Xbox One’s Family Sharing Could Be Revisted In The Future, According To Senior Director

Despite Microsoft’s doing away with one of the Xbox One’s more promising features; the family sharing plan, it appears fans of the ex-Xbox One policy may be hopeful for its return after all.

Microsoft’s senior director, Albert Penello, who recently spoke with with Gamespot, looks back on the company’s original views of loaning and trading back when the Xbox One was first announced:

I believe, in retrospect that people have calmed down and gone back and actually looked at what we said, people are starting to understand, ‘Wow, they did want actually to allow me to loan and trade’ which other digital ecosystems don’t want to do, I think we need to do that. That has to be part of the experience. Right now, we’re focused on launch and we switched the program back to discs, because that’s what customers wanted.

Additionally, Penello goes on say that Microsoft will revisit this feature when the time is right. If you haven’t been keeping up with Xbox One’s features when it was first revealed, this family sharing would essentially allow you to ‘lend’ any game in your library to either friends or family in your list digitally, without the need for discs.

The Xbox One is set to release in 13 markets around the world on November 22, with the retail price of $499 USD.

Are you hopeful to see the return of the Xbox One’s family sharing plan?

  • That guy you might know

    They just rushed a “Digital future” for gaming.
    Maybe around the gen after the upcoming one people will be alot more accepting to having everything being digital.

    Its mostly about how you go about it really, take the PSP Go for instance.
    Everything has to be downloaded, but Sony went about it in a terrible way and the system life reduced to nothing in a short time.

    The system itself is great for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle for carrying around the UMDs for it. I use mine all the time, when I head out all I have to do is go to the system memory and start the game from there.

    So I’m sure MS can go with their plans for a digitally dominant system, just as long as they don’t try to cut off the people who still want physical copies of their games.

    • xbox rules

      Don’t forget the 12:01 am new releases will be ready for download so you don’t have to wait at the midnight for your game you can download it right there and then on your xbox one….

      • That guy you might know

        It makes it alot more convenient. I think for PS4 you can buy a game from your phone and your PS4 powers on and starts the download, I read that somewhere recently but I forgot where.

        Thats like seriously convenient for people who are out often.

        • That guy you might know

          Someone keeps downvoting me for everything xD

          Apples are good for your health.

          • Dirtknap

            Haters gonna hate, lol. I’m just going to high five ya for being objective.

        • XFistsClenchedX

          They had to do this because the Xbox One essentially has the same feature.

          Microsoft was right to push the the digital future because the Xbox One, and even the PS4, will be better this next-gen if you buy digital.

          • That guy you might know

            I didn’t know that, but then I forgot about the Windows phones being able ot access Xbox Live accounts. So that makes me wonder where I’ll have to go buy my games for PS4 if I go on a mobile device.

            I don’t mind having digital games, especially when the systems both have 500 gigs built in. So even though the PS4 wont be into the digital side as much. its still plenty of space for anything I want

            • XFistsClenchedX

              If I have my Xbox 360 on, I can go to using a computer, mobile, or tablet and purchase any game and it will be ready for me when I come home. The only thing special about the PS4’s ability to download is that it turns itself on and off to do the downloading. This isn’t necessary for the Xbox One as it is meant to always be on.

            • That guy you might know

              I wouldn’t say that’s the only thing special about it, cause if that’s the case then the Xbox One only has one thing special about their downloads as well.

              PS4 announced the games will be playable right after purchase, and tested it (to some extent) with the digital purchase of The Last of Us. Then a while later MS announced they were doing the same.

              Xbox let’s you purchase a game from the website and your system will download the game. Ps4 recently announces they can do the same.

            • That guy you might know

              I was going to also add this point, but my phone went nuts.

              If the Xbox One is always on, isn’t that somewhat dangerous for the system itself. I know the system has better cooling stuff in it, but overall just having the system “always on” can be seriously bad in the long run.

              Thats definitely something MS should be sure wont be a problem later on.

        • Mr. Thuggins

          I’m pretty sure the same can be done with the X1. That’s just part of the beauty of these next generation consoles.

  • xHDx

    I think the features where great as they where at E3, and now I hear that a lot of people want them back like the article says. I don’t believe it was the XB1 fans that didn’t want the DRM.

    It was very hard to tell which audience was complaining; the PS4 fans or the XB1 fans. I say PS4 fans mostly. They just wrote a load of crap onto every IGN article out there which concerned the XB1 in any way.

    I also understand that a lot of people have no internet still, but if that was the case, how did they manage to post on the articles to complain. People also complained saying that PRISM and the fact that Microsoft would own your ‘property’ i.e game’s if the games were only digitally playable.
    I just thought people where getting mixed up with the rumors and speculation.

    • That guy you might know

      I know plenty of people who own both systems and thought it was a horrible idea, but the PS4 fans were rubbing it so far into XB1 fans faces it was horrific.

      Then again it makes me think, RIGHT after E3 Sony made that 26 second video of pure gold on “How to trade games on PS4”. Its almost like they knew MS would announce that. Coincidence, I think so.

      The family sharing was the best thing about the XB1 announcement, if they bring this future back before launch I’m sure they can get plenty of people back over to their side. But then again, I’m sure there are some who are still skeptical because of the fact MS is changing policy after policy after all of the negative feedback.

      Overall, the system itself will do fine. It was their douchebag of a president/director or whatever who ruined them from the start. They’re just cleaning up his mess at this point.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      The people who didn’t want an online console like that didn’t have to attempt to ruin it for everyone else. They could have just not bought it. Ironically, most games on the Xbox One will be better with an internet connection anyway and the people who don’t have one will miss out on features.

  • Zachary Myers

    The family sharing needs to be for digital downloads only. I figure since you can’t resell or buy used digital downloads, it needs to become more valuable with the exclusive feature.

    If disc based games are rendered obsolete via returning DRM, you can say farewell to Xbox One (from a business perspective) since millions are going to hate it–again.

    • AL

      I dont think “millions” hated it in the first place. Consumers are so backwards when it comes to these types of things because they dont like change. There were many people (like me) who really didnt care that the disc was obsolete because of all of the benefits that come with it.

      If you have gamed on the PC in any recent history you would know that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Especially when the cost of enjoying your favorite entertainment medium goes down and you can enjoy a wider spectrum of games.

      Case and point: Last month I bought Borderlands GOTY + Borderlands 2 + Season Pass for a whopping $22. I never would have bought them otherwise and they have turned to be really good games. Same with Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning with DLC for $7.50 on an Origin sale. Would have passed up on that too.

      Part of the problem is that most people dont know about this and couldnt see the other side of the coin that MS was offering. But maybe you are right 2 steps forward to go 2 steps back is still making progress…

      • Zachary Myers

        I like disc based games due to the rental services like Gamefly. During the 3 months of being billed $60 total, I could complete 3-5 games that would’ve cost me $300 if I purchased them.

        • AL

          And while I get that I was able to purchase 5 games in that same period for less than $60.

          Dishonored for 10, tomb raider for 14, bulletstorm 7, borderlands 1 + 2 for 22

          And I get to go back and play them whenever. Its all a matter of perceived value. Gamefly has been a good experience for you and I am not saying it isnt a good deal for console now. But if you could own those games for less than what you paid for rent, with the opportunity of having DLC bundled deals like I got with Borderlands and KOA wouldnt you do that?

          • Zachary Myers

            I can agree that digital titles can have tremendous discounts and bundles over a period of time, but I don’t wish to wait a whole year or so for it. Sometimes there are even cheaper ways of completing a game, such as a friend letting you borrow his physical copy.

            Going back to DRM, if that were re enabled, then that spells certain doom for deployed military gamers due to places like Iraq having little to no internet access.

            • AL

              Not necessarily and what I think that people are missing is, they are not mutually exclusive. We now know they have the ability to do both and its not too far fetched to think that you could indicate that you were deployed and have it work on disc based validation.

              As far as friend borrowing you are right 100% no answer for this with DRM. I think I am a pretty normal user in the fact that I buy two to three major titles a year or less on release date. Others I am willing to wait for price drops for like Assassins Creed. Mostly single player games I just hang for a few months or more to pick them up on good deals. But being honest the games I buy new are for MP experiences like COD or BF and they arent games I would be loaning anyway. Like I said, its really a matter of perspective, but I think on the whole a mistake was made by the consumers in reacting so strongly to changes.

              I wont rule out the possibility of this gradual conversion working out better for everyone, but we will never really know. For me I know that they can do what they were going to do at launch and the ideas they had being implemented moving forward makes me optimistic that we can still get there.

      • That guy you might know

        I know this is quite off topic but how is Kingdoms of Amalur? I’ve watched gameplay of it and it looks nice but i’m still not sure. After playing through Dragon’s Dogma, and the Dark Arisen part my expectations for action rpgs are so high now. I recommend everyone play Dragon’s Dogma, its just SOOOO GRRREEEAAAAT.
        I know the online pass for that game was made free when EA did away with the online pass system.

        But I wanted to know from someone who played it rather than reading some review, I know its the same thing in a manner, but I feel more comfortable asking a player rather than going to a popular website and reading the review. I know for a fact paid reviews happen often, so I don’t trust it xD

        • AL

          It was awesome! I mean i didnt really have any expectations with the price being so low but its a true diamond in the rough. Its a better version of fable mixed with some elder scrolls mechanics. The game has a ton of quests, side quests, etc and the DLC is actually really good. Both episodes were long and were worth playing. Overall one of the best RPGs I have played in awhile. The art styling was a little off-putting at first but I came to enjoy it by the end of the game. Definitely worth a play through.

          • Dirtknap

            Surprise attack hit, at least for me personally, one of my favorite titles in the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see if the IP gets revived.

        • XFistsClenchedX

          Kingdoms of Amalur got boring for me. I doubt I even did a quarter of the stuff to do in that game.

  • xbox rules

    I for one am afraid for gamestop ms is a fishy company. They take your money and when you do the day one update from there they can reverse the policies and do it all downloadable. Ill buy both digitallly and physical. So I can help my friends that don’t have money to buy new games.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      Wait a sec, you think MS is a fishy company? They’re not half as fishy as Gamestop. I’ll buy digital just so that Gamestop doesn’t get my money.

      • Alvaro Munive

        Gamestop is monopolising the used game market and that is F! crap.
        I remember when i trade my games on mini markets or garage sales

  • ChessMania

    Right “Family” Sharing… This is a Pro for Xbox because PSN is no deal for this..

    • WarBroh

      “Family sharing” = one hour timed demo. You really think MS was going to let one person buy a $60 game and let 10 people play it interchangeably? Get a grip. MS was always extremely guarded and defensive when pressed for more details on that sharing plan. Gee wonder why. The devil, as always, is in the details.

      • Tyler D

        You took the words out of my mouth. People literally though that if they bought a game them and 9 other people could all play it at the same time with no restrictions. If that would have been the case it would have been even worse than the used game sales market.

      • LOL

        It wasn’t an hour timed demo and MS already confirmed it wasn’t lol

      • Mr. Thuggins

        Your ass must be jealous of all the shit coming out of your mouth.

  • SufferingMoon5

    Finally people ARE starting to calm down and stop being pissy about good features.

  • Mark Lenz

    Sure Micro$oft. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…. heck I’m no FOOL!!

    Just disappear already.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Why would you want Sony’s only real competition to disappear? With competition, there is no incentive to improve. Think before you speak.

      • Mark Lenz

        Sony has done very well with the PS2 and there was no competition. Besides take a look at what you wrote.

        Do you always fuck up your sentences?

        • Mr. Thuggins

          Excuse my poor editing skills. Edited just for you.

          You must have forgot about the Xbox and GameCube.