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Battlefield 3 Ships 15 Million Copies, Taking a “Very Significant Share” from COD, EA Claims News 104

News 104 During an earnings call yesterday, EA highlighted the growth of the Battlefield series, and EA’s CEO seemed content with Battlefield 3’s market share in the FPS genre. EA revealed that Battlefield 3 has shipped 15 million units since launch, and is expected to reach the 18 million mark by the end of this fiscal year (March 31st, 2013). […]

Where Did All The Battlefield 3 Official DICE Servers Go on Console? DICE CM Answers News 89

News 89 The biggest question we’ve been hearing from much of Battlefield 3’s console audience is, “where did all the DICE servers go?” This is in reference to the official DICE servers whose titles usually begin with ‘-[DICE]-‘ and are usually centered around regular game rules and set-ups, providing a typical and expected Battlefield 3 experience which […]

EA: Battlefield 3 to Receive “New Content Downloads” in May and June News 74

News 74 EA has released today the financial results for its fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Among other Battlefield 3 highlights, EA reveals that new content for the game is set to release as early as this month. The first expansion pack for Battlefield 3, Close Quarters, was revealed back in March with a June release date. […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3 Hacker Reveals Startling Numbers News 108

News 108 Update: Battlefield 3 Global Community Manager Daniel Matros has made a statement on the matter in a recent AMA on Reddit: “I have seen [the post] and it has gone around. I have a weird relationship to these hacker posts. I WANT them to gain visibility so we can grow and learn as a community […]

One Hour Battlefield 3 PC and Battlelog Maintenance on May 8th News 5

News 5 Battlefield’s global community manager, Daniel Matros, has announced today that the PC version of Battlefield 3 will undergo a one hour maintenance tomorrow, May 8th. During the maintenance, which starts at 9am UTC  (5am EDT) and ends at 10am UTC (6am EDT), PC players won’t be able to play online. “Also, during this downtime we will also […]

Battlefield 3 – Free BF1943 Offer For PS3 Expires June 10th, 50% Off Back to Karkand on Xbox Live News 21

News 21 Battlefield: 1943 A few months ago, DICE announced that Battlefield: 1943 would be available for free to those who have purchased Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation 3. We’ve learned that this offer will expire soon, on the 10th of June, 2012. So if you haven’t done so yet, or perhaps never even knew about it, […]

Is Battlefield 3 Finally The Game It Was Meant To Be? DICE Admits, “We Can’t Win” News 116

News 116 DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach takes a look back at the patching process of Battlefield 3, its current state and how the gaming public views DICE’s AAA shooter six month later. Is it now, finally, the game it was promised to be? Speaking to Eurogamer, Bach admits that Battlefield 3 could have seen a better launch. […]

DICE Promises “12-18 Months of Value for Battlefield 3″ and Details Upcoming DLC, Close Quarters and Armored Kill News 60

News 60 Close Quarters Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus and Battlefield 3 Executive Producer/Temporary DICE CEO Patrick Bach talk Battlefield 3 DLC, Close Quarters and Armored Kill, and lay out DICE’s future plan for Battlefield 3. Speaking to VG247, Niklas Fegraeus describes Close Quarters as an “indoor Battlefield.” To check out some gameplay footage for yourself, make sure to take […]

Battlefield 3 Developer Details All Weapon Attachments Post-Patch News 25

News 25 Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, Alan Kertz, explains in detail the pros and cons of all Battlefield 3 weapon attachments post-patch. If you’re serious about your gun skills, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out. Many Battlefield vets will have noticed a rather significant change in weapon attachment balance since the latest patch. […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Weapon List – Three New Weapons Revealed and a Modified .44 Magnum? News 73

News 73 Update: DICE Senior Designer has confirmed via Twitter that the weapons listed below will, indeed, be included in the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC. Regarding the modified .44 Magnum, Halling clarified, “it’s a result of a dev-setting on the server they played on when recording. Not an unlock in retail.” Original Story: With the latest Battlefield 3: Close […]

Minor Battlefield 3 PC Update Goes Live April 27th News 4

News 4 Battlefield 3 players on the PC can expect a minor update tomorrow morning, April 27th. According to the Battlelog forums, DICE will be publishing a few small code changes which will most likely be less than 100MB. Further info from the forum post: The game client is compatible with the currently-live clients and servers. There […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Input Lag and VoIP Problems Expected to Be Fixed By June News 51

News 51 Battlefield 3 executive producer and current DICE CEO, Patrick Bach, addresses angry PS3 players, who have suffered from VoIP and input lag issues. “First of all, just because it’s in a forum doesn’t make it our top priority. There are things that we’ve been fixing that have been way, way worse than the things you’ve brought […]

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