Twisted Metal – No Move or 3D Support, PS Vita Version Not Planned, and Co-op Story Local Only

Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe debunks some rumors, talks PS Vita, and more.

A picture of a Twisted Metal Kiosk/Display has been roaming around the internet. This image suggests that there will be Move support in TM; however, Jaffe has confirmed that the image is misleading and that it will support neither or those. In regards to 3D, the team behind Twisted Metal would have liked to support it according to Jaffe, but he goes on to say that there was not enough time or members of the team to get it done. Although there will be tons of online modes including co-op, there will not be online story co-op, which some may have hoped for.

He then goes on to speak about the success of the game, and how it will impact the future support for Twisted Metal. If the game sells well enough, then they will start developing new content for the game. However, at the moment there is nothing planned for DLC. In terms of sales, David hope that it reaches great numbers of 1 -2 millions for full retail price. This is most likely over the course of a lifetime and not at launch. He also goes on to say that in order to be profitable or break even the game must sell at least 2 times that of Twisted Metal Black. Further, Jaffe stated that if the game is a big hitter, then he could imagine Sony allowing a PS Vita version of the game, though it’s not planned.

The team has been working hard on Twisted Metal over the past few years. They are hoping that this is the best Twisted Metal game to have ever released in both the Story and Multiplayer section of the game. They stated that the Single player is probably the best one yet of the Twisted Metal series, though if your someone who’s just going for the Single Player David suggest that you rent the game rather then buy, because the game is heavy focused on Multiplayer. David Jaffe has also confirmed that this will be his last Combat Racing game in a very long time, suggesting that he is “outta gas”.

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  • A little disappointed to hear there will be no online story co-op, but I’m elated to see that a developer is actually including OFFLINE co-op. It annoys the hell outta me when a game forces me to stay home and play online, when I’d much rather go outside (GASP! lol) and walk a few blocks to my friend’s house and play the game with him there.

    I’m pumped for the game regardless. TM2 was one of the first videogames I ever played, February 14th can’t come fast enough!

    • Jimmy

      I wish more games had offline co-op. I like having company over from time to time, but it’s a bummer knowing that almost my whole library consist nothing more of single player or no split-screen whatsoever. There will be Online co-op just to clarify that along with online split-screen, but none of it related to story online, unless they mean mission based ones, which are different.

  • Jimmy

    This looks more and more like the rental that Jaffe suggests.

    • Jimmy Lara

      You are not me – _ –

      • Peterparker

        You are not me either -_-

        • Jimmy

          Game looks good

    • Zed

      What kind of dev suggests you rent the game? Doesn’t that lose them money? Or are they commissioned per-rental somehow?

  • Red

    Is it just me, or does anyone else not give a monkeys about this game? It seems to have been talked about for decades now. Just get the thing out and shut up Jaffe.

    • Anonymous

      Must be just you.

  • Goldeneye

     good luck with your 2 million and 2 x the sales of black-  –  remember ps2 has sold 150 million plus ,   

     ps3 only sold 1/4th of that -59.5 million  

  • Guest

    Nobody in their right mind will buy this.

    • Zed

      It ended up being a fantastic game. I don’t regret my purchase one bit.