Watch Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Gameplay Debut, New Trailer

Tomorrow marks the arrival of Battlefield 4‘s fourth multiplayer expansion for Premium subscribers across all platforms and the first original Battlefield 4 add-on from developers at DICE LA.

Teased last week, the studio is here to provide a better look at the new content with a live stream event encapsulating some of the new Battlefield experiences offered in Dragon’s Teeth. A full-length trailer is also incoming, which we’ll have up shortly. For now, check out the stream below, live now:

UPDATE: Catch the live stream replay below and the full-length Dragon’s Teeth trailer in the featured section above.

Watch live video from Battlefield on TwitchTV

Dragon’s Teeth is an urban-combat themed DLC pack that introduces four new urban maps set in Pacific Asia. New weapons and gadgets like the Deagle 44 and Ballistic Shield will make their debut, as will new assignments, achievements, trophies, and a new game mode, Chain Link.

Dragon’s Teeth is coming to non-Premium subscribers on July 29 for $14.99 on all platforms.

  • That North Korean map … Kim is going to be pissed

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      He’s gonna be addicted to the game when he gets it

    • SamRock

      I liked that map.. reminded me of BF2142

      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        Yes me too, but i cant remember the name of it. i think northern strike dlc had a similar map

        • SamRock

          Me neither… one map with Railroad on top and another one with similar snow setting

  • SamRock

    Let me Summarize:
    Pearl Market= Exact Floodzone minus water
    Sunken Dragon = Dawn Breaker with sinking hotel
    Lumphini Garden = Metro +Flood Zone

    “Propoganda” is the only map that looks fresh and reminded me of BF2142!!

    Good news is a.. all look like great for rush!

    • Sams0n

      Sounds like a glass half empty kind of guy.

      • SamRock

        Come back after u have seen the video “Full Glass empty kind of guy”


    • Guest

      Let me Summarise:
      You Enjoy Complaining, No Matter What!

      • SamRock

        Now can you please read out which part of my comment sounds like a complaint?

        That was merely my first impression based on the live-stream.

        Now head to the BF forums and read .. almost everyone feels the same 😉

  • KennyKyle

    what is airburst warhead?? At 1:03

    • RustyFrags


      • KennyKyle

        ye, i figured it out couple hours ago, thanks

  • MeisseN

    Ah not the indoors cqb maps but they are okay. Looking forward to the NK map

  • Spectre01N7

    Looking forward to not playing this dlc just yet, will do after Destiny Expansion

  • RustyFrags

    Props to whoever makes these trailers. They’re phenomenal.

  • BF4 Beta – counter knife great !
    Vanilla – counter knife boring
    Dragon’s teeth – counter counter knife, great and boring !
    Final stand ? – counter counter counter knife ?

  • Aria68

    They look very detailed, Good job L.A.

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    Sorry for the formatting of this comment..I’m cut/pasting it from another bf4 afticle I commented in.

    8 months after the game comes out, they allow players to join a squad
    and join the server they want to join together. Baby steps I guess. I
    bought a ps4 with BF4 just a month ago because I figured by now BF4
    would have its $hit together..but there are still problems-

    -In main menu, it shows only 1 friend in a server while on my ps4 friends
    list I see more than 1 person playing bf4 online…. this has made joining
    friends a HUGE hassle…having to message them and try to figure out /find the server on my own through the server browser, since the “join
    friend” thing is still broken. Big enough of an issue that I stopped getting
    on BF4.. there’s no point in getting on to play with teammates if you cant
    join your teammates, is there? Lol.. and Ill try this new squad join patch
    but the fact still remains that there needs to be a non broken way to join
    friends that are ALREADY in a server. The main way I join a friend right
    now is by messaging them, waiting for a response….and then searching
    for that server (which usually takes more than a few minutes even with
    searching filters), and then trying to get on the same team / same squad
    which is yet another struggle. It’s insane. This game could have been SO
    much better if it was fully thought out..

    -Why was the option for setting the mics to “whole team” instead of just
    your “squad” taken away from BF4 compared to BF3? A real team / clan
    has more than 5 people and they want / NEED to be able to
    communicate with each other so they can coordinate… why cant I call
    out the enemy to my teammate just because hes in a different “squad”?
    Why cant I tell my whole team “alright guys, we need to work TOGETHER
    and send MANY people to THIS objective” …long story short….a war
    game needs to be about TEAM communication – and that is VERY
    lacking on BF4.

    -There should be an option / mode only for people with headsets on.
    This will help with some of the SEVERE lack of teamwork. Those of us
    who want to actually coordinate and play smart / win could join these
    headset only servers.

    -The other thing that is keeping me from playing BF4 as much as I
    thought I would is the fact that the AIM ASSIST in this game is even
    more strong than it was in BF3…it feels like theyre dumbing this game
    down to attract the COD crowd and casual players. I am currently
    making a video for youtube about how aim assist / radar / so many
    assists are ruining the challenge and the BEAUTY of competitive

    -At the very LEAST, aim assist should NOT be an “option” in
    “HARDCORE” mode!

    -Oh, and 8 months after the game comes out, I start to play the 1 player
    story and 3 days later my 1 player game save was deleted. Bugs like this
    should have been tested EA, instead of rushing this game out to make a
    quick buck and compete with Call of Nooby. Respect the artform..or
    gamers will start to see and call out the BS more and more.

    -I know for sure I will be recommending all my friends to not buy BF:
    Hardline ….for many reasons…MANY of them the SAME EXACT reasons
    / problems that BF4 had and still has to this day. You really have some
    balls to release a “new” game when your last game is still incomplete
    and was a ripoff to those of us who actually want to play the game how
    it was meant to be played – as a competitive team.

    -The VERY least DICE / EA could have done was give 1 of the DLC’s
    away for free OR AT LEAST reduce the price of 1 to show fans how sorry
    they are for releasing such a broken / incomplete / poorly thought out
    and executed game. The fact that EA / DICE have NOT done ANYthing to
    say sorry to fans gives PRIOR FANS like me the IMPRESSION that they
    have no respect for us. I have no respect for people that run their
    business like that, and I’ll be spreading this message because I don’t
    think I’m the only one who wants to see MUCH better team/skill based
    games instead of this silly bs.

    Battlefield could be / could have been SO much better. It’s a shame
    because the physics / destruction are beautiful….but a game is more
    than an engine. It’s about community, teamwork, social features, a game
    that requires skill from players instead of making all players “good” because of assists…all of these things are broken in BF4.