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Titanfall – Respawn Introduces New Frontier’s Edge DLC Map, Export News 16

News 16 Check out another look at one of Titanfall‘s brand new multiplayer maps arriving in the up and coming Frontier’s Edge DLC for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, announced earlier this month. Today, developer Respawn Entertainment is introducing Export, a large Militia settlement and “important exporting hub built on the side of a mountain that recalls […]

Destiny Crucible Multiplayer Tips From Bungie Lead Designer News 19

News 19 Upon entering the Destiny Beta, the competitive-minded gamer, like many of yourself, will likely be anxious to participate in some Guardian vs. Guardian brawls inside the Crucible. But before you do, Bungie lead designer on Destiny, Lars Bakken, has a few things to share that you might want to take note of. Destiny might play out like any […]

Latest CS:GO Update Introduces New Map Tweaks, 1.6 & Source-Style Crosshairs, and More News 4

News 4 A new patch was recently deployed for Valve’s competitive first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that aims to make a few significant tweaks to some of the map layouts and also re-introduce an old but fan-favorite element from CS 1.6 and Source. Players can now select “cl_crosshairstyle 5″ as a crosshair style which emulates the non-dynamic crosshair […]

Learn More About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s 3D Printer Rifle News 26

News 26 Last May, we learned about a unique addition to the near-future arsenal of weaponry that will be available to players in Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Why buy bullets when you can just print them? That’s what the 3D Printer Rifle, or the Integrated Munitions Rifle (IMR), does in warfare of the […]

Destiny Crucible Game Modes Confirmed, Beta Progress Transfer to Final Game Still Up in the Air, More Beta Details News 27

News 27 The Destiny Beta is right around the corner, but developer Bungie is dishing out a few interesting details a day ahead of launch. Live streaming the upcoming Beta with IGN, Bungie community manager “DeeJ” answered questions from both the team at IGN and fans watching the stream. In addition to new Beta details, DeeJ also offered […]

Throw C4 in Rainbow Six Siege Like a Boss, Watch the New Trailer Media 35

Media 35 Rainbow Six sure made an explosive return with its surprise announcement during Ubisoft’s E3 2014 press conference. While the studio plans to bring the series back to its roots with tactical and team-based gameplay, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a bit of fun. If Rainbow Six Siege’s new accolades trailer demonstrates anything, it’s […]

The Last of Us – PS3 Owners Will Not Receive Discount for Remastered PS4 Version News 109

News 109 Owners of the PlayStation 3 version of The Last of Us will not receive a cross-gen discount should they decide to upgrade to the Remastered version on PlayStation 4. Fred Dutton, Sony’s Official EU Blog Manager, recently responded to a comment inquiring about any potential PS3 to PS4 upgrade: During the PS4 launch, Sony was […]

Xbox One Developers Now Requesting Early Access Programs For Their Games, Says Xbox ID Head News 34

News 34 Playing games early is always a great joy to gamers, whether it be the Battlefield Hardline Beta, Titanfall Alpha or Beta, or the Destiny Alpha or Beta. Gamers love it. On platforms like the PC and Steam, “Early Access” games have been on the rise, giving gamers hands-on time with certain titles before launch, though […]

League of Legends Patch 4.12 Notes are Out News 7

News 7 Yet again, Riot Games has released a set of patch notes for an upcoming League of Legends update, which will introduce a few big changes to gameplay, including “jungle timers” for those who have a hard time timing their jungle. Some big tweaks for Lucian are also being introduced, making him more vulnerable but more lethal. The studio has stated […]

Destiny Companion App Now Live on Android and iOS News 1

News 1 Destiny‘s Companion App now appears available to download on both iOS and Android devices, which you’ll be able to take full advantage of in the upcoming Destiny Beta. The new interface resembles the recently updated official Bungie website. Both the app and the web versions of the service are meant to work together seamlessly, so it’s really […]

Here Are 10 More Ways Visceral is Improving Battlefield Hardline Based on Beta Feedback News 40

News 40 A new wave of tweaks and improvements to Battlefield Hardline have been presented by the team at Visceral Games, once again as a direct response to feedback gathered during the game’s first Beta last month. The first round of improvements was outlined two weeks ago in what the studio is has appropriately called the “Community’s Most Wanted List.” […]

Official Bungie Site Gets Facelift in Preparation for Destiny Beta News 1

News 1 After a couple hours of maintenance earlier today, Bungie’s official website, and the central social hub of your upcoming Destiny experience, is back online and looking better than ever. The new website holds details on Destiny’s companion app, which will be available for users to explore once the beta hits later this week. In conjunction with […]

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