Xbox One – External Game Storage ‘Coming Soon’, Says Major Nelson

With the Xbox One gaining some momentum after stellar launches like PvZ: Garden WarfareTitanfall, and the discounted Titanfall Xbox One bundle, Microsoft plans to plans to make further improvements to the new console.

The latest bits of info comes as good news to Xbox One owners who find their hard drives quickly filling up with games, apps, and other updates. According to Xbox Live’s Major Nelson in a recent Reddit post, external storage support is incoming.

“Lot’s of good work going on to make the console even better – some you’ll see soon, some will show up later. But: it is all good stuff :)” he said.

“External game storage is coming soon,” he added.

Unfortunately, no ETA was announced. However, when more information surfaces on when we can expect the external game storage to be made available for purchase, we’ll be sure to update you guys.

Are you an Xbox One owner in need of additional storage space?

Be on the look out for more Xbox One announcements from newly appointed Xbox Head Phil Spencer at this year’s E3.

  • MegaMan3k

    Microsoft must have “Feature we should have launched with coming out soon!” on an auto-recurring email list.

    • Alex Melendez

      External Hard drive support really isn’t a launch feature like the party fix and recent players should of been, because why would you need more space at launch?

  • Tommygun921

    Only games I have on my hard drive are BF4 (That I no longer play) and PvZ. Ill be picking up Trials Fusion in a couple weeks. Not many games out that have my interest.

    • Next-gen is so dry right now 🙁 Personally, I’m not really looking forward to anything other than Destiny, but that’s all the way in September. Watch_Dogs might do. inFamous is looking really good, but still haven’t gotten around to picking up a PS4.

      • George

        Dat Evolve and Division doe

        • Playmaker

          Evolve yes. Even new titanfall matchmaking has me bummed. Running up against full teams everytime. My KD is getting demolished. Apparently I’m about 1.0 in “skill” based sigh.

          looking forward to titanfall on 360 though ha

        • Still late 2014, if not early 2015! Definitely looking forward to both, though. Destiny just happens to be first up.

          • George

            True, true, I’m pretty confident that Evolve will come out Fall 2014 but yeah, Division will probly come early 2015.

        • Mike

          Yeah but thats like in a year. They say The Division is 2014, its Ubisoft yeah right! Luckily Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein (people already count it out being single player), UFC and Destiny will be out.

        • Alex Melendez

          Pretty much the only games im looking foward to

      • Michael W

        DRY? I mean sure its not bursting with games right now but when has a launch ever been this good? There are tons of games to chose from. I guess its up to the person but I would really suggest trying games you might not have played in the past.
        Forza 4 is not my normal type of game since I am more into Burnout type racers. I was pleasantly surprised about the game.

      • Jeff Kazimer

        Me too Destiny!!!

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  • Michael D. Harrison

    I hope you don’t have to buy Xbox branded storage. That would be a total kick to the balls.

    • Jonah Thrillz

      I’ll be surprised if they didn’t require Xbox branded hard drives. They really screwed over their customers with the XBone rendering XB360 accessories incompatible. It wasn’t necessary for them to do it but they wanted that sweet licensing money for XBone compatible accessories. Screw the customers!

    • They’ve said at E3 they will support 3rd party drives….I just hope they do like Sony and won’t limit capacity.

  • yardis

    Will the games have any performance issues while running of external hard drives?

  • Mike

    1 thing that makes me jealous of the Xbox one and no its not Titanfall but this is cool. I know the PS4 can be upgraded inside but this is much simpler.

    • yardis

      If people keep requesting external hard drive support it just might happen. I upgraded my hard drive day one because I went all digital. I am wondering what I will do when it’s full. Being able to have an external hard drive would solve that problem.

    • Anonymous….

      Maybe external is simpler, but it won’t work as well as an internal HDD/SSD.

    • dpg70

      Upgrading the internal disk is ridiculously easy, and it will perform better than a USB external. Be more jealous of Titanfall. It’s fun.

  • Timothy David Medric


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  • MrChipdiggity

    I would hope it is either free or REALLY discounted this is my only big problem with the one it shouldve had 1tb with the size of these games. I downloaded hitman absolution the other day on 360 and it was like 7.08 or somthing like that…there have been patches that damn big already for certain games and install sizes are MASSIVE I already have 48% full and I really dont use apps other then twitch and youtube. I have 4 games on hard disc and one digital download and I am at basically 50% full and its been out what 6 months.

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  • El3

    I smell an over priced hard drive inbound.

  • roland0811

    Nothing to play so nothing to store.

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