Top Black Ops 2 Player On Xbox 360 Harassed by DDOS Attacks, Resets Stats To Avoid Continued Assault

“Retrominano” was the top ranked Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 player, globally, on the Xbox 360. That is, until he had to reset his own stats in order to avoid continued Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks originating from somewhere in the U.S.

Being the top ranked individual in any field has a tendency to attract a lot of attention. Unfortunately, for Retrominano, being the number 1 Black Ops 2 player on the Xbox 360 generated some most unwanted attention from a harasser (or harassers) in the U.S. using DDOS attacks to keep him from being able to connect to Xbox Live for more than 10 minutes at a time.

According to Wikipedia, “a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of the efforts of one or more people to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.”

Retrominano explains his situation to a friend through this message:


According to this Reddit post, Retrominano tried resetting is IP address numerous times, but to no avail. In the short amount of time he actually could play online, his games were constantly joined by his attackers harassing him over Xbox Live. Left with no choice, Retrominano reset his own Black Ops 2 stats order to avoid continued attacks.

He took this shot of himself after resetting his stats back to level 1.


This marks a sad day in gaming when one is attacked online for simply being the top ranked player in a videogame. What’s worse is that most average gamers have no means of defending themselves from such attacks.

What are your thoughts?

Via, Gameranx

  • And this my friends is what modern gaming has become…im going to go play my N64 now.

    • mechcell

      i also got out my N64 too. and i playing zelda ocaina of time and super mario 64

    • Dirtknap

      This, is enlightened.

    • asgaro

      No, it’s just that all douchebags are on Xbox Live.
      Go to It’s a site that posts messages girl gamers received which are full of harassing and sexual comments. 99% of the messages are from Xbox Live, that can’t be a coincidence.

      • John


        • asgaro

          MA NIGGA! PLZ!
          (just kidding)

      • how in the fuck did you find that site O_O

        • asgaro

          When I search for porn, I love my women fat, ugly and slutty. So I thought: hey, lets put all those words in a URL and maybe it’s my lucky day. And BAM: I got so lucky !!1!1
          No, in all seriousness: it was posted a long time ago on Reddit.

    • felixleiter

      goldeneye 007 on the N64 ftw!!!

    • Sensou-Ookami


      • :3

      • Sensou-Ookami

        *does nothing but fish all day*

        • Sensou-Ookami

          *and then attacks chickens and gets pecked to death* FTW!

  • Alex

    That’s strange… anybody who’s subscribed to iPwnstar4hire said that he was DDoS’d in Battlefield 3 too. Probably not the same guy but what a coincidence…

  • Licensedbeast

    Not sure if this is possible but, Treyarch should give him his stats back but make them “Anonymous” and make him invisible to Public leaderboards. I feel bad for this guy losing everything.

    • SubXero

      What if he was hacking or boosted his way to the top? I honestly have no idea if he did or not but if he did should anyone feel bad for him?

      • he is #1 they would check his games that h eplayed

        • SubXero

          Who would check? Microsoft/Treyarch? You could boost and still have it look reasonable/believable.

          • so we are to just assume because he is #1 he had to have boosted

            • TehEpicKid

              I made the post with a friend on reddit and know retro. He didnt, doesnt and wont boost.. ;/

            • Just like how he didn’t use his shit foreign connection to help his stats, either.

              I don’t approve of DDoS, but someone needs to get the message across: In a game soo dependent on P2P, SBMM DOESN’T WORK. This whole story is no surprise; it wouldn’t be if an American was #1 and he was being DDoS’d by someone outside the US.

              This game is hard enough to deal with as is; playing against anyone outside US makes it a NIGHTMARE with lag. It’s not fun when you’re having to fight poorly written net code. Region Lock needs to be an ABSOLUTE, for the betterment of the game and the people who play it.

            • SubXero

              I never said that. I never said that he did boost or that anyone should assume he did. I’m just throwing stuff out there. Devil’s advocate if you will.


        their is a video on you-tube by the you tuber name of lostinplace explaining this he is a person who wants to stop boosting and checks his gameplay often

      • Brandon Johnson

        he doesnt just watch this vid on youtube :

  • Those fucking faggots. I want to punch those idiots in their faces for being such dicks over a video game leader board.

    • Games are a variant of a toy, which are made for children. Yet we all get upset when someone acts childish over a game. Just because we play games like overgrown children, doesn’t mean we all have to act like them. To those who think you do, turn off the xbox, and go back to playing with G I Joe in your grandmother’s backyard.

    • Jason

      I saw Morgan Freeman before I read this and said the whole comment in his voice in my head… Died Laughing! XD

  • What a kind of nerd will be so jealous of a player’s stats that he or she(better be hot) would DDOS the player into submission?

    Talk about garbage fluid of the gaming community…

  • Steven Costarican

    Typical Cod faggotry lol. Guys better go BF3

    • I like both games equally, this comment of yours isn’t helping the situation though.

    • Even though I find Battlefield games more fun than COD (I do like both btw), people like you are the reason BF3 was a disaster.

      • JustinD

        Battlefield 3 was in no way a disaster and certainly not a disaster because of people like him. The way he tried trashing CoD is the same way you tried trashing BF3 by saying it was a disaster just in less of a douchebaggy way.

        • I didn’t try to trash talk BF3. I’m talking about the BF3 community, which is filled with people that talk like he does. Its giving BF a bad rep. If you dislike a game (in this case, he dislikes COD), don’t go everywhere deliberately saying “Oh, herp derp, COD is for fags.” I never meant to say BF3 is a bad game, I meant most of the community of BF3 gives BF a bad name.

      • Dirtknap

        I wouldn’t say it was a disaster, but folks like ol steve-o-rino up there would be the bane of the BF community. It’s that projected superiority (which in reality is immaturity) from the vocal minority in the BF community that rag on CoD that are every bit as bad as the “Y-Y-ladder stall 360 no scope” CoD kids.

    • Alan

      Fanboy fuck, Your opinion is not fact so stop going onto sites and being an idiot thinking what you like dominates everything.

      • iamsosuperior

        It is true though. It goes to show how immature the cod community really is. I mean Im a of BF3 and yes it you look the forum(mostly console) can be filled with trolls and idiots but I never saw something this bad.

  • Its hackers

    Its beacause hackers are ALWAYS on the top 1000 maybe his a hacker or not…

    • Ali Nadeem

      No not always.. please don’t generalize.

  • Wow, that is ridiculous. Hopefully the attacker is found and punished criminally.

  • Solution: Don’t reset boosters. Let them deal with this kind of S*it as punishment.

    • degir

      Who says he was boosting?? You can get to 1# if you try hard enough and got the game early (like a lot of people did with BO2) hell Kim dotcom got to #1 in MW3

      • I did not say he was boosting. But if someone else would be #1, who was, then he would be the one to deal with this.

    • JustinD

      I agree but if your number 1 they have to be monitoring you right?

  • SubXero

    I know I’m going to get massive hate for my opinion but I’ve been dealing with it for years and don’t really care anymore. I wish that games did not have leaderboards. Stats and leaderboards have, in my opinion, ruined multiplayer gaming.

    Normally I would list of the many, MANY reasons why I hate leaderboards but instead I think I’d like for someone to actually try and convince me they are a good thing for gaming. Can anyone really give me a good reason why stats/leaderboards are good for gaming or how they’re actually “helping”/adding anything to the game?

    • Dieger

      To give you the chance to make to 1# (haha good luck) and so you can see if your better then your friends

      • SubXero

        Lol… But we all know that the top 100 of leaderboards are usually plagued with cheaters/boosters/hackers. You’ll never know who the “legit” #1 is.

      • SubXero

        I should add that friends comparing stats with me is large part of why I don’t like them. Far too often my “friends” want to compete with me and not the other team. I’m the kind of player that wants to do what’s necessary to win and not what’s necessary to be on the top of the leaderboard. If I find that my team is good enough I’ll sit back and cover a single objective the entire game if that’s what is needed.

    • i actually feel this exact same way. i do not care for online leaderboards unless is the friend leaderboards in which there is fun in competition.

    • I guess it depends on your personality. I’d agree with you in that leaderboards mean nothing to me. I can’t enjoy CoD (or any FPS for that matter) as much as I know I could when I know my KDR is on my player card for the world to see. It stresses me out because I don’t want to worry about it, but I do, because everyone can see it, and that gets to me.

      I’d even go as far as blaming stats like KDR that keep people from ‘playing the objective.’ Get rid of it, and BAM, no one will worry about dying over and over rushing the B flag. I’d be curious to know if getting rid of such stats would lower players’ interests or drive, however.

      What keeps me going are weapon stats. I always play BF3 with the Battlelog open on my iPad next to me. Seeing that I’m only 28 kills away from the next service star or attachment on a particular weapon is what gets me to play that extra game when it’s late and I should be sleeping.

      • SubXero

        I’ve brought this up across multiple forums and it’s always met with animosity and rants about how I must suck something fierce if I don’t want leaderboards. Maybe it’s just the nature of the kinds of people you find on internet forums but the vast majority of everyone I’ve come in contact with want leaderboards. I’ve had some support before but it normally stops once they too are attacked.

        See, like you I can’t enjoy games as much as I know I could because of the stats. In fact, for a long time I stopped playing on my regular usernames/gamertags because so many people had started paying attention to my stats. I’ll actually admit that I also deleted all of my “friends” because I got tired of them constantly comparing our stats.

        • i know how you feel i couldn’t care less about my stats i am just on to have fun i am a 35 yo father of five kids i just like to get on and play when they are in bed or play with my oldest ones online since they live separate from me but the leader board thing turns people into butt-heads. i think a private setting for your stats would be good or an option to play without them in general would be a good thing.

      • stephen

        i agree with most of this. “stresses me out” is the key phrase i look to when regarding stats and leaderboards. i don’t think a game that one plays for fun and enjoyment should ever stress someone out, so i’m completely in favor of games, specifically FPS’s, not having either.

      • Dan

        I agree with you about the whole kdr thing. I’ve said this a lot during the past 2 years: remove all k/d stats and the game will be much more fun for everyone. Nobody has to worry about kds, more people will worry about winning games.

        leaderboards and stuff are almost useless anyway, all the boosters, glitchers and hackers ruin it anyway. Those people should be punished way harder (console ban).

      • myssternassty

        i totally agree haha im a NUT about stats…i cant stand it, i should care less cuz its just a video game & there are way more important things in life than a K/D and SPM….until ur 3 days deep into a game and u have a deep, deep OCD obsession about padding ur stats…more and more…and more and FFFFFFFAAAAHHHHKKK! until the next game comes out and those hours turned to days turned to weeks of hard work and time end up joining the stack of dust collectors haha but my honest guess is it comes down to human nature, we are a competitive species, always were and always will be. its how we are wired (some exceptions apply)

        • Yes. That’s when stats start stressing me out: when I’ve sunk some time into a game and start getting good at it, I build expectations. “Because I’ve played ‘this’ long, I should have ‘this’ KDR.” So if I don’t get there, I get super stressed out. (And it’s hard when it’s not totally in your control – eg. other players, connection issues, playing on new DLC maps, etc.)

      • myssternassty

        what i think would be a great feature in future MP titles is the option to make ur stats private/public, kind of like facebook or social media sites. Give the choice to the player weather he wants people (friends/private/no one) to his his stats. I would keep mine public cuz it makes me play better, and i think without stats it would be pointless really. not just in video games but think about sports with no stats…whats the point. Im not saying video games r a sport by ANY means but anything competitive NEEDS scores and stats or it wouldnt be as fun. but anyway it would be a cool option, i think A TON more people would actually play the obj instead of head glitching a barrel a FOOTBALL FIELD AWAY <—-A**HOLES that should STICK TO TDM

        • Private stats are a neat idea. And I agree that something has to be there to keep things competitive. I guess it’d be best to let us choose, however.

      • See think about it. Racing games like NFS Most wanted use there leaderboards and stat tracker in a competitive and fun way which makes the player want to beat his/her friend at certain things. And BF3 doesn’t focus on K/D a lot. Instead they focus on kills with weapons, Ribbons you earn through objective play or “killstreaks”, and other things you do in the game. Its just CoD has always given that vibe of “watch your kd, watch your kd.” Never “Just go shot shit for the hell of it.”

      • OllieRes81

        i think the answer, is to have krd in some game types but not all, what i mean is objective based game types such a conquest, rush (im a bf3/cod player btw) or domination, your kdr shouldn’t register however you still score for kill’s but the krd is not shown and the learderboard is based on your overall score. this would encourage players to go for the objective, assist team mates and play as a squad. however if players do want kdr then they should play the game types which suite this kind of play, free4all, squad deathmatch etc. I think this would let players choose what kind of game they wish to get involved with. Keeping all your lone wolfs/runner and gunners and squad players on the relevant servers.

      • OllieRes81

        i think the answer, is to have krd in some game types but not all, what i mean is objective based game types such a conquest, rush (im a bf3/cod player btw) or domination, your kdr shouldn’t register however you still score for kill’s but the krd is not shown and the learderboard is based on your overall score. this would encourage players to go for the objective, assist team mates and play as a squad. however if players do want kdr then they should play the game types which suite this kind of play, free4all, squad deathmatch etc. I think this would let players choose what kind of game they wish to get involved with. Keeping all your lone wolfs/runner and gunners and squad players on the relevant servers.

      • Sensou-Ookami

        K/D is that fly buzzing around our head when we play this game. 🙁

    • sgt_mofo

      On one hand, I like the competition it fosters. On the other hand, I don’t like how crazy stats make people. Halo 2 was probably the craziest love/hate relationship I’ve had with the community. Team Objective and Team Doubles were an absolute blast when matchmaking paired you up with an evenly matched opponent. I was playing Halo 2 well after I purchased my Xbox 360. However, before Bungie could effectively wield the banhammer after some patches, the rampancy of cheating and petty behavior took over. One day you’d be having a nice competitive match only to follow it up with a team that super-jumps and has the one-hit kill DMR (courtesy of a modded file on their hard drive). One day you could be ranking up with your clan only to have a random clan pull host and start using the standby switch to essentially pause the game while the host goes around and kills everyone. All for what? A 50 next to your name? I remember XBL accounts going online for $100 JUST FOR A NUMBER! No extra perks, unlocks, or rewards were granted for having LVL 50. Just the distinction of having a number next to the gamertag that the owner didn’t earn. People use to call up Xbox customer support and dupe them into recovering someone else’s level 50 account on to their Xbox.

      Committing fraud…for a number? Executing a DDoS attack on a guy just for being good? It defies the point of playing games. Having fun while playing is the most important part. Being good, the best, etc. is just gravy on top.

      • Logan Wallmow

        Oh the joys of the new evolving cheaters..I went through it all too. It’s one thing to mod on local or on campaign on GTA but to do it to earn a rank that you don’t deserve..Makes me sick.

    • SPM should be the only stat available to see to other players. That way people won’t try to impress others with their high KD.

      • EcHo84

        SPM stopped mattering in FPS games ever since unlocks, challenges and achievements gave points out. It inflates the SPM which should be only tracking kills, assists, caps, defends. Basically only things pertaining to the game type you’re playing should effect SPM. BF3 does this horribly to my knowledge. Don’t know if COD bunches all of the above or separates them in order to give a true SPM.

        • Are you sure? BF3 counts unlocks in your SPM? I figured it just took your in-game, actual score. Not your after-match score including awards, unlocks and service stars. Hope not :S

          • SubXero

            Ribbons and Medals do count towards your SPM. SPM is easily skewed as well if you play the larger maps and even more so if you play on console.

    • I agree with you here for the most part but I do like seeing weapon stats but only for level ranking and not to compare to other people. At the very least we should have the right to keep our stats private from others view

    • randomguyonline

      finding boosters

  • JustinD

    As much as I hate call of duty, if this guy was legit that’s just jealous bullshit if you ask me. Should’ve asked for help from anonymous first.

  • Korflock

    I don’t understand what DDOSing is.

    • Basically they are attacking by sending data to his xbox flooding his traffic. The fact that they were able to get his information to do this is a bit concerning. It shows some information that should not be public is being accessed

      • Commando

        It doesn’t show anything. If these guys are able to DDoS someone they are savvy with a computer and most likely know how to get even private information.

        • JK Monroe

          If they can get such private information then there’s a problem with XboxLive’s security measures.

          To think people are actually paying money for XboxLive.

          Wow. Just wow.

          • FuriousBoutHax

            They’ve have been doing this for years, (PC gaming especially) it’s nothing new. Something like this happened to me on Saints Row, the first one once I got all platinum chains and high in the leader boards, I couldn’t do anything about it till I changed my name and IP address. I logged back on with the alterations and everything I had was gone People are naturally envious they can’t get to the top themselves. It’s even easier on a PC to DDOS, that’s why I switched too a console, not like it matters..

    • Niosus

      Imagine someone poking you (real life between the ribs, not a FB poke 😉 ). That’s annoying, but you can handle it. Now a DDOS as if hundreds of people start poking you at the same time. It would be pretty hard to get anything done and most people would just lie down and curl up.

      For the PC it’s not a poke but a connection. During a DDOS thousands or even tens of thousands connections are made per second. These aren’t your regular connections but instead they’re designed to cause as much load as possible. The result is that your PC grinds to a halt. Or in this case, the Xbox or the router in front of it. That’s the DOS part, “denial of service”. The first D stands for distributed which basically means that the attack isn’t coming from a single location but many. This makes it very hard to block the attack because it is literally coming from all over the place.

  • Dan

    Top ranked but probably still an average skilled gamer.

  • HBK

    Aren’t the leaderboards all messed up anyway? Are they based on SPM or raw score?

  • JK Monroe

    I don’t get it.

    In order to DDOS someone you need to know the person’s IP address. Last I checked XboxLive doesn’t reveal that info. So how did these guys get Retrominano’s IP info?
    Unless this has to do with some security hole in XboxLive.

    I’m on PS3 and I’ve never heard of such DDOS attacks on anyone from PSN.

    • SubXero

      He very well could be part of a “less than reputable” website.

    • There is a way to figure it out. I’ve seen many people in GB get attacked in the same fashion.

    • Logan Wallmow

      They use packet sniffing programs which obtain I.P addresses. I know, because I played a lot of halo 3 and that’s all kids would do..

  • I feel like the core of any game is the challenge of trying to be the best. This proves that few are still interested in the challenge and will do anything to eliminate the challenge from the games.

  • PertAndPopular

    I feel bad for anyone who’s “# 1” in such a horrible game. The first Black ops is fun though! You actually aim down the sights without the frame rate dropping…crazy huh? How could treyarch ruin Black ops 2 so bad?

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  • pete

    Wtf is this news???

    who ever retronimo is he probably deserved this

    we all have problems with this game, nothing newsworthy man!!

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  • he’s playing on xbox….noob

  • I think its kinda ridiculous how people can remotely reset you BO2 stats, even if it is done by hackers.It just shows that Treyarch Realy have no security for players, only security for there side of their system.I won`t be suprised if Treyarch didn`t ban these hackers, after all they must have black ops 2 to reset his stats, surely?If you guys dont know hat i`m talking about, look at COD4,WAW,and partially MW2. They all suffer from Hackers and modders who spoil the game, and yet Treyarch and Infinity Ward cant provide simple In-Game support for players.

  • the specialistn

    if he says he was number one then i believe him.those people that do such things must be punished.from those that do such things to the ones that ruin a single match with trolling and killing you all the time( when they are in the same team with you)

  • kida

    This is sad really, but at least they can’t make him reset his skill

  • TehEpicKid

    You used Mine and ThatDuos reddit post 😀 (I’m TehEpicKid, i helped with the post and posted some pictures 😛 )

  • xxmagierwuestexx

    I know many of these ddos techniques and best defense is to use a VPN, i told him and every body here today! more information on skype: xxmagierwuestexx

  • All i came here to say proudly is, Battlefield FTW!

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  • H’m

    I like stats in bf3 but maybe local… Personal only, just no online stats for the world to see !?!?!

  • So pathetic. And the Xbox community wonders why it has such a bad reputation.

  • John

    It’s BS how easy it is to get someone’s IP on Xbox, although I don’t know how to do it, I know that a lot of people do. And for people to be able to do this sh*t, it’s stupid and outright childish! I hope one day that IP’s become more private and hard to find on the new consoles!

  • Cristobal

    Brice Paradise is the one who booted him.

  • I was ranked 34th on MW3 on PS3 and I didn’t receive much hate. people cant join your session if they aint on your list, and I made my privacy settings so only i could add people. sure you get people in lobbies from time to time that say shit but just leave. I bet if this guy was on PS3 he wouldn’t have received so much hate from people.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    They should really just take out K/D, I could play Battlefield 3 more for the objective not my K/D and so did my team, I could really more on my team that way, and SPM should be the only thing that shows. I love leveling my guns though, unlocking special accessories and stuff, just makes it more rewarding. I am upset with how little reward you get by being involved in a clan in this game, MW3’s clan rewards and activities are so more and better. It is like Black Ops 2 put it in there, but doesn’t really care about it.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      K/D makes this game frustrating because it gets to you and everyone else who plays this game, thus removing a lot of team work focus, aka PTFO. I try my hardest to play Dom these days, but most of my team seems to not care cause they are worried about there K/D. I really only worry about it in TDM or FFA.

  • killereuanxd

    I’d kick the crap into DDoSers. They’re gonna be screwed. Give ’em a taste of they’re own medicine and DDoS them instead. See how they like it, they deserve it the most.

    Poor guy… I support you Retrominano. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll get back to the top with no haters in no time. 🙂

  • yobro

    omfg this guy is simply the best player on BO2 and he is just getting harrast by someone when they should be saying well done whats wrong with the world

  • Perez

    That sucks off that was me I would be pissed off and find them till they stop and break every computer and console they had for good

  • i hope you never get harrasted playing

  • NZLunknown

    Agree with the leader board stuff I am reading about, and lets be honest it is good for the serious “hardcore’ gamers.
    But why can’t there be a fun non leader board type of option as well?
    Put this into consideration, make the standard game for the standard player who don’t care about stats, and have that option un-leader boarded so to speak.
    And here is the great part keep league play for the serious ‘hardcore’ gamers to have stats and ‘try-hard’ accounts, that is what it is there for right…?

  • poor dude busted his ass to get there and because of stupid boosters he fell under suspicion and because of jealous haters making his life miserable he had to do that i think thats wrong

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  • JR480

    i’ve hade a friend whose been hacked multiple times because he was good at the game, seriously, its amazing how you can be good at a game but not even enjoy it because of jealous pricks out there.

  • dickie bell

    considering xbox live is a paid service where was the support from microsoft ?

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  • joel ndez

    that is the biggest bullshit who the hell ddos the most badass player in theWORLD i so support this guy fuck those ddosers

  • joel ndez

    srry for my language

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  • DF

    I say kill everyone that takes games too serious. problem solved.

  • I think that them kats didn’t have enough skill to actually beat the guy so they resulted to going bitch mode and ddosed the poor fella

  • why he not just get a new xbox so new ip

  • This suck and I know it because I myself have been harass by players. They send me mean messages and some have even hack my profile. Someone recently hack me and reset my gamerscore to ZERO. They even name my Zone CHEATER, who wants to play online when you’re constanly told that you are a cheater or hacker when you’re not.

  • tonya petersnich

    maybe they just are mad that treyArch has falsly advertised features on the wiiu. until which time the xbox and ps3 will be attacked.

  • Yorgos Vassiliades

    Well off course people get hate for it, because they are the best and if you are the best everyone usually thinks your boosting or cheating but…
    A leadeboard is good for a game because when you get everything like prestige master and stuff the game wants you to play till you be a high rank and everyone knows you and then people stay on the game and they buy new map packs and stuff

  • Jason Alatorre

    Well it’s true good players get hate but to ddos someone because of there rank…’s probably a high ranking players that is having a buddy or hired someone to do it….that in itself is the low even lower then a lag switcher,if you want to be the best in the world then(oh wait a bad word is coming up) WORK for it!!! (I know know I am gonna get hate for I said the 4 letter W word) honestly and you might get somewhere not at a snap of your fingers. And whoever was ddosing the guy 4 word GROW UP F?!$ TARD! And play the game it was meant to be. And if you can’t take the heat get out of kitchen

  • Skulk crus

    On black ops 2 ps3 I have suffered has he has I can completely understand the reason of reseting

    • Skulk crus

      Retrominano I respect you as many people such as myself has suffered I have actually got banned by hackers Retrominano I am sorry you had to suffer this hopefully this all goes away soon.


    He Should Get His Rank Back For His Bravery And For What Had Done Just To live In Peace I Mean What Are Those MOFO’S Gonna Do DDOS Everyone Until They Are #1 TreyArch I Hope You Are Happy For NOT HELPING THIS RAD PERSON IN NEED He Was Your Best And You Just Push Him Aside I Dont Give A Fuck You Better Give It Back To Him Or Else People Aren’t Gonna Buy Your Stuff Anymore If They Think They Will Be Harrassed And DDOS’ED They Want To Hve The Safety That If They Are Being Harrassed They Can Have Something Else Done About

  • Gathug

    This DDoS attacks are probably made by the number 2 3 4 and 5.