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Fortnite Update Now Live, New Skins, Weapons and More News 0

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There’s a new Fortnite update out now on consoles and PC! Clocking in at 2.6GB  on the PlayStation 4, this new game patch adds new skins, weapons, a lot of in-game tweaks for both Battle Royale and Save the World. Check out the full patch notes below. Here are the complete patch notes (v1.11) for […]

Fortnite Upcoming Updates to Include Season 2 of Battle Royale, “Survive the Holidays” Event News 0

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Epic Games continues with its fantastic support of Fortnite this week, as it plans to roll out the latest title update tomorrow. While the actual patch isn’t due for another day, the patch notes are already here. Check out some of the Fortnite upcoming updates and changes to both Battle Royale and Save the World. […]

Fortnite Update Now Live, Features “Key Battle Royale Changes to Aim Assist, Drop Rates” & More News 0

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Following its tease, the new Fortnite update is now live across all platforms. This week’s patch focuses on “key Battle Royale changes to aim assist, consumable drop rates along with a whole lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.” It also features an overhauled inventory screen. To celebrate the newly-added Xbox One X support, Xbox-themed outfits have […]

Fortnite Upcoming Changes Detailed in 1.10 Patch Notes News 0

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Epic Games is once again ready to deploy a new Fortnite patch soon, and same as before, it’s letting  the community know what the Fortnite upcoming changes are before they happen. One of the big additions is the new inventory UI for Battle Royale, which you can see above. There’s also four free and exclusive […]

First Fortnite Cheaters Case Settled, Accused Must Never Cheat Again News 0

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Epic Games isn’t messing around when it comes to punishing Fortnite cheaters. Back in October, Epic began the process of suing two players for repeatedly cheating at the competitive Battle Royale mode. Well, fast forward to today and the first of the two lawsuits has been settled. Minnesota resident Charles “Joreallean” Vraspir has agreed to terms that require […]

Fortnite Update v1.9.1 Rolled Out, Adds Leaderboards, Smoke Grenades and More News 1

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As expected, a new Fortnite update (v1.9.1) has been deployed by Epic Games, and it adds a ton of new features into the hugely successful free-to-play game. Clocking in at 1.49GB on the PlaySttion 4, you can check out the new additions, as well as the patch notes for Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the […]

Fortnite Update Introduces Smoke Grenades & New Leaderboards to Battle Royale, Also Implements Save The World Changes News 0

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The latest Fortnite update will soon begin to roll out across all platforms, once “The Fortnitemares” event has ended. It’ll happen sometime tomorrow, November 29. Battle Royale players can look forward to smoke grenades and new leaderboards, while Save The World gamers will soon be able to wield Vindertech Weapons and experience the return of mutant storms. […]

Fortnite Battle Royale: Epic Games Sues 14-Year Old Due to Cheating News 0

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Remember last month when we reported that Epic Games is suing Fortnite Battle Royale cheaters? It seems the studio is making good on its word, though there seems to be a minor (get it?) hiccup in one of the cases it’s mounting. It has just been revealed that one of the players being taken to […]

Fortnite Update Adds Silenced SMG & Tweaks Weapon Balance News 0

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A new Fortnite update is rolling out in the form of a hotfix, which adds a new suppressed SMG to the game, while also making balancing changes to weapons. Here’s everything that’s being tweaked with the latest Fortnite update: Enabled Silenced SMG Can be found as a Common, Uncommon or Rare variant. This new SMG is Suppressed, making it […]

Fortnite Development Update Talks About Team Killing, Weapon Balance and More News 0

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Continuing its fantastic support for Fortnite, Epic Games has released a new development update video that talks about a few things about the game’s hugely popular battle royale mode.  First off, “rocket-riding” and the like are here to stay, unless Epic sees anything game-breaking with it. Team killing is also being checked on to prevent […]

Fortnite Battle Royale Update Aims to Fix Crashing Issues & Squash Bugs News 2

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A Fortnite Battle Royale update is currently rolling out across PlayStation 4 and PC. The Xbox One update is planned to go live at 9 a.m. ET, however this timing is subject to change.  Epic Games has stated that there will be no downtime, but players will need to close and update their clients when notified.  Here’s […]

Fortnite Update Adds Launch Pad Trap, Improves Performance & More News 0

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A new Fortnite update is about to land, bringing launch pad traps, tweaking gameplay and performance, improving controller sensitivity options and more. It’s scheduled to deploy on November 14. What’s more, the “Fortnitemares” event is being extended until November 29. Here’s the full list of patch notes for Fortnite update 1.9: Battle Royale Launch Pads Prepare your gliders. The […]

Fortnite Update v1.8.2 Out Now, New Additions, Tweaks and More Listed News 0

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While Fortnite is currently down as scheduled by Epic Games for its latest patch, players can now download the Fortnite update, and even check out the complete patch notes right now. It’s at  370MB on the PS4, 603MB on the Xbox One, and 1950MB on PC. The big addition now for Fortnite: Battle Royale is the […]

Fortnite Down Time Happening Right Now for New Title Update, Lasts for 2 Hours (Update) News 0

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Update:  Everything should be working fine, so carry on. Original Story: If you can’t log in to Fortnite right now, it’s not anything serious, but rather, Epic Games is rolling out a new patch for the game! Fortnite down? Yes, but not for long, and for a good reason! According to the official Fortnite Twitter, […]

Fortnite Player Count Passes 20 Million Since Launch News 0

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In news that should make other studios making battle royale games salivating, Epic Games has announced that the Fortnite player count has now surpassed over 20 million players across all platforms since launch! You read that right! 20 million! Epic Games has released a quick video thanking players for this accomplishment.   We just passed […]

Fortnite Update v1.8.1 Now Out, Brings Increased Quest Drops, Tweaks for Battle Royale and More News 0

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As expected due to the sudden but announced Fortnite server outage, Fortnite update 1.8.1 is here! It’s called Fortnite update 1.27 on PS4, and is at 1.3GB. Fortunately, it’s not only Fortnite Battle Royale that’s getting tweaked, but Save the World, too. There are voice chat improvements. quest drop increased drop rates (yay!) and more. […]

Fortnite Down for Incoming Patch, No ETA for Return (Update) News 0

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Update: Servers are back up, though some might experience a queue when connecting. And we’re back! You may run into a short queue when connecting. Thanks for your patience everyone! — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 2, 2017 Game on, people! Original Story: If you can’t log on to Fortnite servers right now, it’s due to Fortnite […]

Upcoming Fortnite Patch Will Improve Voice Chat, Uncap PS4 FPS & More News 0

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A new Fortnite update will go live on November 2. Patch 1.8.1 will focus on “optimizing new features introduced with the Fortnitemares event and making sure players have a smooth and stable experience.”  It will affect both Battle Royale and Save The World. Voice chat improvements and quest drops enjoy the biggest improvements: Voice Chat Improvements Take control over your […]

Fortnite Update Pushed Out for the Second Time Today for Stability Fixes, Squads Disabled News 0

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In the second time within a 24-hour period, Epic Games has rolled out another Fortnite update to stabilize the game. Checking the Fortnite Twitter, the studio has clearly been working overtime today/tonight given the issues regarding matchmaking. Fortnite community, we will be pushing a client update live in about an hour to improve overall stability. […]

Fortnite Down Time Is Due to Issue With the Database According to Epic Games News 0

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While Epic Games just pushed out a Fortnite patch to fix a crashing issue, some might be wondering why they can’t log in right now. Nope, Fortnite down time isn’t happening, well, technically, it is, but it’s not due to Epic’s servers. According to the official Fortnite Twitter, players won’t be able to log in […]

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