Uncharted 3 – Double XP Weekend, Patch 1.17 Due At the End Of This Month Along With “Big News”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any reports on Uncharted 3’s multiplayer; we thought that we would get back on it by notifying you all that Naughty Dog will be hosting a double XP event this weekend (2/15 – 2/17). For those who haven’t reached the highest rank yet, now is your chance to do it.

Along with this news, the message of the day that’s displayed in Uncharted 3 has come out to confirm that Patch 1.17 is due later this month. Besides adding Labs that can be viewed per week available, nothing else is known about the patch.

Also, the big news that Naughty Dog has said that they would reveal has been delayed, sadly. However, it will be shown off later this month.

  • This month is full of BIG NEWS !! SO EXITED

  • This month is full of BIG NEWS !! SO EXITED !!

  • inFamous2-VIC

    They need to patch matchmaking. Lol, sitting waiting for a match for 5 minutes isn’t good ya know.

    • that could actually be happening to you for a number of reason
      the two obvious ones are.
      1. is your NAT type OPEN?
      2. how many players are still playing the game.

      • inFamous2-VIC

        Yep, my NAT is open, and I just might think it is your second reason.

        • I join severs no problem

        • whats you country?

          • inFamous2-VIC

            U.S. Of course, Texas.

            • are you playing a less popular game mode?? check and make sure you don’t have you matchmaking set to “local only” I cant remember if Uncharted 3 has this feature or not so this might be irrelevant lol

            • inFamous2-VIC

              I’ll check it out.

            • hmm well idk XD maybe you just played on a bad day

  • wait that is this month i thought it was last month and i missed it XD

  • Anderson

    It’s a lovely game.
    Just wish they nerfed explosives in general.
    Sometimes i see more people using explosives than guns in general,god,even melee combat is more prevalent than gunfire.

  • overrated much?

    lol what a failure of a game. i love how it got so many awards and 10/10 reviews yet its just a traditional 3rd person shooter that doesnt break any ground. talk about overrated. play bf3 instead. i know u uncharted kiddies will get mad at me, but admit the facts: not only does bf3 have good graphics but it also has HUGE maps (look at firestorm) and destruction and vehicles. every match is dynamic, and the campaign is extremely realistic and well made too. the only thing uncharted 3 has over bf3 is that the campaign is a little longer, but ill take a slightly shorter campaign over bad graphics and an engine thats completely inferior to frostbite 2.

    can’t wait for bf4!!!!

    • Azza

      Your comparing an action adventure, third person game to a fps. Thats like comparing skylanders to gran turismo 5. Derp.

    • Uncharted 3 in no way is a “FAILURE” The game has stunning visual, great story and gameplay! Please don’t compare BF3 to Uncharted..They are to different and you obviously will hate on anything that isn’t BF3. I love BF3 as well but I’m not going to hate on other game just because it isn’t Battlefield

    • “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Now cue the childish insults.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Dude just shutup will you….
      and lol if Uncharted 3’s graphics were inferior then how the hell did it practically every graphics award in 2011, answer that one dick-head…

    • “i love how it got so many awards and 10/10 reviews yet its just a traditional 3rd person shooter that doesnt break any ground. ” oh and what did BF3 bring new to the FPS scene? hmm??

    • mxpxboy

      You’re right. I love playing BF3! It’s awesome running across the almost
      playerless map for what seems like MILES, getting stopped in my tracks by the smallest rocks or corners of steps, then getting sniped and having to
      start all over. LOVE IT!

      • another fishie bites

        lol another uncharted fangirl getting mad because i post the truth. and ur clearly playing bf3 wrong if you have to run miles get in a tank and cap flags you scrub. thanks for proving my point about how bf3 is on a way different level than uncharted

        • srly man?

          WTF? man this just exlusive game for ps3 O.o

    • Pub balanced

      Bf3 is a casual balanced shooter that requires little skill or teamwork after all the patching. Quit D riding

    • jj16802

      It’s idiots like you that make me ashamed to be a BF fan sometimes. You’re just as worse as those annoying COD fanboys.

      Uncharted has slightly better graphics compared to BF3 on PS3 because they know how to use the hardware. BF3 still has annoying texture pop issues since it’s running on a console, and because of its large maps.

      And also, why the hell are you even comparing a first party developed third person shooter to a third party developed first person shooter? It’s the same as comparing apples to bananas. While you sit in front of your computer and make fun of other games, I’ll play both games any day.

      • lol nope

        we’re nothing like cod fangirls. cod fangirls are just 12-year olds in denial because they know that their game is crap compared to bf3. the only thing cod has over bf3 is 60 fps, too bad thats gonna be over once bf4 comes out next gen. bf3 fans actually use facts instead of lies, such as the facts im stating now. ive said the truth, its up to u guys to accept it or not

        • Console BF3 is crap, Console COD is meh. PC BF3 though…

        • jj16802

          This post reminds me of an idiot named IntelligentCODFanboy.

          Seriously, we get it that BF3 is a great game and COD is garbage. Do we need constant reminder of this? Nope. Do we need to diss other games that aren’t BF? Nope. Do we need to keep posting comments on the internet instead of actually playing the games? Hell no!

          Do not let the BF community turn into what the COD community is today! We are better than this!

          • BF3 > COD and Uncharted

            BF3 players aare already better than cod kiddies. cod kiddies are immature and think theyr crappy childrens toy is good. too bad the only thing good is the 60 fps. THATS IT! BF3 players speak the truth, in that bf3 has incredible graphics, destruction, big maps, and vehicles. sure, cod children can play their daycare toy game, but its just their opinion. bf3 players however speak facts and nothing more. so dont equate us bf3 men with cod fangirls, because we speak the truth unlike those losers

            • jj16802

              Most are better, but not you. You act like a COD fanboy just now just by dissing other games.

              But then again, your opinion is flawed. Sure those features are good, but not every game needs to be like Battlefield. That’s what makes Uncharted a good game, since it’s unique. I keep an open mind, which allows me to be interested in other shooters to see what makes them different. Honestly, I can’t see myself play BF all the time, and a little variety helps from time to time.

              Now do the BF community a favor and stop disgracing us with your comments. Like I said, you are just the same thing as a COD fanboy.

        • dieger

          “we’re nothing like cod fangirls.” nope your actually worse you go to COD stories and yell “BF is so much better blah blah blah”

    • Kay slay

      are you high? a traditional 3rd person shooter? Its clear you play shit 3rd person titles. With the power of Sony Cell processor make this game look amazing. I’m not hating on BF3 have over 10 thousand hours, but these game cant be compared. BF made for a 1000$ PC, as uncharted runs off the stunning visual graphic power of the Cell. Have to get your facts straight, and learn about the gaming market and whats looks slightly better than something besides being an band wagon


    Uncharted 3 needs to clean up its act by getting to grips with the total Lag that is in the game, players moving around as though they are on roller blades, also players who can roll over an exploding grenade? IMPOSSIBLE, Mexican and Arabs and the French are the worst culprits for Lag and cheats,(dead man Glitchers)……..