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Destiny – A First Look at Character Creation News 12

News 12 Captured from some of today’s earlier footage, we get our first peek of the character creation screen in Bungie’s massive shared-world shooter, Destiny. Imgur user InternetApplause posted the screens, via FutureWarCult, revealing what character creation Destiny looks like, also showing off a few of the first customization options that you’ll get to fiddle with when you […]

Watch Dogs Achievement List [Updated: Fake] News 18

News 18 Update Apologies for the misinformation. According to Ubisoft community manager Nik, it turns out the list is, in fact, fake. Original Story The full list of Achievements have been uncovered for Watch Dogs, revealing that the game will feature a grand total of 50 achievements, 11 of which are tied to multiplayer. Chances are these Achievements will most likely […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward To Patch Bizon Sub-Machine Gun in Future Patch News 23

News 23 In response to overwhelming feedback, Infinity Ward will be altering the statistics of the Bizon sub-machine gun in a future Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer update. The studio made the short announcement on Twitter today: Thanks for all the feedback! We’ll have a Bizon change coming to #CODGhosts soon (ETA: next week). Stay tuned for more info. […]

Watch Over Three Minutes of H-Hour: World’s Elite Proof of Concept Gameplay Media 35

Media 35 SOF Studios is showing off more gameplay action from their in-development tactical, military-inspired shooter, H-Hour: World’s Elite. In the video above, gameplay was captured from various play sessions across the UK, US, and Canada. As mentioned in the title, what’s being shown here is still a work-in-progress, meaning the final version of the game will […]

Destiny – Player Trading Coming After Launch, Only Character Trading On Release News 2

News 2 In Destiny‘s brave new world, Guardians won’t quite be able to trade with each other on launch, though trading amongst your own characters will be a possibility, as we learned earlier. According to developer Bungie, trading between players will eventually happen, but at a later date, once the studio has really figured out Destiny’s economy […]

New Personalization Packs Hit Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Tomorrow on Xbox Live News 31

News 31 New personalization packs are coming to Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tomorrow, April 29. The micro-DLC will be making it’s way to Xbox Live members first, as usual, coming to PlayStation Network and PC users at a later date. You can pick up each for $1.99 USD in Black Ops 2′s in-game market […]

Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Won’t Be Limited to 3v3 Combat, Will Feature 6-Player “Raids” News 6

News 6 Update Bungie Head of Community Eric “Urk” Osborne has responded to Joystiq’s remarks, explaining that Destiny’s competitive multiplayer will not be capped at 3 vs. 3 combat. He also talked about Raids, a 6-player activity that will always be in parties compromised of friends. “There are several modes featuring more players that we’ve already talked […]

Bungie Explains What Destiny’s Co-Op Strikes Are All About, Play Competitive PvP at E3 Media 7

Media 7 As was demonstrated earlier this morning in a fresh new Destiny gameplay trailer, fans will be able to strike together in Fireteams of three to embark on deadly missions throughout Destiny’s world. In a new video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, Bungie explains that co-op Strikes task three Guardians, you and two of your most […]

Destiny Interview Offers New Gameplay and Info on PvP, Destiny App, Character Management, and More Media 2

Media 2 Bungie community manager Eric “Urk” Osborne spills buckets of Destiny gameplay details in a brand new interview with PlayStation Access. He goes into details about competitive multiplayer, player customization, and character management, among many other things. According to Osborne, players will be able to customize how their character is presented to others through Destiny’s companion app. […]

See Destiny’s Upgraded Red Sparrow GameStop Pre-Order Bonus In Action Media 6

Media 6 Future Destiny players seeking the hottest ride will have to pre-order through video game retailer GameStop. The upgraded Red Sparrow, spotted earlier on this poster, boasts better acceleration and a higher top speed, according to the GameStop commercial. It will be offered as an exclusive day-one, in-game bonus item to those who pre-order through the retailer, […]

These 40 New Destiny Screens Will Satisfy Your Eyes Media 9

Media 9 Along with an assortment of brand new Destiny gameplay and info comes a batch of fresh in-game screens that are sure to satisfy your eyes. We’ve got a handful of them below but will add more as we go. Check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments. Update: We’ve added a whole bunch more, […]

Destiny Saves Can Be Transferred Between Console Generations News 8

News 8 Those who’ll be jumping aboard the new console generation after the launch of Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny, can take comfort in knowing they’ll be able to take all their hard work with them. During a recent press event, investment lead Tyson Green explained that Destiny players will be able to share their saves from previous-gen hardware […]

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