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Assassin’s Creed Origins & Super Mario Odyssey Top UK Sales Charts News 0

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With one of the biggest launch titles for Nintendo Switch having released this week, it’s no surprise that Super Mario Odyssey is sat very comfortably in second position, in the UK Top 40 Sales Chart. However, Assassin’s Creed Origins pips Super Mario Odyssey to prime position this time round, coming in at the number one […]

Super Mario Odyssey Update 1.0.1 “Enhances the User’s Experience” News 0

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It’s launch day for Super Mario Odyssey, and a patch has already found its way to the game for a 1.0.1 day one update. What could this patch possibly contain to make an already great game even greater? Well, the 101MB update is apparently just full of “fixes.” These fixes “have been made to enhance the […]

Super Mario 64 Online Mod Now Available, Has a Trailer and Everything! News 0

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Ever wanted to play Super Mario 64 with friends? Well, thanks to modder Kaze Emanuar, now you can! Entitled Super Mario 64 Online, the mod features classic Mario characters battling it out to finish levels in the quickest time. What’s especially cool, is that each character controls differently.  Check out the trailer below for a good idea […]

The Three Greatest Multiplayer Games. Ever. News 11

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3. Street Fighter II The name says it all. There will be fighting, and it will take place in the streets. Street Fighter II has withstood the test of time because it marries together the hardcore and casual audience. The hardcore crowd digs Street Fighter because they want to memorize and execute complex battle strategies […]