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Access The Destiny Beta Early Through Pre-Order, New “The Moon” Gameplay Trailer News 5

News 5

As previously hinted, Bungie today announced that fans who pre-order the game at participating retailers worldwide will get early access to the Destiny Beta. The Beta will include a sampling of the game’s major features and will begin in early 2014 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Check out the brand new […]

Check Out The Destiny Box Art, Expect a “Big Announcement Tomorrow” News 34

News 34

Gamers excited for Destiny, the epic shared-world shooter coming out of Bungie studios sometime next year, can look forward to a “big announcement” tomorrow while getting a load of the final Xbox and PlayStation box art. The studio took to Twitter today to announce the news and show off the final look at the art […]

Rumor – Destiny Website Hints At Potential Beta Via Pre-Order News 55

News 55

Those who have been eyeing Bungie’s latest IP, Destiny, releasing for both current and next-generation consoles sometime early next year may get the chance to try it out early, according to the game’s website. An interesting piece of coding within the website spotted by Reddit member Patefaps, who has discovered the following: Beta Access for people who […]

New Destiny “Community Thank You” Video Shows Off New Gameplay News 33

News 33

Thanking all Bungie fans around the globe, the studio has put together a little “thank you” video compiled of moments from E3 2013, Gamescom 2013 and PAX Prime 2013 where the team showed off their brand new shared-world FPS, Destiny. The video is filled with tons of brand new gameplay clips as well, so we […]

New Destiny ViDoc Talks Competitive Multiplayer and Shows New Gameplay News 16

News 16

At last, Bungie lifts the lid on Destiny’s tightly sealed competitive multiplayer component and dives in to what it’s all about in this brand new developer vidoc. The video also talks character creation, customization, weapons and loot, but you definitely won’t want to miss a first glimpse at what Destiny’s competitive multiplayer experience looks like. […]

Destiny Gameplay Reveal With Commentary From Bungie News 28

News 28

You may have already caught Destiny’s first gameplay reveal back at E3 2013, but the developers at Bungie have now released a new commentated version of the demonstration, giving you a more revealing take of the game’s first unveiling. Check it out below: Destiny is heading to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and […]

Destiny To Feature Private Loot Streams, All Acquired Loot Meant For Your Character News 15

News 15

Destiny, the upcoming shared-world shooter by Bungie, creators of the Halo series, seeks to fix many issues that loot-based games such as Borderlands 2 have been plagued with. For example, Bungie wants to do away with “loot ninjas” stealing all the rare loot and acquiring loot that’s not meant for your character class, which makes […]

E3 2013 – What Upcoming Multiplayer-Focused Shooter Are You Looking Forward to Most? News 69

News 69

In one of the most exciting years of the event’s existence, E3 2013 has come to a teary-eyed close. This year was certainly one not to miss. Not only did we get our first real look at the next-generation of consoles, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but a number of really exciting announcements […]

E3 2013 – Destiny World Gameplay Premier News 26

News 26

Destiny, a shared-world shooter in development at Bungie studios, has been the talk of the town for some time now. What is it? What does it look like? How does it play? Everyone want’s to know what Bungie has up its sleeve. Debuting at Sony’s E3 2013 press conference, Bungie opened the doors to Destiny […]

E3 2013 – Which Confirmed Online Multiplayer FPS Are You Most Excited to Learn More About? News 55

News 55

You may have heard of a little event called E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo. It happens once a year and it’s a time when we learn a lot of really cool things about a bunch of really, really cool upcoming video games. As a multiplayer-centric website that loves first-person shooters, we’re super excited for some […]

Destiny on PC and Cross-Platform Saves a Possibility News 7

News 7

Bungie is discussing the possibility of their open-world, shared-shooter Destiny getting a PC release, along with the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, including the potential for cross-platform saves. Speaking to IGN, Bungie senior writer and head of community Eric Osborne explained, “we haven’t said yes, and we haven’t said no,” in response […]

Destiny – “The Law of The Jungle” Trailer, Gameplay Debut At Playstation E3 Conference News 19

News 19

The world gameplay premier of Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, isn’t too far away. Today, the studio confirmed via a new trailer that you’ll be able to catch the first gameplay debut on June 10th, during the Sony PlayStation E3 2013 conference. For now, check out this live action/CG trailer called “The Law of the […]

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