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Killer Instinct – Thunder’s Classic Costume Accidently Leaked Media 9

Media 9 Those of you who enjoy playing as Thunder in the Xbox One fighter, Killer Instinct, may be in for a special treat. A recent glitch appears to have revealed Thunder’s classic outfit that will presumably be available as DLC in the near future. Check it out in the video above. Unfortunately, Thunder isn’t sporting the […]

Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Fifth Character Is Decapre News 6

News 6 After months of speculation on who the final addition to Ultra Street Fighter IV’s roster will be, Capcom has finally revealed the identity of the mysterious fighter during the Final Round 17 tournament, as promised in Street Fighter producer Tomoaki Ayano’s blog last month. Alongside Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento, joining the cast is none other than […]

Ubisoft Releases New Concept Art for The Division Media 32

Media 32 Ubisoft Massive has recently shared a new piece of concept art for their highly anticipated MMO shooter, The Division. The latest piece of concept art shows a building that the character is looking towards, perhaps some sort of hub where players will be able to interact with one another in a more neutral play space. […]

Titanfall – Respawn Engineer on Xbox Live Compute: “The Internet is Very Sceptical That This is Real” News 109

News 109 Respawn Engineer Jon Shiring, aka “Slothy”, is grateful for Xbox One’s Xbox Live Compute program built upon Microsoft’s Azure server database, powering a number of the standout features that Titanfall delivers. Speaking to Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb in a recent podcast, Shiring explains how the new tech has made the lives of Respawn’s […]

Massive Ban Wave Hits COD: Ghosts Players – “Will Not be Reversed,” Says Activision News 193

News 193 Update Infinity Ward has announced on Twitter that many of the bans issued were, in fact, incorrect and have since been reversed. “We understand some players were incorrectly banned over the weekend and we have since corrected the issue. Try playing again now.” Original Story Reports are beginning to surface of a massive ban wave […]

Titanfall Anti-Cheat System Will Be Enabled Soon News 27

News 27 The team at Respawn Entertainment has addressed the Titanfall community regarding a few pressing issues over the past few days. In response to players complaining about hackers and cheaters ruining the game, Respawn Entertainment’s software engineer, Jon Shiring, stated on Twitter “we have anti-cheat but it is not enabled yet – it will be soon. […]

Rockstar Adds Another 10 Verified Jobs to GTA Online News 6

News 6 Ten new jobs in GTA Online have received Rockstar’s stamp of approval. On the heels of winning the best multiplayer game at the BAFTAs, Rockstar has verified ten new Grand Theft Auto Online jobs, now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. Also, the studio retired the jobs originally approved in December “due to restraints […]

343 Industries Ramps Up Production on Halo For Xbox One, Opens 11 New Positions News 10

News 10 343 Indsutries is prepping for their big Halo announcement at this year’s E3 convention by ramping up production and opening up numerous job positions within their studio. Within the last 9 days alone, 11 openings have popped up on Microsoft’s Careers page for Halo, including a Sound Designer, four Software Development Engineers plus a Senior one and one in Test, a Graphics Engineer, a Multiplayer […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Lego Maker Recreates The Ripper SMG News 8

News 8 YouTube personality ZaziNambies, the same Call of Duty: Ghosts enthusiast that brought you this impressive Lego recreation of the Maverick A2 Sniper Rifle, has worked his magic yet again to skillfully recreate the new Ripper SMG. The Ripper, a futuristic SMG-Assault Rifle hybrid weapon offered to all Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass holders on Xbox […]

Valve Unveils New Steam Controller Design, Will Ship At Volume Later This Year News 13

News 13 Valve has lifted the curtain on their brand new design of the Steam Controller, meant to work in tandem with the recently introduced SteamOS and Steam Machine. The new design has been derived through feedback gathered directly from the ongoing beta. It no longer supports a touch screen, dropped the lithium battery, and adopted a […]

Titanfall’s First Generation 10 Pilot Emerges News 47

News 47 A Reddit user who goes by the name DownTuClown is claiming to be the “world’s first Generation 10 pilot” in Respawn Entertainment’s recently launched shooter, Titanfall. According to his stats, DownTuClown has racked up 3 days, 9 hours, and 5 minutes of playtime upon reaching the final Generation, similar to that of Call of Duty’s final Prestige level. […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One Patch Now Live News 13

News 13 Infinity Ward has updated Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One for the second time this month. The new patch will set you back roughly 1.5 GB in memory. Infinity Ward has yet to release the patch notes at the time of writing. However, it should be noted that the studio recently released a […]

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