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EA Announces Battlefield 4 Xbox One Tournament, Will Debut Second Assault DLC Gameplay November 1 News 100

News 100 Today, EA has announced Battlefield 4: Showdown, an upcoming Battlefield 4 tournament taking place in London, UK, that will pit one European team of 32 players against one all-American team of 32 players against each other. “Top-tier Battlefield players will be hand selected to represent their country as they battle it out on Xbox One,” reads the […]

Battlefield 4 Achievements/Trophies Reveal Multiple Single Player Endings, Includes Five For Multiplayer News 73

News 73 CAUTION This Battlefield 4 achievement/trophy list does contain spoilers relating to the single player campaign’s ending. What’s not so spoilerific, however, is that the list does indicate the game will indeed feature multiple endings. There are also five multiplayer-focused achievements/trophies which may or may not excite you. Luckily, they don’t seem too hard to accomplish […]

Steam Machine Hardware Specs Detailed by Valve News 20

News 20 Later this year, 300 Steam Machine prototypes running Valve’s recently announced SteamOS will be sent to testers to help facilitate Steam’s transition to the living room. Valve has announced that the prototype machines will be high-end computers built from off-the-wall PC parts. The recent update also details the specifications and variations of the hardware. Steam […]

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 – The Series Is ‘Coming Back’, According to DICE Creative Director News 96

News 96 Digital Illusions CE has a lot on their plate. Not only are they prepping for the biggest launch in Battlefield history, or possibly EA history, with Battlefield 4, but the studio is also knee deep in projects like Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2. While that doesn’t leave much room for anything else, it […]

GTA Online Title Update Incoming, Rockstar Hopes For 24 Hour Release Window [Updated] News 26

News 26 Update The latest news from Rockstar reads: Update: The latest title update for GTA Online is live for PlayStation 3. We’re working to have this up for Xbox 360 as soon as possible today. Original Story Those who are still having issues with GTA Online ever since it’s rocky release this past Tuesday may finally […]

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions Media 102

Media 102 Tomorrow, the official Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta opens up to the public, giving everyone on the PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 a chance to try their hand at DICE’s upcoming FPS epic, officially launching on October 29. Along with other early-access members, we’ve already had a few days to sink our teeth into the […]

Battlefield 4 Beta – DICE Shows Off Xbox 360 Gameplay, Obliteration Mode Incoming? Media 73

Media 73 Battlefield 4 developers DICE have just posted a brand new trailer showing off some multiplayer beta gameplay on the Xbox 360 console. It’s looking pretty good, but we want to know what your thoughts are on the current-generation version of Battlefield 4, keeping in mind that what you see in the beta may or may […]

New Call of Duty: Ghosts “Squads” Trailer Media 35

Media 35 Infinity ward is introducing Squads to Call of Duty: Ghosts this Fall, a brand new game mode that allows you to build your own set of soldiers to fight in co-operative and competitive multiplayer battles, both online and off. Check out the latest trailer from the studio, giving you a few more details on Call […]

GTA Online Microtransactions Disabled Until Online Servers Are Fully Functioning News 34

News 34 By now, you’ve heard and probably experienced severe issues in the highly anticipated GTA Online which launched only yesterday. With Rockstar’s cloud service being down out, many players couldn’t start some online missions. In the midst of this problem, Rockstar has recently disabled the microtransaction packs of Grand Theft Auto V according to a recent Rockstar […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Game Mode Highlight – Blitz News 34

News 34 Blitz is a brand new, fast-paced game mode being introduced to the Call of Duty series with the release of Ghosts this November 5. Think of it like soccer, but where the player acts as the ball. It’s an interesting take on an objective game time, one that is sure to fit in to the […]

GTA Online Service Being Restored On The PlayStation 3, Possible Xbox 360 Fix News 44

News 44 After having a rough launch, Grand Theft Auto Online is returning back to service as multiple reports from across the globe, including us, can confirm that GTA Online has somewhat started working on the PlayStation 3. PS3 owners from both GTAForum and Reddit have reported that they are finally able to connect and play online with the PlayStation 3 […]

Battlefield 4 Beta – Current Lists of Known Issues News 145

News 145 Day one of the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is nearly over, and clearly, the game is not without its issues on all platforms. Regardless, we hope you are enjoying it and that you are providing feedback to the DICE team in a civilized manner through proper channels […]

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