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Titanfall 2 Player Base Now at Over a Million, Postcards From the Frontier Trailer Out News 0

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In case you haven’t played it yet, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 is quite possibly one of the best shooters out right now. While it’s unfortunate that it was released sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it seems players are wising up to the game’s awesomeness. Over on this week’s Frontier News […]

Battlefield 1 Update Adds Lupkow Pass and Lots of Game Tweaks News 1

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With DICE revealing a lot of Battlefield 1 info yesterday at gamescom, the studio didn’t forget the most important people who might not have time to tune in, and that’s the actual players. In case you didn’t know, a Battlefield 1 update rolled out and it adds Lupkow Pass map and lot of tweaks. LUPKOW […]

Battlefield 1 Content Calendar Up to Early 2018 Revealed News 2

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While EA fired off a bunch of news regarding Battlefield 1 during its gamescom press conference earlier today, some smaller bits of info might have flown by if you weren’t paying attention. One of these bits if info that flashed for a few seconds was the Battlefield 1 content calendar.  As part of the announcement […]

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar Expansion Maps, Weapons, Modes Detailed News 0

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While there was a handful of Battlefield 1 news that came out of EA’s gamescom 2017 press conference, DICE is not done for the day yet. The studio has just blown the door wide open in regards to Battlefield 1’s upcoming expansion, “In the Name of the Tsar.”  Joining the fight is the Russian Army, […]

Gamescom 2017 – Need for Speed Payback Gets New Trailer, BMW M5 Revealed News 0

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During EA’s gamescom 2017 press conference, the publisher revealed the new BMW M5 for Need for Speed Payback, and even brought the car on stage. Of course, it can’t be a proper reveal without a trailer, which is also what we got today.  Watch the Need for Speed Payback trailer to see the BMW M5 […]

Gamescom 2017 – Star Wars Battlefront II 12 Minutes of Squadron Assault Gameplay News 0

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Those hungry for Battlefront space battles should feast their eyes on the gameplay below. Showcased during the EA gamescom 2017 presentation, this big chunk of Squadron Assault action includes Hero Ships, including Darth Maul and Poe’s crafts, as well as Boba Fett’s Slave I.  Darth Maul’s Scimitar battles Poe Dameron’s Black One in the debut of Starfighter […]

EA gamescom 2017 Livestream News 0

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After Microsoft’s rather interesting Xbox gamescom 2017 event yesterday, it’s time for EA’s turn. While we aren’t expecting any major announcements, we’re set to get our first full glimpse of Star Wars Battlefront II’s space battles, and we’re supposedly going to get news on the “revolution” coming to Battlefield whatever that means. Must-Read: Gamescom 2017 […]

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Scrapped, Title Updates to Stop News 0

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Sad news for Mass Effect Andromeda fans, BioWare has posted an update on the official Mass Effect site to announce that Mass Effect Andromeda won’t be getting any single-player DLC, nor is it getting any updates past 1.10 which was released early this month. Since the release of Mass Effect™: Andromeda, we’ve worked hard to address […]

PSA: Battlefield 1 Premium Trial and Double XP Now Live News 0

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If you’re even slightly interested in DICE’s Battlefield 1, then you need to turn on your PC/console and get on the game right now.  EA has turned on the Battlefield 1 Premium trial switch that lets any BF1-owning player to get a taste of the Premium life.  The BF1 Premium trial will run from August […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Space Battles Footage Leaked News 0

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Update: It looks like EA has decided to release the full-length Starfighter Assault trailer. Watch it here! Just last week, we reported that EA announced that some Star Wars Battlefront II space battles footage would be revealed on August 21 at gamescom 2017. Well, it seems we might have some footage right now! Thanks to YouTuber […]

Get Battlefield Premium for PS4 at 40% Off News 1

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For hardcore Battlefield 1 players, it’s a no-brainer to get Battlefield Premium each and every time a new entry in the first-person shooter franchise is out. If you aren’t a member yet, this Battlefield 1 Premium discount deal might tip you over, though it’s only for the PlayStation 4. This deal is open for those […]

Madden NFL 18 Review – Not a Longshot Reviews 0

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When EA’s founder Trip Hawkins pitched the idea of an American Football game in 1984 to the legendary football pro John Madden, one of the only things demanded by the Hall of Famer was that the game is as realistic as possible. Four years later, what was known as John Madden Football at the time, […]

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