Crystal Dynamics Introduces Multiplayer to Tomb Raider

On March 5th, Crystal Dynamics will be introducing multiplayer to the Tomb Raider series in this 2013 reboot of the beloved franchise starring the adventurous and daring Lara Croft.

Community Manager Meagan Marie writes on the Tomb Raider forums, “very exciting news to (finally) confirm to you guys! Lara’s on the February cover of OXM, paired with a big announcement.”

Tomb Raider

“Tomb Raider will include a multiplayer offering thanks to the hard work of our sister-studio, the hugely talented Eidos Montreal.” Hopefully quelling any worries of a half-baked single player experience due to the addition of multiplayer, Marie also writes that “the team at Eidos Montreal has been working away at the multiplayer while we focused everything on the single-player offering.”

This sort of approach seemed to work well for games like Mass Effect 3, which introduced multiplayer for the first time in the series. While the core BioWare studio in Edmonton focused on all things single player, a division in Montreal toiled away at the multiplayer experience, producing some very solid results without compromising the final product.

Are you excited to get your multiplayer on in Tomb Raider this March? Let us know in the comments!

  • Ubisoft has definitely popularized the multi-team approach, more and more developers are adopting it.

  • its gonna be dead within a week

    • Just because a game isn’t a successful Multiplayer franchise like COD or Battlefield doesn’t mean the Multiplayer will fail!!

      • dude its like dead space 2 ITS NOT NEEDED and was never wanted.

        • OMG!! Your acting like Dead Space Single player was destroyed because of Multiplayer!! I don’t see why you people complain??? Multiplayer is the future whether you like it or not

          • Multiplayer is the future? No it’s not.

            • We will see!!! Ubisoft puts multiplayer in just about every single one of there games and with Watch Dogs there taking it to a whole new level.. so don’t tell me its not the future when there really is no avoiding it

            • dude you can put multiplayer in super mario BROS 64. it does NOT mean people will play it.

            • I ddnt say people would play it but whether you like it or not developers are putting some for of Multiplayer/CO-OP in there games

            • yeah in game where multiplayer is NOT NEEDED and will be a waste of resources that could go to bug fixing or singleplayer polishing

            • They have separate teams working on single and multi so any issues that might come with mutil shouldn’t exist in single

          • QwietStorm

            He didn’t say anything about single player. He’s talking about multiplayer servers.

            • I know hes talking about multiplayer but all I;m telling him is that multilayer is here to stay

            • ” but all I;m telling him is that multilayer ” does not compute try again

  • SandboxDenmark

    Having played through the whole game(SP) I can honestly say that several maplocations lends themselves very well to MP. However, they might make separate MP maps. Looking at the SP only, it’s by far the best adventure I have ever played.

    • That’s by far BS. The game isn’t even available until March and the only way you could have played the whole game would be if you belonged to the dev team. In which case you would know more about the Multiplayer such as its Existence.

      • SandboxDenmark

        There are several ways in wich I could have played the game. And no it’s not bullshit. But whatever. There are other teams than the ones coding and mapping.

        • Everyone on a Dev team is informed as to what is going on in a project they are working on. Think.

          • SandboxDenmark

            I never said I was part of the devteam.

      • Alpine

        suck cox bro

        • Kyle Jackson

          Now now, leave your older brother’s computer alone.

  • The rip off game … becoming more rip off, probably their MP will be something exactly like Uncharted one, Thanks God that uncharted had the MP before Tomb Raider so no one can say; Uncharted Copy from the original tomb raider. Admit it people this game is nothing but cheap rip off version of Uncharted.

    • you can’t rip off something you already made first.

      • who is talking about a game that came 10 years ago ?!! who cares what tomb raider was 10 years ago, im talking about now!! im talking about the whole feeling of the game, all those animations/cinematics not just a mechanic of the game, besides if you think that way, you better know that first Tomb Raider was also a copy cat of Prince of persia mechanics … If any shooter game have a fast paced fps experience, everyone’s gonna say, Hey!!! that’s a COD rip off, No one cares or even think of the fact that, COD it’s self was a copy cat of Medal of honor. We are talking about the successful games of current generation!!! and by the look of this Tomb raider, this game is nothing but straight uncharted rip off, except there is a pussy running around with british accent!

    • Naughty Dog got there inspiration to make a better Tomb Raider and they did, now Crystal Dynamics is learning from Naughty Dog and making a AWESOME Lara Croft adventure. I wont complain because I loved Tomb Raider games and love Uncharted so why not get the best of both!!

    • Omen

      Who fucking cares if it’s a rip off? It’s gonna be a fun game nonetheless. Stop bitching about it being a rip off and either by the game or don’t.

      • Omen


  • Lara looks like the main female from the hunger games. Even the pose look similar to the movie poster.

  • geaw

    As long as it doesn’t sacrifice the integrity of the single player portion of the game, I dont understand how anyone could be upset with something free and optional.

  • nice

  • DarthDiggler

    I for one welcome more Multiplayer new comers. Maybe someone will come up with a formula that dethrones COD. Competition is always a good thing.

  • Zizi

    amazing game … the story + gameplay + it give u amazing feeling when it come to survivability been long time did not play games like this.. worth my money … to those who complain pls go play CoD kids