This Unsolved Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Goes Deep, Battlefield Yeti Discovered

The Battlefield 4 community is getting deep into a seemingly unsolvable easter egg related to the recently launched Naval Strike DLC, and possibly the mysterious Phantom Trainee assignment.

Battlefield 4 YouTube personality JackFrags has a nice summary of what secrets Naval Strike holds, though it doesn’t seem like the hints and clues are leading to anything in particular just yet. Here’s what the community has come up with so far.

As for something a little more clear cut, here’s a pretty neat Battlefield 4 easter egg originally discovered by “szu1985” on the map Golmud Railway. Bet you didn’t know a Yeti lives here.

Battlefield 4 Yeti Easter Egg

Both DannyOnPC and LachianCotter have a couple of Reddit threads worth checking out as well where some of these easter eggs are being tracked. Check them out below:

Are you joining the hunt?

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is now out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 with the Xbox One and PC versions being delayed until early April.

  • KennyKyle


  • FoSho

    Cannot wait till Titanfall 2 comes out for pS4. Gonna leave Laggafield for good. Probably sooner when Destiny and Evolve drops.

    • TriPpKinGs

      I’m pretty sure Microsoft won’t let that happen…

      • Raymond Featherston

        Well unless a contract is in place that guarantees that any sequel will be MS exclusive they have no control over it. MS can shove money at Respawn, but Respawn really is the one that controls this. MS can’t “not let it happen”, in the end it is Respawn’s choice as I stated.

        • dpg70

          EA controls it and I seriously doubt EA is going to miss out on the PS4 market next time around.

          • Raymond Featherston

            That is what I meant, thanks for the correction.

    • Timothy David Medric

      Don’t feed the Trolls kids.

    • Aria68

      Even Titanfall 20 will not have the same level of epicness and gameplay variation in Battlefield. No game does Bioootch!!!

      • MeisseN

        Such a pity disqus hid the dislike count..

      • matt671

        it called Arma 2 you should try it makes BF look small

      • roland0811

        Frontlines: Fuel of War did Battlefield on console better than Battlefield did back in ’08.

        • I wonder who has that IP now? Microsoft? Ubisoft?

          • roland0811

            Me too. I’d love to see it return. Homefront was kinda ok but not nearly as good or as epic as Frontlines.

      • Hatriot

        Hhaha…new to Battlefield kid? The maps are such a joke that they had to remove airstrips and you spawn in jets ALREADY FLYING? What a total embarrassment to DICE. Catering to the ADD, instant gratification man children. Go see El Ala-mien 1942 map or Arma3’s huge island. No comparison. BF4 is just another COD wannabe unfortunately.

        • Paul Thomas

          In DICE’s defense the way you spawn into jets is likely to prevent jet stealing.

          • Jet Stealing and prevent enemy air vehicles from camping AMD destroying yours.

    • cozomel

      What lag? i dont get anymore lag on bf4 than i do on any other game. Sure it was bad before, but its been fixed up for me, so you might wanna look at your connection. Also, are you f*cking serious!? BF4 sh*ts all over TearyFall in every department.

    • extreme_name

      Titanfall is overrated :/

    • downvoteforyou

      Downvote. Titanfall is a pretty generic boring game.

  • This is so mysterious .. can’t seem to be solved soon

  • FoSho

    no ur not mr1 i paid damn gd money for that!!!!!!!

  • Just saying

    Instead of wasting time on this, FIX THE GAME DICE. I still wanna convince myself that I paid $110 for a worthy game but what I’m seeing here isn’t helping at all.

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  • jj16802

    A random thought just appeared in my head…. what if this Phantom program is a tie in to Mirrors Edge 2?

  • Jason Lane

    They are 18 comments so far. Out of those 18, only 2 have anything to do with the article. You guys could be having a discussion on what appears to me as something really cool. In other words get over it, video games sometime suck. Shit happens. It’s called life. You aren’t owed anything. Don’t like it, don’t buy it! And no, I’m not having a bad day.

  • mechcell
  • TriPpKinGs

    I honestly STILL can’t get enough of this game. I plan on buying premium today once I get off work. I sold that disgusting game they call ghosts, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s free.

  • Gannon

    This is all pretty cool… but lets just skip the gimmicks and make a good game. I miss the more realistic feel of BF3.

  • Michael D. Harrison

    The website that the locker points you to there is a water bottle on the ground that has OOS on the side. That is abbreviation for out of sight. Then they show the radar array under water. I believe the secret is there.

    • Michael Gwynn

      I agree, also a re breather or scuba gear could be what is rewarded of the phantom program, if I recall correctly the original book that jackfrags discussed had to do with diving as well? Just a thought

  • hK_Rusher

    Kevinsimpson1942 is a developer for dice. Maybe the antenna that you mentioned maybe a landmark within the map which is clued by the picture, and its within a certain radius of 500 meters. I agree with JackFrags on this. This is the best lead on the phantom trainee easter egg

  • VenomViper74

    Why DICE why?! They made their riddles so complicated!

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  • Chris Starnes
    check out how to trigger the yeti on golmud railway