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EA Rep Confirms Battlefield 4 Console Rent-a-Server Coming “Soon” News 40

News 40 Rentable Battlefield 4 servers are confirmed to be making their way to consoles “soon”, according to an EA representative. Over on the Battlelog forums, a user inquiring about rentable Battlefield 4 servers on consoles had his question answered by an EA rep who goes by the name “EA_Stiv”. “Indeed, it is coming,” the rep said. […]

EA CCO On Battlefield Complainers News 141

News 141 Electronic Arts chief creative officer, Rich Hilleman, had some interesting and rather frank words to say about gamers who constantly complain about games like DICE’s Battlefield 4. Recorded at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business last September, Hilleman spoke about his position at EA, what it entails, and what his responsibilities are. At one […]

Respawn and Playfight Announce Collaboration on Titanfall Video Content News 9

News 9 Respawn Entertainment is teaming up with Toronto-based VFX studio Playfight to produce live action video content based on the upcoming Xbox and PC sci-fi shooter, Titanfall. According to Respawn’s Dusty Welch, exactly what “this collaboration brings is yet to unfold…,” but we do know that Playfight is known for their high quality live action films […]

Here Are Titanfall’s Digital Release Times – Xbox One and PC News 26

News 26 Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the game’s unlock times for digital adopters of the studio’s sci-fi shooter. Fans will be able to purchase the Titanfall digitally on either the Xbox One and PC, the latter giving users the option to preload the game onto their platform early. If you missed it, Origin users also […]

Watch Dogs Offers Optional Drop-in Multiplayer, Blood, and More News 9

News 9 On the heels of the release date announcement for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft held a Q&A session for fans covering a few pertinent topics. During the livestream, Danny Belanger, lead game designer, shed more light on how players can interact with one another and what mechanisms are in place to prevent some players from ruining the game […]

Titanfall Fan Builds Giant Atlas Mech In Halo 4 News 1

News 1 Titahalo? Halofall? Whatever it is, Xbox gamer Aerostrike 04 shows us what it means to be a true Titanfall and Halo fan by building the ultimate testament of dedication towards two of the console’s most exciting first-person shooters. This gigantic Atlas Mech monument pictured above was built in Halo 4’s Forge Island from Forge pieces […]

Watch Dogs Graphics Have Not Been Downgraded, Answers Coming “Soon” News 39

News 39 Ubisoft has been under a lot of fire lately with the recent trailer released for Watch Dogs, as many have come to the conclusion that the game has been ‘dumbed down’ in terms of graphics and effects. Creative Director Jonathan Morin has taken to Twitter to answer many questions concerning this. He stated that the […]

Titanfall – Confirmed Weapons and Xbox One Final Controller Layouts News 21

News 21 More Titanfall details surface as we learn about the game’s complete list of weapons and Xbox One controller layouts. First up: Primary, secondary, Titan, and anti-Titan weapons and ordinance. We posted official weapon details earlier, but thanks to Redditor The_Dumber, we’ve now got the complete list with new images and descriptions of each. Check them out: Primary Sidearms […]

Titanfall is 16.39 GB on the Xbox One, 34.1 GB of Sound Files in PC Install News 19

News 19 With Titanfall out there in the hands of a number of Xbox One and PC users, we’re learning more about the game as we await its official March 11 launch. Through various Imgur posters, we’re getting details on Titanfall’s install sizes. According to one user, Titanfall’s install size on the Xbox One is 16.39 GB. […]

Microsoft Tease “The Future of Titanfall” Announcement This Monday News 95

News 95 Updates: Vince Zampella reacted to this news on Twitter, “for those asking about the ‘future of titanfall’ announcement, I’m confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS.” Zampella had a chance to speak with G4’s Geoff Keighly, who’s also involved in the Austin event. And, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Not Have Multiplayer News 14

News 14 For those who remember the last installment of the Batman series, Batman: Origins, you may remember (or may still be struggling to forget) that the game featured online competitive multiplayer that wasn’t very well received. Speaking with Game Informer in their latest issue, game director, Sefton Hill, assured fans that the focus is single-player and that […]

First PvZ: Garden Warfare Balance Update Now Live, Patch Notes Released News 10

News 10 It appears that the folks at PopCap HD had a few tricks up their sleeve when they were having server maintenance last night for Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. There was a rather sneaky balance patch being implemented server side during maintenance. The update balances Gardens And Graveyards by reducing the capture time throughout each […]

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