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Battlefield 3 – Traditional Map Rotations Now Live For Consoles News 29

News 29 DICE has been listening to fan feedback and today they acted with more traditional map presets for consoles. The brand new map rotations can be found below. Conquest Classics Live now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, conquest only with a mixture of vanilla and Back to Karkand expansion maps. Caspian Border Operation Firestorm Noshahr […]

It’s Our First Birthday! A ‘Thank You’ From MP1st Editorials 89

Editorials 89 Good day MP-heads! Today is a most excellent day as it is MP1st’s very first birthday. A brief bit of history: A year ago, my partner, Fahed Jaradat, and myself set out to create a cool, hip and happening place that gamers just like us could gather to keep up on everything multiplayer. That meant […]

Every FPS Loses Money Except for Call of Duty and Battlefield, Says Timesplitters Dev News 37

News 37 Co-founder and former MD of Timesplitters developer Free Radical Software, Steve Ellis, has weighed in on the state of the FPS genre. Besides creating Timesplitters, Ellis was the man behind the mutliplayer of the much celebrated Golden Eye on N64. “I spent the whole of 2008 going round talking to publishers trying to sign up Timesplitters 4,” Ellis revealed. “There […]

Halo 4 Multiplayer Introduces Perks, 343i Assures “Halo’s not Call of Duty” News 40

News 40 Earlier today, 343 Industries gave Halo fans and inside look at the upcoming sequel, Halo 4. If you missed it, you can check it out right here. Not only did we get to see how the campaign is shaping up, but we also got our first glimpse at Halo 4’s multiplayer. With the exception of […]

EA Wants to Own The FPS Genre by 2014, Will Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Be the Knockout Punch? Editorials 109

Editorials 109 Electronic Arts has set their sights on reclaiming the first-person shooter throne for a while now – two and half years, to be exact. And COO, Peter Moore, predicts that within the same amount of time, EA will, indeed, own the genre based on their original 5-year plan to make it to the top. Speaking […]

How Counter-Strike Might Unify the Fractured Gaming Community Editorials 25

Editorials 25 Despite being developed by a relatively obscure team (Hidden Path’s only other game is the PC/XBLA title Defense Grid: The Awakening), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has the potential to break down one of gaming’s oldest and most unyielding barriers. Staunch PC gamers have generally abhorred the far less accurate and precise gamepad, and been wary (justifiably […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Notes for November 30th News 34

News 34 Daniel Matros has posted the patch notes for the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch for the PS3. The patch will deploy tomorrow, Nov 30th, at 09:00 CET, midnight PST. The update will coincide with a scheduled maintenance that will affect all three platforms. The maintenance will last for three hours from 9:00 CET. Here are the patch notes: BATTLEFIELD 3 PLAYSTATION 3 CLIENT […]

Team Deathmatch: Which Game Does it Best? Editorials 16

Editorials 16 Multiplayer gamers have a plethora of game modes and types to choose from when it comes to online shooters; Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy, Battlefield’s Conquest, and Halo’s Headhunter are just a small sampling of the myriad choices. While the new, unique, and esoteric gametypes help keep a game fresh and a community dedicated, […]

Battlefield and Call of Duty: A Detailed Analysis of Both Franchises Pt. 2 Editorials 25

Editorials 25 Before reading, make sure to catch up with part 1 of our analysis! The Graphics Engine: DICE and the community have been putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of a games graphics engine. Call of Duty, in particular, has garnered a lot of criticism for making incremental updates to the engine used in Call […]

Battlefield and Call of Duty: A Detailed Analysis of Each Franchise Pt. 1 Editorials 9

Editorials 9 Introduction: The proxy-battle between EA and Activision started long before Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but ever since, the flame-war between Battlefield and Call of Duty fans has gotten so heated, it sneaks its way into almost every discussion between military FPS fans. But the question remains: can these franchises be compared at all? So I […]

3 Reasons Gears Trumps the Competition Editorials 15

Editorials 15 It’s a great time to be an action game fan. The market is filled (some would say saturated) with top-tier shooters, and developers and publishers have incentivized every aspect of their respective games in order to gain a foothold in the lucrative market. Currently, gamers are being inundated with a wide variety of choices when […]

Reminder: Last Day of the Battlefield 3 Beta News 5

News 5 Update: DICE has clarified that the beta will go down “at 4 am in PST”, which is 7:00 am EST. For a couple of weeks now, we’ve had the pleasure and frustration to play the Battlefield 3 Beta, which contrary to popular belief was a beta in the traditional sense of the word. DICE has tested […]

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