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Report – Destiny Xbox One Beta Footage Surfaces, Beta Download Size is 12.63 GB [Updated] News 16

News 16 Xbox One users are beginning to notice surfacing footage of the upcoming Destiny beta running on the platform. It appears that users, perhaps close to Bungie and who’ve gained early access to the Xbox One beta, are uploading bits and pieces of gameplay. Check it out below: Destiny’ Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta is set […]

Attention, Guardians, We Have Destiny Beta Codes to Give Away Media 44

Media 44 Greetings, Guardians. The Destiny Beta is approaching, and we’re getting pretty excited. We know you are too. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game and have redeemed your Beta token, make sure to head on over today to select your platform of choice: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, that’s okay. You’re in the […]

Destiny – First Light Crucible Map Tour With Bungie Design Lead Lars Bakken Media 16

Media 16 Bungie design lead Lars Bakken provides an overview of one of Destiny‘s larger and more vehicle-oriented multiplayer maps that will be available in the Crucible. In First Light, set on the Moon, you’ll be able to traverse the battlefield and wreak havoc in vehicles like the Interceptor, Pike, and Turret, as well as your own […]

Here’s How Visceral Has Improved Battlefield Hardline Based on Beta Feedback News 45

News 45 Wondering if all your complaints (or compliments) about last month’s Battlefield Hardline beta ever made it through to developers over at Visceral Games? If not yours specifically, you might still be happy to know that the studio is indeed listening and has already implemented a number of tweaks and changes to the current build of […]

Bungie Confirms New Location for Destiny Beta News 11

News 11 At least one of three brand new locations have been confirmed to be featured in Destiny’s upcoming Beta on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Over the weekend, developer Bungie highlighted two screen shots of new locations that weren’t previously up for exploration in Destiny’s Fist Look Alpha. Little was provided in the way of […]

Destiny Beta Access Reportedly Coming to All PlayStation Plus Members in July [Updated] Rumors 20

Rumors 20 Update PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen has announced a correction to the recent news, stating that the UK PlayStation Blog was worded incorrectly. Destiny Beta access will remain available only to those who pre-order the game. Update : The Destiny Beta will be available via pre-order only. The blog post is worded incorrectly and will […]

PC and PS4 Users Can Now Access All Weapons and Gadgets in Battlefield Hardline Beta News 36

News 36 Now might be a good time to hop on the Battlefield Hardline beta, as developer Visceral Games is granting all PlayStation 4 and PC players access to the game’s entire arsenal of weapons and gadgets, at least the ones that are present in the beta. The studio announced the news earlier today as a way […]

Battlefield Hardline Beta Extended One Week on PlayStation 4 News 22

News 22 The war between cops and robbers wages on as Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games extends the multiplayer beta on the PlayStation 4 by another week. The studio, along with Sony, has announced that the PlayStation 4 beta will now end on Thursday, June 26 at 12:00PM PST. So if you haven’t yet, be sure to […]

Get ‘Instant Access’ to the Battlefield Hardline Beta on PC, Live Now News 30

News 30 After a week-long closed beta for their upcoming cops vs. criminals shooter on the PlayStation 4 and PC, EA and Visceral Games are now opening up Battlefeld Hardline testing to all PC users. You can get instant access right now by simply signing up at this link. According to the announcement, doing so will hook […]

Report – Hidden Battlefield Hardline Weapons, Gadgets, Maps, and Modes Spotted Rumors 40

Rumors 40 It’s clear that the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta is a tad short on weapons, as it’s only meant to provide a small taste of the full experience launching later this Fall on October 21. But, apparently, that hasn’t stopped YouTuber Hattiwatti from digging up a few more details in the game’s files, revealing a handful of […]

The Crew Coast To Coast E3 2014 Gameplay, Closed Beta Begins July Media 3

Media 3 Showcasing the massive open world of The Crew at E3 2014, developer Ubisoft/Ivory Tower demoed a coast to coast race sequence in their next-gen racer that creative director Julian Gerighty says will take over two real life hours to complete. For time sake, the on-screen demo was clearly sped up, but it gives you a pretty good idea of […]

Destiny Competitive Multiplayer First Look – Gameplay From PlayStation 4 Alpha Media 21

Media 21 Destiny fans will be able to get their first taste of Bungie’s epic shared-world shooter when the Destiny First Look Alpha launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 this Thursday, June 12. Not only will it offer your first experience in character creation, exploration, Missions, Patrols, and Strikes, but you’ll also get to try your hand […]

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