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The Last of Us Vs. Uncharted 3 – The Best Easter Egg Comparison Yet Media 19

Media 19 Yes, guys, I am still working on the multiplayer review for The Last of Us, but there’s only so much of it that I can play before the urge to play single player kicks back in. I know normally we don’t cover things that focus on the single player of a title, but this was […]

New Update To Hit Borderlands 2 Soon, According To Dev News 3

News 3 With the final campaign DLC add-on for Borderlands 2′s season pass set to arrive next week, the folks over at Gearbox are already starting their usual preparation for any upcoming DLC that’s set to launch by releasing a compatibility pack before-hand. Although there’s no specific date in which Borderlands 2 players across all available platforms […]

Rumor – Black Ops 2 Advert Allegedly Outs Third DLC, “Vengeance” Rumors 102

Rumors 102 It appears a new image has been leaked revealing what looks like the third Black Ops 2 DLC pack, reportedly dubbed ‘Vengeance.’ According to the image there will be four new multiplayer Maps and one new Zombie map, following previous DLC standards, as well as a new weapon for the Zombies game mode called the […]

Battlefield 3 PC Download And Premium Heavily Discounted Until June 19 News 31

News 31 Those who always wanted to get their hands on the PC version of Battlefield 3 but have been waiting for a sweet deal to arise, then you’ll want to hear this. As of today, Origin is offering the PC download version of Battlefield 3 at 75% off. Making the discounted price of the game to come […]

Fable III Now Free For Xbox Live Gold Members, More Free Games to Come News 41

News 41 Those who are Xbox Live Gold members may have heard the good news: a recent promotion that Microsoft has revealed during their 2013 E3 conference is gifting all Xbox Live Gold members two free games per month, starting this July. However, Microsoft seems to have started promoting early, as the Games-on-Demand version of Fable III […]

Battlefield 4 Interview With DICE GM and VP, Karl-Magnus Troedsson Interviews 46

Interviews 46 Despite a hectic week at E3 2013, MP1st had the very fortunate chance to speak with General Manager and Vice President of DICE, the studio currently at the helm the next iteration of the highly acclaimed Battlefield franchise. Karl-Magnus Troedsson, who could often be seen on the E3 show floor either demonstrating the newly re-introduced […]

Gears of War: Judgment Lost Relics DLC – Catch a Flythrough of All Four New Maps Media 7

Media 7 Gears of War: Judgment Lost Relics drops tomorrow on the Xbox 360 and Epic Games, along with People Can Fly, have a set of flythrough videos of the four brand new locations available in this multiplayer DLC. Along with new armor and weapon mods, the DLC is also bringing a brand new game mode to […]

MP1st at E3 2013 – Wrap-Up, Thoughts, Impressions and Photos News 12

News 12 With powerful new game engines and brand new hardware on the horizon, E3 2013 was filled with glimpses of the next-generation of gaming. It was a big year that included a ton of mouth-watering announcements that would make any geek do the Harlem Shake. Luckily enough, I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s events […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Double XP Event Extended For Another 48 Hours News 6

News 6 Just moments before the latest Double XP weekend for Battlefield 3 premium came to a close, the lovely folks over at DICE, have announced that they have a special treat in store for all Premium members. The current Premium Double XP has just been extended until June 19 at 5:00 am EST, according to the official Battlefield […]

Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Starts Tomorrow, PC Spec Requirements Detailed News 107

News 107 Those who have been patiently waiting on the alpha testing stages of DICE’s latest FPS, Battlefield 4, to get underway won’t have to wait much longer. Invites to the Battlefield 4 alpha are being sent now, with the full alpha trial going live tomorrow. According DICE dev ‘TheBikingViking,’ those who didn’t receive an alpha invite […]

Sony’s ‘Best Of 2012′ E3 Sale Now Live on PlayStation Network News 18

News 18 Finally, the 2013 E3 event has come to an end, but it wouldn’t be a proper send off without a huge sale of the best titles from the previous year of E3 to celebrate, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Borderlands 2. Right now, if you own a PlayStation 3 and have a […]

First-Party Microsoft Games To Retail At 60 USD, Xbox One Bans Result in Lost Game Licenses [Updated] News 86

News 86 Update Contrary to the statements made by Xbox Support, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb stated in a recent video interview with RedditGames that users will “Absolutely Not” lose access to their games should they be banned, by fault of theirs or not. It seems there may be conflicting reports on the matter. Recently a Microsoft representative […]

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