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Fortnite Update 1.7.2 (1.23) Now Out, Here’s the Patch Notes News 0

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As mentioned by us yesterday, the latest Fortnite update has been rolled out, and it adds a slew of game fixes to Battle Royale, and some additions to Save the World.  On the PlayStation 4, it’s named Fortnite patch 1.23, which is also live. Check out the complete patch notes below. EA1.7.2 PATCH NOTES BATTLE ROYALE […]

Fortnite Future Updates for Patch 1.7.2 Revealed, Includes More Daily Mutant Storms, Battle Royale Control Fixes News 0

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Epic Games just continues to polish Fortnite as best as it can, and the Fortnite future updates has been announced today, too! Set to go live for Fortnite patch 1.7.2, take a look at the host of gameplay tweaks for both Save the World and Battle Royale. EA1.7.2 PATCH NOTES BATTLE ROYALE GAMEPLAY You can now […]

Fortnite Future Updates Detailed, Progression to Include Cosmetics News 0

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It’s been a very busy few weeks for Epic Games’ Fortnite; what with the game snagging 10 million players in less than a month, and the game constantly getting patches to improve Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World. While a lot of gamers enjoying their time in the Battle Bus, Epic has a lot […]

Epic Games Issues Ultimate Fortnite Cheaters Bans, Two Players Getting Sued News 0

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Two of the biggest Fortnite Battle Royale cheaters have been caught by Epic Games, and are now facing lawsuits. The two cheaters — a Mr Broom and a Mr Vraspir — are accused of infringing on the game’s copyright by altering code.  The pair have been linked to a cheat provider, acting as moderators on a […]

Latest Fortnite Battle Royale Patch Adds Report Cheater Button, Player Stats & More News 0

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A new Fortnite Battle Royale patch has been deployed. Update 1.7.1 improves overall game stability and adds quality-of-life improvements for both Battle Royale and Save the World.  Those with less powerful PC hardware will be happy to hear that DirectX 10 support has been re-enabled. And, for those who have been running into a lot of cheaters, […]

Epic Games Releases Impressive Fortnite Battle Royale Stats News 0

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I just reported on the impressive feat achieved by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in which the game has amassed a peak concurrent player count of 2 million, and now Fortnite Battle Royale is making milestone-demolishing headlines of its own! Epic Games has released a cool-looking infographic that compiles a bunch of fun facts and statistics. Give it a look […]

Fortnite Player Count Keeps on Rising, Achieved Over 500,000 Concurrent Users News 0

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It looks like Fortnite‘s popularity isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. The game’s player count keeps on rising, and has conquered another milestone.  The official Fortnite Twitter account shared the latest stats: Fortnite BR Sunday Update: 525K PCU and 3.7M DAU (NA, EU, OCE)! Thanks everyone! — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) 9 October 2017 PCU refers […]

Fortnite Patch for Battle Royale Mode Tweaks Weapons News 0

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It seems just after a day of pushing out a game update for Fortnite, Epic Games is dishing out another one today, but it’s just for Fortnite Battle Royale, and it’s just for the weapons. The official Fortnite forums mentions that there will be no down time expected, nor is there a need to update […]

Top 5 Lessons PUBG Could Learn From Fortnite Battle Royale News 0

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Over on Pixel Enemy, I’ve posted a video in which I talk about the lessons PUBG could learn from Fortnite Battle Royale. These includes the spectator mode, crafting system, and more! Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to leave any thoughts of your own in the comments below. “This is […]

Fortnite Update Adds Horde Mode, Fixes for Battle Royale and Lots of New Stuff News 0

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With Epic Games putting the Fortnite servers to sleep for an hour earlier today for Fortnite’s upcoming Horde Bash game update, players might have expected a hefty patch to hit soon. Well, as it turns out, they were right! Fortnite update 1.21 is now out! Clocking in at 1.5GB on the PlayStation 4 version, the […]

Fortnite Player Count Now at Over 7 Million, Battle Royale Getting Duos, Supply Drops News 2

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It’s been a hectic few weeks for Epic Games and its game, Fortnite. Not only did PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole take offense at Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale, but there’s also a Horde mode coming to he shooter-building game as well. However, Epic is sure to be jumping for joy as Fortnite has now passed seven […]

Fortnite Patch for Battle Royale v1.6.4 Now Out, Here’s the Complete Notes News 0

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With Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale already pulling in players in droves, the developers have already tweaked the game due to player data and feedback. Check out the Fortnite patch v1.6.4, which should be out now as we speak. The full Fornite patch notes are below. BATTLE ROYALE Balance Adjustments to Assault Rifle. White Increased […]

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