Upcoming Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3 Tournaments to Look Out For

Need to scratch your competitive itch? Check out these two upcoming tournaments featuring today’s top shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3

Battle Bowl I – Urgent Fury vs FraggedNation

First up, Urgent Fury and FraggedNation are holding the first ever “Battle Bowl.” Sponsered by Elgato Game Capture HD, the Battle Bowl is a “series of tournaments where the top teams from each community will battle for the Championship Title on various multiplayer games.” Battle Bowl I’s line up includes Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the PlayStation 3. Two teams of four will battle it out in an open ladder on both FraggedNation and Urgent Fury starting the 1st of February until the 27th. The top eight teams from each community will move on to the championship bracket on March 2nd and 3rd. The winners take home an Elgato Game Capture HD device for all four members of the winning team while the Community gets to claim the Battle Bowl Trophy.


Choose your community, set up your teams, and visit either Urgent Fury or FraggedNation for rules and more details. The Championship will be streamed with live commentary on Urgent Fury’s Twitch TV.

Kelevra Close Quarters Challenge

Meanwhile, Battlefield 3 fans can look forward to Kelevra’s “Close Quarters Challenge” on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Hosted by FraggedNation, combatants can sign up with in a 5v5, Conquest Domination tournament based on Battlefield 3’s Close Quarters expansion pack. The top three teams will go home with great prizes from sponsors like GamerModzTTeSportsSquidGrip and 4Processing.

Sign ups on FraggedNations are coming soon. Meanwhile, those interested must sign up for the maling list at KelevraChallenge.com for more details. You can also follow Kelevra Gaming on Twitter.

  • VeyronSky
  • JN

    Looks interesting might just have to give it a shot

  • Close Quarters ( WOW )

    Conquest Domination tournament for BF3. LOL You mind as well call that one a COD tournament too. If your gonna have a BF3 tournament for god sake have a true BF one not them crappy ass close quarters maps.

    • However, by limiting factors like vehicles, it at least focuses the competition on true weapon handling skill, which I don’t think is a bad thing. If it’s going to be 5v5 (which is easier to organize than 12v12), something “close quarters” would be the way to go.

      • I kindly disagree

        That is true but BF is known for its vehicles also which require skill just as much as guns do. Also having tournaments in true BF Conquest modes shows how well a team would communicate and work together to capture objectives. Conquest domination is nothing but a bunch of mindless wandering around and one person can capture a objective super fast which kinda makes the whole objective thing obsolete. I just think playing real Conquest would show a team skill much better than close quarters. Showing skills with guns is cool but that is more toward COD style of thinking. BF is about having skill with everything including vehicles and lots of communicating. i do see your point about the managing part though

        • Yeah. Ain’t no denying that a full, real-Conquest competition would be pretty epic. You’d walk away feeling pretty good having won that.

          • You guys are right. A full-out 12v12, vehicle packed conquest tourney would be amazing. Please organize one! 😉

            There are a few reasons that we chose Close Quarters and smaller teams. The primary reason is that it is very difficult to get great prizes for 12-24 winning players. It takes a lot of work to get just 4 or 5 units in many cases, and we want to bring you prized events. Also, matches with teams of 4-5 tend to run much, much more smoothly and finish out much more quickly.

            Keep your ears to the ground, mate. Sign up for the mailing list. We have some things coming you’ll be more interested in. 🙂

            • Squad Rush.

            • Soldier

              How about you make 5v5 Conquest tournament on infantry based maps like the several ones that were held on the PC for large sums of money (not that you have to match their prizes or anything)?

  • We are looking forward to the Battle Bowl… its going to be interesting to see who brings home the first trophy, FraggedNation or our community Urgent Fury.

  • mechcell

    i need a team for bf3

  • I might join the BF3 one with 4 friends, all Colonel 100’s with 3+ KDs

    • Gordon Ramsey

      How many assault service stars do you guys got. Sorry to be sarcastic.

  • I need moar epilepsic dubstep trailer. #NOT

  • DBLDeathDealer

    Nice, see that we have some hardcore BF3 players that want a 12v12 event. Don’t worry, it is coming. 😉

  • Threadz

    Where’s BF3’s 1.6M tournament from Virgin Gaming? Was that all a lie?

  • BF3 CQ seems a waste. At a minimum, if you want to limit team size, then go with Squad Rush or Rush with limited team sizes, but 5v5 Close Quarters certainly won’t get my attention.

  • if they want an infantry maps there is metro or bazaar

  • merlin

    BF3 Close quarters is a joke Have you actually played the game at a competive level. CQ maps are usually 3v3 otherwise they become a spam fest with no skill. Best off for 5v5 is Grand Bazzar, siene, damavand peak, and terhan highway and dare i say it metro. They are used in all pro tournaments and show weapon skill at both short and long range. Is this an american tournament btw?