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EA Will Unveil New Next-Gen Games From DICE, EA Sports and BioWare at E3 2013 News 15

News 15 At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles, California, publisher Electronic Arts will unveil new next-gen games from developers DICE, EA Sports and BioWare. President of The EA Labels Frank Gibeau said in a recent earnings call that, despite currently being under a nondisclosure agreement with platform partners, EA is “planning a full […]

New Mass Effect In Development, Will Be Built on Frostbite Technology [Update: Multiplayer Confirmed?] News 14

News 14 Update After the following Twitter statement: “In response to questions we’ve received, ME3 MP was very much a shared effort between Edmonton & Montreal,” we light-heartedly Tweeted at Roy, asking, “Is [the multiplayer] going to be just as awesome in the new ME?” He responded, “I can assure you we are not trying to make […]