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Are Open-World Survival Games the Next Big Thing? Editorials 36

Editorials 36 There’s a storm of new games coming to market this year promising to recreate life in a massive multiplayer online fantasy world. With such high ambition, gamers around are craving and anticipating a new generation of games to play and Open World Survival MMOs look to be those games. But how confident can we be […]

PvZ: Garden Warfare’s Split-Screen Mode Runs At 30 FPS, Certain Unlockables Tied To Gameplay News 2

News 2 In a recent interview, senior franchise marketing manager for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Gary Clay revealed some interesting bits of information regarding the upcoming third-person Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC shooter. Clay revealed that despite running at 60 frames per second on the Xbox One, those who plan on playing Garden Warfare’s platform-exclusive split-screen co-op […]

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Now Live, Beta Testers Receive Special In-Game Rewards News 2

News 2 After months of beta testing, Word of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is now available for free to beta testers. Testers will also receive special in-game tokens of gratitude from Wargaming West, including the premium tank, the T14, just for playing the beta. There also seems to be other in-game items for beta players who met certain requirements. Completing […]

Report – New Cheaper Xbox One Model To Come In 2014 News 54

News 54 It looks like there may be more weight to the rumors of a new and cheaper Xbox One model releasing before 2015. According to VG247, Microsoft has told trusted publishing partners that before the end of the year, they will release a new and cheaper model of the Xbox One which currently holds a price tag […]

Battlefield 4 – These Popular Balancing Requests Are Being “Monitered”, But Not Changed News 60

News 60 Battlefield 4 developers want you to know that they are listening when it comes to your feedback. But while you may have your ideas about what weapons should be “nerfed” or what vehicles should be “buffed”, the studio wants you to consider that some things are the way they are for a reason. In a […]

Upcoming Killer Instinct Patch Notes Released News 0

News 0 With the arrival of Spinal now live for Ultra/ Combo Breaker edition owners of Killer Instinct, Double Helix have taken to their forums to reveal the latest changes for the game. It will include a system where to deal with with Rage Quitters that will see them being ‘jailed’ after quitting a certain percent of […]

Titanfall E3 Trailer Re-released as ‘The Battle Begins’ in French Media 9

Media 9 It seems that EA and Respawn Entertainment are re-releasing E3′s Titanfall trailer for international audiences under the title “The Battle Begins”.  Here’s a link to the two trailers, the one from E3 and today’s, playing side by side. Sadly, no new footage was added in today’s trailer, it’s only a re-release with French voiceover. You […]

Double XP Coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction This Weekend News 6

News 6 This weekend might be a good time to hop on Call of Duty: Ghosts’ co-op, alien-survival mode. The team over at Infinity Ward is hitting the double XP switch on Extinction this Friday, January 31, in conjunction with a special Onslaught DLC live stream event taking place the same day.   If you’re interested in […]

Payday 2 Gets a New Weapon Pack On PC News 6

News 6 Fas of the co-op shooter, Payday 2, on the PC can now look forward to a brand new weapon pack from Gage. The Gage Weapon Pack 02 can be picked up on Steam for $4.99 USD and is stuffed with the following content. 3 new light machine guns 4 new knives 4 new masks 4 new materials 4 […]

Battlefield 4 – Second Assault DLC Announcement Incoming, PC Premium Members Get Weapons Early News 17

News 17 Rumors of Battlefield 4′s Second Assault expansion pack launching on other platforms late February may ring true after all. Recently, a DICE developer on Battlelog stated that Battlefield players can expect Second Assault to launch on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 soon, once the latest batch of patches hit their respective […]

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Trophies for PS3 and PS4 Listed, Release Imminent? News 15

News 15 As we have previously reported, all signs point to an imminent release of Battlefield 4′s Second Assault DLD launching soon on PC, Xbox 360, and Sony’s consoles. PlayStation Trophies, via VG247, have added the trophy list of Battlefield 4: Second Assault’s for both the PS3 and PS4, adding more credence that Second Assault is indeed just […]

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost Releases For The PS3 And It’ll Probably Never Be Localized News 4

News 4 A game that many of you probably don’t even know about, and that’s due to the fact that it’s a Japan exclusive, released today on the PlayStation 3. It’s such a shame that the title will never be localized, so why in the world am I even covering it? Well honest truth, I’m importing it […]

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