Twisted Metal Delayed In Europe

It was reported last month that Twisted Metal would release in Europe February 17th, just three days after the US release. According to Jaffe, this has now changed.

According to David Jaffe and Other Twisted Metal Developers, the game has now been delayed until March 1st. This is due to localization issues. Along with this, the EU version will be seeing cuts, which isn’t by choice. Content that is too “graphical” will be omitted out of the EU version of the game.

This was all confirmed on a live developer chat hosted by Sonyrumors.

  • WHAT !!!?
    i cant wait for more then that
    and it well be cut ?

    • jimmy lara

      March 1st for EU Feb 14th for USA

  • Anonymous

    guess i am gonna import.. damn it!!!

  • Kaiser

    I jope youre not gonna destroy it like twisted metal black or i wont  buy it