Valve Reveals New Game, Name Doesn’t Include Number “3”

Artifact is the name of the title that Valve has just revealed, and it’s a card game based on the Dota universe. Embedded below is the teaser trailer that was showcased during The International Dota 2 Championships livestream. It doesn’t give much away, as it’s essentially just a 34-second video of some colored rocks breaking apart and forming an ARK-esque logo… One thing it does tell us, however, is the targeted release window. “2018” pops up right at the end, just before it fades to black. 

The Artifact experience promises to be different to other card games out there, as it employs “three-lane gameplay,” with some modes allowing players to use five heroes all at once, while powering them up with item cards. 

Brad Muir (Massive Chalice, Iron Brigade, Brazen) confirmed that he’s been working on Artifact “for a while now.”

So another card game is going to enter the arena. Have you got high hopes for it? Or do you think Valve should dedicate developer energy elsewhere?

Source: PC Gamer, Destructoid, Game Informer

  • sircolby45

    A card game….*yawn* Where’s my Portal 3?

    • Mack Ashworth

      Haha, I’ll take anything with a “3” in it!

    • Nimrod Zar

      Finally someone who loves portal as much as i do

      • sircolby45

        Portal is my favorite co-op game of all time. I don’t know what is more rewarding….finishing a difficult level or finding different ways to kill your co-op partner. Oh you didn’t need that light bridge for anything did you? 🙂

        On top of that the dialog from Glados and Wheatley are hysterical. “Look at you soaring through the air majestically…like an eagle. Piloting a blimp.”

        • Nimrod Zar

          PC version has editor where players can create own puzzles which are even better and more challenging than ones in original game

          • sircolby45

            Yes my buddy and I have played those. Some of them are insanely hard!