Treyarch Releases Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Title Update 2 on PC

Treyarch has updated the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Upon logging in, players will be treated to Title Update 2 for Black Ops 2 on the PC. Note that this does not look like the PC patch that earlier promised an increase in FOV (up to 90).

Check out the updates note below:

Title Update 2

  • Server connectivity improvements
  • Fix for transmission errors during League Play
  • Fix: crashing when running with no Audio device
  • Fix: error when going into the sound options menu with no sound device
  • Make sure laptops with both integrated and Nvidia GPUs always switch to the Nvidia GPU. This will fix bad performance, ability to join matches, and possible crashes
  • Multi GPU performance improvements
  • Livestreaming improvements
  • Fixed freeze if the player tries to change graphics options after rendering a movie or live streaming
  • Speed up going into Options menu in some cases
  • Fix: Various additional errors, crashes, and other compatibility issues

Source: Call of Duty Forums.

  • jonchr2

    any on when consoles gets patch?

    • if its anything like Bf3’s patching…..the next DLC 😀

      • Nahh, should be a lot quicker!! Treyarch releases smaller pacthes quicker and Dice releases larger patches every couple months

  • gtabird

    Thats what bothers me most about BF3. You only get patches along side DLC. That and Dice seems
    to always fix 3 things but break 2 things in each patch. I gave up on BF3 when they broke the SA-18 Igla
    and FM-92 Stinger in the same update they fixed the ECM and aircraft AA.

    But it wasnt a bad thing for me. I decided to try COD online play and as im adjusting to it slowly,
    im really beginning to like it. Im getting killed in BO 2 but im having fun.

    • When Dice release patches it’s atleast 100 fixes. Ofc there will be some problems then and it takes longer to release a patch that big.

    • What is wrong with the sa-18 igla?? I still get takin down by it whe I am in the air adn I dont get in the air often and I have taken down aircraft with ease and I rarely use it.

    • only a fool will leave BF3 and adjusting to COD, i guess you really BlackCocks 2

  • He said the 90 FoV patch is in the next update.

  • The only thing I’ve really noticed is that League Play matchmaking is really slow going, and I hate to be the one to kinda expose it, but the truth is there’s only 300 people in League Play max, at any one time. There’s just not enough people to fill up these brackets and leagues and ensure you’re only playing against people with the same skill. The basic matchmaking issues for leagues are a lot smoother now, but I don’t think it’s something patching can fix.

    Other than that, this is the best CoD on PC in a long time. There’s even a lot of little things that seem made for the PC version, like little “x” buttons in the top right corner of Pick 10 slots so you can remove equipment easily. Sometimes the match loads instantly from the lobby. Treyarch really did a great job on this one.

    • ya true, nobody plays leuges matchmaking for a fkn reason, the killstreaks are enabled still rofl treyarch are so retarted, is a pc a dam console for noobs?? like i dont hear anyone bitch about the killstreaks in any cods on console because there fkn noobs

  • noname

    I have nott ried it yet after the patch, I hope it didn’t actually screw it up because I had ZERO issues with Black Ops 2 on my PC.

    • VolG

      after patching the game it often freezes when I try to load a vid with the cinema or creating a class, now it crashed too…

  • louisc

    where can I download this patch? thx in advance

  • CoD Pissed off

    This sound like bull****. There is no update like this.