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War Thunder Dev – Cannot Be On Xbox One Because of Cross-Platform Play News 28

News 28 While Gaijin Entertainment is trying all they can to get the popular free-to-play air combat title, War Thunder, on the Xbox One, it seems that, for the time being, Microsoft will not allow it due to cross-platform play with PC. Speaking with Gamespot, Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev stated, “Microsoft is not allowing cross-play completely; which means […]

Rumor – Are Squads Coming Back to Battlefield 4? News 56

News 56 Squads may be returning to Battlefield 4, according to recent reports. The feature that was originally present in 2011’s Battlefield 3 allowed players to squad up with teammates prior to a match, making it easier to enter a game on the same team and in the same squad. It has since been heavily requested after […]

The Last of Us Complete Edition Listed For PS4, Bundles Planned – Report Rumors 10

Rumors 10 A few days ago we reported that The Last of Us may be coming to the PlayStation 4. Now, it seems that a retailer may have slipped the first details about the new edition. Take this with a grain of salt, as Retailer listings have been wrong in the past – though some right as well. […]

Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1943, and Crysis 3 Highlight EA’s PSN Flash Sale News 8

News 8 This weekend, Sony and EA have decided to discount several games for the PS3 that are available on the PlayStation Store. Title Sale Price Original Price Alice: Madness Returns $9.99 $19.99 Battlefield 4 $24.99 $49.99 Battlefield 1943 $4.99 $9.99 Crysis $9.99 $19.99 Crysis 2 Maximum Edition $14.99 $29.99 Crysis 3 – Ultimate Bundle $21.99 $43.99 […]

Battlefield 4 Offers The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for $50 News 48

News 48 Battlefield 4 developer DICE has launched an assortment of shortcut kits this week for those less inclined to power through the game’s rather substantial offering of weapon, gadget, and vehicle unlocks. The selection of shortcut kits ranging from specific weapon class unlocks to full on soldier kit unlocks offer players a way to skip past […]

Bungie Teases Destiny Collector’s Edition Reveal Next Week Rumors 45

Rumors 45 It’s quite possible that developer Bungie is gearing up for a collector’s edition reveal for their upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, next week. In yet another weekly blog update where Bungie community manager “DeeJ” answered questions straight from the anxious Bungie community, he teased something to look forward to “next week”. “Are you planning on releasing […]

Titanfall Merchandise Store Now Open News 5

News 5 Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have officially opened up brand new merchandise store for their recently launched shooter, Titanfall. The online store offers a selection of tees, jackets, and accessories for men and women inspired by designs from the Titanfall universe. You can visit the store right here to check out some of the new gear. Respawn also recently […]

New Call of Duty: Ghosts Update Adds Dropzone and Onslaught DLC Maps To Playlists News 15

News 15 A new Call of Duty: Ghosts game update is reportedly rolling out on various platforms. According to some users, the update removes the Onslaught DLC playlist and puts the four new maps into the map rotations of regular playlists. It also introduces the recently rumored Drop Zone game mode to matchmaking, a popular mode first […]

Killer Instinct Season 2 To Be Composed Of Returning And New Characters News 6

News 6 Work on Killer Instinct’s season 2 is now underway with Iron Galaxy at the helm of the game’s development. Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, announced on Twitter that with the launch of Season 2, fans of the revived fighter can expect returning characters from the previous installments of the series, along with brand new characters. Additionally, much […]

Battlefield 4 Premium Members Get Double XP This Weekend News 14

News 14 Double XP is coming to Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers this weekend. The event starts this Saturday at 2am PDT / 10pm CET and is open to all Premium subscribers across all platforms. Premium members also have the opportunity to experience brand new Battlefield 4 content with the Naval Strike expansion that recently launched on the […]

Special In-Game Items Coming to Warframe For One Year Anniversary News 16

News 16 Digital Extremes, developer of the free-to-play, PC and PS4 third-person shooter, Warframe, has a pleasant surprise for its player base, as the studio celebrates the title’s one year anniversary. From now until April 2, Warframe players on the PC who log into the game will receive two special in-game items. The first item up for grabs is […]

Farewell To The Resistance – Looking Back At The Franchise as Online Support Discontinues News 21

News 21 Along with the PlayStation 3 back in 2006 launched a small first-person-shooter called “Resistance: Fall of Man”. Many years later, developer Insomniac Games would follow up with two sequels. Although the series has since lost its meaning, we take a look back at what made it so good to begin with. March 28 marks the […]

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