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The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer – What We Want News 17

News 17 We loved The Last of Us’ multiplayer. So much so, it earned third place in our top list of 2013 multiplayer experiences. While Naughty Dog is already crafting some ideas for a potential sequel to their highly acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive, we’ve decided to create our own short-list of some of our ideas for the game’s would-be multiplayer. […]

5 Ways to Prepare For Grand Theft Auto 5 (Including Studying This Leaked Map of Los Santos) Editorials 45

Editorials 45 Grand Theft Auto V is set to release next Tuesday and the question you should be asking yourself right now is “am I prepared?” If not, then you should probably follow these five steps to help set yourself up for a good time with GTA V. Step 1: Schedule Days Off Why would you even bother […]

Norms For Next Gen: The Clan System Editorials 20

Editorials 20 Today, most clan battles are set up through a third-party websites such as Gamebattles. Looking back on this generation of gaming, I ask, ‘why is it that the same style of clan features a website Gamebattles provide were only built into a small handful of games like Killzone and Resistance titles?’ You may be thinking […]

Norms For Next Gen: Dedicated Servers For Major Titles, With P2P Connection As A Back-up Editorials 124

Editorials 124 It’s understandable small games that die quickly in the multiplayer department wouldn’t have any dedicated servers, but why are we on the 9th Call of Duty game (Ghost) and still getting peer-to-peer connections? I like my Call of Duty from time to time, but I swear the lag in this game can get frustrating sometimes. I’m […]

Norms For Next Gen: Customizable Controls Editorials 29

Editorials 29 Everyone has a different play style, and sometimes, jumping from one game to another can leave you in a confused state as to which buttons perform what functions. Take the PlayStation’s Dual Shock controller, for example. Sometimes, you’ll be firing a weapon with a simple tap of the top right trigger, while in other games, […]

Norms For Next-Gen: Customizable/Disable HUD Options Editorials 39

Editorials 39 The next generation of consoles are still a few months away from release, and while we have seen some impressive multiplayer titles debuting already, it’s time we start setting some new standards as to what these next-gen games should feature by default. Let’s face it, despite multiplayer existing for over a few decades now, things […]