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Destiny to Use Faceware Tech For Increased Character Detail News 14

News 14 Bungie will be making use of Faceware’s markerless motion capture technology to provide lifelike character detail and movement in their upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny. The technology, previously used on Bungie’s Halo: Reach, “uses video to capture every detail of an actor’s face, and computer vision software to transfer that performance quickly to digital characters, giving […]

Titanfall to Support 4K on PC and Incorporate Nvidia GameWorks Tech News 21

News 21 Respawn Entertainment’s recently launched shooter, Titanfall, is going to be getting a bit of a visual and technical boost on the PC with the help of Nvidia. As explained in a recent Nvidia blog post by developer content and technology manager Ashu Rege, Titanfall will soon support 4K resolution along with multiple Nvidia graphics processing units […]

“Online Collectibles” Coming to Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer in Upcoming DLC News 5

News 5 Guerrilla Games is adding new gameplay elements to Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer in an upcoming expansion detailed a few weeks ago, the Insurgent Pack. “In the upcoming Expansion Pack we’re introducing a new pastime for you during your online matches: Online Collectibles,” wrote the studio in a recent Facebook post. “When playing in a Warzone, […]

Killer Instinct – Fulgore, Story Mode, and Online Lobbies Could Be Delayed News 7

News 7 Bad news for Killer Instinct fans. The much awaited March update that was set to add story mode, online lobbies, and the final character for season one of Killer Instinct, Fulgore, might see a delay. The announcement comes from Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, who took to NeoGAF to deliver that bad news: “We are still […]

Xbox One – MS Expects 1080p Games To Happen, Will Soon Reward Players With ‘Good Social Behavior’ News 60

News 60 Microsoft fully expects developers to achieve native 1080p games on the Xbox One as time passes. “I fully expect that to happen,” Xbox director of development Boyd Multere recently told OXM. “The [graphics processing units] are really complicated beasts this time around.” But Multere expects things to go smoother once developers begin to really wrap their head […]

Hyper Light Drifter Announced For The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita News 6

News 6 Originally slated for a PC release only, Hyper Light Drifter has received the green light for a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita port later this year. Hyper Light Drifter will support co-op along with competitive multiplayer. Interestingly enough, the co-op experience will be similar to that of Dark Souls where the developers won’t be holding your […]

New H-Hour Screenshot, Development And Twitch Stream Discussion Dated News 8

News 8 H-Hour has come to an end on one one of it’s many production cycles and SOF Studios is now discussing some of its upcoming plans. In a detailed blog post, creative director David Sears outlined the many bugs that have been fixed in the extremely early test version of the game, though some still remain. […]

CryEngine GDC Demo Showcases New Evolve and Star Citizen Gameplay News 15

News 15 This May, Crytek is making its cutting edge graphics engine, the CryEngine, available to all for a royalty free $9.90 per month subscription through the company’s new “Engine-as-a-Service” program. Developers will have access to recently announced features like Physically Based Shading, Geometry Cache and Image Based Lighting, all which were showcased during Crytek’s presentation at this […]

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Garden Variety DLC Review Reviews 8

Reviews 8 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is already dubbed one of the weirdest shooters out there. So how exactly is PopCap HD going top the experience with its latest DLC offering? It’s simple, actually: Launch new content for free. Upon downloading the parody-filled mandatory Garden Variety update, you’ll be greeted with a seriously overwhelming amount of new […]

Epic Talks Unreal Engine 4, Watch the GDC Tech Demo News 16

News 16 Epic is unleashing Unreal Engine 4 unto the world today. Speaking at this year’s Game Developers Conference, the company showcased the brand new graphics engine that can be accessed for a monthly rate of $19, along with a 5% royalty. Check out the 5-minute presentation above highlighting the engine’s impressive new features. Epic founder Tim Sweeney […]

There Are More Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs to Find, Says DICE, Naval Strike Balance Tweaks Detailed News 59

News 59 The keen Battlefield 4 community may have found the T-Rex on Rogue Transmission, the exploding ship on Hainan Resort, and solved the mysteries of the Phantom Prospect, but there’s still more to find, according to DICE. Co-hosting a portion of today’s Battlefield 4 Naval Strike live stream with Alex “GoldenBoy” Mendez, DICE associate producer David Sirland talked about some […]

Report – EA Secures Titanfall 2 Rights News 73

News 73 It appears that Respawn Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter Titanfall has already performed well enough to warrant a sequel. According to “a reputable source,” EA has secured rights to Titanfall 2, says GameSpot. Other than a sharp increase in Xbox One sales in the UK, no official Titafall sales numbers have been announced by EA, but the […]

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