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Kontrol Freek Thumb Grips Giveaway! News 7

News 7

Remember when we posted how Kontrol Freek has partnered with Activision for an exclusive Calling Card for Call of Duty: WWII? If you want to snag one, now’s your chance! Thanks to the fine folks over at Kontrol Freek, we now have two (2) thumb grips of to giveaway! It’s for either the PlayStation 4 […]

Check Out This Paladins Skins Giveaway -Torvald Dark Lord Collection and Cassie Dune Crawler! News 2

News 2

MP1st is here once again for another giveaway! Thanks to the fine folks at Hi-Rez Studios, we’re here to giveaway skins for free-to-play hero shooter, Paladins! For this Paladins skins giveaway, we have Torvald’s Dark Lord collection, and Cassie’s Dune Crawler collection. Note that these are for the skins only and do NOT include the […]

Paladins Champion Vivian Giveaway News 0

News 0

Thanks to the fine folks at Hi-Rez Studios, we now have a Paladins giveaway for you today, and it’s for the champion, Vivian! Who’s Vivian? Our own Paladins fan Joel Santana describers her as “Armed with an LMG Vivian can take the fight go anyone including the front liners of Paladins. This cunning champion is […]

Smite Nike Harbinger Skin Giveaway (Update) News 0

News 0

Update:  Seems it’s all gone. Sorry, everyone! We’ll bug Hi-Rez for more and post them once we have ’em. Original: MP1st is here once again for another giveaway! This time, thanks to the fine folks at Hi-Rez Studios, we’re giving away some Smite Nike Harbinger skins!  How to get one? Simple, just get one from […]

The Controller People Custom PS4 Controller Giveaway! News 5

News 5

It’s time for our first hardware giveaway here on MP1st! Thanks to the fine folks over at The Controller People, we’re giving away a custom made PlayStation 4 controller! Not only are there “Clicksticks” at the back so you don’t need to take off your right thumb from the analog stick to press X or […]

Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Private Beta Code Giveaway News 25

News 25

In case you didn’t know, the Call of Duty: WWII private beta on the PlayStation 4 will be starting tomorrow. Now, if you’ve already pre-ordered and got a beta code, great! See you on the battlefield. However. for those who haven’t pre-ordered (or can’t), and want to play this year’s boots on the ground iteration […]

Destiny 2 PC Beta Codes Early Access Giveaway News 53

News 53

In case you didn’t know, Destiny 2 is headed to PC! Not only that, but it’s even getting a beta later this month, with a select few getting in early. Want to get in before everybody else? We got you covered in our Destiny 2 PC beta code giveaway! All you have to do to […]