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Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.08 Races Out, Here’s the Tweaks News 2

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Just a few days after we got Gran Turismo Sport update 1.07, a new one has just raced out today on the PlayStation 4. Gran Turismo Sport update 1.08 is super tiny at just 95MB, but it brings with it some much-needed bug fixes. Here’s the patch notes from the official website. Please note this […]

New Gran Turismo Sport Update Is an “Emergency Update,” Here’s What It Does News 0

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Polyphony Digital has released an “emergency update” for Gran Turismo Sport. This comes before the patch which adds additional vehicles (or also known as the “December update).Just how big of an “emergency” is the issue that this patch targets? Well, it’s all about the “Physics Simulation Model.” Clocking in at just a measly 253MB, it’s mostly […]

Gran Turismo Sport Update Adds Offline Modes, Three New Cars & More News 0

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A new Gran Turismo Sport update is being rolled out. It adds offline modes, three new cars, improved physics simulation, and more. Here’s the official rundown of the main features that have been implemented: 1. New Cars  - The following 3 cars have been added:   ・IsoRivolta Zagato Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.X)   ・Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest) […]

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.05 Drags Out, Features ABS Tuning, Car Tweaks and More News 1

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Polyphony digital has just released a new Gran Turismo Sport update on the PlayStation 4 now, and is called GT Sport update 1.05. Fortunately, the complete patch notes has been released as well, and there’s a few gameplay tweaks, car balances and quality of life changes. Check out the full list of GT Sport update […]

Gran Turismo Sport Fast Credits Exploit Will Net You Over $1.9m of In-Game Money While You’re Sleeping News 0

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If you’ve played Gran Turismo Sport, then you know that the game rewards you for doing essentially anything. However, these rewards might not be as bountiful as some would have liked, especially if you’re eyeing some of the more expensive cars. Thanks, to YouTuber Just Bullet, you can now earn a crapton of in-game credits […]

Gran Turismo Sport Sells Over 150,000 Units in Its First Week Out in Japan News 2

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While we already reported on Gran Turismo Sport racing out of the gate at retail over in the UK to snag the top spot for the week, Polyphony’s latest is burning rubber even in Japan! Over on Japanese gaming site 4gamer (via PS4 Reddit), we see that Gran Turismo Sport sales in Japan are already […]

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.03 Races Out, Here’s the Full Patch Notes News 0

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For those who’ve bought Gran Turismo Sport, turn on your PlayStation 4 as there’s a new title update out for the racing game today. While the GT Sport update history on the PS4 only shows “bug fixes,” there’s a lot of tweaks made. Here’s the entire GT Sport update patch notes straight from the Gran […]

Gran Turismo Series Sales at Over 76 Million Copies and Counting News 0

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If you’re familiar with the Gran Turismo franchise, then you know it’s not exactly a game that’s known for its speedy releases. On the contrary, it usually gets delayed a few times before it finally settles on a release date. However, once an entry is unleashed onto retail, it usually sells a lot. Well, apparently, […]

Gran Turismo Sport Review – Pretty Lights Reviews 0

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It’s been four years since we got a proper Gran Turismo game (Gran Turismo 6 for the PS3), and after a few delays, Polyphony Digital’s first PlayStation 4 game, and the first PS4 Gran Turismo title, races out with Gran Turismo Sport. Booting the game up, you’ll be greeted by a “welcome gift” automobile that […]

Gran Turismo Sport Takes Top Spot Trophy in UK Sales Chart News 0

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Gran Turismo Sport is off to a flying start in the UK. According to GfK Chart-Track, the game has taken the top spot in sales, knocking FIFA 18 down into second place.  GT Sport‘s main rival, Forza Motorsport 7, now sits in the ninth spot, while new release South Park: The Fractured but Whole has claimed third.  Here’s the full […]

Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races October 22, 2017 News 0

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One of the new features in Gran Turismo Sport are the “Daily Races” gamers can partake in each day. These races will be hosted ever day in GT Sport which start October 17, with each race being opened every 20 minutes. The event content will be updated every Tuesday. To enter the Daily Race, go […]

Gran Turismo Sport Offline Content Are Super Bare Bones News 1

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Those who’ve been thinking about purchasing the recently released Gran Turismo Sport and have issues with their ISP, or simply don’t have internet access, may want to rethink your purchase before throwing your wallet at the newest installment of the highly popular racer. It was discovered that those who wish to play Gran Turismo Sport […]

Gran Turismo Sport Servers Are Down, and It’s Not Just You (Update #2) News 0

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Update #2: Everything seems to be back up and running. Race away, people! Update:  The official Gran Tuirismo website has acknowledged the downtime and has issued a “service interruption” notice. Service Interruption Notice 10/19/2017 The Gran Turismo Sport is currently experiencing an interruption in the following online features: Content:  - Daily Races  - Open Lobby […]

Gran Turismo Sport GT Mode Absence Due to Gamers’ Lack of Tuning Know-How News 0

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Old-school racing fans might fondly remember the Gran Turismo franchise’s “GT Mode” in previous games where players bought a second-hand car in the game, and used it to gain money to buy car parts, car mods, tuning it and more. Unfortunately, Gran Turismo Sport GT Mode isn’t happening. If you’re wondering why, there’s a few reasons for […]

Gran Turismo Sport Update Includes Day One Fixes, Massive 12GB in Size News 1

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It’s launch day for Gran Turismo Sport. North Americans get a day’s head start on the rest of the world, and they also get a chance to try out the 1.02 patch, which weighs in at a massive 12GB in size! Patch notes aren’t yet available for the update, but PlayStation LifeStyle has confirmed that the […]

Gran Turismo Sport DLC Will Include “Cars, Cars, Cars” and New Tracks News 0

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Gran Turismo Sport producer Kaz Yamauchi has taken to Twitter to respond to a few questions from fans, while also retweeting praise for the game’s impressive demo.  Yamauchi’s responses focus on the topic of DLC, and what content players could expect to see post-launch. He confirmed that “DLC is a plan,” and that the content […]

Gran Turismo Sport Analysis Highlights Killer Performance and HDR Support News 0

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Following its impressive demo, which attracted over one million players, Gran Turismo Sport has garnered attention for its success in combining smooth performance with great visuals. It attempts to maintain a locked 60fps, allowing for additional responsiveness in control and an overall better-looking presentation.  Eurogamer’s “DigitalFoundry” division have offered further analysis, measuring the exact frame-rates achieved, as […]

Gran Turismo Sport Trophies Revealed Ahead of Launch News 0

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With over a million racing fans trying the Gran Turismo Sport limited time demo, it seems the racing franchise is prepared to make a big splash once again. While the game isn’t due out for at least a few more days, the GT Sport Trophies last has raced out ahead. Check out the complete Gran […]

Gran Turismo Sport Demo Played by Over 1 Million, Game Director “Surprised” by Player Count News 0

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The Gran Turismo Sport demo has now come to an end. The PS4 exclusive experience ran for three days, and gave players a chance to check out the Sport, Campaign and Arcade modes. Multiplayer was enabled, too, allowing for a thorough testing of online functionality against other players. Any in-game credit earned, as well as unlocked vehicles, will […]

Gran Turismo Sport Demo Download Now Up for a Limited Time, Over 40GB in Size News 0

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Racing fans, rejoice! The Gran Turismo Sport demo is now up on the PlayStation Store! But remember, it’s only up for a few days before it’s gone. You can download it directly from your browser right here. Best to clear your PS4’s HDD though, the demo client (which is most likely the full game), is […]

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