Xbox One’s Reputation System To Get An Overhaul, Will Track Players Behavior Over Time And Group Toxic Players

Those who tend to dwell in toxic behaviors online, such as “trolling” or just making everyone’s online gaming experience troublesome, may want to think twice about their online behavior if thinking about purchasing Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is set to bid adieu to the current reputation system in place on the Xbox 360 – which currently rates people out of a five star rating – with a more comprehensive system that not only tracks players’ online behavior over time, but will also group players together depending on their reputation.

Speaking with OXM, Microsoft’s senior product manager Mike Lavin, shed some details of the upcoming reputation system overhaul and gave some insight on some of the ramifications that toxic players can expect on the Xbox One. He revealed, “what we’re looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making, if people are in your friends list, we’re not touching that, we’re just making it easier for you to come together. It’s really the anonymous side of things where we’re making these investments.”

Lavin also goes on to say, “ultimately if there’s a few percent of our population that are causing the rest of the population to have a miserable time, we should be able to identify those folks.”

Thankfully it won’t be easy to get accused of toxic behavior as Lavin states, “The system will be proof against exploitation. Let’s just be clear, there is no way at all that a conglomerate of people can conspire to sink your Reputation on the system. The way that it’s built fundamentally stops that. It’s very much over a period of time.”

Essentially, players who are constantly blocked and are subjected to enforcement actions due to sending rather vulgar material on Xbox Live, such as lewd photos or messages to unwanting eyes, will be subjected to a reduced reputation score, leading them to be grouped with people who share similar behavior.

Although this new reputation system will tackle bad online behavior over Xbox Live, those who tend to play multiplayer games with their buddies may want to rethink who they play with. The new reputation system also affects online matchmaking, meaning a party will be matched up with groups of players similar to those who have the same reputation level of the person who carries the lowest reputation score. So, be weary.

How do you feel about Microsoft’s new reputation system? Is it for the better? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • MegaMan3k

    I’m torn. On one hand, “neat.” On the other hand, gamers give bad rep to good players. So now the good players could wind up being stuck with hackers, cheaters, screaming kids, quitters, etc.

    … great….

    • Soldier

      Exactly this. The system that MicroShit is putting into place is one that has been proven to fail numerous times. This will be a disaster and is just another reason why I am buying a PS4.

    • AverageBri

      The article said you wouldnt be dinged just because you’re good and crybabies gave you bad rep, but rather if you show a long history of being a douchebag, then you’d feel the effects. Remains to be seen how it actually gets implemented.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      I hope that they would actually check to see if there was any wrongdoing before they banish you to XBL Purgatory.

    • WarHero

      I understand your statement completely, I get hatemails just because I’m good but now they have the ability to put me in the “forbidden zone” with all those people..I’m on the fence on this one.

      • Dirtknap

        I’m mildly amused by the rage mail, it also tells me I’m doing my job properly, but the prospect of this new system not working as advertised bothers me too. Some of those trolls are very persistent, I can imagine

    • Joseph

      or if you follow your own logic all the cunts stay in the ”good guy zone” and all the awesome people are treated like shitheads? Either way the people who try to abuse it will get owned by MS.

  • James Mulhall


    • You do realize that’s no longer a thing. And you could buy the 399$ version without kinect.

    • Just saying

      I thought about the same thing. If they use the Kinect to record your behavior, that’ll make the X1 a no buy for many of gamers out there. It will affect the sales badly.

      • Alex Melendez

        But think about it, in the movies you see high tech gadgets that can track your behavior and such and people would be “awed” by it, well at least in the early 2000 but now its finally here and people don’t want it.

        • BoQuan Ondatpsn

          Hell no movies has noting to do with this and who would someone monitoring ur behavior ots like my jacking of and someone watching me

        • James Mulhall

          Really? I always thought it would be cool if I could track peoples behavior, not a company that I don’t like track mine. :/

    • Wolfy420

      Just put a towel over it lol

      • James Mulhall

        Then the setup looks ugly. Maybe I’ll put it in an amazon box.

      • CrzyFox

        IV red tech sees through your towel idea…. And yes. its implemented

        • Joseph

          Ok, brainstorm. What blocks the IV whatever crap?

  • pot51e

    Microsoft could do with their own Rep overhaul after their recent trolling of the community/developers/subscribers/themselves.

    Their press office should spend some time on the naughty step and think about what they have done.

    • Dirtknap

      They’re welcome to use my three year olds naughty chair, I’d like them to to look me in the eye and explain why they’re there, then give me a hug and apologize.

  • xbox rules

    Its 2013 Deal with it.

    • Raymond Featherston

      The fact that it is 2013 does not support the downsides or upsides of this. That is a useless fact when it comes to this topic, the year does not justify any possible wrong doings so to say.

  • Rack up 40+ kills in a game of COD or BF and watch the negative reviews come in. You can’t avoid it regardless of how “well behaved” you act.

    • dieger

      that’s because the toxic players have the option to vote :/

    • WarBroh

      That’s why anyone with half a brain plays on PC and leaves the console childishness to the kids it was designed for.

      if ya don’t want get pissed on, don’t go in the baby pool

      • MegaMan3k

        I dislike the insistence that 90% of all PC game servers are “24/7 [map]!” or have absurd score limits or are full of “Quake/Unreal Announcer” server mods.

        It’s nearly impossible to find good PC servers.

      • Hammad Khan

        Except you can’t get games like The Last of Us or Journey on PC…

        • Kyle Jackson

          Give it a few years and we will have a PS3 emulator.

          • James Mulhall

            But not a PS4 or PS5 emulator.

            • Kyle Jackson

              What’s a PS5 emulator?

            • Raymond Featherston

              He was basically saying that the PC will always be 2 steps behind as far as console exclusives go, at least I think that was his point.

            • Kyle Jackson

              Considering every game made is built on a PC, and every next gen game running at E3, was also running on a PC. I don’t think anyone will take that too seriously.

            • Raymond Featherston

              I was just interpreting not necessarily agreeing.

            • James Mulhall

              Yeah. Jesus christ I just realised he retarded my post sounded..

            • Raymond Featherston

              Naw its fine, I got it and tried to put it as well as I could to explain it to him.

            • James Mulhall

              He said a few years, not now.

            • Kyle Jackson

              Someone down voted me because I didn’t know what a fictional PS5 emulator was, you kids.

          • B_Boss

            So yeah, in the meantime within those few years, we’ll have The Last of Us and Journey…..As Ive said….consoles have been in existence since the 70’s and they have their purpose deal. PC has its issues like everything else.

          • Hammad Khan

            Actually PS3 emulators are extremely hard to make because of the Cell and how the devs have to work around it to make the games. Unless the PC can emulate the cell it probably wouldn’t work too well.

      • WasabeJuice

        This Warbroh douche bag has nothing to do in this forum but bash console gamers. You are an idiot, PC gaming is a negligible segment of the gaming industry. And don’t push your PC is the best mentality if you are still living in your parents house, boarding school or flatting out with random people who have nothing else better to do than bang their PC. Majority of gamers balance out and play on console to relax as console gaming provides more luxury than PC gaming.

        • DamnSkippy

          “”if you are still living in your parents house, boarding school or flatting out with random people””
          thats not a bad topic to survey for these people we see constantly pushing PC greatness in every article (which mostly seems them justifying their decision to themselves)

      • Izzy Bozz

        If it’s people like you who I will be playing with on PC, then no thanks. I’d rather stick to console and deal with “kiddies” then play with a group of douchebags high on their heads.

        True Story.

        • Ryan Schulze

          I can honestly say that since I left the COD community and played BF3 almost exclusively, I rarely run into the whining / annoying 13 year olds on console. Unless I’m playing my nephew and he’s owning my ass and letting me know about it. Plus, with the controls we have on chat, it’s not bad at all. Maybe it still is on COD.

      • Raymond Featherston

        I’m with Izzy on this one, if all PC players are like you then I would much rather deal with kids, plus the thing MegaMan said about the rule heavy, one map (and all around bad) server options. ” its simply a reality that the age groups are different and you encounter far less little kids screaming the n-word into the mic after alleging sexual encounters with your grandmother.” that may have come from your personal experiences but do you have any actual evidence to back this up because you treat it as if its a fact, and it is not a fact without any evidence to prove it so . As far as the kids screaming thing goes there is this magical thing called mute and it allows you to not hear people, and that effectively erases the little meaning that the age of a certain group of gamers has.

      • dieger

        mmmm no ive played a good amount of online PC games while not everyone hacks there are hacks in a lot of pc games*which are rare on consoles* and since everyone has a custom mice and keyboards etc. which help them a lot ingame the superfast pace is hard to keep up with a regular mouse. also there are equal amounts of toxic players on most platforms *except 360 because every 360 comes with a mic which PS4 is also doing now :C*

      • Dirtknap

        Take it from an old schooler, the PC community is worse in my experience, considering the dungeon dwelling “master racers” on the verge of atrophy comprise a huge percentage of said community. They are just as toxic, just in a different manner, I find it much easier to filter the trash on console as they tend to be the vocal minority, not the core of the online populace.

  • Mr. Thuggins

    Now, if only MP1st would do this some of the commenters…

  • John doe

    Just like the system they got now that works so well. LOL

    • falahcod

      Holy shit!!!!!!! It’s John Doe.

  • TimeVictim

    My rep is almost entirely negative. I’m usually in first place. I’m a team player. I don’t talk trash. I’m not a squeeker. I don’t want to get stuck with the kids that got bad rep for actually being pieces of shit.

    • mhal

      no doubt. people don’t bother to give people good reviews for team play and objective play.

      Only negatives when they lose.

    • Joel Santana

      Same here

    • BoQuan Ondatpsn

      A game aint fun without trolling of shit talking

      • Joseph


  • That guy you might know

    Youtube is going to be less populated with CoD troll videos.

    Life is getting greater each day.
    Though I seriously find it strange that almost every video trolling or some kid screaming, its 90% played on an Xbox.

    I played Halo 4 with my friends little brother, and it was his first time playing Halo, and playing online. His first instinct was to run out and t-bag everybody out there. Think about it: *T-Bagging *14 Year old *Xbox

    Coincidence? I think not.

    • DamnSkippy

      “Youtube is going to be less populated with CoD troll videos””
      i think this only means those people who were producing those videos have given up on getting partnered by machinima or whatever game related channel and hopefully have seen themselves forced to get real jobs since posting videos for free wont pay the bills specially since ALOT were by teens/young adults who could now be either trying/entering college or finally decided to work at graduating either by their own decisions or heck maybe they were informed that study funds be it from gov. the school or parents are drying up

      • Joseph

        Dude, punctuation helps.

  • zacflame

    hey guys, look on the bright side for microsoft.
    at least they kept the select button.

    • Johannes Wernøe

      Hahaha… a select button is not going to stop me from buying a PS4, and i think the touch button is the same as select (if you press down the touch pad, it acts like a button)

      • That guy you might know

        Even though I’m getting a PS4 hands down
        I’m gonna miss start and select ; -;

      • zacflame

        me neither, and yes, most games that have a history with the PS3 will simply replace select with the touchpad; BUT IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME 🙁

  • DanO

    This is absolutely crap, now they are trying to take away our FRREEEDOOOM!!! Another reason to buy a PS4..

    • Alex Melendez

      Freedom? Hahaha dude, you have the freedom of not buying an Xbox one.

      • BoQuan Ondatpsn

        Yep alex go spend 500 on xbox one when u need the kinect pluged to play xbox one and behavior controls wtf a game aint fun if u take away bad behavior s “you might not be able to play with your friends if ur friend has good behavior and you don’t there fucking separating the bad behaviors to goos behavior s really who thought of that

  • Alexander Mason Gregz

    This actually is pretty good, if all the “pros”get separated due them receiving negative reports and hate mail then they are going to have fun. All the scrubs will be by themselves still complaining and raging on/trolling other scrubs for eternity…that is until they grow up

  • Hux

    I own an XBOX 360. I have been a member of XBOX Live for 9 years according to my gamertag. K/D ratio of 1.60 up to 2.10 in all shooters. My gamer rep 31%. Why.
    Because of crybabies who get delt dirt naps. That is all.