche, Man I dont hate many things but honestly I hate you guys.. Stick to your semen infested keyboard because your literally stuck to it.

          • Derek

            Take your meds man.

    • Dakan45

      Future soldier, ac3 and ac4 were ported to pc by ubisoft kiev.

      This game is a LEAD pc version by a NON ubisoft studio that was bought by ubisoft.

  • James

    “This comes as a bit of a surprise, as most games that are developed
    first for consoles and then ported to the PC aren’t as optimized as
    players would like.”

    Except that 90% of multiplatform games look and run better on PC than its console counterparts…

    • Dirtknap

      Look and run better yes, but there are far more important factors than just aesthetics.

      • Clay Schreiber

        Like what? Controller? TV?

        • Dirtknap

          Assumptive and rude much? See Oblivion and Richardo’s replies to James. Running better, in a nutshell, only covers resolution and frame rate, visuals etc. Any real gamer understands that though these factors are nice, they’re worthless if the fundamentals aren’t in place. There are a plethora of issues that emerge when a straight up port takes place from a console developed game to PC with no optimization. I’m sure you can do the math between my reply and the responses from the other guys.

        • PubstarHero

          Because you probably wont figure it out – Locked FOV, locked frame rates, menus that do not use the mouse, or do so in an obtuse way (Remember Me for PC menu’s are FUCKING TERRIBLE to navigate), and locked control settings, just to name a few.

          Edit: Changed game name to right name.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      That would depend on your definition of ‘run better’, because a LOT if not most PC ports do not run near as well as they should on the better hardware on PCs, PC exclusives tend to run a lot smoother/better than multi-platform PC ports, at comparable graphics levels.

    • Richardo

      Poorly optimized ports are one of a number of reasons some games on PC don’t run as well as they could.

      All pc games are held back by the bloated api, but thats another story.

      • Guest

        You really have to explain what you mean by “bloated API”. Im not here to start a flamewar, just curious, cause consoles, as far as I know, have barely any bloat. If I remember correctly, the PS1 had a 64k OS + 32k optional library. And these could be swapped out by the game at boot, so you could reduce that even further.
        The Dreamcast had the OS (win CE) on the disc, so you were able to add the latest version without support for legacy code.
        the PS2 had such a bare bone API, that it only wrapped the low level functionality of the hardware, but it was basically nonexistent.
        The consoles, In my opinion, are the opposite as you claim, simply cause they don’t have to support legacy code / hardware. Every new generation (or in some cases possibly every game on PS2) has its own API, tailor made to the hardware it runs on. If you want to see API bloat, I would recommend OpenGL the WinAPI, and DirectX. Google “glColor3b” and read the description: internally the data you give to the driver gets converted many many times before it reaches your screen, all thanks to compatibility. And this is a huge performance hit.
        PC has to support years and years of legacy code, and millions of different hardware combinations. this is only possible with many layers of abstractions with drivers, OS, APIs like DirectX.
        The only thing the PC has right now is Mantle that comes close to the consoles API, but it still has to be somewhat abstract (and in turn have some performance overhead) to be able to work with different AMD cards.

        • Richardo

          You answered your own question. PC performance is held back by the many abstraction layers of DirectX.

          I’d like to add that the api overhead primarily bottlenecks cpu performance. This does impact graphics as it limits how many calls the cpu can issue to the gpu.
          Mantle alleviates primarily a cpu burden with an api with fewer abstraction layers.
          One great thing is it likely decouples the need for a top end cpu to be paired with a top gpu.

        • PubstarHero

          Oh irony – You are aware that the console support DirectX and that they have “reserved” system memory and RAM at all times (10-20% of overall resources) to support the multitasking that the new consoles can do, right? They are becoming more and more PC like. Just doing a quick look at my task manager – my CPU usage is only 3% with 19% system RAM used. Thats well below what is being reserved by consoles of this current gen.

          Also, while DirectX isn’t exactly a light weight API, its not as bloated as it once was. Switching to mantle is only going to give something like a 10% FPS boost in most games (I wish it was more, I have a 7970 right now in my rig).

          And finally – Dreamcast never had WinCE for games. Yes, there were a few games that did use WinCE for it, but you could tell – those games were terrible. All your rambling about how consoles are so light weight would be true… in 6th generation. Now that all consoles are running an OS in the background and have multitasking capabilities, they are just locked down, specialized, and underpowered PCs.

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  • merri

    God forbid, this just can’t be a thing, and has to be advertised as some sort huge positive.

  • bar10dr

    I’ve heard that so many times now and it almost always turns out to be bs. I’ll wait for the reviews.

  • Slappy

    If this requires Uplay, then Ubisoft can suck my ass. I don’t care how good it is.

  • Niklas Ivarsson

    Considering it’s Ubisoft, I’ll just wait with the praise until we actually know.

  • Jimmy J

    F yeah, I’m thrilled. The game looks awesome and being a proud member of the PC master race it’s hard not to be stoked with these news.

    • Dirtknap

      Whatever happened to simply being a proud gamer? The best comment of this thread has to belong to Katana.

      • Mike

        What this guy said.. I mean we all get lumped in the same stereotype anyways but then we have pc players treating console gamers like shit… Yes I have a PS4/Xbox 360 and a pc, no I dont want to play on a pc.. I rather throw 1000+ dollars into something else AND a console can get close enough… I mean if its a good game then its a good game no matter what you play on.. There’s good games like Daysz I would love to play but then I think of all the PS exclusives pc elitist will never play and then I feel bad at first but then I think how big of assholes everything single pc gamer is. And yes eveery PC gamer I have meet was a total douche.
        Happy holidays to all my fellow gamers.

        • Dakan45

          Like this guy for example Mike, hey sony has the best exlusives, pc apparently has nothing and pc gamers are duches.

          What about the fact pc has the most exlusives? Nope?

          Why throw 1000+ dollars to a pc?

          If you are playing games on pc, then you dont need to do anything other than throw 300-450$ on a upgrade and you are ready for next gen. Playing games at superior settigns than the xbox one and if the game is well made, even better than ps4.

          finally before you post any bullshit, this is a pc article saying that the pc version will be a full pc version and it will be optimized.

          So we dont wanna hear clueless bullshit like

          “I dont want to play on a pc.. I rather throw 1000+ dollars into something else”

        • pcmasterrace

          What a fucking idiot you are, you can get a $400 PC which bitch slaps and fucks your PS4 in the ass with better graphics and the freedom to do anything you want.

          1. Stop talking bullshit
          2. Learn some grammar
          3. Consoles don’t even come close when you are talking about mid to high end PC’s (+$800)
          4. ”Every PC gamer i have meet was a total douche.” Maybe you get treated like shit because you are one annoying little bitch.

          • trololol

            haha you mad bruh?!?

        • Jordan Harkness

          Love how you end with “Happy holidays to all my fellow gamers” when you have blatantly just said that every PC gamer you have ever met is a douche? You pick us PC gamers up for being stereotypical when you have just done the same back to us.. nice..

          First off, I do like consoles as they are easy to use, but saying that consoles even come close to PC is complete bullshit. Bearing in mind also that you have a fully functioning desktop that has the capability to run multiple other applications as well as gaming.

          I always get a laugh out of people talking about exclusives! Don’t get me wrong, I do miss the odd bit of uncharted, but look on the internet yourself at the exclusives comparison. Not only does PC have way more exclusives, but we also have the option to download free indie games, and have early access to games (such as DayZ) that will not be released on console for probably about another 6 months – 1 year.

          I think you need to have another look at the facts before posting this stuff. There is nothing wrong with console gaming (I can see where you’re coming from) but your argument that console even comes close to PC is absolutely ridiculous! Console will NEVER have the capability to surpass PC.

      • Dakan45

        sony fanboys happend suposselly having the best exlusives and best console.

        • Dirtknap

          While I understand and agree with your sentiments to an extent, it’s not fair to pin all of the bad behavior on the vocal minority of one community, when there is equal douchery and flaming coming from each respective camp.

          Articles such as this one should be a place of unity, a rally point for gamers of all platform preferences to celebrate fair and equal treatment, and the potential of a quality build that will provide a top notch experience regardless of where an individual chooses to play it (whether Ubi make good on their promises is another story).

          • Dakan45

            Go to ign, every article about a game on pc has “pc gamers are destroying this game with hacks” and other clueless dudebro bullcrap.

            • Dirtknap

              I hope you haven’t interpreted my comment as me having a go at you, it’s not my intent. I honestly think you need to take those comments on ign (also seen in numerous other places) with a grain of salt, look at the demographic of that community, they are guided by knee jerk media reaction and barely possess sentience.

              Dickish behavior is still dickish behavior, regardless of who’s spouting it at the time, (the whole PC master race concept is another prime example, right along with the X1 cloud worship pets, and as referenced the Sony kids with their exclusives and 50% MOAR power) it’s all equally offensive to me. And it certainly doesn’t mean we should reciprocate in turn, lowering ourselves to level of idiotic fanboy rhetoric only compounds the issues and grows the rift between communities.

            • Dakan45

              “the whole PC master race concept is another prime example”

              Do you know what “master race” is?

              its a meme, yantzee made it when he couldnt play wticher 2 on his crappy laptop and the game had no tutorials.

              He said its optimized for pc master race so console peaseants dont ruin it for them.

              Its a joke a satire, yet console fanboys posted it around as an insult and we embraced the joke and used it as a joke, eventually comaprisons with pc and consoles happened and since pc has so many advantages, people actually stated to believe the “master race”

              Yet we do believe pc is superior for a crapazillion of reasons, better graphics, better sound, more exlusives which means more variety, better controls, remapable buttons, you can prett much connect any controller to pc and change the buttons to whatever you want. Mods, cheaper prices no online fees, emulators, backwards compability.

              We have reasons to think pc gaming is superior because it gives you more options and customization, but we dont call ouirselfs “master race” thats a joke that goes around that console games have mistaken for an insult.

            • Dirtknap

              That was quite the response to one small example I provided in my entire comment. For the record, no history lesson required, I understand the origin of the master race gag, however things have moved past it being simply a joke for the portion of the PC community that tend to be of the bitter, basement dwelling, on the verge of atrophy persuasion. Perhaps to avoid confusion I should have used this description in my previous post?

              My point remains, there are rampant jerk offs in each and every community, fortunately these individuals tend to be the vocal minority, yet are still capable of ruining things for others if we tolerate their shitty behavior, don’t call them out or mirror their communication style.

              I’m not going to give you my “gamers dating profile”, but I will tell you I understand the pros and cons of each platform, I’ve gamed on most of them since the mid 80’s.

  • pbvider

    This will be a good game for PC…at least I hope so,pls,thx!

  • ElGringo

    They better have, im so tired of spending money on a good gpu. Only to run the game like shit, because UBI or other companies didn’t care to optimise it.

    • Dakan45

      The developers are not ubisoft typical devs they are the world in conflict developers.

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  • marpla78

    This is THE game to buy on 2014.

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