Upcoming Black Ops 2 Patch Will Fix Theater Mode Error, Escort Drone and Dragonfire Glitches and More

We’ve got a few hints at what sort of fixes we can look forward to in the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 update.

Responding to concerns on Twitter, Game Design Director David Vonderhaar lets fans know what’s been fixed in the next update, and what is still being looked into.

First, Vonderhaar mentioned the patch “should be Tuesday,” though it’s still uncertain. Luckily, however, it will fix a few of these errors and glitches a number of player have been experiencing.

  • Theater Mode “UI error 226117.”
  • Escort Drone glitch (Attacks owner while under the map.)
  • Dragonfire glitch. (Won’t deploy.)
  • FHJ-18 AA not levelling up properly. (EDIT: Already fixed in previous update.)

What is still in research, however, is the bouncing Care Package glitch. A number of players who’ve called in a Care Package Scorestreak have reported it immediately bouncing off the map when dropped to the ground. As is stands, it sounds like a fix for this particular error may not make in into the next patch.

This, of course, is not the full list of patch notes. We hope to have it as soon as it’s available, however, so keep your sights on MP1st!

  • Tom

    I just hope they fix the matchmaking. On ps3 it was fine in 1.02. The 1.03 patch made it awful.

  • IKR, For some strange reasons I started to get worse and worse connection to the host since 1.03

  • He said they were fixed in “first update”, the way i read it was thats what was fixed in 1.03.

    One of the tweets asked about the FHJ-18 AA not leveling up, which he replied “fixed in first update”. This was fixed in 1.03

    • rubbish

      Yes, already fixed on PS3. I don’t have Xbox so no idea if they have 1.03 yet…

      • The tweets don’t mention xbox or PS3 (or PC or WiiU!). Has xbox got a patch recently?


    It’s kinda pathetic this being 8-9th call of duty game and yet still every year it has crippling launch issues. What the fuck are they doing with all the money this game makes?


      Seems to be the trend of ALL dev companies lately, release bugged and patch after. BF3 still has issues, MOH:W has issues, sh*t, even Halo had launch issues. I dont see why people are so hard on TreyArch for the same troubles.

      I going to be patient.

      • Chuckz28

        I think he is alluding to the fact that they have made billions off this seriers and even with relatively few changes each year (same core) it still has major issues. High amounts of money and an easier coding should be held to a higher standard that’s all.

      • MWsRAGE_5

        and you people still accept this half ass work from these gaming companies and give them your money. i feel like there needs to be a leader that gathers up gamers all over the world tells them to not buy any game from Ea and Activision just to feed Sony and send them a message that we are tired of their bullshit. but i doubt anyone will do this on a greater scale like i envision because our community is not united nor cares about what they are given, we wont get anywhere and companies will keep making billions

      • It’s Treyarch. It isn’t an Apple product.

        • NR

          Treyarch vs apple? Lol same thing. IPod 1 2 3 4 iPad 1 2 3 4 mini… cod 1-9 or however many is out. They make it we buy it. They profit and repeat not improve.

          • It’s pretty much identical in terms of product releases. Apple releases a stupidly pontless new gadget every year, and Activision releases a pointless new game every year…

    • miDnIghtEr20C

      Crippling launch issues? The last 3 COD’s I’ve played have had no game crippling launch issues. Last one that was major was MW2. The last 3 have been fine.

      • djdjdjdndjeh

        Um I’d say constant crashing so bad you can’t play a single match or campaign mission is a crippling launch issue

    • Joe

      Stop buying the games at launch & your problem will be solved…

    • Alkanida

      good question…i understand that there are millions of people trying to play the game at the same time (and causing most of the problems), but this is nothing new to COD-Devs and therefore it is unacceptable.

    • paddywang

      At the end of the day when they test the game they are mostly all in a small area so there wont be as many faults but now its world wide there will be a couple of bits to sort out


    I hope they get it right.

    Great to see how quick the are with the patches..

  • Battlefield Engineer

    I really hope they fix the mini freezes you get in the various menus and sometimes at the beginning of matches. Incredibly annoying.

  • Fix the “connection interrupted/”Lost connection to host” issue instead… can’t play the fu**ing game!

    • Joe

      If you lose connection to host, it’s because the host dashboarded…

      • In every second or third game? I doubt… It is a bug.

        • Nykan

          It’s not a bug. Joe’s right. It’s when a host dashboards/turns off console.

  • Hopefully the full patch notes include some improved connectivity fixes as well. This is about the only thing driving me really crazy in BO2. – well that and the lighweight/extreme conditioning teleport knifers.

  • codsucks

    Fix the lagg. Also fix smg and quick fire as so over powered even at range. In fact worst cod ever for spawn campers and sprayers.

  • Like a Boss

    Are you guys going to cover the removal of Nuketown 2025 from public games? It freaking sucks! I demand it be reinstated permanently!

  • They still haven’t fixed the “server error” glitch. I still can’t even play online! let alone complain about all of the problems with the game~

  • I would like a sound upgrade. So I can sound whore again. Lol Like what they did with the original black ops.

  • REcory

    Are my mates and me the only who have game crash when an RC-XD is deployed?
    Not always but sometimes.
    And how it is possible that my NAT-type changes during session multiple times? :O

  • Jay

    Hey, we gotta give it to them because battlefield 3 doesn’t release patches but only when their DLC drops. So thumbs up to treyarch

  • FHJ-18 AA still not levelling up for me

  • Bigdorkass

    The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in this franchise. I preorder Black Ops 2 because they promise me Nuketown, I am even looking it the case showing Bonus Map Included. I spend my hard earned money and turned in some of my other beloved titles to buy this game instead of waiting because of Nuketown. I even told my son we would not trade in any of the previous Call of Duty titles because I wanted to keep them all(its called dedication Activision) just to get screwed over on that promise. Now I wish I would have traded in ALL my COD games and just gotten Halo. I will never buy another Activision published COD title ever again. I work too hard for my money just to get shown that their love for the game is all about the dollar. Absolutely no good excuse for this!None!

  • robtor

    My disc freezes at startup, patch didn’t fix crap, and I returned the game to get a new one and same thing, all other games work fine even online….. This game is a piece of crap and I hope my ps3 doesn’t break from all the times I had to reboot it..

  • gunnar style

    please fix enemy footsteps. cant not hear barley at all

  • Joe

    The FHJ has NOT been patched. I’ve shot down 100s of things from UAVs to helicopters to dragfires to AGRs; I only need to shoot down 4 user controlled SSs for gold camo & my FHJ is still at level 1.

  • Update just went live I think

  • thebulky1cometh

    Just accidentally hit myself with EMP grenade and my sound went to gargled shit for remainder of match. I’m on PS3- anyone else experience this?

    • raiz_lifted

      Yea but my sound acted up after i got killed in the beginning of a free for all and didnt stol till i restarted my system

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  • TheTubadMoose

    I dont know what happenned but i the match-making for xbox has gone to hell. I sat in a tdm lobby for at least 5 minutes and the match never started, we would have at least 10 ppl and it wouldnt start “trying to make a balanced team” same crap at 12 ppl. This is outrageous for us to have to deal with this crap. Use the freaking money your making on this game, get of your asses Treyarch/Activision and do your fricking job!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    fix the crashes that break your PS3!!!! duh

  • Carter

    Is anyone having a problem with the Afghan mission on PC? The Asian guy gets stuck on his horse inside of a rock (not allowing me to progress). The horses keep getting stuck inside the ground and the main characters keep disappearing. This is fucking frustrating and I cannot play any further in the game. Where are all the fucking patches for PC. Treyarch, YOU DUN FUCKED UP! You gave us a shitty console port that resulted in a glitchy ass fucktastic game.

  • max

    Please fix the assault rifles there way to weak in black ops 1 they was just fine now there shit

  • doogie

    i have been trying to go live now ever since the game came out and nothing happens..does anyone know when this will be fixed

  • Jonathon Feyereisen

    My ps3 freezes in grief on farm everytime anyone else have this problem?

  • v1zual

    fix the render bug on ps3 that makes rendering video freeze at 90%

  • Gas

    My ps3 cuts off at the mainmenu every time

  • cp993

    i really hope they fix lag comp and hit detection only thing i dont like about this game

  • Kev

    Can’t play at all due to freezing black screen then telling me my disc is corrupted, hard resets will play after awhile then freeze up again.

    • Kev

      My head hurts and now my mw3
      Freezes it has never, bop2
      Better not of messes my ps3 up or yous o me..

  • Game BOSS

    in other words when the games freezes and when people dashboard every1 that payed $60 for supposedly good game is getting screwed over well i wont be buying another call of duty game

  • Skittle

    I can’t even join a game it just keeps me loading in the lobby trying to join potential matches

  • Skittle

    Or it says waiting on 3 more players but I’m the only one in the lobby and when my friends invite me it says I can’t join them

  • I wish they’d sort the fucking lag out, I’m sat with a 4 bar ping, yet on killcam’s it’s showing me as not even firing my gun after I’ve fired 5 or 6 bullets. Like wtf?

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  • PHNX

    “FHJ-18 AA not levelling up properly. (EDIT: Already fixed in previous update.)”

    Thats Wierd, cuz that fucker didn´t lvl up when i played the game a couple of hours ago.

  • PHNX

    Also, That Frog Package glitch is starting to piss me off to no end.

  • Harrison

    How about fixing the latency issues

  • BigH

    they should fix the aim system. been playing cod for 5 years. in every version i have k/d ratio of around 3. Suddenly in this version i can only get 1.4. I experience many times that i’m unable to hit the enemy when ADS.

  • Nick wright

    I lose my classes when I start a match even though in the pre game lobby it shows my classes are there and I’m not getting a match bonus. What’s wrong?

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  • It’s great that they listen to the community, just amazing, really!
    I do hope they fix this shite bug that let’s me only play like 30% of the lobbies I try to join, 70% I get connection interrupted after loading the map, forcing me to wait 5 seconds to get kicked out of the lobby/server or leaving myself every time.
    My friends don’t seem to have had this problem at all but I see Ozimák István also posted about it and went through the same thing, PLEASE fix this, don’t care about the many, many, MANY losses I get because of having to leave every round, I just want to play.

  • z Mr rook z

    I had a really good gameplay on nuketown 2025 and i went to watch it in theater mode but after i hit start film my screen goes black and doesnt do anything. my xbox wont even respond i have to shut it off and on. pleasse help this i dont want this to happen if something amazing happens!!

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  • kjhg

    My entire match won’t record to theater mode

  • Andrew

    There is major problems on pc with aiming, its actually imposssible… I do t know what it is on mw3 its so easy however black ops feels horrible, needs to be fixed or it will remain a shitbox on pc

  • wildcatben
  • foreverK9

    i am not getting the error, but theater does not record full games, only the first 5 minutes. Many clips were left unrecorded because of this

  • capez

    why whenever i try and watch clips on theater may ps3 freezes ? on bo2

  • jamie

    I got a tomahawk across the map and a noscope wallbang and its not in fucking theatre mode

  • thewayitshouldbe

    They don’t even address the important issues, these are all things that your beta should have fixed. The gameplay right now is trash, I would go as far to say that 95% of those who take bo2 moderatly serious use either a shotgun or an smg. How can a game go 2 weeks where you still spawn directly in front of or behind someone, that’s not even including the fact that you spawn 20m away from the hardpoint/headquarters every single time, and almost always spawn behind the other teams spawn vice versa. But wwe need to tend with the highly regulated console kids, sinse all games now days are made for them – it’s all about where the money is at. If games were made like they used to, none of this shit would be a problem – but they can get away with so much bullshit because sheep will always follow. Sheep want to throw flying drones into the air to kill people automatically, they want to do bomb runs on objectives/spawns, they want a company that puts more into advertising then community support.

  • pissed off costumer

    i dont give a shit about bouncing care packages i care about being able to play a fuking game with out it freezing or disconnecting trairck get your fuking priority’s right

  • Violletto

    Whats going on with theater right now? It wont let me watch my edited clips!

  • JORY


    • Trevor

      There’s a prestiege glitch in theater mode so 3arch shut it down until they can fix it.

    • Devlin

      me either, i thought it was just me, it better not lose my previous games, cause i have lots i want to view

      • You can go to the film and hit save film so you won’t have to look for it in the future. Plus theater mode has been shut down because somebody found a hack to get level 55 through theater mode so they shut it down until fixed.



  • Prettyboy

    I have some great ideas for zombies and would really like to put them out there and get them up and rolling

  • Prettyboy

    For a special weapons I was thinking aof a awesome weapon to make 2 to be exact ok how about u know how they have the wonder waffle well it’s going to be something like that but not exactly it would look different but kind of an upgrade it would still have the electric but the gun would spit out a net that traped the zombies about 10 to 15 the most and shock them to death and a gun that was sorta like the ray gun and flame thrower mixed together well it would have a bar that would drain right while using it just like the flamethrower where u would have to let it rebuild but instead of flames it would spit out and beam big beam like a laser that stayed on for about a min or 2 that would just fry them turning them to ash but u could only use for a couple of mins then have to let rebuild back up like the flamethrower yea I got some really neat ideas like and comment if people are interested in more thankyou

    • Prettyboy

      O yea I wanted to call the gun with the net that traps them and shocks them the net gun similar to the thunder gun ray gun but would be called the net gun and it would look sick as fuck

  • Treyarch fix

    I just got diamond for all the specials then for some reason it glitches out and all I have is gold no more diamond after countless hours on the riot shield and crossbow this happens and I’m not playing multiplayer till they fix this crap seriously treyarch the best camo and glitchy as f*** my friends also got diamond shotguns same thing happened I’m MAD.

  • Diego

    My theatre stopped working. Like, it stopped recording for some random reasons my recent games. I’m new to theater so I thought I must delete other gameplays but I don’t know how to! HELP

  • snuggly

    FHJ-18 AA not levelling up properly. (EDIT: Already fixed in previous update.)

    This is not fixed, many people still have the bug, i got it to 60% and its stuck ever since

  • Unknown

    I unlocked gold camo on my Balista without having to do the Skulls camo. I’m not complaining, I’m quite happy with it.

  • jona delaney

    when i try to select a film for playback in theater in selects but it loads forever and never let’s me watch it.

  • dennis

    i cant fking play this fking game keeps kicking me out the game! because of some lame ass dumb update! what the??? plz help!

  • Mike

    Theatre mode hasn’t been working for the past few days and it’s really annoying because I don’t want to lose the gameplays that I want to take clips from

  • MrTCGamingHD

    You cant even deploy a UAV while looking down your sight. what I mean is… this allows you open your UAV and it says UAV Deployed it doesnt come up on the map

  • Darren Costello

    Does any one know when the theater will be fix for loading videos because im trying to join a clan but I cant because the videos wont load FIX FIX FIX FIX IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Tk

    There patching a theatre mode glitch which would level you up to level 55. They said it should be fixed by Tuesday. Oh wait.. *looks at calendar* Anytime now.

  • Hey bro

    Domination flags on ps3 fail when i look up. They go to the left at the bottom of my screen when i look up plz fixxxxxxx

  • jake

    My recent games wont show up and i hit a trick shot -____-

  • REX

    Sometimes my theatre just doesn’t record gameplays smh

  • Anonymous

    Its okay that they fix that but they really need to fix lag compensation and spawns to make the game fair.

  • judy

    why my block ops 2 stopped working while starting the game in OS windows 8 enterprise?

  • judy

    pls help me…tnx

  • Nuklear Assassin

    When i try to save a clip it always freezes. Dont know why.

  • Guest

    Theater mode won’t record all of my kills?!?!? Any help??