Tomb Raider Multiplayer – Characters, Game Modes, Traversal and Traps Detailed

More details about the anticipated multiplayer portion of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot have surfaced, providing a better look at some of the characters, game modes, and traps that will appear in Eidos Montreal’s take on Tomb Raider multiplayer.

Themes like survival, traversal, verticality and environmental threats that are heavily featured in the single player will play a large role in the multiplayer as well, according to SquarePortal. Studio Head Darrell Gallagher writes, “the multiplayer has to fit and it has to be fun. We’ve worked hard to make multiplayer fit seamlessly with the single player game and its key themes and we’ve play-tested the hell out of the multi-player game, it’s working well and gamers are enjoying it.” In this particular setting, groups of survivors are pitted against scavengers, vicious natives of the island, also known as the Solarii.


  • Roth
  • Samantha
  • Alex
  • Liam
  • Jonah
  • Grim and a crew member
  • More to be revealed later


  • Fixer
  • Vlad
  • Mathias
  • Creeper
  • More to be revealed later

As mentioned in previous reports, only two game modes have been revealed so far. As detailed on the SquarePortal, they are:

Team Deathmatch

Set Up: Survivors have newly been stranded and the Solarii are intent on destroying them. This is a team mode supporting 2 teams of up to 4 players each.

The winning conditions: The first team to get 25 kills, or be ahead in kills when time expires, wins the round.


Set Up: The survivors have wounded comrades that need medical attention. There are medical supplies throughout the level. The survivors must collect and bring back (Capture the Flag) the medical supplies to the capture zone while the Solarii try to stop this from happening by executing the survivors.

Winning Condition: Survivors capture 5 Medical Supplies, Solarii execute 20 Survivors

When it comes to map traversal, the Solarrii have a slight advantage with the use of the “Ascender.” They can use it to quickly traverse the map and catch up to the survivors.

In each level, there are numerous traps that players can interact with. Some of these include the spike trap, the snare trap, the rockfall trap and the lightning rod. The spike trap will instantly kill any player who doesn’t mind their surroundings and stumbles upon one of these after being set up by the enemy. The snare trap hangs the victim upside down. However, he or she will have access to his or her pistol in order to make an escape attempt. As for the rockfall trap, any player tripping this wire will be in for one massive headache, killing them instantly. The deadly lightning rod can be set up in certain areas that will cause lighting to strike any enemy that should enter within its range, killing them instantly as well.

There are also a number of other items that players can interact with like the shotgun barrier and the turret. Shotgun barriers block off certain areas of a map that can only be accessed by blasting away at it with a shot gun. Player can tap the corresponding button to enter emplaced turrets in a number of levels. Each turret has infinite ammo, but can overheat and requires some time to cool down.

It looks like enemies aren’t the only thing you’ll need to consider when playing Tomb Raider multiplayer this March on the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC. Do you think the added elements of interactivity, traversal, and traps will enhance the multiplayer?

  • another tacked on crap mode

    Omg I cannot wait to play this for a couple days and then go back to playing bf3 multiplayer. It’s gonna be another failed on arrival multiplayer. When will these developers ever learn. If your multiplayer is not bf3 cod or halo it will not be that sucessful focus on great single player not tacked on multiplayer.

    • JustinD

      I agree when it comes to this game. I feel it will be like far cry 3, epic SP with a shit MP. FC3 should have just made SP better

      • Wade R

        or open world co-op

        • JustinD

          Now that would have been cool. I thought that’s what it was going to be in co op i don’t even know why they would make a co op for far cry if it wasn’t open world. But none the less tomb raider was one of the first games I ever played and I cannot wait for this game to release. I hope it’s as good as the oldies. The only other game I’ve been excited for the last few months is GTA 5 which the more I look at looks like its gonna be fucking epic

      • Just because your to retarded to understand Farcry 3’s MP you hate it. Yeah thats a way to judge a game.

        • JustinD

          Thanks douchebag. It’s not that I’m retarded its that it fucking sucks

    • If developers keep that mindset, we’d be stuck playing the same multiplayer for years, which is definitely not what I want as a gamer. CoD’s been stale for so long now, BF is heading in that direction, and admit it, even Halo is borrowing from CoD’s multiplayer formula. Sure, not every game needs a multiplayer, but that doesn’t mean every other developer that isn’t Treyarch/WhoeverthehellmakesthenextCODnow, DICE, or 343 should give up on it. Who knows, maybe one day the game in which you thought didn’t need multiplayer turns out to be everyone’s new favorite multiplayer experience.

  • I just preordered this today from Best Buy

    • I got mine from GMG with a 25% off code AND $2 credit, activates on Steam 😀

  • Jordan Matt

    Pre-ordering this on the PC and the Xbox.

    • JustinD

      Why both?

      • Jordan Matt

        One for my bro and one for myself.

  • Why don’t devs and pubs understand, that we don’t need multiplayer for every game.

    Look at Far cry 3 or Spec ops, there is o point in putting up servers and investing time for no reason

    • Seriously? Ever MP game needs single player now, so why not every SP game have MP? And ALL MP focused games have TERRIBLE single player, yes ALL OF THEM!

      Keep throwing shit against the wall eventually some of it is gonna stick.

      • “And ALL MP focused games have TERRIBLE single player, yes ALL OF THEM!” um uncharted? COD4? far cry 3?

        • Uncharted and Farcry are MP focused games, since when? They are know for their SINGLE PLAYER!!!
          Yup, CoD4 SP sucks balls, scripted on rails crap.

          • first of all yeah i shouldn’t have put uncharted and FC3 in. secondly COD4 campaign was great when it was released. by today’s standards though its not that good.

      • Are you retarded? I said it SHOULD NOT have multiplier.

  • Lara was also confirmed to be a playable character in multiplayer. Oh, and Zachary Levi as well…just, you know, throwing that out there.

  • Devs with confident releases their beta to public, those that they know they are gonna lose their audience by showing them how rip-off and cheap is their MP… Like this game won’t releases their beta, is like they telling everyone, “You see the game, when u buy the game”.

    • Call of Duy has never had a beta & yet breaks records almost every year. I hope your not saying Tomb Raider is ripping of Uncharted because tomb Raider was out 11 years befor it.

      • Call of duty is an exceptional case….Tomb Raider had multiplayer like this 11 years ago ?! Did TR look like this 11 years ago ?! NO … but uncharted WAS and IS since 4 years ago.

      • CoD; WaW had a beta and dare I say it was the last truely great CoD game. CoD NEEDs blot action rifles (they where the only skill left in a skillkill game).

        • Lord Byakurai

          You’re using the word “skill” wrong. Please look up what it means and hop off the “Bolt-actions/Sniper rifles make me pro bandwagon”

  • Tell publishers that having no multiplayer will save them money$ on server rentals, that will stop them.