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5 Things That Made Battlefield: Bad Company 2 So Iconic News 139

News 139 Back when Battlefield 4 was first announced as Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment’s next big triple-A FPS follow up to 2011’s Battlefield 3, not everyone met the idea with open arms. While the thought of yet another proper Battlefield title certainly carried a sense of excitement with it, it wasn’t quite able to shake that unmistakable longing […]

VGX 2013 – Titanfall: Respawn ‘Thinking About’ a Beta, Debuts OGRE and Stryder Titans in New Trailers Media 46

Media 46 Respawn Entertainment unveils a new class of Titan in the studio’s upcoming sci-fi FPS, Titanfall. The OGRE, a new Titan in production at fictional company “Hammond Robotics”, is a new type of Titan that joins the game’s playable roster of giant fighting robots which studio head Vince Zampella says is a “more heavily armored, [but] a little […]

VGX 2013 – The Division: Snowdrop Engine Highlight Media 29

Media 29 Ubisoft Massive’s The Division is a true open-world, next-gen shooter experience powered by the brand new “Snowdrop” game engine. To show off some of the engine’s features and capabilities, Massive has launched a brand new trailer that showcased during this year’s VGX video game awards highlighting the power of Snowdrop. It’s looking good, so far. Really […]

VGX 2013 – Destiny World Premier Trailer Media 3

Media 3 Destiny get’s a brand new gameplay trailer fresh out of this year’s VGX video game awards. Check out Bungie’s latest showcasing of their upcoming shared-world shooter. Destiny was recently announced to release next year on September 9 with a beta coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this Summer.

PSA – Do Not Mess With Xbox One Developer Console To Enable Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility News 22

News 22 You might have noticed an instructional image floating around the internet that looks a little something like this: The set of instructions teaches users how to enable Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on your Xbox One so that you can play some of your older games. The only problem is that it doesn’t. Instead, as users […]

Welcome To MP1st “Phoenix” – Introduction News 63

News 63 Hey guys! As a more personal note from us to our readers, I just wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to MP1st 3.0, aka “Phoenix”. As you can tell, things look a bit different! Our web designer, Jorik “Niosus” De Waen has been hard at work over the past few months redesigning the […]

Play Destiny September 9, Bungie Announces Release Date News 23

News 23 Mark your calendars. September 9, 2014 is the day you fulfill your destiny – your destiny to to play Destiny, that is, the upcoming shared-world shooter from renown video game developer Bungie. “Today, in partnership with Activision, we are proud to announce that the worldwide launch of Destiny will happen on September 9th,” writes Bungie […]

Rumor – New Battlefield Spin-Off In Development At Visceral Games Rumors 99

Rumors 99 A new Battlefield spin-off may be in the works, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, who says a studio other than DICE is looking to continue the stream of Battlefield releases in EA’s 2015 financial year. Originally, reported by EuroGamer and VideoGamer, Pachter wrote in a note to the press that, “Although EA has […]

Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Manual Update Now Live, Server Update Unlocks M1911 3X Scope For Everyone News 16

News 16 Like the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 4 did yesterday, the Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 has received its very own patch that consists of similar updates and fixes. Developers DICE have also looked into updating all Battlefield 4 servers across all platforms to make good on couple of promises; one of which was […]

EA Stocks Drop After DICE Project Stall Caused By Battlefield 4 Issues News 120

News 120 EA investors aren’t responding too well to the recent news of EA-owned developers DICE halting progress on upcoming Battlefield 4 expansions and even future video game projects like Star Wars: Battlefront. As, GameInformer reports, via SeekingAlpha, EA stocks have dropped nearly 7.5% since the announcement. The decision comes after what seems like an overwhelming influx of Battlefield […]

Bohemia Interactive Launches “Make Arma Not War” $680,000 Modding Competition News 8

News 8 Today, Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive launches a campaign to celebrate the modding community by introducing a year-long Arma 3 modding competition called “Make Arma Not War”. Up for grabs is a prize-pool of half a million Euros, or $680,000 USD, which will be awarded to the winning modders among four different categories in 2015. Check […]

A Wild H-Hour: World’s Elite Screen Appears! SOF Studios Shows Off First Image of Alpha Game News 18

News 18 With a successful Kickstarter campaign now behind them, SOF Studios is hard at work bringing to life what they promise to be a lethal, tactical, team-based, multiplayer military shooter that no hardcore shooter fan will want to miss. H-Hour: World’s Elite, a game many are calling the spiritual successor to SOCOM, has hit a bit […]

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