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E3 2013 – Respawn’s Unannounced Title Will Be Live Streamed on Twitch TV News 14

News 14 According to Twitch TV’s live streaming schedule during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Respawn Entertainment will be demonstrating their unannounced title to be published under EA, recently rumored to be called “Titan.” The studio is set to stream on Wednesday, June 12 at 11am PST and you’ll be able to catch it right here. Other […]

Killzone: Mercenary Beta Access Registration Available In PS Home News 6

News 6 PS Home is gearing up to stream the PlayStation E3 2013 event live, and like every year, there’s going to be a digital show floor with virtual booths. Among winning PS3 themes for games like Last of Us and Destiny, Sony is also offering gamers a free 30-day PS+ trial along with early access to […]

Battlelog is Coming to Android This Friday News 17

News 17 Better late than never! Battlefield 3‘s (and soon to be Battlefield 4‘s) social, stat-tracking service, the Battlelog, will finally be making its way to Android users as a dedicated application this Friday. The Battlelog team announced via Twitter today: Here’s a shot of it in action: Fans also have a few incoming Battlelog improvements to […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer First Look “Probably” Not ‘Til August News 28

News 28 While fans may be getting a good look at Call of Duty: Ghosts this Sunday in a pre-E3 “all access” event, the developers at Infinity Ward “probably” won’t be ready to show anything multiplayer related until August, according to studio head Mark Rubin. In response to a Twitter inquiry, Rubin mentioned that he can’t wait […]

Planetside 2 And DC Universe Online Heading To The PlayStation 4 This Year Media 42

Media 42 Sony sure is on a roll with announcements as of late. With already four free-to-play titles heading to the PS4 at launch- including the recently announced Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution earlier, today, Sony has also announced that both Planetside 2 and DC Universe would be playable for free on the PlayStation 4 some time later this year. DC […]

Battlelog Dev Adresses Privacy Concerns, “Invisible Mode” a “Top Priority” for Battlefield 4 News 32

News 32 Battlelog developers at DICE plan to add additional steps to ensure privacy for users of the social, stat-tracking service by the time Battlefield 4 rolls around this Fall. Speaking to Battlefield fan Rubén Santana on Twitter, Battlelog developer Filip mentioned that an “invisible mode” is a “top priority” for the team. Presumably, entering into an […]

E3 2013 – Other Than Battlefield 4, DICE Has ‘A Couple Of Surprises Up Their Sleeves’ Media 44

Media 44 Karl-Magnus Troedsson, general manager and vice president of DICE, the same company that brought you Battlefield 3 and will be bringing you Battlefield 4 this Fall, addresses the E3 2013 crowd with a special, pre-event announcement. Without a doubt, DICE will be showing off Battlefield 4 in all its glory during EA’s press conference on […]

Pre-Order Battlefield 4, GameStop Offering Power-Up Reward Members Air Unlock Shortcut Kit For Battlefield 3 News 45

News 45 Those who a part of GameStop’s power-up reward program have something to look forward to if you plan on purchasing Battlefield 4 this fall. The company is offering the Air Unlock Shortcut Kit for immediate use in Battlefield 3 upon pre-ordering Battlefield 4, netting you the ability to instantly acquire all unlocks for the Attack Helicopter, Jets, […]

Free-To-Play Shooter Warframe Coming To The PlayStation 4 News 20

News 20 The once PC-exclusive free-to-play, third-person shooter, Warframe, is now going to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 console and will follow a similar  free-to-play micro-transaction model to its PC counter-part. According to IGN, as a bonus, it will ship with a few added special features to the PlayStation 4 version thanks to the Dual-Shock […]

The Last of Us Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Media 30

Media 30 Yesterday, we got word of the first details of The Last of Us‘ multiplayer, including a first look at some gameplay and in-game screens. If you missed it, be sure to read up on it here. Today, developers Naughty Dog have put together this nifty multiplayer gameplay trailer showing off a number of the gameplay […]

Watch Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay Before E3 News 55

News 55 Activision has announced that you’ll be able to catch a 30-minute early look at Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay levels and behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the Infinity Ward team a day before E3 in a special ‘All Access’ event. Hosted by Geoff Keighley and Justine Ezarikou, you can either tune into Callofduty.com, or watch it […]

Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Launches Today for PC and Xbox 360, Later for PlayStation 3 News 8

News 8 Crysis 3 fans can look forward to more action in the tropical setting of the Lingshan Islands later today as Crytek is launching Crysis 3′s first set of DLC, The Lost Island. Taking place in the same setting as the original Crysis, The Lost Island introduces four new maps, two new game modes, and two […]

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