There Will Be Another Call of Duty in 2014, Confirms Activision

The title pretty much says it all. There will be another Call of Duty game in 2014, according to publisher Activision, who recently just launched Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts last Tuesday, November 5.

“Despite short-term uncertainties, as we look forward to 2014, we have a very strong product pipeline,” said Chief Executive Officer, President and Director Robert Kotick during a Q3 2013 earnings call. “We expect multiple new releases across our major franchises, including the first Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, along with the PS4 version of Diablo III and significant and exciting new content for World of Warcraft. We also expect to launch new Call of Duty and Skylanders titles and a major new potential franchise with Bungie’s Destiny.”

Obviously, no announcements have been made as to what studio will helm development of the next Call of Duty project, but recent reports have indicated that Slegehammer Games, who were previously involved in 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 and were also spotted “actively recruiting top talent for [their] Call of Duty development team” more recently, are “heads down” in their next project.

We wouldn’t be surprised to hear something from them in the coming months. For now, all we can do is speculate. What sort of Call of Duty game would you like to see in 2014?

Via, Seeking Alpha.

  • trevor

    This news is very shocking

    • oofy

      I’ll say!

    • Hol_Up

      Not even NASA could predict this!

      • Laser0pz

        On the other hand, the NSA already knows about Call of Duty 2015…

    • dieger

      Prepare for another shocker!

      It will have a DLC plan and microtransactions

    • Vikerii

      I hope it’s not Sledgehammer. They’ve had their name on all the recent IW flops. Treyarch is my favorite Cod studio now. Pcdev rocks and seems to really push for the best possible PCCCCI hope it’s not Sledgehammer. They’ve had their name on all the recent IW flops. Treyarch is my favorite Cod studio now. Pcdev seems to really push for the best possible PC experience.

      • James K

        ” They’ve had their name on all the recent IW flops.”

        By all, do you mean one?

        • Vikerii

          Credit fail…I thought I read they did assisted Ghosts, but it was Neversoft. So apparently yes, I mean “one”.

          • jj16802

            Well we should give them the chance to make their own game by themselves and then judge by it.

            Here’s hoping they go back to the slower and more authentic Modern Warfare 1 style.

          • Devin Jackson

            I wouldn’t say ghosts is a flop. It feels different, Im playing on pc, and it actually has pretty impressive graphics. I actually find myself at moments thinking “this is cod??” because some environments are nearly crysis esque. I love all the new customization and guns ( even if they’re just re skins) The soldier system is cool, but lets face it , pick ten was awesome. There are a crazy amount of perks and only 2 that seem OP at the moment (increased damage with each consecutive kill is a brutal 5 point perk that makes me a 1 shot with my marksman rifle after 4 kills! WILL BE . Not to mention Extinction is a blast, and I hope they expand on it with more maps, modes and ma bye some perks/pakapunch sort of stuff Or new types of aliens, like stronger bigger slow ones etc. .
            Maps are big, but I’m a slower more methodical player, so that suits me.
            Ghosts wasn’t a flop.
            Its buzz will get better when console gamers see the next gen versions.

    • Vikerii

      Would like to see a WWI CoD someday. Call in a Sopwith Camel airstrike. Worth the price right there.

    • zacflame

      This is actually news from tomorrow predicted by a hyper-intelligent octopus.

    • FPS_GURU

      Its even funny no one is bashing it, Just acknowledging it because everyone knows they come every year. Must be having fun on ghost.

  • Pat Kolp

    It is going to be by Treyarch and I will not be getting it. Black ops 2 is terrible.

    • oofy

      If you’re missing the IW feel, maybe Titanfall will scratch that itch.

      • Pat Kolp


        • oofy

          The last CoD game I bought was mw3…it just didn’t have that same feel as previous IW games. If I do buy an Xbox One, that is the game I’m buying for sure.

          • Pat Kolp

            Yeah. It’s a definite pre-order for sure.

    • cheeseburger eddy

      It was not terrible. Glad it will Treyarch bc Infinity ward seems to always take a step back instead of forward

    • Storm_Worm5364

      Well, IW is way worse than Treyarch now.

    • zacflame

      I like to think that Black Ops 2 was when “the monkey fell from the tree”.
      I think they just flopped hard once, and can return to their former glory.
      CAN, not WILL.

      • Pat Kolp

        Well maybe once they make a brand new game engine it will be different…

        • zacflame

          They are not going to completely flip the flow of the game and change the physics required for CoD to work, and they are for sure not going to make a new engine and not use it.
          It’s what they DO with their engine that matters.

        • James Mulhall

          Why do they need a new game engine? What do all you guys think its going to fix? The game engine does nothing but background stuff. Chances are, if they made a new engine, the game would have horrible optimisation the first time and it’d be most likely the buggiest CoD game released yet. The engine solves nothing, it just handles background stuff that a lot of people don’t even notice.

          • Pat Kolp

            Because the Frostbite engine for BF does nothing, right?

  • Darian Bolin

    In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

    • oofy

      Wait, you mean these things regularly happen?!?

      • Darian Bolin

        Ancient legend says yes.

        • oofy

          I thought the Supreme Being used one of these.

          • Darian Bolin

            Ironically that’s also how they decide if they’ll make another Call of Duty. They have a custom made 8-ball which contains 4 variations of “Yes”.

            • oofy

              Activision should use this one:

          • dieger

            Lies everyone knows its the magic conch!


  • Vincent McClain

    I want to go back to world war 2

    • James Mulhall

      Agreed. I’m starting to really get bored of the modern and future settings in FPS games now.

      • dieger

        i got bored with MW2 BO1 was a nice merge of the present and past sadly they went to the future with BO2

      • jj16802

        Yeah, the 4 person special ops team based single player is wearing out on me as well. What happened to the good old days of being a regular soldier fighting in battles alongside a army of friendly troops?

      • Glock Lover

        And after a few years you will get bored of the next thing too. I remember people begging for modern and future fps games in the past, crying like little babies, hating on WW1 and WW2 games.

    • Kyle Jackson

      I want to go back to bed.

    • zacflame

      Black ops and [email protected] 1.5!
      WHO’S WITH ME?

    • roland0811

      World War 1 or Korea would be sweet, too. 😀

  • Jeff Kazimer

    Cmon Treyarch and World at War 2….more zombie!!

    • dieger

      only more zombies if its akin to WAW or BO1 if it is like BO2 fuck it

  • Rob

    O really?

  • My predictions.. Next Call of Duty will be unveiled in the end of May ’14. During the NBA finals. Possibly with a commercial on TBS. Just a hunch I have..

    • jj16802


    • James Mulhall

      I’m not so sure, but I think there is also a chance of it releasing in November, can’t say though.

    • Jeff Kazimer

      E3 2014 will probably be first look…or VGA awards on spike.

      • TheDerpPolice

        Kids choice awards is where you’ll see it. You.

  • jj16802

    So what will it be, Modern Warfare 4 or Black Ops 3? Or better yet, a game that goes back to AUTHENTIC WWII BATTLES?

    One can only dream…

    • NinoBr0wn

      Do you think they can even get away with that now, with the way the game plays? It’s so arcadey and the whole premise is connect the dots with kill streaks. It would be weird to put that into a WWII setting, but if they removed any of that, I’m sure the fanbase would rage.

      • jj16802

        Yeah, the arcade feel has got to go. It’s one of the reasons COD is ruined for me now.

        Slow and steady wins the race.

        • roland0811

          Even Battlefield has gone fast-paced and arcade-y. I’m running out of good, slow paced tactical shooters to play…..not that Battlefield was ever close to being a tactical shooter but it used to be a better choice than CoD. But it’s just been CoD with vehicles for a while now. Sad, sad times.

          • jj16802

            Pacing in Battlefield 4 is determined by the maps. If you are playing on Operation Locker, then of course you’re going to get that COD feel. The other maps will obviously be slower due to size. BF is still more enjoyable than COD for me.

            • roland0811

              I went back to slow paced tactical shooters.
              Infinite sprint and infinite vehicle ammo on top of repeated crappy map design have finally done Battlefield in for me.

            • jj16802

              May I ask which games are you playing now?

            • roland0811

              Arma 2 and 3, OFP: Dragon Rising, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, GRAW2 just to name a few.

        • yoyoyo

          I like the arcade feel. I just don’t like the performance of Ghosts via PC. It’s not my PC.

  • George

    If Treyarch doesn’t make the next Call of Duty, people will disappear.

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  • Tyrone_83

    Heck if said that the next Call of Duty will have a beta would be more shocking news than this!

  • Michael W

    And the sun will come up tomorrow… no news here!

  • OnlyWar

    Are you making the switch? I am!

    • AtheistMason

      I see a gamer 😀 but “gamers”…?

    • BoxcuttahPazzy

      You have no idea how badly MW3 being on top of Black Ops instead of MW2 is fucking with my OCD right now.

      • Warlon

        They are in release order, which should be helping having to be in release order OCD.

        • jj16802

          I just realized COD and OCD use the same letters… what a mindf***.

    • jj16802

      Hey, you forgot Call of Duty 2 and 3! 😛

    • zacflame

      Yes I am.
      I switched from Wii to PS3 between CoD4 and [email protected], and now I switched off.

  • NinoBr0wn


  • guitargladiator94

    will this be the start of 3 year dev cycles for call of duty?

    • MC-ARNIE

      In one word… “No”

  • Alvaro Munive
  • Azoz

    Skylanders has joind the after after party.

  • teo2cry

    My fortune cookie was right!
    It also predicts that it will be coming out for at least 5 more years in a row!

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Can i just post a random comment here because google ruined youtube and i cant leave comments over there…

  • falahcod

    Black Ops 3. What else?

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    no, hell no

  • dpg70

    In other news, Christmas will be on December 25th in 2014.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      Why do you actually celebrate Christmas on December 25 and not on 24? Once one of my teachers asked this question, what do you think about it?

      • dpg70

        Good question. Because the 25th is Christmas day and 24th Christmas Eve I guess. It’s not necessarily when you celebrate it. Thems just the facts of the matter.

      • oofy

        Why, December 25th you ask?

        The eventual choice of December 25, made perhaps as early as 273, reflects a convergence of Origen’s concern about pagan gods and the church’s identification of God’s son with the celestial sun. December 25 already hosted two other related festivals: natalis solis invicti (the Roman “birth of the unconquered sun”), and the birthday of Mithras, the Iranian “Sun of Righteousness” whose worship was popular with Roman soldiers. The winter solstice, another celebration of the sun, fell just a few days earlier. Seeing that pagans were already exalting deities with some parallels to the true deity, church leaders decided to commandeer the date and introduce a new festival.

  • marpla78

    I see an spaceship instead of the car and the chopper and the guy on the right will be half human half machine….bets anyone?

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    dont tell me they gonna make it on the same “updated” engine again

  • Izzo

    Power to the players they say. Yeah right!
    Instead of taking a little bit longer to develop a solid game they keep putting out half-assed products each year.

    • roland0811

      I totally agree with you.
      EA, CAPCOM, Volition, Bethesda, Ubisoft, SquareEnix, DICE……I could go on and on about devs and publishers putting out half-assed games. It’s an unfortunate trend that’s gotten out of hand with this gen. Look at BF3. It’s not finished/fixed and they put out another unfinished game with BF3. MoH: Warfighter is still a heaping, steaming mess over a year after release. Marvel vs Capcom 3, FF13, Skyrim, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 2 and 3, Far Cry 3…..all boring, crap games. It’s not about fun or quality anymore. It’s all about overhead.

      • John Doe

        Maybe get a new hobby.

        • roland0811

          Nah, just went back to playing old games while waiting for publishers and devs to get off of their asses and put something good out. I have plenty of old games and consoles to tide me over ’til then. But thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  • awkenney

    It really is time to address the elephant in the room. The hit detection/anti-lag in Ghosts is far and away better than Black Ops II. Sadly, the decisions made regarding map design and spawning don’t suit 12 player MP and result in very little movement or pacing throughout the match for fear of getting shot in the back.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Hey off topic here, but when is mp1st going to put out their review of Ghosts?

    • zacflame

      Expect it very soon.

  • Leon

    The CoD:Ghosts is soooo bad and disappointing that I am not going to buy anything touched by IW, anymore.

  • Devin Jackson

    Perhaps sledgehammer makes a cod for 2014 well its about 40% done by now if it exists, but that means treyarch will have 3 or even 4 years to fucking kick ass and make an amazing game. The sequel to Black ops, a next gen 60’s cod would be orgasmic.





      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        Go open some doors Price

  • TheKentuckyKid

    A little confused by this, does this mean two call of duties in 2014? I hope so, cause ghost was a flop

  • Elliot

    3D please!!!

  • TwilightWarlord BZS

    My major problem with the game is that there is near to no places to sniper and half the time your team is full of rushers and you get near to no opportunity to snipe, and with the installment of Cranked games seem too fast. THough i did enjoy how you have up to 10 soldiers, though i felt it was a bit unnecessary to have to buy equipment/guns again for each soldier. CoD ghosts has nice graphics, moderately enjoyable maps but the gameplay is far too fast. I dont hate cod, i just disagree on allot of the general gameplay things.

  • brayden

    I would love to see them bring out ghosts 2 x

  • Tristan Abke

    well if you play the ghost campaign then you would get the assumption that there will be another COD.

  • yoyoyo

    Call of Duty comes out every 2 years, IMO. I now ignore the IW version of CoD.