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Ghost Recon Future Soldier – A Detailed Look at Guerilla Mode and the Ghost Recon Network News 6

News 6

Red Storm Entertainment dishes out the details on the various co-op modes included in Ghost Recon Future Soldier and walks through many of the features available at a Ghost’s finger tips in the brand new Ghost Recon Network. Co-Op: As many of you Ghosts already know, Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Campaign, in it’s entirety, will […]

Call of Duty: Elite 100K Event, Vengeful Beast, Goes Live April 14th News 4

News 4

Last month, Beachhead Studios kicked off the first Call of Duty: Elite 100K event in which Elite Premium members could win up to $100,000 worth of prizes including a snowmobile, an ATV, and a scuba adventure trip to hawaii with a Pearl Harbor battleship tour. Starting tomorrow, April 14th at 2:00 PM PDT/11:00 AM EST […]

Google Project Glass Meets Battlefield 5 – Fan Made Short Film News 7

News 7

Because FreddieW’s Battlefield 4 Co-Op video is now outdated, YouTube Channel, There Is aCanal, decided to one up Freddie with an augmented reality induced Battlefield 5 video on Google Glasses. In case you’re not familiar with Google Glasses, or Project Glass. Here’s the concept video: It’s worth mentioning that There Is aCanal also produced a real life version of one the […]

Call of Duty: Elite April Build Patch Notes News 4

News 4

The guys over at Beachhead Studios have recently updated Call of Duty Elite adding support for the newly released maps, Sanctuary and Foundation, in addition to a slew of fixes. The newest Elite web build was released on April 10th, here are the full list of changes as shown on Elite: New Features: Drop Zone – Issue […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter “On Par With Battlefield 3,” Devs “Spending a Lot of Time on Console” News 39

News 39

Hot on the heels of the explosive Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameplay trailer, Danger Close Executive Producer Greg Goodrich speaks  about their upcoming shooter, revealing what players can expect from the highly anticipated multiplayer. It’s quite clear that Danger Close really wants to push the idea of player identity in multiplayer this time around. Googrich […]

Extremely Racist Video Sneaks Into CoD: Elite TV Theater Staff Picks News 30

News 30

Viewers of Call of Duty: Elite TV were struck with a rather unfortunate surprise today on the Staff Picks section of Elite TV Theater. A rather disturbing video titled “Final War – Aryan Pride” featuring images of Hitler, the KKK and other symbols of hate has somehow made it into the Staff Picks section of Elite […]

Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Trailer and Details News 4

News 4

The debut multiplayer trailer and more details have been released for the upcoming PS Vita exclusive title, Resistance: Burning Skies developed by Nihilistic Software. More details as written on the PlayStation Blog: 8 player multiplayer – Small games feature intense 2 vs. 2 combat and large games going all the way up to 4 on 4 […]

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Detailed for North American Ghosts News 13

News 13

With the beta date (April 19th) for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier quickly approaching, Ubisoft has detailed how North American players should go about accessing it. On the official Facebook page, the developers listed the following instructions for North American players who wish to join the upcoming closed beta: (European players can read the beta details released last […]

Elastic Games Introduces Police Warfare, a “Bite-Sized AAA” Multiplayer FPS News 12

News 12

Much like game developer Serellan and their newly introduced FPS project Takedown, Elastic Games have created a Kickstarter for their own unique FPS project titled Police Warfare. Police Warfare is a “bite-sized AAA” multiplayer FPS that will focus on the age old feud between cops and robbers. However, Elastic Games promises it to be much more. […]

Battlefield 3 Live Scoreboard Now Available on Battlelog, PC Server Update Due Early Next Week News 11

News 11

While Battlefield 3 PC players are enjoying a brand new Battlelog feature, the Live Scoreboard, they’re still waiting on an upcoming server updated to fix some major bugs that were introduced in the latest patch. DICE recently announced via their new Battlelog Twitter account that they’ve “now rolled out the Live Scoreboard to all players in […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gets Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer News 7

News 7

Ubisoft has released a new Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer ahead of the beta dropping next week. The Ghost Recon Network app dropped yesterday on Google play. Ghost Recon Future Soldier will launch on May 22nd for Xbox 360 and PS3 in NA, 25th in the UK. PC version will release on June 12th in NA and […]

Quake 4 Returns to Xbox 360 News 6

News 6

Quake 4, originally one of the Xbox 360’s launch titles, is now being re-released on the Xbox 360 for a retail price of $19.99 in North America. Players in NA will be able to get their hands on this title (for the first or second time, perhaps) on Tuesday, June 19th. A release date for […]

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