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Evolve Launches This October, Pre-Order Items And More Hunters Announced News 13

News 13 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios announced today that their upcoming co-op based multiplayer shooter, Evolve, will launch this Fall on October 21st for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For those who decide to pre-order Evolve on any platform of their choice, you’ll get a bonus called the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes the […]

Report – Console Release of Elder Scrolls Online May Miss Holiday 2014 Release Rumors 9

Rumors 9 Initially slated for a June 2014 release, it appears now that The Elder Scrolls Online might not make its console debut until 2015. Speaking with IGN, Creative Director Paul Sage reaffirmed the company’s goal of getting the game out on consoles this year, but was decidedly noncommittal about guaranteeing a 2014 release: “I will tell you […]

Titanfall Expedition DLC Gets a New TV Spot Showing Off Three New Maps Media 7

Media 7 In case you haven’t heard, Titanfall has got a shiny batch of brand new maps on the Xbox One and PC. Titanfall’s Expedition DLC introduces War Games, Swampland, and Runoff, each offering their own unique gameplay elements and visual flare. It’s all packed into a $9.99 download if you’re not a Season Pass holder, but […]

Sledgehammer Audio Director To Bring Advanced Warfare Weapon Sounds To The ‘Next Level,’ Compares to Battlefield News 40

News 40 Responsible for the audio direction of this year’s Call of Duty title from Sledgehammer Games is Dead Space veteran Don Veca. Having previously won numerous awards for his highly praised work on designing the horrific audio landscape of games like Dead Space, Veca is now bringing his talents to Advanced Warfare and plans to drastically shake […]

GameStop Announces New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Poster Pre-Order Bonus News 21

News 21 A new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-order bonus is soon up for grabs at video game retailer GameStop. Starting this Saturday, May 24, anyone who pre-orders or has pre-ordered Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty title will get dibs on an Advanced Warfare poster, pictured below: This is, of course, in addition to the previously […]

Early Unreal Tournament Development Focused on Deathmatch and Team Game Modes, Vehicles and eSports Support in Long Term News 3

News 3 Epic Games is taking a drastically different approach to the development of their recently announced return to Unreal Tournament. Steve Polge, senior programmer and project lead on the new Unreal Tournament, recently spoke to PC Gamer about how the studio intends to manage a completely community-driven development process where aspiring creators will have a direct […]

Report – Watch Dogs Available For Pre-Download On PS4 In Europe, Will North America Skip Out Again? News 26

News 26 Despite both Sony and Ubisoft stating that Watch Dogs would not be available for pre-download, it seems that with the game is indeed available for pre-download over in Europe. Reports are coming in saying that those who pre-ordered in Europe are able to download the game now. Reddit user ControllerMartin posted images and a video showing […]

Steam Introduces In-Home Streaming, Play Steam Games on Any PC In Your Home News 12

News 12 Today, Steam is introducing a new in-home streaming service that will allow gamers to play games from their Steam library on any PC in their home. With Steam In-Home Streaming, you can log in to two different computers on the same network and remotely install, launch, and play games as if your were sitting at […]

GameStop Outs $30 Far Cry 4 Season Pass, Contents Unknown News 10

News 10 The recently announced Far Cry 4 from Ubisoft is likely getting some sort of season pass to launch along side its release, according to video game retailer GameStop. The retailer’s website is now listing a Far Cry 4 Season Pass for $29.99, available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. We […]

Xbox One June System Update Detailed, Will Allow External Hard Drives News 9

News 9 As was hinted last Friday, external hard drive support is coming to Xbox One soon. How soon you ask? As soon as next month’s Xbox One system update rolls out. The update will allow any USB 3.0 external hard drive to connect to the Xbox One, as long as it meets the bare minimum of 256 GB of […]

Rumor – Plot Details For Far Cry 4 Leaked Rumors 9

Rumors 9 Last week we reported that Far Cry 4 is real and is coming November 18th to North America and November 24th for Europe. While the Himalayan setting of the game remains vague, it now looks like Ubisoft made a small slip up and accidentally published a more detailed synopsis yesterday. It has since been converted back to the […]

Pre-Load Destiny September 4 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 News 24

News 24 Can’t wait to play Destiny and want to get your sweaty little gamer hands on it the moment it launches September 9? Good news for PlayStation owners: you can now pre-ordered the digital version of Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter through the PlayStation Network. In addition, pre-loading will be available starting September 4 on the PlayStation 4 and […]

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