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Battlefield 1 New Dog Tag Designed by Fan Coming in Future Game Update, Here’s What It Looks Like News 0

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If you’re one of the many people who love collecting dog tags in Battlefield 1, you’re going to have another one to add to your collection as DICE has announced the winning design for its Battlefield 1 dog tag contest! Over on Twitter, the design was shown off by the official Battlefield account where we […]

Another Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Has Been Discovered, Again Featuring Battlefield Friends News 0

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Amidst the new content coming to Battlefield 1 in the Turning Tides expansion, DICE has also hidden some new secrets for players to find. These Easter eggs feature banter from the Battlefield Friends characters. The first saw the group stuck within a vehicle, while this second Easter egg has them trapped with in a cave.  Give the full […]

New Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Features Battlefield Friends News 0

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If you’re a Battlefield fan, you’ll likely know who the Battlefield Friends are. These cartoon characters are renowned for a web series in which they parody the game and poke fun at certain quirky gameplay elements. After building up a huge fan base, the talent behind the videos have since made it into several Battlefield titles. They mostly feature […]

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Gameplay Surfaces News 0

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Can’t wait until the month of December to get your hands on the upcoming Turning Tides DLC for Battlefield 1? If the answer is yes, then the latest rounds of Battlefield 1 videos circulating around the internet should help quell that issue.  Both the Battlefield 1 community and personalities alike have gotten the very first […]

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Maps Named, New Weapons & Faction Revealed News 0

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After our mini info blast regarding Battlefield 1’s Turning Tide expansion, EA has now revealed a lot more info regarding the game’s third expansion! We now know the maps, how many new weapons will be included and more — lots more! First off, the Battlefield 1 Turning Tides expansion content will be split into two […]

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC to Have New Elite Class, No New Behemoth, Grappling Hook “In the Plans” News 1

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With DICE talking more about Battlefield 1’s upcoming third expansion, Turning Tides, it its release this December, it seems the studio is slowly opening up on a few key things about the DLC. Over on Twitter, DICE Producer Andrew Gulotta has been fielding fan questions about Turning Tides. While he can’t blow the doors wide […]

PSA: Battlefield 1 Anniversary Dog Tags Can Now Be Obtained News 0

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For those who like collecting stuff, don’t forget that the recently announced Battlefield 1 15th Anniversary dog tag can be yours now! You don’t even need to do anything, but log in to Battlefield 1 from today, October 12, up to October 16. This is for all platforms, and if you want to see what […]

Battlefield 1 Down Past Scheduled Maintenance Time (Update) News 0

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Update: I can confirm firsthand, it’s back up! Play on, soldiers! Original Story: For those who have downloaded the new big Battlefield 1 October update and installed it, you might be wondering why you still can’t go online. Is Battlefield 1 down? Yep, it is, though it shouldn’t be. According to DICE, there’s is scheduled […]

Battlefield 1 Update 1.15 Now Deployed by DICE, Is the Big October Patch (Update) News 3

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Update: DICE has finally released the patch notes! Before that though, the studio has announced that 40-man Operations are suspended for matchmaking purposes. Have you ever joined a server without anyone in it? Yeah, DICE is fixing that and apparently disabling the 40-man Operations should help that a lot. Based on continuous feedback from our […]

Battlefield 1 New Operation Campaign to Deploy in November, Future Plans Detailed News 0

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If you’re a fan of Battlefield 1’s Operations (like me!), do I have good news for you! DICE has announced that the BF1 new Operations Campaign mode will launch next month! This was revealed by DICE over on the official Battlefield website  (thanks, Danny!) where the developer also talked about future plans for the title.  Those […]

Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty: WWII Gun Sounds – Which One Does It Better? News 1

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In terms of video game fanboys arguing which game is better, one of the recurring topics is Battlefield vs Call of Duty. And given how this year’s Call of Duty has gone back to the past, just like Battlefield 1 the year before, there’s bound to be a few people who will compare the two.  […]

Battlefield 1 Update 1.14 Shoots Out to Address Lag & Connectivity, Downtime Expected News 1

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In case you’re playing Battlefield 1 and got kicked out of a match, don’t worry! It’s scheduled downtime as DICE is rolling out a BF1 update (1.14) that should address some of the lag and connectivity issues players have been experiencing. The BF1 update clocks in at just 583MB, which is live now on PlayStation […]

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