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MP1st Plays Halo 5: Guardians – Tune In To Our Campaign & Multiplayer Livestreams This Week News 1

News 1

Halo 5: Guardians is coming and we’re really excited to be able to share some gameplay and early impressions with you before it officially launches on October 27. We’re lining up a handful of livestream dates on our Twitch channel this week and just thought you should know. We’ll be playing through a portion of […]

Welcome To MP1st “Phoenix” – Introduction News 63

News 63

Hey guys! As a more personal note from us to our readers, I just wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to MP1st 3.0, aka “Phoenix”. As you can tell, things look a bit different! Our web designer, Jorik “Niosus” De Waen has been hard at work over the past few months redesigning the […]

MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – The Winners News 66

News 66

The time has come to crown one title as the best multiplayer gaming experience of 2012. While our wallets may not have been so lucky this year, our appetite for multiplayer gaming sure was. This year saw one of the best entries to the Call of Duty series yet while thousands of Xbox 360 gamers […]

MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – Staff Picks News 61

News 61

On January 1st, 2013, we will be awarding one title with the rank of the best multiplayer gaming experience of 2012. What makes this year’s choice so hard is not only the fact that there are a ton of amazing multiplayer games out there, but that MP1st is made up of many minds, all with different […]

Happy Holidays From MP1st! News 30

News 30

From all the staff at MP1st, we’d like to wish each and every one of you the awesome-est of holidays. 2012 has been a great year for us thanks to you guys, and what better way to wrap it up by discussing/contemplating/arguing over which multiplayer experience was the best multiplayer experience of this year? So […]

MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – The Nominees News 143

News 143

The new year is upon us and we are excited to pit the very best that the gaming world has had to offer against each other to see who will earn the title as this year’s best multiplayer experience. Here at MP1st, we take multiplayer gaming seriously. It’s what keeps you up til 4am night after […]

MP Talk – The Official MP1st Podcast, Episode 3 News 16

News 16

We’re back with episode 3 of MP Talk, the official MP1st Podcast! Since we missed out on last week, we’ve got tons of awesome multiplayer gaming content to cover from Halo 4 to Gears of War: Judgment and Medal of Honor: Warfighter to Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, as well as some Call of Duty: Black […]

MP Talk – The Official MP1st Podcast, Episode 2 News 19

News 19

Welcome to episode 2 of MP Talk, the official MP1st podcast! First, we’d like to thank everyone for the warm reception to our first episode. We really appreciate all the feedback and hope you guys will keep it coming. In fact, we’ve set up a thread on our forums where you guys can leave your […]

MP Talk – The Official MP1st Podcast, Episode 1 News 52

News 52

Hello and welcome to MP Talk, the official MP1st podcast where we talk all things multiplayer. Today, we are very happy to kick things off with the very first episode of MP Talk. Quite simply, MP Talk is the official, weekly MP1st podcast where we recap and discuss the latest happenings in the multiplayer world. […]

It’s Our First Birthday! A ‘Thank You’ From MP1st News 89

News 89

Good day MP-heads! Today is a most excellent day as it is MP1st’s very first birthday. A brief bit of history: A year ago, my partner, Fahed Jaradat, and myself set out to create a cool, hip and happening place that gamers just like us could gather to keep up on everything multiplayer. That meant […]

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Review: A Masterpiece In a Patch or Two Reviews 24

Reviews 24

Patch Notes PC December 6, 2011 November 22, 2011 February 17, 2012 March 29, 2012 (Click here for additional patch notes) June 4, 2012 September 4, 2012 September 20, 2012 October 11, 2012 December 03, 2012 December 04, 2012 March 05, 2013 Xbox 360 December 13, 2011 April 3, 2012 (Click here for additional patch notes) June 4, […]

MP1st is Undergoing Maintenance and We Want Your Feedback News 15

News 15

Over the last 10 days, we at MP1st have been hard at work redesigning the website to ease your browsing experience. You might have been experiencing some problems with the categories tabs on the second navigation bar, so in the meantime, you’ll have to find all links to the articles on the much improved hompage. (Yes, we […]

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