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Destiny GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Outed – “Exclusive Upgraded Sparrow” Rumors 15

Rumors 15 According to posters being handed out with recent Destiny pre-orders, it appears GameStop customers will be getting a bit of an in-game bonus item on launch day. The poster, submitted on Reddit, reads, “Pre-order now and boost your adventure with an exclusive upgraded Sparrow”. As you can see, it shows the “GameStop Exclusive” upgrade on the […]

H1Z1 – Konami Code Unlocks Mysterious Image and New Video on Website News 10

News 10 The guys over at SOE are getting sneakier with their H1Z1 updates, hiding things and leaving secrets on their official website. Found while viewing the main page‘s source code, you can see they’ve inserted the infamous Konami Code in the lines of text. Inputting this code leads to a pixelated image called “Whowillsurvive”, which you can see […]

Wear Master Chief’s Mark V Helmet in Destiny Rumors 19

Rumors 19 As if the developers at Bungie wouldn’t throw some sort of Halo reference into their upcoming shared-world shooter and new IP, Destiny. Reddit user Fuzzle_hc made the interesting discovery while digging through some of the most recent Destiny footage to have surfaced for more hints and clues. Check out the screen below where we see a Warlock, one of three […]

Dark Souls 2 Launches On PC, New Trailer News 17

News 17 Soon, PC gamers will know the true meaning of death. Namco Bandai Games and From Software’s hard-as-hell dungeon-explorer, Dark Souls 2, has officially launched on PC. Check out the new launch trailer above. Be sure to read up on our console review, which received a near perfect score. Do note, however, that the game is currently experiencing […]

H-Hour – “Innovation We Have, And It’s Not More Epic Kill Streaks,” Says SOF Creative Director News 6

News 6 With H-Hour: World’s Elite, SOF Studios aims clear of today’s modern military shooter, hoping to deliver a more traditional gameplay experience that brings back the intensity of classic shooters like SOCOM. But in today’s gaming landscape, littered with over-the-top Hollywood action shooters, H-Hour’s philosophy can be a tough sell. As it so happens, selling is the exact situation the higher-ups at […]

Buy Sticker Packs in PvZ: Garden Warfare With Real Life Money Next Week News 11

News 11 It looks like PopCap HD will soon be offering Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare players the option to purchase in-game Sticker Packs with real life money. How soon, you ask? In-game coins will be available for purchase in the Sticker Shop sometime next week, according to Brian Lindley, Producer of Garden Warfare, in a recent blog write-up. “Starting next […]

New Titanfall Community Challenge Looks For The Top Hardpoint Domination Player News 13

News 13 This week, Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is looking for top Hardpoint Domination player with the highest combined total of Assault and Defense points. Like the previous week-long challenge (congrats to Titanfall player Lee Soars!), up for grabs is a Mad Catz Titanfall headset, along with a few other goodies. Here are the details, including start […]

Bungie Has ‘Ways For You to Relive Your Finest Moments’ in Destiny PvP News 6

News 6 Skillful players will have ways to display their FPS prowess to others in Destiny‘s player vs. player multiplayer combat, but ‘only if you earn it,’ says Bungie. “Will other guardians recognize my skill in competitive PvP?” was one of the many questions asked in Bungie’s latest weekly update. “Only if you earn it, Guardian,” answered […]

Ubisoft Details Everything You Need to Know About Watch Dogs Multiplayer In New Guide News 13

News 13 Earlier this week, Watch Dogs developer Ubisoft gave fans a more generous viewing of the game’s unique online experience. We also gathered a handful of new details yesterday that unraveled some of the mysteries surrounding player invasion and the different ways to play multiplayer. Today, Ubisoft spills everything you need to know about Watch Dogs’ online […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE VP & GM Writes Open Letter Regarding ‘New Higher-Performance Servers’ News 70

News 70 Battlefield 4 fans have been noticing a significantly improved online experience since yesterday’s EA server maintenance. Performance issues began shortly after the launch of Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC and appear to have hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users the hardest. Many took to the forums and message boards to express their frustration while developer DICE promised […]

PS4 Firmware Update 1.7 Available April 30, More Features Detailed News 51

News 51 Sony has officially announced that the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 update, 1.7, will be available worldwide on April 30th. Heads-up: PS4 firmware update 1.70, inc. SHAREfactory and HDCP Off, goes live on 30th April. More soon! — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) April 25, 2014 Sony of Europe tweeted out this morning, along with Sony of Japan, […]

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Will Transfer Saves to Xbox One Edition, Microsoft Confirms News 20

News 20 Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirms that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition saves will cary over to the Xbox One Edition when it launches, a date that is still currently unknown. All your hard work (and play) will not go to waste. Spencer announced on Twitter today, “After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm […]

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