Watch This Zero Dark Thirty Trailer and Get A Free Medal of Honor: Warfighter Weapon Camo

By viewing the latest Zero Dark Thirty movie trailer, gamers can earn a unique Zero Dark Thirty-based weapon camo for use in the multiplayer of Danger Close’s recently released military shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

All you need to do is click this link here, enjoy the trailer and claim your free code upon selecting your platform of choice. Origin account required.


It appears that you must be based in either the United States or Canada to redeem this prize.

Warfighter fans can also look forward to Danger Close’s first DLC of the same name set to release this December. Free for those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the Zero Dark Thirty map pack will include two brand new multiplayer maps, Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound. You can check out the first gameplay trailer here.

  • “Origin account required.” no thanks 😀

    • Battlefield Engineer

      You have to have an Origin account to even play the game online, so I don’t see why that would be a problem.

  • have to be in USA or canada to redeem the prize. Wish they would have said that before watching the god damn trailer.


    • MikePembo951

      Same here 🙁
      Why is every gaming related deal ‘US/Canada’ exclusive these days 🙁

  • Two maps in a map pack? Shipped with only 8 to being with? what is this world coming to.

  • Nice….

  • voodoo

    LoL of curse it is a US/Canada exclusive, just typical!

    • voodoo

      ups haha. curse=> course

  • Jamic


    Would it work though ?

    Atleast on PS3 you can just create new account + origin account and play MOHWF once on it and you will share all DLC/online pass with other accounts 😉

    • Jamic

      LMAO nevermind, just go to account managment and change nationality to US 😉

      Gonna try today what PSN is thinking about my fancy little trick.

  • MasonMei

    4.0, hmm.

  • CrzyFox

    Cause its the BinLaden Propaganda, i don’t care what anyone thinks, but the real life scenario stinks to high heaven, buried out to sea like Muslim tradition!!!1 HAHA! not even close to tradition. All the Navy Seals men who served that mission are not with us anymore, (Blown up in a Army helicopter) and soooo much more. REAL life is CRAZIER than FICTION!!! Be mad haters at this post, but someone has to jiggle you out of the matrix once in awhile

  • Jamic

    Just so people know (If some didnt already know)
    I managed to download the pack ONLY with PSN with US nationality but even then, regardless what accounts/combinations you are going to use, it doesnt show up in the “my gun” menu.
    Though I had “+1” visible in main MP menu but inside camo selection nothing.
    Obviously Sony has some sort of region protection for game content.