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Check out Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode in Action Media 47

Media 47 Exclusive to Call of Duty: Ghosts, developers Infinity Ward are showing off Extinction, a brand new and rather “out there” game mode where soldiers must destroy an alien hive unearthed by the devastating Odin strike from the single player campaign while fending off these extraterrestrial invaders. Project Director Brian Bright and Studio Exectutive Producer Mark […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts – GameStop Multiplayer Modes Preview Trailer Media 23

Media 23 Video game retailer GameStop today has uploaded a brand new Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer taking a look at the various multiplayer game modes the title will offer when it launches only a few days away, on November 5. Sadly, much of the footage seems reused from previous trailers, though there is something new to […]

Sony Releases Massive PS4 FAQ – No External HDD support, Remote Play Over Internet, and More News 80

News 80 In anticipation of next month’s launch of the PS4, Sony has released a massive FAQ covering everything from launch titles, features of Playstation Plus, and support for used games. You can check out the full list here, but here are some interesting tidbits contained within the massive FAQ: Music Can I listen to audio CDs […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One and PS4 Resolutions Confirmed By Infinity Ward News 84

News 84 Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin has confirmed the resolution levels at which both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts will be running at when it launches on those consoles November 15 and November 22, respectively. In a recent update, Rubin wrote that while the PlayStation 4 version of […]

Planetside 2 Will Miss PS4 Launch, Delayed Until ‘Early 2014′ News 14

News 14 It appears Sony Online Entertainment’s popular free-to-play MMOFPS Planetside 2 won’t be coming out this year after all. Speaking with TV station Bloomberg West, President of SOE John Smeadley had this to say about their free-to-play PS4 titles: As part of Sony, we’re actually helping the launch of the Sony Playstation 4 on Nov. 15th […]

Uncharted 3 Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With Final Major Patch, All DLC Maps Are Free News 14

News 14 It’s been a great two years since Naughty Dog released it’s highly acclaimed action adventure title, Uncharted 3, and with the team now focusing on other projects, including more The Last of Us DLC, they just had to say one last goodbye with the final major update for Uncharted 3. Patch 1.18 will bring a […]

Titanfall Will Remain An Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC Exclusive For Its ‘Lifetime’, Says EA News 130

News 130 Those hanging on to a shimmer of hope that Respawn’s debut first-person shooter might just make it’s way to Sony’s current- or next-generation platforms are in for a bit of a disappointment. During the company’s Q2 FY14 financial results earnings call, video game publisher Electronic Arts confirmed that Titanfall will remain exclusive to the Xbox One, […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Perk System Explained News 32

News 32 This year, Call of Duty: Ghosts developers Infinity Ward are yet again revamping the perk system which has become a staple feature of the series since its debut in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Instead of the traditional three tiers of perks that every Call of Duty title has adopted ever since, the studio […]

Catch Battlefield 4′s Official Multiplayer Launch Trailer Media 34

Media 34 The team behind Battlefield 4 has just released the official launch trailer for the multiplayer component of their recently released first-person shooter, now available on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our dedicated Battlefield 4 page, featuring a high-definition look at all 10 multiplayer maps in ultra settings, the […]

Check Out All 10 Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Maps In Ultra Settings Media 30

Media 30 Wondering what’s in store for those venturing into the multiplayer portion of DICE’s just released Battlefield 4? Perhaps a look at all ten multiplayer maps on Ultra settings on the PC will do you some good! Big thanks to YouTuber MattTheMusketeer for sending his creation our way! Be sure to watch it in 1080p.

Wishing Call of Duty a Happy Tenth Birthday! Media 31

Media 31 Today marks a very special day for the guys and gals behind one of the most ground breaking series the gaming world has ever seen this generation. Today, Call of Duty celebrates it’s tenth birthday. And how fitting it is that the franchise’s seeds were first planted on October 29 back in the year 2003 by […]

Battlefield 4 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Direct-Feed Gameplay Media 79

Media 79 Battlefield 4 is now out on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but while you may have your hands on the game today, that doesn’t douse that burning question: “what does it look like on the next-generation consoles?” Thanks to YouTuber JackFrags, with the help of publisher EA, he’s here to answer that question […]

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