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Rumor – Black Ops 2 Third and Fourth DLC Release Dates Spotted In Elite Website Coding Rumors 47

Rumors 47 Recent rumors suggest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s third and fourth sets of downloadable content will release July 2 and August 27, respectively. The dates were spotted by YouTuber @TWiinSANE in the coding of the Call of Duty Elite website. Both allegedly pertain to the Xbox 360 versions of the DLC, as additional content is historically […]

DICE Producer Offers Charity Stream DDOSers Tour of Haitian Orphanage In Response to Attacks News 41

News 41 DICE Producer Daniel “zh1nt0″ Matros is offering DDOSers of a charity stream meant to help raise money for orphaned children in Haiti a tour of the orphanage in response to their attacks. Earlier today, members of teamavolition.com reportedly disrupted a live charity stream hosted by Matros through a distributed denial-of-service attack, leading Matros and those donating […]

Black Ops 2 Update Rebalances Pistols and Launchers, Fixes Multiplayer and Zombies Issues [Updated] News 19

News 19 A brand new Black Ops 2 update deployed early this morning, addressing a few multiplayer issues, rebalancing some weapons, and fixing a number of Zombies bugs. The update is currently live on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The full list of patch notes can be found below. Update The update is now live on […]

Report – PlayStation 4 ‘Has 50 Per Cent More Raw Power Than The GPU In The Xbox One’ News 116

News 116 According to recent reports, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has 50% more graphical power than Microsoft’s Xbox One, based on current specs. Comparisons made by Eurogamer reveal the differences between both company’s next-generation hardware. “We know that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are based on Radeon GCN architecture and we also know that each compute unit […]

Rainbow 6: Patriots – Where Did You Go? Editorials 13

Editorials 13 What you are about to read are actual stories of the long-awaited Tom Clancy title, Rainbow 6: Patriots. While all the footage that has been given appears to be from an official source, none of what you are about the read and watch has been proven to be real or even, for that matter, indicates […]

EA Announces Need for Speed Rivals, Hopes to ‘Eliminate The Line Between Single Player and Multiplayer’ Media 27

Media 27 Today, EA announced the next generation of Need for Speed with Need for Speed Rivals, an action/racing game created by an inspired new development team, Ghost Games, in association with Criterion Games, and built on the powerful Frostbite 3 engine. “Need for Speed Rivals captures the adrenaline and intensity of the street’s ultimate rivalry between cops […]

Xbox One and PS4 are “…a Generation Ahead of the Highest End PC on the Market,” says EA CTO News 53

News 53 While the dust is finally settling on the Xbox One reveal (and Call of Duty dog gaining plenty of steam), a lot has been made of the console’s raw specs not meeting or exceeding today’s high-end PC’s. Although the Xbox One may not have the fastest processor clock speed or RAM, that didn’t stop EA’s […]

Grand Theft Auto V Special And Collector’s Edition Available for Pre-Order, First Multiplayer Details News 20

News 20 After being tight-lipped for some time, aside from releasing handful of jaw-dropping GTAV screens a few weeks ago, Rockstar has recently revealed the special and collectors edition of their blockbuster sandbox game, Grand Theft Auto V, and has now put them up for pre-order. What exactly will Rockstar will be including in these special editions you say? […]

Destiny – “The Law of The Jungle” Trailer, Gameplay Debut At Playstation E3 Conference Media 19

Media 19 The world gameplay premier of Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, isn’t too far away. Today, the studio confirmed via a new trailer that you’ll be able to catch the first gameplay debut on June 10th, during the Sony PlayStation E3 2013 conference. For now, check out this live action/CG trailer called “The Law of the […]

Report – Slant Six Was Working On Medal of Honor For The PS Vita News 10

News 10 Remember those rumors that Medal of Honor: Warfighter was going to be released for the PlayStation Vita? While that didn’t quite end up working out, it seems that it was once on the table, according to some concept art that Slant Six did for for the franchise. As seen on Alex Carigi’s work page (now removed). The […]

Vote for New Black Ops 2 Weapon Camos Tomorrow and Watch The Trailer Media 42

Media 42 Tomorrow, Black Ops 2 players will be able to vote for the next set of downloadable weapon skins, including themes reticles and calling cards. The announcement was made a few days ago via the in-game message board. Today, Treyarch has released a short trailer showing off some of the camos in action. The winners will […]

Battlefield 4 Beta for PS3 Not Available in Japan and Rest of Asia, According to Official FAQ News 44

News 44 The team behind the much anticipated Battlefield 4 notes that the Beta will not be available for PS3 users in Japan and the rest of Asia. DICE and EA have published a FAQ page about the Battlefield 4 Beta with mainly the same information that we’ve reported on in recent months. The frequently asked questions list, attached […]

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