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Xbox One ‘Games with Gold’ Program Details Coming “Soon” News 21

News 21 The ‘Games with Gold’ program has been around since July of last year, but up to this point, has only extended itself to Xbox 360 owners. According to Corporate VP Phil Spencer, the first details about the program for Xbox One users should be emerging shortly: @XboxP3 Phil when can we expect games with gold […]

Insurgency – An Early Access Success Story Editorials 27

Editorials 27 Insurgency has come a long way since its days as a mod and in full release, I’m happy to say it’s easily one of my favorite first-person shooter games to date.  But a big part of what makes it great is that it’s not familiar, it’s hard, and above all, it’s a fresh experience that […]

COD: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Video Pits Michael Myers Against Maniac Juggernaut Media 16

Media 16 Who would win in a fight? Michael Myers, or Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ Maniac Juggernaut killstreak? A recent “in-depth” video from Call of Duty YouTube personality Drift0r pits the two together, measuring their health, running speed, and killing efficiency. Michael Myers is a brand new Field Order reward introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ first […]

Latest Killer Instinct Patch Reportedly Causing Issues, New Classic Skins For Glacius and Sabrewulf Available News 0

News 0 Killer Instinct’s 1.3 GB patch is reportedly causing headaches for a number of players. As reported on Double Helix’s forums, a handful of Killer Instinct players are being mistakenly sent to ‘jail’, a punishment originally meant for “rage quitters”, due to their opponent disconnecting from a match. For those who are unfamiliar with the  recent […]

February’s Games With Gold Titles Are Dead Island And Toy Soldiers: Cold War News 15

News 15 With the month of January coming to an end, Xbox Live Gold members can expect two new games to add to their collection this February. According to SlickDeals, and later confirmed by Major Nelson, XBL Gold members can look forward to downloading Dead Island, which features co-op play, today for free via the XBL marketplace. Once February […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Unboxing Media 4

Media 4 As reported earlier this week Bethesda and ZeniMax have announced an Imperial Edition for their upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. Giving you a good look at all of its contents, lead content designer Lawrence Schick walks you through a special unboxing video which you can check out above. The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition is set to […]

Free-To-Play Shooter Loadout Now Available, Gets a New Gameplay Trailer News 17

News 17 A new trailer for the just-released free-to-play third person shooter from developers Edge of Reality, Loadout, shows you what the game is all about. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Loadout is a frantic, over-the-top multiplayer shooter that includes a weapon-crafting feature allowing for a over a ‘billion’ possibilities. It also includes two game types; Casual, which offers […]

Report – Laid Off EA Contractors Out Unannounced Police-Themed Battlefield Game Rumors 80

Rumors 80 According to reports, recently laid off contractors stationed at EA’s Ghost Games studio were offered positions at Visceral Games to aid with production on a new police-themed Battlefield game, code-named Havana. Ghost Games, formerly known as EA Gothenburg, were responsible for last year’s Need for Speed: Rivals and are said to be working on another […]

Are Open-World Survival Games the Next Big Thing? Editorials 36

Editorials 36 There’s a storm of new games coming to market this year promising to recreate life in a massive multiplayer online fantasy world. With such high ambition, gamers around are craving and anticipating a new generation of games to play and Open World Survival MMOs look to be those games. But how confident can we be […]

PvZ: Garden Warfare’s Split-Screen Mode Runs At 30 FPS, Certain Unlockables Tied To Gameplay News 2

News 2 In a recent interview, senior franchise marketing manager for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Gary Clay revealed some interesting bits of information regarding the upcoming third-person Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC shooter. Clay revealed that despite running at 60 frames per second on the Xbox One, those who plan on playing Garden Warfare’s platform-exclusive split-screen co-op […]

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Now Live, Beta Testers Receive Special In-Game Rewards News 2

News 2 After months of beta testing, Word of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is now available for free to beta testers. Testers will also receive special in-game tokens of gratitude from Wargaming West, including the premium tank, the T14, just for playing the beta. There also seems to be other in-game items for beta players who met certain requirements. Completing […]

Report – New Cheaper Xbox One Model To Come In 2014 News 54

News 54 It looks like there may be more weight to the rumors of a new and cheaper Xbox One model releasing before 2015. According to VG247, Microsoft has told trusted publishing partners that before the end of the year, they will release a new and cheaper model of the Xbox One which currently holds a price tag […]

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